Game 39: Derek’s back in the two hole


In tonight’s lineup, Joe Girardi has his short step penciled back into the oh-so-familiar number two spot in the lineup. So I wonder: Did Joe Girardi put Jeter in the cleanup spot yesterday as something of a joke? The weather forecast called for 100 percent rain, and it seemed clear that the game would get delayed. Jeter had just gone through a stretch of homer-less at-bats. So Girardi writes a joke lineup. I wouldn’t put it past him.

As the Yankees gear up to face the Tampa Bay Rays for a four-game set in Tampa, the bad news out of, well, down the road in Tampa is that A-Rod will miss the Subway Series. Alex had another MRI today, and he’s not quite ready to begin his rehab stint. While the Mets are holding back Johan Santana for a day to face the Yanks, the Bombers will be without the cleanup hitter for at least another week.

It’s Andy Pettitte vs. Matt Garza in the Trop tonight.

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Matsui DH
Giambi 1B
Cabrera CF
Cano 2B
Molina C
Gonzalez 3B

Pettitte P

Game Notes: Ian Kennedy had a solid first inning at Scranton. He threw 12 pitches, 7 for strikes and gave up 1 hit. The baserunner was erased on a caught stealing.

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  1. Ivan says:

    It looks like Ian Kennedy on wednesday

  2. Ivan says:

    I mean thursday

  3. Manimal says:

    good to see Gonzalez back over ensburg.

  4. Joey says:

    great, vs. the -(Devil) Rays… probably be blacked out again for me on

  5. Link says:

    hopefully we get a win tonight.

  6. Manimal says:

    God damn, pettite has some special stuff today.

  7. Jamal G. says:

    It’s typical that Matt Garza is sitting 92-95 MPH but he has not thrown that filthy Slider yet or anything but the heat thus far.

  8. Stu H says:

    Kennedy was pulled after the 1st, so unless he’s hurt, he’s headed back to NY.

  9. Mike A. says:

    Nice play by Longoria, even if he didn’t get him.

  10. Mike A. says:

    Nice piece of hitting by the Former Attorney General. Garza brought the cheese to the outside black, Gonz took it the other way.

  11. Manimal says:

    Typical. We get a good outing from a pitcher and we blow it. Seriously AGonz doesnt steal with 2 outs on a 0-2 count but somehow Gomes steals second base off of Pettite/Molina.

  12. RustyJohn says:

    Jeter was also in Jessica Alba’s two hole….

  13. Mike A. says:

    Man, Garza’s a stud, just needs to calm down a bit Considering that Delmon Young looks like he’s allergic to plate discipline, the Rays stole this kid.

  14. Manimal says:


  15. Jamal G. says:

    Carmen Angelini with his first HR of his professional career.

  16. Jamal G. says:

    Well there you go Manimal, now you don’t have to fret about the Yankees blowing a good start from Andy Pettitte. ;)

  17. Joey says:

    I guess we can say he looked good in the 1st inning (glass is half full kinda thing)

  18. Newman says:

    How about showing some goddam life in this game? We haven’t had one comeback win all fucking year. We’ll probably just lay down for the rest of the game though

  19. A.D. says:

    Yankees bats have to wake up

  20. Jamal G. says:

    Why is it that some of you never give credit to the opposition? The Yankees bats have to wake up? They;ve been pretty lively the past three games and the two before that they faced Fausto Carmona and a super nova Cliff Lee. Sometimes the Yankees get beat, just like everybody else.

    • Newman says:

      Why don’t you have the ability to be even the slightest bit critical of your own team? Not everything the Yanks shit out is roses

      • Jamal G. says:

        Explain, I’ve defended Mike Mussina and he’s been nothing short of a good middle-of-the-rotation starter. I defended Jason Giambi and he’s second in the AL in HRs. Other than those two things what are you getting at? Other teams want to win too, the Yankees aren’t some super unbelievable team where the only time they lose is if they beat themselves.

  21. Mike A. says:

    Well, at least it looks like I’ll get a fantasy win out of Garza…

  22. Newman says:

    Molina is a nice backup, but boy do we miss Jorge

  23. Mac says:

    The fat man!

  24. Mike A. says:

    And behold, the mythical creature know as Chris Britton.

  25. Mike A. says:

    Maybe Girardi should spend less time on that damn show and more time looking over scouting reports and shit.

  26. Jamal G. says:

    4.1 IP, 7 ER, 10 H, 5 BB for the Discount Electrician tonight against the Twinkies.

    • Ivan says:

      tells me his offspeed pitches were not on.

      And one more thing, for all the hoopla that Johnny Cueto got and he has a great arm, the guy has a 5.91 ERA.

      • Jamal G. says:

        1. You’re right, he kept hanging his breaking stuff. No fastball control and horrid secondary pitch command.

        2. Jason Varitek is a fucking idiot. There was an AB where Buchholz was up 1-2 in the count and he threw three straight breaking pitches and ended up walking the batter. I don’t care if his go-to pitches are his breaking stuff, a 1-2 count and you go three straight breaking pitches that leads to a BB? For all the credit this guy Varitek gets he damn sure gets zero blame.

    • dan says:

      Is that his nickname or something?

      • Jamal G. says:

        He stole some laptops, or rather aided in the robbery of laptops, while he was in college. Therefore anytime a Yankee fan refers to him we tend to get creative with the nicknames.

  27. Ivan says:

    Yankees have to figh through it. Hey A-Rod is probably gonna be out another two weeks and Posada probably three to four weeks so they just gotta fight through it. I don’t care what anybody saids, when you lose your best player (best in baseball), your star catcher, a starting pitcher and reliable bullpen arm, you gonna struggle more times than not.

    I still think if they are healthy and on, they gonna make a big run.

    • A.D. says:

      While that certainly is all true, if they loose too many games it may become too big a hole, and in reality theyre still putting out a pretty good team that should do better than they have

      • Ivan says:

        That’s true but the one thing the yanks have going for them is that unlike last year where Boston had that big lead and eventually hold on, this year due to the fact that in AL there are alot of solid teams, nobody is gonna run away with this, not Boston this year, not Tampa, not Detroit, Not Cleveland, not Anehiem etc. Tampa will cool off trust me. Although you worry that the indians and Tigers get on roll but they are in a similar boat like the yanks so, while you obviously don’t wanna struggle, I think you got to fight through it and don’t panic.

  28. Mike44 says:

    Wow, the almighty Chris Britton gave up a run. Didn’t know that was possible.

  29. Ivan says:

    Man, I knew Posada is valuable but damn, he’s is really valuable to this team.

  30. A.D. says:

    At least Wang starts tomorrow

  31. Ivan says:

    You know I might as well just watch the Celtics/Cavs game.

    I picked the Celts in 5 although I really want the Celts to lose. Seem the way this series is going it might go more than 5. The problem is the Celts just seem to struggle on offense. I understand that yea Cavs are a good Defensive team and Pierce and Allen have shot the ball poorly, but they should score more points than that. They need to speed to tempo. I think the team who speed the tempo might win this series. If you are the cavs/celts, wouldn’t push the tempo a little just ease the burden on LeBron, Allen, Pierce and Garnett.

    Speeding up the tempo might help the celts more because they have more fire power and helps rondo on offense becuase he can’t score in the half court but in the fastbreak he’s effective.

    I just wrote like two three paragraphs on Basketball.

  32. Chip says:

    Yeah I agree that Posada is a huge asset to this team. Probably more than A-Rod (somebody go ahead and shoot me). Would’ve been great to have Abreu get a double there though.

    Looks like Kennedy will be starting Friday, not a good call in my oppinion

  33. Josh says:

    I am so sick of the Yanks getting shut out by number 4 and 5 starters.

  34. A.D. says:

    Now molina doesnt ground to SS

  35. Chip says:

    Jose the double machine!!

  36. A.D. says:

    Lil small ball to get on the board

  37. Chip says:

    Too lil, too late

  38. Chip says:

    Matsui and Abreu are really wearing the collar today

  39. BigBlueAL says:

    Incredible, i get home and see the Rays r kickin our f****ing ass. its pretty pathetic that a team with 200 million dollar payroll cant cope with the loss of 2 fuckin players. its amazing, but i think ARod might be underpaid, and Posada too even for his age. OK frustrated rant over, always pissed when i get home in time to watch end of game and see a score like tonight’s.

  40. Joey says:

    the Yanks are way to fucking comfortable at .500 or below. There is no fire anywhere, no sense of urgency

  41. JT says:

    Damn Petitte has been pitching like cr@p lately. Snap out of it already!

  42. Joey says:

    Cap’n clutch did his job but we slowed down at an imperfect moment behind Igawa’s triumphant return. Anybody have our stats with runners on base or in scoring position? Not trying to prove a point or anything, just wondering

  43. JT says:

    is it just me, or do the yankees OF cover absolutely NOOOO ground at all….

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