• usty

    And he didn’t even make the list…not even as an honorable mention.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      That’s a good point, Joba’s name didn’t even appear in the article.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        He was mentioned in the accompanying Kurkjian piece.

        • whozat

          And yet, when they go on to list stuff that guys who are out of the game now have done…Joba’s stuff barely holds a candle.

          It’s not really bias…it’s a natural byproduct of trying to drive readership. Putting Joba in the graphic that heads up an article causes more people to read it. Just because he’s barely mentioned in the article…who cares? It’s like headline writers who clearly have barely read the article in question. Same idea, just graphical.

  • They were all over Manny about his 405-foot single in the Cleveland series (that Ortiz scored from first on) in October. That’s an understatement, actually… they would not stop talking about it. Really tore into him. Papelbon’s dancing was an extension of clubhouse celebrations because clinching really IS a big deal. Go back and watch the tape and half of the Sox roster was out there with him, playing around.

    So if you liken Jonathan’s dancing to a walk-off win celebration (something that, obviously, a sports station is going to get excited about broadcasting), and you drop your own bias to be able to see that NO ONE supports Manny’s homer-watching, you are left with a really lukewarm argument for bias from ESPN. Don’t expect them to be Yankee fans, because there are 30 ML teams out there and they have to cover all of them. They are also required to give their point of view on the topics that are thrown at them, and they are going to address things the way they see it no matter the team involved. I am certainly not advocating that anyone turn to them for knowledge or serious discussion of a sport, but if you truly believe that some background organization is holding the reporters at ESPN to an anti-Yankee agenda… well, you are going to believe that no matter what the evidence against. ESPN doesn’t have the energy or the motive for an anti-Yankee agenda.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      That certainly are making a rather big deal about Joba’s antics.

      Truthfully, I don’t think they have an anti-Yankee agenda. I think coverage of the Yankees is magnified because they are the Yankees and more people care about them. It’s just a rather unfair double standard.

      And yeah, Papelbon’s jig might be part of a pennant celebration, but it’s still patently ridiculous and fairly inappropriate.

      • That is the real issue. USA today is more likely to have a story about the Yankees than the Marlins, and FOX is, unfortunately, more likely to pick the sox and the yanks when they are picking exclusive games. In reality, the Joba issue it shouldn’t even be worthy of air-time, but they have hours and hours to fill and millions of people to entertain with stories that have very little to do with sporting.

        As for Papelbon… well, a lot of things happen to a team when thousands of people turn out who don’t actually like baseball but are there just to see antics. He’s just the “popular kid” who can’t stop trying to get laughs because it worked once when he was drunk. If he does that in anything but a clinching celebration, I would hope people would get on his ass. If they don’t, you can revive your case for bias.

        • dexcente

          “If he does that in anything but a clinching celebration, I would hope people would get on his ass. If they don’t, you can revive your case for bias.”

          What the heck are you talking about? The reference to Papelbon is that he pumps his fist and screams after almost every strike out he makes, something similar to what Joba did re Dellucci. I’ve never seen any ESPN articles about Papelbon’s fist-pumping and screaming (or Beckett’s fist-pumping, screaming and accosionally telling players to “sit the fuck down” for that matter) or K-Rod’s, yet Joba, who has not been around as long as those guys, does it a few times and gets his picture on the front page of the ESPN MLB page with the neg circle around him like slimer from Ghostbusters and the caption to his photo in the accompanying story by Kurkjian reads “Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain has become the poster child for players who show excessive emotion on the field.” As a Yankee fan, I have to love the hate, but you’re seriously deluded if you think good old fashioned Yankee-hating is not what’s going on with this story.

          • The reference in this blog about papelbon was him “prancing around in his underwear,” not his own fist-pump, which wasn’t mentioned in either this blog or the article it links to.

            I don’t know what to tell you except that you overreacted and you were wrong about that. Pay attention and be precise if you are going to insist on being so exclamatory.

            • usty

              That’s nice to rip him for not being precise while completely ignoring every valid point he brought up in the above comment.

    • ceciguante

      i think ESPN magnifies all issues yankee because they know they’ll get

      a) much interest from yanks fans, and
      b) much interest from yanks detractors

      that’s a big segment of the MLB fan base. i think they stoke anti-yanks bias by mentioning “$200M” every time the yanks come up. they’re not the only ones who do this, but they harp on it incessantly, b/c it makes a good sounding fairy tale about the big bad rich and famous team. they try to stoke “concern for the little guy” by picking on the yanks. it sells. taking a yankee star and putting a big red slash through him is what ESPN is all about. make the biggest splash you can, b/c the viewers will follow. it’s half news and half sensationalism.

      as for manny, he does indeed get a pass from anyone who has ever said “manny being manny” with any sincerity. and ESPN has, many times. i don’t remember their playoff coverage of his 405 ft. single, but i recall ESPN indifference to his half-assed play on plenty of occasions.

  • playballnyy

    To those who have a problem with Joba’s fist pump:

    When Manny Ramirez and Jonathon Papelbon get the memo that you can’t admire EVERY homerum or celebrate after EVERY save, THEN we’ll make sure Joba gets the memo too.

    So, at age 22, at yankee Stadium, if you had just struck out the guy that hit a home run off of you a couple games ago to give you you FIRST runs allowed at home in your career (38+ innings), do you think you might be a little excited and show some emotion? I sure hope so.

    • barry

      i would of been streaking around the stadium

  • Guiseppe Franco

    I don’t think this is an illustration of bias by ESPN.

    Joba’s “antics” and the reaction to it by idiots like M &MD, Goose, and other members of the NY media have brought this entire issue to the forefront.

    That’s why Joba is in the center of this “controversy” and not someone else.

  • beantownbosoxh8er

    I have been aruguing the point with some locals here, What is worse the stand and watch the home run ,or the fist pump to celebrate the K?
    their side is that Joba is doing it directly to the player he just K’d , I dont think he does , he if memory serves, turns to either his dougout or out to 2nd base.
    Manny is most definitly showing up the other team standing and just watching. BS! see the 405ft single mentioned above…someone needs to put one in his ribs.
    my point is if the two dickheads (paplebon and Beckett) can do this why is everyone jumping on Joba? is this really showing up the other team? I never gave the fist pump a second thought, even after the two from the saux did it.
    It has to be a rookie bias.

    • Motown Yankee Fan

      Do you remember a couple of years ago when Manny hit a home run off of Scott Proctor, stood there at the plate and gave Proctor an obnoxious arrogant look that seemed to last for hours before he ran the bases? I’m still mad at him for that. That kind of posing is problematic. The other stuff, I don’t mind it when my team does it, but when Papelbon does it, I hate it. But then again, I hate everything he does (except blowing saves, I like it when he does that). It’s not really wrong though. Just annoying for the fans of thee other team.

  • dan

    When people cite Papelbon’s celebrations I thought they were talking about his fist-pumping seizure at the end of each game, not dancing during last year’s playoffs?

  • Chris

    Hes not even on the list dude… its just a headline, waste of ur page’s space as well, u guys are usually spot on, but ya missed this one. Much love tho

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      You should really read through all the comments before bashing us.

      • Chris

        good call, i dint read thru the comments…

  • George

    Joba, don’t change and don’t listen to what narcissist like Mike and the Mad Dog, have to say

  • http://everythingbaseball.wordpress.com Aaron

    Joba is front and center because he is the most recent example. He’s the reason they even wrote the article, regardless of the fact that he isn’t named within it.

  • http://Anotherlefty Peedlum

    I believe this “figurine” speaks volumes:


    Google images is sure a lot of fun. I encourage you to check out the papelboner on there. Nothing like manufactured controversy at a time where teams that no one cares about are in first place.

  • http://www.pinstripesplus.com ansky

    and now Manny’s jump into the stands for a high-five DURING PLAY is being celebrated on BBT?