And we’re back

Scenes from the new stadium
The end of Ensberg nears

Hardware problems with our host knocked us out for the better part of the last nine hours, and we’ve temporarily lost two days’ worth of posts. But we’re back, and hopefully that’s the end of our weekend problems. The Yanks’ offense showed up tonight, and Melky’s and Cano’s batting averages are now seperated by just .033. Getting closer…

Discuss the game here. Tell us how much you missed us. I’d write more but this was an exhausting day dealing with our site problems.

Scenes from the new stadium
The end of Ensberg nears
  • Joltin’ Joe

    Well the Yanks beat Erik Bedard to the tune of a 13-2 victory and Andy had 10 Ks. Nothing could make this a bad day.

  • RollingWave

    the boys at nomaas must be sharing the same hardware as you guys heh

    and the Sox finally lost, the entier Oakland team must be on roids according to ESPN :P

  • Mike

    It was actually 9 k’s and good for andy but he still didn’t look sharp. We are facing a very very bad team right now. I think its good for the bats but not as good for the pitching because they are facing crappy hitting. You can tell Ichiro rather be anywhere else but playing center-field for nintendo’s mariners right-now.

    • RollingWave

      in Nitendo, the M’s won’t suck this bad :P

      • Kelvin

        in Nintendo the M’s pitcher would be a plumber throwing fireballs……

        …, that’s lame.

  • Joey

    we missed you berry berry much (I’ve been out today/tonight, just got back in, so I didn’t really know you gone :-) ) But I would’ve missed you! Promise

  • Kelvin

    Finally, RAB is back!

  • BigBlueAL

    Gotta say, with the way the Yanks ripped Bedard tonight, i cant imagine what hopefully is in store for both Silva and Washburn pitching on 3 days rest.

  • Rich

    If the Yankees win and RAB isn’t online, does it count in the standings?

    I was impressed by Giambi’s opposite field double, Matsui’s assist throwing out a runner (other than that his defense was suboptimal), and Cano’s continuing resurgence.

  • BigBlueAL

    Shit, i just realized the game tomorrow isnt on the Extra Innings package. Im screwed into havin to listen to the Yankee game on the local station down here that airs Yankee games on the weekend. Wish me luck in trying to listen to entire game of Waldman/Sterling. Hopefully Yanks have a similar game as tonight so i can stop listening after 5 innings or so.

  • iYankees

    I think I may have to take a step back when talking about Giambi’s offense. Steve Lombardi and I both hung him out to dry, but he seems like he’s coming around. Good to see you guys up and running again. I’ve probably said this a dozen times or so, but I moved out to Seattle last year and they’re literally begging folks to show up at Safeco. It’s a beautiful ballpark, but getting people there when the team is this bad has proven to be tough for all those involved. The funny thing is, the Royals have been doing fairly well with Jose Guillen… if the Mariners were going to trade for Bedard and lose Adam Jones, why didn’t they at least entertain the idea of signing Guillen for a few more years and a couple of extra dollars?

    The team has gone from being fairly good (last year) to being totally terrible (this year). And to think, I thought it would end up being a wash between Jason Giambi and Richie Sexson (in terms of offensive production).

  • mustang

    Nice to have you back!
    It’s too bad that the thread on IPK’s last performance is not up because that’s what I wanted to discuss.
    A number of times I have taken people here to task on the “spin” used after a Hughes or IPK outing. So after IPK’s good outing I was preparing myself for the mother of all pro IPK threads. However, what I got was excellent evaluation of his performance. IPK’s strength and weakness were both addressed and we were told to look at this start with caution.
    We all have are biases here towards certain players and the direction we think the Yankees should be heading.
    However, I think things become more creditable when you can set those biases aside and look at the facts.
    Totally agree with IPK game thread.
    Thank you

  • mustang

    With Joba becoming a starter and IPK having a good outing RAB was having too good of a week something had to go wrong.
    Missed you guys.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Missed you guys last night. The game was good and I was heartened to see:

    1. Giambi go the opposite way and beat the shift
    2. Robbie repeat his performances
    3. Melky wake up
    4. Jeter return to Jeter of old with the run down at 3rd/home screwing around while waving the runners on. It was very funny and very productive. I liked it a lot. All is not yet forgiven DJ but I like the effort.
    5. bullpen kept it nailed down though Bugs scares the crap out of me
    6. IPK in the dugout surrounded by chirping hitters. the mood seemed light and they seemed to be schooling him. Liked it a lot.

    It was a good win but the M’s are a bad team. I mean, really bad. Even Ichiro was not in great form. I think that Andy would have been in trouble against a better team. I didn’t like him barking at Bobby. Bobby might deserve barking at the wall but not on that play…Andy might have some pent up crap with Bobby. It leaked out last night. Of course I love Andy Pettitte and want to see him shine. I think it might have been uglier if the M’s were just not so damn bad.

    But it’s the psychological momentum that I think carries forth and I saw a lot of golden nuggets last night.

    AND I saw them behaving as a team. A real team and not a cobbled together group of overpaid lunk heads.