A-Rod’s homer not enough as the Orioles trounce the Yanks

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Sorry, Will, but how could I resist this headline after your comment?

So Mike Mussina had one of those “someone made an error; I can no longer pitch” outings, and the Yanks got trounced. That’s too bad. Hopefully, this is somewhere near the bottom in that whole rock-bottom thing, but as Mike said to me tonight, the good thing about baseball is that you just have to shake it off and play again the next day.

That being said, let’s take a little bit of a light-hearted look at tonight’s 12-2 drubbing at the hands of the Orioles:

  • A-Rod‘s return is already lifting the Yankees. Without him in the lineup, the Yanks would have been shut out tonight!
  • The last — and first — time in his career that Mike Mussina left a start throwing less than one inning of work was July 13, 1995. In that game, Arthur Rhodes threw 7 innings of relief work and struck out 10. The Orioles were in a position to win that game until the bullpen gave up three runs over the final two frames of the game. At least the Yanks didn’t blow the save tonight!
  • Despite obvious frustration on the face of Derek Jeter and concern from the Yanks’ trainers, x-rays on Jeter’s hand came back negative. He’s day-to-day with a contusion and a nasty bruise. At least Jeter won’t be out for an extended period of time!
  • Following games played on May 20, 2007, the Yanks found themselves 10.5 games out of first and 7.5 off the wild card lead. One year later, the Yanks are just 7.5 games out of first and 6.5 behind the Wild Card leader. That’s progress! (Hat tip to my sister on this one. She is ever the Yankee optimist.)
  • While the Yankees lost to the Orioles tonight by a lopsided, 10-run difference, at least they only lost once. Down in Atlanta, the Mets lost twice today. I’ll take one loss over two any day of the week!

Such is baseball. There’s bound to be a stinker in the 162-game bunch. The Yanks just need to pick themselves up, dust it off, go out there on Wednesday and relax. The wins will come. I have faith. Do you?

The Mark Melancon we've all been waiting for
Draft nuggets
  • stuart

    how about make a move??bye to Ensberg, bring up Gardner?/ WHy the hell not, is Ensberg in there long term plans???

    why not some moves not big crazy moves but why not see what they have as a organization internally??? How many relief pitchers do they need between 22 and 27? they have on the big club and legit prospects over 10 of them, how can they keep all of them?

    seriously I am all for addition by subtraction, why not… That does not mena giving up on the season.. If ATL wants Kyle back and the yanks can get something for him, why not make the move bring up Cox or someone else????

    Church go down for the Mets offer Damon or Abreu see what you can get back???

    Last yr. when they were losing you could see they had Tyler Clippard and Desalvo pitching but this yr. they can’t hit, pitch, or run….

  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    One thing I think people lose when they stop playing baseball is the appreciation of the randomness and craziness of this great game. Anything can happen on any given day, but a lot of the times the events that occur do not correctly reflect a player’s talent or drive or whatever you can think of. Shit just happens in baseball and it’s just how it is. There’s a reason why you can fail 70% of the time in this game and be considered for the Hall of Fame, shit just happens.

    • Rich

      The collective offensive futility from the team that led MLB in runs scored last season (they are now ranked #26) is dragging every other facet of this team’s performance down with it. The players and the fans both know that if they get down by > 2 runs, they have almost no chance of winning. IMO, that’s what distinguishes this year’s team from last year’s team; last year’s team could score. Mussina said after the game that it feels like they are at a lower point now than at any point during last season. The team’s outlook will change when the offense busts out.

      On a positive note, at least under Girardi when a player gets HBP they don’t just say: “Please sir, may I have some more.” Now, they retaliate.

      I really wish they could shake this roster up somehow, someway. Nothing gets a veteran player’s attention like seeing one of his fellow veteran teammates hit the road.

  • Back to Glory

    Can someone tell me how (and from whom) this team will get more than 85 wins this year. I would love an opinion on that. Great fiery team showing on the benches clearing incident makes the answer clearer. The way the players were handshaking and kissing each other shows that this team just doesnt have the tenacity to make a run right now. Tell me what the dynasty teams would have done after thier captain got hit…Faith? Not me. Not now.

  • stuart

    the boston players whom I dislike but guys like pedroia, youkilis,varitek, and others just are tougher then the yankee players.. they are more hardnosed..

    Who on the yanks gets down and dirty?

    Am I just looking for answers or is there something to the Yanks lack of nastiness or there belief they deserve to win??

    They cannot even throw at the other team correctly, hit the guy in the hip or thigh, or butt, or back..

    besides losing this team is not likeable.. is abreau and his softness likeable? Cano and his casualness, lack of disciplien? Giambi and his issues? this team is not likeable before at least they won but know they lose and are note likeable.

    they have not come back to win a game this yr while trailing after 6 innings, they appear to take many less pitches thenin the past, really don’t the players see a problem here???

  • Joseph C.

    I have faith.