Dissecting Kennedy’s return


The Yanks and Devil Rays are still slugging it out, and the three of us will all be out for the evening by the time this game wraps up. As the Yanks trail the Rays, though, we can talk briefly about Ian Kennedy’s return from the Minors.

On the surface,the numbers aren’t that pretty. He gave up five earned runs on two home runs — his second and third allowed of the season — in just five innings of work. His ERA is holding steady on the season around 8.48. But despite these numbers, there’s still a lot to like from Kennedy’s start tonight.

First, we can look at his pitch count and breathe a sigh of relief. While ol’ quick-to-the-bullpen Girardi yanked Kennedy after just five innings, it wasn’t because he had thrown an astronomical amount of pitched. In fact, Kennedy threw just 78 pitches and 49 of them (or 63 percent) for strikes. Except for a brief spell in the fourth, he wasn’t shy about throwing the balls over the plate and attacking hitters. This is a big change for Kennedy.

Next — and I touched upon it briefly above — his entire approach to pitching was better. He was content throwing strikes and letting hitters put the ball in the play. He had seven ground ball outs and five air outs, and he did only allow five hits while keeping his walk total down. His approach was a heckuva lot better than watching Kei Igawa chuck waist-high fastballs at the opposing hitters. You can see what Kennedy has, and it shows promise.

I know a lot of Yankee fans don’t like Ian Kennedy’s stuff. They see him as some soft-tossing junk-ball pitcher whom the Yanks should use as trade bait, but that’s just not the case. Kennedy doesn’t have the electric stuff of a Joba Chamberlain, but he will succeed. As a first step back to the Majors today, his outing could have gone a whole lot better, but it could have been way worse. He showed a marked improvement from the way he was throwing in April, and no matter what, I’d rather see Kennedy up there than Igawa any day.

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  1. Jamal G. says:

    Bases loaded and no out resulting in a sac fly to Johnny Damon is a damn good sign. However, I don’t want to delve to much into his return after one start, good or bad.

    And for those of you who think Ian Kennedy is a crap-tastic back-end pitcher, take a look at Edison Volquez and see what he did his first three years in the Major Leagues.

    • yankfan4life says:

      The problem isn’t the young kids it’s the veterans – particulary guys like Damon and Abreu. They just don’t care about winning. Just take Abreu. In 2005 he was traded to the Yankees in a heated pennant race. Then, inexplicably he shows up for his first full season (with the New York Yankees mind you) out of shape. Here’s a guy who played for the once-perennial losers the Phillies, he comes to a team that has a real chance ay winning a championship and he can’t even find the will to get in shape before his first full season begins. he walks around with that dopey look on his face, and his demeanor remains the same whether he is 0-40 or on a hitting tear. Damon isn’t any better. He seems to have stopped enjoying the game since his first full season in pinstripes. Guys like O’neill and Martinez would havce chewed thier arms off to win win ballgames, Abreu is afraid of the damn outfield wall. Release Giambi please, I beg you. Drop damon to eighth in the order, he’s hitting .250 and isn’t walking either. And trade Abreu for someone who has a pulse.

      • Mike P says:

        Wow, you’ve got all the answers. I care a hell of a lot and would happily run into walls all day long for the MLB minimum salary. And kick coolers and break bats. Do you think I am the solution to the Yank’s problems?

        • barry says:

          You very well may be. I say take 25 guys off this blog and lets start a franchise. No guaranteed salaries but all the hotdogs and gatorade you can drink. We’ll move into the old Yankee Stadium and call ourselves the Bronx Bruisers.

      • nick blasioli says:

        right on pal…

  2. John says:

    Great post, I agree entirely. I love Ian Kennedy, and think he will emerge as a great starter in a few years (or hopefully sooner). You know what we saw tonight? A young, developing pitcher. So why does it seem like everybody is calling for him to be either demoted or traded away? Because young developing pitchers do not fit fall in line with what has become the “Yankee expectation” of having a World Series season every year. Yet right now, looking at Kennedy’s final line, if Yankees fans, media, executives etc. are going to hold these World Series expectations, the problem isn’t with pitching. It’s with the offense. Five runs should not be too much to overcome for an all-star team. So if you’re going to set lofty goals, you have to look at both sides of the pictures- the offense and the defense.

    • mustang says:

      Even the best offense can’t keep coming back from 5 runs down.
      Yes, the offense has been bad, but the young pitching has been worst so far.
      It will get better I hope.

      • barry says:

        What if the Yankees score 2 or 3 runs in the first inning, or respond to that solo shot with 2 or 3 runs, maybe kennedy feels the will to win. Pitchers pitch better when they have the lead, its science, just ask Ron Burgundy.

        • mustang says:

          If IPK doesn’t have the will to win then he is on the wrong team.

          • Ben K. says:

            This is beyond idiotic. How do you know that he doesn’t have the will to win? Are you his psychologist?

            We’re not trying to be apologists for shitty pitching performances, but when the alternatives are idiotic comments like this one, you’ve really left us with no choice.

            • mustang says:

              OK. What barry said “with 2 or 3 runs, maybe kennedy feels the will to win.”
              All I meant to say was that IPK should not need 2 or 3 runs to have the will to win.

          • Glen L says:

            …..was this a joke post?? seriously…

    • Micky7 Old Ranger says:

      Good post! 27/08.

  3. flynn says:

    Another start with a 9 era. Not encouraging at all.

  4. BigBlueAL says:

    I have a feeling my comments were partly responsible for this thread!!!! anyway Ben, didnt respond back in the other thread, but hey he started it!!!!! only thing frustrating is anytime someone takes a shot at Kennedy, i get automatically ripped for being stupid, and even get my spelling/punctuation criticized!!!!

    Anyway ive said enough today, but Ben i did want to tell you this is BY FAR the best Yankees blog on the internet. i found this site during the off-season thanks to you guys being linked by Rob Neyer, and ive checked out all the other Yankees blogs around and i must say you guys r again by far the best. so even though i may disagree strongly with some of your points, its great that there is a forum like this for Yankees fans. too bad this wasnt around while i was in high-school/college enyoing the Yankees championships in the late 90′s…..

  5. ceciguante says:

    i’m in between john and flynn on this one — his peripheral #s improved, and it’s only one start back in MLB, but a 9 era is a 9 era. the start is a failure until he can convert it to some zeroes.

    i’d give him another 2 starts, but we can’t have him go out there and blow up every 5th day when rasner’s our 4th starter and moose is throwing 84mph fastballs as the 3 starter.

    john: when you say “…with what has become the ‘yankee expectation’…” i have to scratch my head. for years it’s been the team’s stated expectation/goal to go all the way every year. i know it’s not possible, and i agree they didn’t have enough patience in the past with youngsters. but the bronx is not some place to groom a guy who’s going to give up a run an inning over an extended period. that’s what scranton is for.

  6. Simon B. says:

    I’m pretty angry at the Yankee organization right now. It felt like a desperate move bringing Kennedy back after one (well technically two) starts. He needs more time to get back to his old command in a low pressure environment. He still wasn’t there tonight.

    Could they not have gone to Steven White for one or two more starts? Now it seems like Kennedy’s revival might have to wait even longer.

    • Simon B. says:

      Perhaps not as serious, but this whole thing seems analogous to the Alex/Posada injuries. They brought both back too soon and now we’re paying to price with weeks (if we’re lucky) of horrible, horrible offense.

      If they weren’t so desperate and let them each wait out a few more games, we’d be in much better standing.

  7. Travis G. says:

    the offense is killing me. so let’s see: 1 run, 1 run, 2 runs, 2 runs. SF scored more just TODAY than the Yanks did the entire series. The goddam Giants!

    5 ip, 5 er is not very good, but it’s better than Igawa. and this offense is good enough that it should (or HAS to) help out the pitching on occasion. again, 6 runs in 4 games is pitiful. even in Pedro’s prime, the Yanks could often squeeze across 3 runs.

  8. mustang says:

    I agree with the thread.
    I like the way IPK attacked the strike zone and shook off the first inning homerun.
    His line was horrible, but you can see some improvement.
    Right now he is a 5th or 4th starter at best, which is fine for a guy learning the majors.
    I wish the Yankees would of start of the season with the approach of bring the young starters up one at time. Maybe they would be a little better off.
    No matter the starting rotation is starting to take shape and the bullpen is solid. They get A-Rod back on Tuesday and maybe they can start scoring some runs.

  9. Manimal says:

    there were alot of questionable calls that the inning after Kazmir got. I give him a 7/10. Improvement but still room to improve.

  10. Steve says:

    I’ve had it with Kennedy. I’ve been a huge backer of his and I thought he reminded me of one of my all time favorite Yanks. A right handed Jimmy Key. I also thought he righted himself in AAA with the 7 perfect innings. But I can’t take anymore of this shit. I don’t see how anyone could look at this outing as promising, his approach was better, he threw more strikes and still pitched to a 9.00 ERA, slightly worse than his 8.48 ERA going in. Seeing a better approach yield no results against a team which is not exactly a powerhouse is beyond me. Sounds like wishful thinking instead of clear analysis to me.

    I don’t want Kei Igawa, but maybe we can take a look at some of the other guys in AAA. If nobody else is ready, then we’ll just live with Kennedy until Hughes comes back in a month or two. But I’m lowering my expectations for Mr Kennedy.

    • mustang says:

      Damn, tell them what you think.
      You know your going to get kill on this site going against any of the Holy
      They did bring up McCutchen to AAA I think as a back up. So at least they have a plan anything but watching Igawa at this point.

    • Jon says:

      The reason guys like you and mustang get bashed isn’t because you are down on Kennedy this year. It’s obvious he’s been pretty terrible. It’s because you come across as giving up on his entire career. Which after 10 major league starts is frankly, idiotic.

      • Steve says:

        I would think the idiot would be the one who doesn’t counter with facts of some sort (Stats, player comps, scouting reports, etc) and instead simply relies on insults as a substitute for an well thought out argument.

        But thats just me.

      • ceciguante says:

        that’s not how i read their posts at all. i think they make good points that so far, ipk and hughes look like they’re not ready for MLB. but there are plenty on this site who are allergic to criticism of those guys, and take comments such as “damn, they’re not ready and they’re sucking” to mean “they’ll never be good.” giving up on these kids now is idiotic, but no less idiotic than saying that 5ER in 5IP isn’t a bad start b/c there were a lot of strikes thrown. that’s just not seeing the forest for the trees.

        it’s also considered verboten by many here to suggest that ipk or hughes doesn’t have top-flight stuff. but there are valid reasons for fans to doubt the stuff of both of these guys, esp kennedy.

      • mustang says:

        No what are idiotic are the dumb ass excuses that people come up with for FAILURE.
        No I’m not going to give up on IPK’s entire career after 10 Major league starts, but I’m not going to make him into the second coming just because Baseball America tells me so.

    • mustang says:

      See Steve I try to get out, but you brought me back me.
      You brought me back in.
      LOL…I know how people love that.

  11. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Mike Mussina to Ian Kennedy: They will pronounce you dead at either end of your career. Remember this in 18 years.

  12. Steve says:

    People can kill me all they want, just back it up with some facts. For instance, Kennedy’s idol Greg Maddux pitched to a 5.61 ERA his first season. Many other great pitchers had poor first seasons. But Kennedy’s ERA is almost 8 and a half and is rising with each start. If Kennedy was pitching to a 5.50 ERA I could live with it, but a run an inning is what you’d expect from a guy who’s not ready or never will be.

    I’m not one of those guys who thinks Kennedy needs to throw the ball 95 MPH to get guys out or be considered a good prospect. Rasner and Moose have shown anyone who’s been paying attention that you can throw 88 MPH and be very effective. But Kennedy simply isn’t showing he has what it takes. When he came up, he was nibbling at the corners and MLB hitters won’t swing at that. Girardi stressed he throw more strikes, he did and gave up 2 big HR’s. Sounds like Kennedy’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    I don’t see a MLB ready pitcher, and haven’t all year. I have to chalk up last years success as the old “first time around the league”. Hitters figured out he doesn’t throw strikes, and he hasn’t been able to adjust.

    Maybe because he can’t. If he can, I’ve yet to see it.

    • barry says:

      He was probably more ready with a whole season in the minors behind him than he was this year just coming out of Spring Training. One start in AAA isn’t going to give him that dominant confidence that he needs. Kennedy has the stuff to succeed, and he will, his fastball is sufficient with his excellent off speed arsenal and there’s no reason to believe he won’t win some games as his arm strength and confidence builds up.

    • mustang says:

      I kind of agree with you, but after fighting the point here so many times I feel like a whipped dog.
      At this point with IPK I just hope for the best each start and when he bombs I come here and look for their spin.
      His next start is against the Orioles at the Stadium it can’t get any easier then that so we see.

  13. barry says:

    I honestly still think they rushed all of these guys up and they could of all used another year in AAA.

  14. Anthony says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that Kennedy benefited from what was probably the biggest strike zone we’ve seen all year? Sure, he was around the plate a little more than he had been earlier in the year, but the zone was huge today. That strikeout of Longoria wasn’t the only pitch a few inches off the plate that he got the call on.

    I’m not ready to give up on him, but I’m really not all that encouraged.

    • barry says:

      The zone honestly didn’t seem that generous, seemed about average. Kennedy’s problem is that he’s trying to finesse his pitches.

  15. RustyJohn says:

    With one great starter, two very good starters (Moose & Rasner), an average starter (Pettite) and a shit fifth starter plus an above average pen this team should not be where they are at- we can bitch about IPK, Hughes or Igawa but a team has to score more than two friggin’ runs a game and win the games that their starters keep them in- yes, 5th starter sucks, but that accounts for 25 games a season- at this rate, what accounts for the other 50 losses they are on track for this season? Not Hughes, IPK or Igawa- it is the shitty offense.

    • barry says:

      I wouldn’t sanction Ras as a very good starter yet, although it is encouraging. In 2006 he had a few successful starts in September as well if anyone remembers but fell off a little towards the end. Not to say my hearts not with the guy I’d love to see him become a reliable back of the rotation guy for years to come. The guys who aren’t flashy are always the most fun to watch and; according to Jeter, the most fun to play behind.

  16. steve (different one) says:

    While ol’ quick-to-the-bullpen Girardi yanked Kennedy after just five innings

    completely gratuitous cheapshot.

    believe it or not, Girardi IS trying to win the game. his pitcher gave up 5 runs in 5 innings and you are taking a shot at Girardi for pulling him??

    what is this, LoHud?

    give me a break, you have to put up zeroes if you want to stay in the game.

  17. Mike P says:

    Some people here are over the top one way or the other. Kennedy’s been crap. 4 XBX today wasn’t good or particularly encouraging. You can take positives that he wasn’t quite as bad as before but still there’s no need to lie about the quality of his starts.
    On the others hand there are the people who see Kennedy’s current performances and judge his future career based on them. That’s just ridiculous. The guy’s struggling mightily. But he’s fucking good and he’ll turn it around. It’ll look bad along the way, no need to say otherwise. But he’ll come good, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  18. Micky7 Old Ranger says:

    Off hand , I would say this is not the Optimist Blog.
    No spin here; IPK did much better this time then he did last time up. Just think about it…last time he would have folded when he got in trouble, this time, he didn’t. He nibbled last time up…this time, he didn’t. He got rattled last time up…this time he didn’t. I don’t want to hear the crap of 9 era…he gave up 5 runs, which means he could have won the game (last year). His trouble is three fold…he was called up to soon, to much expected of him, and not left down in AAA to get COMAND of his 3/4 pitches. COMMAND, which he MUST have to succeed in the majors.
    One can make statistics back up anything we want them to (look at global warming, joke!) back up. In this case I think, the whole thing is, he wasn’t given a chance to learn the difference between AA, AAA, and the big show.
    As stated by Berry above (on this thread), All 3 were rushed…not good. I also know some of you will not agree (maybe all) with me, but that’s ok…I never claimed to be the great pitching grue in the sky.27/08.

    • barry says:

      Good shit I agree. Good to see someone else thinks stats can go blow themselves as well.

      • Ben K. says:

        Never in the history of baseball have stats gone and blown themselves. You should really read Alan Schwarz’s book. But, hey, Shelley Duncan is better than Barry Bonds. And nothing anyone can say will convince you otherwise.

  19. adam b. says:

    while it was certainly a step in the right direction i can’t say i was perticularly thrilled about IPK’s performance today. for sure this version of kennedy instilled a lot more faith in me by simply walking the ballpark as he was accustomed to before but he just hasn’t shown an ability to consistently get major league hitters out and its discouraging. i guess i would feel a lot better about kennedy if he just gave us one quality start, but its not just him its a team-wide problem really, kennedy’s ineffectiveness thus far is only a piece of the puzzle as to why we are the last-place yankees right now

  20. brad k says:

    People see what they want to see. The numbers tell a different story. Don’t hold your breath!!!! It doesn’t look like Kennedy has the stuff to be a top line starter in the bigs and the same can be said for Hughes right now. Look at it this way though. The Yanks farm system has produced some very good pitchers in the last few years. Between Joba and Wang we’ve done all right. It would be foolish to assume that everything we touch will turn to gold. We should have used IPK and Hughes as trade bait and consider ourselves lucky to have gotten 2 major league level guys out of the system.

    The offense will come around but we can’t send guy’s out there who give us 5 inning and a 9 era. I don’t care how good your offense is no team can continually play catch up when your spotting 5 runs.

    • Ben K. says:

      Are you writing off his entire career after less than 30 innings this year? Good thing you weren’t managing when [insert name of Hall of Fame pitcher] came up to the majors. It’s just too early. Maybe they’ll be busts; maybe they won’t. But considering how little they’ve pitched, it’s just flat-out too early.

      • barry says:

        I was hoping I’d be able to insert Mussina because thats who everyone says he’s like but Mussina was one hell of a pitcher his first year. I wonder if Kennedy is trying to K too many guys instead of trusting his fielders. Theres some points where he could try to widen the strike zone and he either doesn’t or tries too hard and just walks the batter.

  21. Manimal says:

    Off Topic but I think this will be an interesting conversation.
    Holiday looks to be on the trading block and the yankees have showed interest in Fuentes. Would it be a smart Idea to trade/what would be a good trade. I was thinking Damon+Tabata+Betemit>Holiday and Fuentes. Man would it be cool to have both MVP’s from 07′on the same team at the same time.

    • steve (different one) says:

      no, i am sure the Rockies would demand Shelley Duncan or Chase Wright on top of that bounty.

      why on earth would the Rockies want Damon?

      • ceciguante says:


      • Manimal says:

        I would give them chase wright, we have alot of better talent in our farm system(pitching) plus what are we going to do? We have a jam packed outfield to begin with.

        • Travis G. says:

          he was being sarcastic. damon, tabata, betemit isn’t getting holliday. throw in Ajax instead of Damon, and a pitching prospect or 2 (e.g. horne, mccutchen, cox, heredia), and you MIGHT have a chance.

      • barry says:

        I’d give up Phil Hughes for Holliday.

        • Glen L says:

          Holliday’s line at Home (coors) last year:
          .376 .435 .722

          Holliday’s line away last year:
          .301 .374 .485

          Holliday’s line at Home for his career (303 games):
          .364 .426 .664

          Holliday’s line away for his career (295 games):
          .274 .336 .444

          his numbers away are OK … look at the hit his slugging takes

          and you want to trade Hughes for that?

          • barry says:

            Holliday is the man I’m sure if he had enough games at Yankee Stadium he would rake there as well.

            • Ben K. says:

              It’s not an issue of having enough games; it’s an issue of hitting at an altitude. Coors Field is famous for inflating offensive numbers. He wouldn’t magically be as good a hitter at Yankee Stadium as he was at Coors.

              See for example Jeff Cirillo and Larry Walker.

        • Steve says:

          Just what we need. ANOTHER left fielder.

          Silly me! We’ll just have him play First Base for us!

          Maybe we can get Holliday, Posada, Duncan, Damon, Ensberg, Betemit AND Giambi to play 1B while were at it. That’ll fix everything.

    • A.D. says:

      Ken Rosenthal speculates on a lot that doesn’t happen, and as he said low level high ceiling that would me some combo of:
      Montero (I assume the yankees would consider him untouchable)

      No one would take Damon, Tabata, and Betemit the draft picks for Holliday’s A status would get more talent, plus Damon is owed 10M next year Holliday is only owed 13

    • Mike A. says:

      Rollins was MVP in 07, Holliday finished second.

  22. Bonos says:

    Tampa pitchers just pumped fastballs over the plate about 90% of the time. This tells me slow bats. If that’s the case, this offense isn’t going to turn it around anytime soon. Arod and Posada come up to the plate only four times each. Right now Giambi, Damon and Abreu look slow on swings. Cano and Cabrera had good swings, that’s it. The two young guys, just saying.

  23. flynn says:

    Please stop with the Maddux comps for IPK. Maddux has 350 wins- half that would be tremendous…. As for his rookie year- he one with a 6-14 record and a 5.61 era. Please remember the Cubs won 76 games that year. Growing pains are fine for a 6th place team, not one with a 208 million dollar payroll. The kid will eventually be a solid starter, depending on him now is stupid.

  24. Giggity says:

    I think Igawa and Kennedy are about the same in terms of awfulness. One is an overpaid pitcher without a secondary pitch. The other is an un-proven pitcher without command. At this point, I’m not confident the team will win when either are on the mound.

    The offense isn’t helping the situation either. However, I’m not as worried about the offense as I am about the starting rotation. The offense have proven they can hit.

    The rotation needs another stable starting pitcher. A proven pitcher (Santana-like), one that will not raise question marks before a game. I think Yankees should look into a mid-season trade, this is the last season at Yankee Stadium, it would be disappointing not to make the playoffs due to a couple of inefficent pitchers.

  25. Travis G. says:

    Edwar has quietly pitched 7.2 scoreless innings (3 h, 3 bb, 9 k).

    • Steve says:

      And he’s not even being used much. Changeup guys are better when they get lots of work. He needs to keep the feel for that pitch.

      He’s one of my pet prospects. I was very impressed how he got through his outing vs Seattle a few weeks back. He wasn’t sharp, walked 2 guys but managed to struggle through an inning without any damage. Thats the kind of inning he would have got creamed last year. He’s using the slider more, throwing the change for strikes and overall looks like a completely different pitcher than the one we saw last year. I know the Yanks like the way he gives them a different look out of the bullpen from all the hard throwers they have out there.

      I think his swing and miss ability out of the pen has the potential to be heroic. Just keep him sharp, Joe.

  26. Bonos says:

    Horne who was the number one backup is three weeks away, rehabbing. Hughes and Joba are coming by the All Star break. Believe it or not starting pitching is not the problem. Lead off and 1 Base are, both defense and offense.

  27. A.D. says:

    I’m not going to defend Kennedy’s results tonight, he gave up 5 runs in 5 inning which is never good, but he did only give up 5 hits, to 3 guys & give innings so he didn’t get smacked around like Igawa, and he pitched better than before (which isn’t saying much) but is still a step in the right direction.

    We will see next week if Kennedy progresses, but in reality Yanks need to hit, and we will see if that happens with the hopeful return of A-Rod, but until then then need to get it done, especially with the runners on, they scored 6 runs in 4 games which can’t continue.

    For those with the wild trade idea out there, you can probably drop it the “big name” at the deadline will probably be bullpen pitching, which the yanks don’t need, or Adam Dunn, and we already have corner OF, DH, and a below avg defensive 1b.

  28. xkevinx says:

    Kennedy way well be a decent back of the rotation starter some day, but to me, there is a near zero chance that he holds on to a spot in the rotation all year. He is not ready.

    Give Steven White an opportunity – he can’t be worse. There is not a single pitcher in the majors that has thrown 28 innings or more and allowed as many base runners per inning as Kennedy. His performance last year (9/15 K/BB in 19 iinigs) has also generally been overstated because of the low ERA. His overall numbers are hideous.

    The comparisons to other pitchers are also a bit ridiculous – many had poor numbers, but I doubt Maddux numbers were the worst in the national league. Kennedy is terrible right now. He will eventually lose his spot to Karstens/Healthy Hughes/White/Horn or Garcia or another acquisition.

  29. Relaunch says:

    I knew it! I would come to the site this morning and find excuses for Kennedy’s performance. For all the people that compare Kennedy to Moose, its an insult to Moose. Moose at the age of 22 was an ace in the making. Kennedy at 22 is at best an average starter in the making. Kennedy 22 = Moose 37.

    • Ben K. says:


      Is that better?

      • mustang says:

        No the world is not ending they just suck right now.
        One game of 6 innings and less then 4 runs is not too much to ask.
        Is it.

        • mustang says:

          From any of the Sacred Two that’s not on the DL.

        • mustang says:

          Sorry not they he (IPK) the other one to busy running to his many doctors Appt.

          • Yanks Fan in NY says:

            Is this even English? You also forgot your usual LOL to make your comment even dumber than possible.

            • mustang says:

              Is this all you have?
              Or are you going to bring up anything that has to do with baseball another brave computer insulter.
              Bring some baseball knowledge to the table or move on.

              • mustang says:

                Sorry forgot.

                • Yanks Fan in NY says:

                  What baseball knowledge have you ever brought to this site? All you offer are poorly constructed platitudes about Ian Kennedy’s supposedy lack of a will to win. You write some of the dummbest shit I’ve ever read on the Internet. Nothing you’ve ever said has enhanced my knowledge of baseball. Not a thing.

                • mustang says:

                  First, I had no idea where this came from “Kennedy’s supposedy lack of a will to win” until I read the comments above. I hope I clear that up. See above.
                  Second, when I make a point here I try to back it with facts not hopes and dreams about what I want a guy to be.
                  The best way to end this whole thing is to let it play out. I’m going to drop it because I think people are going over top about nothing.
                  Time will settle this thing.

                • mustang says:

                  For the record my 4th comment from the top I actually agree with the thread and pointed out IPK’s improvements.
                  But no one commented on that.

      • Relaunch says:

        Again, you take it too far with that. Never in my post did I act like the world is ending, or say dfa him. It is just comical when a pitcher has a shitty outing like he did yesterday, you are bringing out the positives/excuses for him. If Rasner, Moose, Pettitte, or Wang did that, there would be no positives/excuses posted for them.
        Thats the problem with Kennedy, he is an overhyped average pitcher.

        • mustang says:

          Stop fighting it or trying to example yourself it’s like banging your head against the wall. Some of us understood exactly what you meant and that’s good enough.

    • mustang says:

      Actually at around 22 Moose was 4-5 with era of 2.87 in 12 games, which I would love to see form IPK.
      The following year Moose went 18-5 era of 2.54 in 32 games.
      Which would probably kill me if I ever saw that out of IPK.

      • steve (different one) says:

        so let’s get rid of the Kennedy-Mussina comp. it’s not fair to Kennedy.

        Mussina is very close to a Hall of Famer. no one in the Yankee organization thinks Kennedy has Mussina’s upside.

        they get compared b/c they look the same out of the stretch and they both went to school in California, but that’s about where the comparison ends.

        a better comp is like Brad Radke.

        if the Yankees could get a Radke like career out of Kennedy, they’d be THRILLED.

  30. Rob_in_CT says:

    Obviously it’s possible that IPK won’t make it. It’s also possible (likely, even), that he can be a decent ML pitcher, but is going through (fairly normal) growing pains.

    We knew, going into the season, that the team was going to be relying heavily on a combo of the old and the young (with only a few in the ir primes). I, for one, was on board with that. If the reuslt is an 88-win season and missing the playoffs, SO BE IT. I still think the Yanks will make the playoffs, but even if they don’t, this is an investment in the future. I think IPK (and Hughes, when he gets healthy) needs to learn how to get ML hitters out in the majors. Look at what happened when they sent IPK down: 8IP, 8ks, 1BB (IIRC). Same pitcher, probably throwing the same pitches. He owns AAA hitters. He needs to learn how to get the big boys out.

  31. [...] of shouting going on in the IPK thread. I think it’s a bit overblown. He threw more strikes this time, did a decent job of keeping [...]

  32. Geno says:

    Ridiculous. Unless Kennedy gets hurt, everyone doubting his future is going to end up looking silly. What exactly did we expect? That the kids would instantly adjust to the majors? They just need some confidence, and they’ll be fine.

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