Coming back to .500

Montero MIA
Hip, hip rehab!

At some point, the Yankees were going to turn things around this season. At some point, the Yanks would go from being the butt of the American League jokes to being a force in baseball. And all it took was a two-game disaster against the Mets and the return of the team’s $275-million man.

A week ago, the Yanks were treading water. They were 20-24 and looked listless against the Mets on national TV. What a difference seven days make. In that span, the Yanks have gone 5-1 to even their record at 25-25 and to move out of cellar of the AL East. A mere 4.5 games separate them from the Red Sox, and the Yanks, hitting on all cylinders, are about to enter the easiest stretch of their schedule.

Today’s game could easily be a turning point in the Bombers’ season. For the first time this year, the Yanks mounted a late-inning comeback to win, and a win like this just shows how the ball is now falling for the Yanks.

Once again Chien-Ming Wang, winless in four starts, didn’t have his best stuff. He walked too many hitters and couldn’t keep the Mariners off base. Jarrod Washburn, long a Yankee nemesis, kept the Yanks off the bases.

But the offense picked it up against the bullpen, and Jose Molina delivered a huge two-out double in the eighth. The Amazing Mariano Rivera nailed the final three outs – two by the big ol’ K – for another save. Rivera for Cy Young!

The Yanks, ridin’ high off a five-game streak, take their act down I-95 to Baltimore tomorrow. Darrell Rasner goes for his fourth wins in as many tries. This is Yankee baseball, and I like it.

Montero MIA
Hip, hip rehab!
  • Ivan

    The yanks are 5-1 since A-Rod came in the lineup, and it got me thinking. Remember when A-Rod opt out of his contract and everybody was like fuck him and how we can dit without him and etc. Well imagine not having A-Rod didn’t resign A-Rod, we probably be struggling against the M’s or O’s.

    I,ve said before, A-Rod and Posada are the two most valuable players for the yanks (and Mariano)

  • A.D.

    Ace on the hill tomorrow! In all seriousness Rasner is rolling, see how he does going against a team he’s already faced.

  • JRVJ


    I thought of responding to your A-Rod comment (about how it wasn’t that the Yankee fans didn’t want A-Rod but that A-Rod – or his Svengali Boras – had taken actions which could only be interpreted as a slap in the face of Yankee fandom), and decided to forego the 10 paragraphs that would have entailed.

    My one comment re: Mr. Rodríguez is that Yankee fans took the man to heart last year, and accepted his apology/return home without any hard feelings, to the point that his departure and come back are not particularly on Yankee fans minds (or columns or blogs).

    • Ivan

      I think you are misinterpret what I,ve said. I am trying to say is look yes have A-Rod have been more enbrace by yankee fans yes but when he opted out, while yankee fans were hurt and mad, they felt like hey we will miss him but we can still be okay.

      All I am saying is that if things didn’t turn out the way it did maybe it would of been bad on both sides. Lets face it, A-Rod is arguebably the most valuable player on this team.

      I am not trying to rip anybody whats so ever.

    • Ivan

      plus it wasn’t the majority that said fuck him but there were some.

  • Malcard89

    You typed all that on a phone?

    • Jamal G.

      When I had my iPhone, you can’t believe how easy it is to type with that thing.

  • Yankees=warriors

    Don’t forget Edwar, who gave the offense a chance to come back! He has come quite far from where he was last year. What a great story he makes!

    Rasner’s the best of the staff as of now, hope he continues the streak!
    But what’s up with Wang? Ever since that game against Lee, he hasn’t been the same. No more strikeouts, or good starts for that matter.
    He could be winless in May…

    • A.D.

      Well he did have some good starts, such as TB he was a victim of run support in a few cases, and also some lesser starts, he frequently seems to have these stretches but he’ll pull out of it.

      • whozat

        He’s had several starts in a row where he didn’t have his “great stuff”, but he’s only actually been mediocre/bad in his last two. And, if Girardi had pulled him after 6.1, we’d be saying he gutted out another decent start :-)

  • Jamal G.

    Mets fans are assholes, just saw this comment from a poster on the NY Daily News recap of today’s Mets L to the Rockies, 4-1.

    “Willie turn out the lights on your way out and take thoes non English speaking, non caring, sorry excuse for major league baseball players with you!! The great tradition of the New York Mets have been soild enough you guys make me sick!! Oh by the way Omar you can drive the bus See ya wouldn’t want to be ya.”

    • Ivan

      I said it before and I will say it again, the Met fans are the whiniest fans in baseball. Always bitching about something.

      • steve (different one)

        please, that comment is no worse than a typical day on Abraham’s blog.

        everyone on the internet is a genius.

        get rid of Giambi! get rid of Mussina! Cashman is an idiot!1!!!!! fire Girardi!! get rid of Abreu!!

        i can’t stand the Mets, but i am no longer under any delusions that there aren’t a ton of Yankee fans who don’t know their ass from their elbow.

  • Ben K.

    Malcard: Blackberry. Really easy to type on this thing.

    • Malcard89

      Good stuff.

  • CB

    Happy that Rasner has done so well. Let’s hope he keeps it up. His BABIP is .218. Something to watch out for.

    • steve (different one)

      Rasner currently has a 1.89 ERA. the question isn’t *IF* he is going to regress. he is. the question is how far.

      if he can eat innings with an ERA around 4-4.25, i’d be pretty happy.

      • Pablo Zevallos

        I think he’ll regress as soon as he meets an explosive lineup, like Tampa Bay or Boston. He wasn’t striking anyone out until his last outing, has a BABIP of .228, and a FIP 3.56. I’m not sure Baltimore seeing him twice in a row won’t do the job.

        • Pablo Zevallos

          BABIP*-.218. Lucky one..

  • Chris H.

    Is Edwar the real deal? its starting to look like hes gotten some control of his fastball and can dominate with his change. still i dont want to speak to soon

  • mustang

    Yesterday I took my father- in-law to his first Yankees game. It was fun sitting at the Stadium exampling the DH and why a guy can score on and out. However, in the 8th inning I let the game speak for itself. I watch my father-in-law hang on every pitch and high five strangers with each run scored. He loved every minute.
    I sometimes wonder why I watch a game that frustrates me so much. Then I have games like yesterday and it makes all worth it.

    PS- The only scary part was watching my father-in-law do the wave. I’m not sure if I want to see that again.

    • Jeremy

      You have to tell “wavers” to stop that crap. Real baseball fans do not do the freaking wave.

      • mustang

        Ok, I will make sure to tell about 40,000 people to stop waving.

  • Jeremy

    WTF was with the wave at the Stadium? Are there really that many tourists going to games now? Yankee fans DO NOT do the wave. Please pass it on when you are at the Stadium to knock that crap off. That bugs the crap out of me.

  • Jeremy

    I said good riddance to Arod when he walked because it was so disrespectful.

    We haven’t known what is up with him all these years and it seemed like he didn’t want to be a Yankee. When he blew off his idiot manager and crawled back and said “I want to be a Yankee.” all was forgiven. He’s proven that he wants to be in pinstripes and we all embrace him now as a Yankee. But had he walked and talked crap about the Yankee and become an Angel, I would have boo’d him every chance I got.

    I’m glad he’s back but had the walk out been permanent, I would been “screw you arod” forever.

    I think Arod has the chance to be a leader on this club and to get the ring he so desperately wants. And I’m glad he’s here.

  • JerseyKRS

    they haven’t been facing really difficult opposition in those last 6 games, let’s keep that in perspective. I’ll take the wins though, hopefully it can jumpstart the team!

    Man, A-Rod has a CANNON at third, that has been missed!