Game 45: Making up for lost time


So A-Rod owes us something like five homers and a few more doubles, right? You know, to make up for the time on the DL. Clearly I’m kidding, though it would be nice to see him kickstart the offense.

Still no word on the roster move for his activation. Or did I just miss it? I have to believe it’s Britton at this point.

Anyway, it’s raining, and I’m hoping they can get it in tonight. We could sure use a freakin’ win.

1. Johnny Damon, LF
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Bobby Abreu, RF
4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
5. Hideki Matsui, DH
6. Jason Giambi, 1B
7. Robinson Cano, 2B
8. Melky Cabrera, CF
9. Jose Molina, C

P. Mike Mussina

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  1. zzzzz says:

    seeing abreu as DH and then not seeing duncan in RF really confused me for a second there.

  2. NYFan50 says:

    Rotoworld says Britton was sent down.

  3. A.D. says:

    While they Yanks do need a win, rainout means no loss!

    • Joey says:

      can I put in a Bushism here? Original quote: “We’re not in a recession, just a slow down.” Now lets convert it to baseball: The Yankees don’t lose games, they just look really bad from time to time

  4. Pete says:

    Ahhhhhh, look at that lineup. Nice!

    • Mike P says:

      Yeah I was about to say: Finally Girardi plays his best team in the right order. No friging messing around.

  5. Jamal G. says:

    Heard A-Rod say “10 days” for a possible Jorge Posada return. I believe he is supposes to start a rehab assignment next Monday or Tuesday.

  6. Kelvin says:

    Already feels like a different team with A-rod on the line-up.. Hopefully they play different too..of course for the better.

  7. Jamal G. says:

    Tino Martinez is really getting some responsibility in the Yankees organization.;c_id=nyy

    • Mike A. says:

      Eh, that’s just a figurehead thing, works out nice because he lives close by. No responsibility at all.

      • Jamal G. says:

        Heard reports he was scouting down in Trenton for Brian Cashman though. I’m sure you’re right about the figurehead thing but it’s nice to seem him involved in some capacity past Spring Training.

  8. Jamal G. says:

    Why is this LF playing SS for the Yankees? ;)

  9. Jamal G. says:

    How the hell was that first pitch to Ramon Hernandez not a called strike?

    *Damn you Jetes.

  10. Jamal G. says:

    Wow, sucks that Mike Mussina is letting it go, but God Dammit Derek.

  11. Joey says:

    we’re dead already and our offense hasn’t even come in and stunk it up yet (please prove me wrong Yanks, please)

  12. Mike A. says:

    Well that kinda ruined A-Rod’s return.

  13. Kelvin says:

    Argh….should have never happened…down 5-0 already..come on guys!

  14. Jamal G. says:

    Ok, Jeter is resolved, this is on Mike Mussina now.

  15. r.w.g. says:

    So we’re all in agreement right? Just let Bobby go.

  16. Mike A. says:

    Gotta give the O’s some credit, they sure as hell took advantage of the error.

  17. mustang says:

    Well he is won 5 in row it was going to happen sometime.
    Ouch !!!

  18. Joey says:

    my happiness from A-Rod being back was just brought into the back ally then mowed down by a hail of bullets

  19. Mike A. says:

    Only 3 more runs until the mercy rule kicks in…

    • Joey says:

      well my mercy rule is kicking in now, I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to watch the rest of this. Just want to see our offense

  20. Jamal G. says:

    I always feel it’s good to have one of these games, it’s like taking a laxative, just let everything clear out.

  21. Kelvin says:

    feels like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong..well at least in the pitching side..

  22. Kelvin says:

    woah..this is just….bad…and ugly…

  23. Jamal G. says:

    You see, Goose Gossage was right. The entire AL is fired up to do well against the Yankees. Fucking Joba.

  24. Mike A. says:

    I’m calling it – the Yankees will bring the tying run to the plate in this game.

  25. Kelvin says:

    Wouldn’t this be the perfect day for a 3hr-10rbi performance from A-rod? Man, it is only the first inning, but still…

  26. RustyJohn says:

    What the hell, I’m at work and have MLB Gameday on the ‘puter- I take one phone call and look back and it is 7-0? that blows. Have these been bloop hits or did Mussina just get the living crap beat out of him?

  27. Mike A. says:

    Derek Jeter can do no wrong…

  28. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, Derek Jeter couldn’t have envisioned a worst start to his night.

  29. Link says:

    Way to go Captain!

  30. Link says:

    games like these you really just need to laugh at so freaking pathetic… :(

  31. RustyJohn says:

    All those herpes sores are slowing him down.

  32. mustang says:

    We are coming back and winning this game.
    No have not been drinking.

  33. RustyJohn says:

    Way to attack the opposing pitcher in the first inning and build up that pitch count.

  34. Mike A. says:

    Derek Jeter needs to starting playing more like Jamie Moyer.

    • RustyJohn says:

      Watch some Phillies games and see Jamie Moyer hit….during that at bat he was very much Moyeresque.

  35. Kelvin says:

    It IS A-Rod’s fault. He comes back to the line up and look at what happens..

  36. Jamal G. says:

    Justin Masterson is making his second start tonight. Is his bullpen transition inevitable or is there a good chance he remains in the rotation?

  37. Relaunch says:

    Remember when it was fun to watch Yankee games?

  38. Mike A. says:

    Heh, anyone else see Tommy Glavine retire 17 straight Mets today?

    • Jamal G. says:

      Yes, it was fun. I actually root against the Mets now, before the collapse of 2007 I never cared what they did. But I was rooting for them to fail while they were in the middle of that collapse, don’t know why.

      Mike Francesa actually made me Lmao, he kept getting on them for their fucking slogans “The Team. The Time. The Place.”. So he came up with (not clever but comical) “The Team. The Time. The Collapse.”.

  39. Kelvin says:

    Im predicting an Arod homer..but, it is meaningless because of the

  40. r.w.g. says:

    Is it just me.. or are some of these guys just really begging to be traded/dumped?

  41. Link says:

    Whats the final score for this one? I’m predicting 16-2.

  42. Mike A. says:

    Johnny Damon is trying to make Jeter feel good by committed a more embarassing error.

  43. mustang says:

    This just funny now.
    I’m not even angry anymore.

  44. Kelvin says:

    just when you though things couldn’t get any worse.

  45. Newman says:

    Damon is such a quality outfielder, I’m sure he’ll be laughing about it in the dugout, similar to his laughter in Game 4 of the 2006 ALDS

  46. RustyJohn says:

    Other than the lack of hitting, poor defense and absence of team speed they are a great team.

  47. Link says:

    LOL @ Molina looking for the ball

  48. RustyJohn says:

    At least the walk keeps the double-play in order…oh, wait….two outs, damn…there goes the silver lining.

  49. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, Ben must be pissed.

  50. Newman says:

    Well, this one’s over. Time to start praying for Knick lottery balls

  51. Link says:

    LOL @ Ohlie giving up a walk than another run…let me adjust my prediction, 20-1.

  52. Joey says:

    I’m fucked… I was planning on blowing of studying for tomorrows microeconomics test to enjoy the game tonight and now I think I’m being forced by the Yankees to study. I would have never thought I would have been that desperate

  53. Mike A. says:

    Later this season, we’re going to look back at this game and say “that was the low point.” The turn-around starts tomorrow.

  54. mustang says:

    Maybe the Knicks can get the number 1 spot because NY teams seem like they are taking the summer off.

  55. Jamal G. says:

    Why’d Damon get a haircut? He looks stupid like that.

  56. RustyJohn says:

    And, as if it isn’t bad enough, I have to be reminded that my adopted team of the Mariners traded Jones for Bedard.

  57. Relaunch says:

    Ross O is awesome!

  58. Link says:

    I’m watching the Daily Show.

  59. Kelvin says:

    Any good prospect pitching for the minor leagues today? they might be more satisfying to watch..

  60. ceciguante says:

    holy underachievement batman…i just logged onto gameday and now RAB and the hits…they just keep on coming. not the good ones, neither.

    wtf happened?? this season is going from bad to worse.

  61. r.w.g. says:

    oh my god.. to left field!

  62. Link says:

    what did I miss?

  63. Manimal says:

    this game is disgusting.

  64. Jamal G. says:

    Remember guys, we were down 10-1 in that game versus Texas two years ago (almost to the day) before we started our comeback. I never say never in baseball, just too much of a crazy fucking game.

    I’m just sayin’.

  65. Kelvin says:

    what is the record for most unearned runs in a game? guess they are trying to top that one.

  66. Mike P says:

    Just loaded gameday. WTF 1 Earned run and it’s 9-0? How does that even happen?

  67. LiveFromNewYork says:

    I said Jeter needs to start acting like a captain and he just lost me glaring at Robbie like he did. I’m sorry but I am starting to think that half this malaise is Jeter’s fault for being so blaise about everything. It’s like he just forgot about the team. It’s all about Fords and watches and chicks. Mrs. Jeter says her boy does no wrong. Oh this is all so wrong Mrs. Jeter. Wake up and smell the shortstop.

  68. Link says:

    another fine job getting those runners in.

  69. Jamal G. says:

    Newman, I’m a Blazers fan because I was a bandwagon fan when they had their “almost” years during the last Lakers dynasty and I never jumped off. Hey, I was in 6th grade at the time, I was allowed to be a bandwagon fan.

  70. flynn says:

    This pathetic showing should diusgust me, unfortunately it doesn’t. Seems decidedly un-shocking

  71. Link says:

    Jim Palmer just compared Markakis to Musial. LOL

  72. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, you know you had a bad year when you have to use press conferences as ads for your season ticket plans. Knicks have a commercial with the Mike D’Antoni press conference advertising season ticket plans for the upcoming season.

  73. Micky7 Old Ranger says:

    Hell, some of the young kids at AAA could do this good, if not better. Like that Triple to RF, and the one to Johnny. Get them up here if we are going to lose like this we might as well see how they will do. One thing it will do is improve our defense, that’s for sure. Maybe keep a few of the regulars; A-Rod, Cano, Jorge, Melky, Matsui. Bring up; Brett, Justin, Alberto, Closser, Shelly, they can’t do much worse. I know it is a bit over reaction, but sometimes one gets so mad, oh well, just wishful thinking I guess. 27.08.

  74. Jamal G. says:

    Damn, Blazers pick 13th.

  75. Mike P says:

    Should have left A-Rod on the DL and kept Britton. He’d be far more useful in this game.

  76. Mike R. says:

    So…only 17 days until the draft…anybody think Fillaspie slides down to 28?

  77. Jamal G. says:

    Knicks pick 6th, no Derrick Rose for you. :P

    • Ivan says:

      Well that fucking suck. For crying out loud, The Bulls get the first pick. Fuck that, they had a top pick couple of years ago. Can we get a break please. PLEASE. Well I will say this, this draft is pretty deep especially with some guard play and obviously were not gonna get Beasley or Rose but we can certainly get Jerryd Bayless who is the most explosive guard in this draft (not the best just saying the most explosive) and OJ Mayo who I still think can be a great player although he has alot of risks.

      The one player that does intrigue me and I wouldn’t be suprise if they draft him, is Dalino Gallarni from Italy. I likes his game from the scouting reports. And he’s the type of player D’Antoni loves versitile players who can score. I mean a guy wh’s 6-10/6-11 with ballhandling ability and can score and is a PT Foward. I like him alot.

      Hey Jamal, you cool and all but fuck you got the top pick last year and got Oden when healthy is a beast lol.

  78. Mike A. says:

    Sheesh. Jeter is having one shitty game.

  79. Link says:

    I hate myself for my first thought, maybe it’s broken?

  80. batty says:

    OH crap – there goes Jeter :( :( :( Possible broken wrist?

  81. Jamal G. says:

    Talk about adding injury to insult.

    I think they’re taking him out because of the score…I hope.

  82. mustang says:

    If they keep playing like this I have two words:
    Then they can start Joba and bring up anyone they want because it wouldn’t matter.

  83. Jamal G. says:

    I know it’s irrational and fucked up, but I want someone on Baltimore to get beaned so hard right now.

  84. Mike R. says:

    Fuck! I am not watching! What happened to Jeter?

  85. mustang says:

    What happen to Jeter ?

  86. Kelvin says:

    Again,just when you thought things could not get any worse..

  87. pete says:

    …i usually hate these kind of comments, but without power, abreu sucks as our #3 hitter, and may be the worst fielding outfielder in the league. Jeter has been inexcusable today. Not only did he make an error (a throwing error on a routine grounder, no less – that should not happen EVER at the major league level), but he followed it up by glaring at cano, despite the fact that he should have still had a very easy play at first

  88. Jamal G. says:

    Kevin Millar hits it WIHKED FAHHR!

    I don’t know why I love saying that.

  89. Nate says:

    You guys know its May 20, right? Sure they’re playin like shit right now, but theres no reason why this team still can’t make the playoffs. Obviously all the losing is frustrating, but its still May 20. This is Moose’s first bad start in a while, Wang will get going again and odds are Pettitte will too. ARod is back, Posada will be back soon enough, and they will probably start hitting at some point. If they are still below .500 at the end of June, then maybe its time for a fire sale, but definitely not now.

  90. Kelvin says:

    Isn’t Ross pitching a lil’ longer?

  91. Joltin' Joe says:

    Seriously, Daniel Cabrera. What the hell.

  92. Link says:

    lol…i love how everytime i turn the channel the score goes up…

  93. Mike P says:

    Mustang- still very early for a fire sale to be a possibilty. But, tempting fate, they could trade Abreu (eat some of his salary), Farnsworth, Hawkins, Giambi (eat most of his salary and beg him before slamming the door on his face), Damon (maybe?) and Rivera (only kidding). Still would make no difference. But that’s alot of prospects for the farm.

  94. Link says:

    I keep seeing the word fire sale….when have you ever seen the Yankees trade off players and pray tell, whom would they trade?

  95. Mike P says:

    By the way notice Masterson giving a quality start. What’s one of those again?

  96. pete says:

    it’s the fourth inning and the #8 hitter for the orioles is already 3 for 3…that pretty much sums up this game so far. And no i’m not rushing to conclusions about the season, i’m just really friggin pissed that i am a fan (paying for who has to watch his team play this terribly all around. A game is a game and i will give this one up fine. But the play has to change. You can’t blame it on struggling young pitching or injuries or anything like that. The fact is, we have 25 guys (maybe a few minor exceptions) playing like absolute shit, and track record doesn’t win games.

    • Mike A. says:

      You’re acting like the Yankees owe you something.

      • LiveFromNewYork says:

        They owe the Steinbrenners something and the Steinbrenners think they owe the fans something.

        • Jon says:

          What so now the Steinbrenners are carrying the flag of the people?

          • LiveFromNewYork says:

            What? The question was do they owe someone something. I said yeah they owe the Steinbrenners who care about Yankee fans. So I guess the answer is YES.

      • mustang says:

        The Yankees do owe us to at least play like they give a shit.
        The last two games this team looks like they are sleep walking.
        I don’t totally agree with pete, but i do see his point.

      • Mike P says:

        That kind of comment begs the question, why does professional baseball exist in the first place?

        Which in turn gives the answer, because of the fans.

        Pro players owe their million dollar lifestyle to the fans.

        Now, plenty of fans don’t deserve any return from that. But that’s a whole different argument.

    • Mike P says:

      Good point well made.

  97. McLovin says:

    fucking pathetic

  98. Mike A. says:

    Fight! Where’s Farnsworth!

  99. Ivan says:

    So I guess those 12 consecutive playoff appearances are meaningless uh? I mean come on, if there is one team that is allowed to have bad year in baseballl it’s the yankees.

  100. Mike A. says:

    Haha, did you read Scott’s lips? “That’s bullshit, why you gotta be throwing at my fuckin’ head!”

  101. Newman says:

    Jeter’s x-rays negative, WHEW

  102. Kelvin says:

    There is a fight? What happened? I just closed gameday and ate something, and just read the comments here. What happened?

  103. Mike P says:

    So Mike, Jamal, where’s this tying run coming up to the plate!?!?

  104. david says:

    hey i missed the part with jeter

    can someone just explain to me what happened with him and cano?

    • Mike A. says:

      Jeter made a bad throw to first on a routine grounder, and he glared at Cano because he didn’t cover second on the force play. Bunch of bullshit, ML shortstops should be able to make that throw with their eyes closed.

  105. Jamal G. says:

    He’s baaaaaaaaack.

  106. Mike A. says:

    Classic A-Rod, 2-run homer with his team down by 10. ;)

  107. mustang says:

    oh yes

  108. Will says:


    ok that kinda is funny

  109. Will says:

    now ESPN can have a stupid headline like “A-Rod’s homer not enough as the Orioles trounce the Yanks”

  110. Chip says:

    Well hopefully this will get A-Rod going and we can get something out of this game

  111. Kelvin says:

    8 more runs! c’mon!

  112. Will says:

    giambi would be 2 for 3 in this game

  113. Mike A. says:

    Heh, I see Giambi traded in the gold thong for the porn star ‘stache.

  114. Jamal G. says:

    Wow, the mets suck. Talking all this shit after this weekend and they get that ass beat 6-1 by Tom Glavine earlier today and are behind 4-0 in the 3rd right now.

  115. Will says:

    At this point, I’d have taken a rain out.

  116. Jake says:

    Anyone else think the Yanks need to suck it up bad tonight? Their effort is terrible, hopefully this embarrassing defeat will light a fire under them.

    • Kelvin says:

      Agreed. Like what they said above, we could look at this day and say that this is where they all start to turn it around…i hope.

  117. A.D. says:

    With any luck this is rock bottom

  118. bostonsucks@life says:

    Did that seriously just happen ? Also be pissed at jeter all you want but cano needs to take that fucking stick outta his ass and play. Dude walks around like his shit don’t stink, hey asshole make a play and take a pitch. He’s acting way to cocky to be playing like ass.

  119. casey says:

    I retract my post from yesterday claiming that the yanks would be just fine…the sky is, in fact, falling.

  120. Anthony M says:

    I didn’t read all of these posts…but it seems to me that the entire right side of our infield is the target of every team that comes into yankee stadium. Think about it.

    1) We have the short right field porch

    2) Abreu cannot throw the ball to the plate. He is either 5 feet up the third baseline or 5 feet up the first baseline.

    3) Giambi is like a reverse weeble wobble. He can’t field the ball or rotate his torso enough to throw the ball with any velocity.

    Next year will be great because Giambi and Abreu will be gone. Small ball is going to win in the post-steroid era.

    If we want to be successful this year somebody has to step up to play 1st base.

    Dreams of Mark Texeira.

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