Game 49: Joba the almost-starter


Short game thread today because I’m working to restore our posts (but not our comments) from the last two days. We’ll be back up too full strength soon.

The big news of the day is of course the pitching plan for the day. Joba Chamberlain will be throwing 45 pitches in relief of Mike Mussina this afternoon. For Mussina, he’s looking to recover from the shortest outing of his career, and instead of facing Felix Hernandez, he’ll go against Carlos Silva. The Yanks are 3-1 with A-Rod back in the lineup.

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Giambi 1B
Cano 2B
Molina C
Cabrera CF

Mussina P

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  1. E-ROC says:

    Ben, what was your opinion of last night’s starting lineup with Jeter hitting lead off?

  2. Jamal G. says:

    “We’re building for the future, too,” Steinbrenner said. “You can’t just do it year by year. Before the great team we had in the late ’90s, there were some real lean years there. We don’t expect to have it to be that lean this year or next year, but people forget there were some really tough years before the great teams of the late ’90s. We have to look at it both ways.”

    “With the exception of the Red Sox, who have some youth like us and some veterans like us, most of the other teams winning right now seem to be on youth movements,” Steinbrenner said. “We’ve got to keep going with the farm system and build them up as strong as we can — get everybody we can.

    “If we have to, we’ll hoard everybody. We’ll do what we’ve got to do in the U.S. and in Latin America to get all the best young talent we can. That’s what the Yankees used to do.” – Hank Steinbrenner

    He’s the best.

  3. Joe says:

    Hank doesn’t seem to know what he wants

    • Jamal G. says:

      I believe he does, I believe he’s been horribly misunderstood by the media (purposely so IMO). If you actually read the entire quote when he said he wanted Joba in the rotation, he actually said at the end of the article that he understood there was a process in place and you can’t just jam him in the rotation now. Of course the media completely ignored that quote and just focused on the part of him saying he wanted Joba in the rotation, complete BS.

      Now with this quote there’s nothing to misunderstand, but of course this will get ZERO attention.

  4. Giambi may acutally get to 400HRs this year…

  5. E-ROC says:

    The Yanks are scoring runs. I guess that means the weather is warm.

  6. E-ROC says:

    Mussina may want to throw his fastball a little bit more. The Mariners are sitting on his breaking pitches.

  7. E-ROC says:

    Might we see Chamberlain earlier than expected?

  8. Joe says:

    It must suck to be Mike Mussina right now, knowing the guy who’s pitching after you today will likely be taking his job if he continues to screw up

  9. Jamal G. says:

    Clayton Kershaw to start Sunday for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Oh happy day!!!;c_id=mlb

  10. Jamal G. says:

    Anybody think that Chad Moeller should be getting a couple more starts, he has ben swinging the bat somewhat better than Jose Molina.

    • A.D. says:

      I agree might as well see what Moeller can do, and take a bit more pressure off Molina, they’re essentially the same defensively

  11. E-ROC says:

    Cabrera is clutch.

  12. Jamal G. says:

    For someone who is so damn impatient, Melky Cabrera has great numbers with the bases loaded.

    And there he goes with a bases loaded RBI single, nice.

  13. Jamal G. says:

    Looks like it’s setting up perfectly, if Mussina can get through these next two frames you can go to Joba for the 6th, 7th and 8th. Then MO can do his thing if necessary.

  14. E-ROC says:

    I wonder if Jeter’s throws to first will ever improve.

    Good 1-2-3 inning for Mike Mussina.

  15. Mike R. says:

    I appreciate Jeter’s toughness, but if he is not in condition to play the best thing he can do for the team is say so. I’d rather not have Jeter in the lineup for a week or two than this Jeter for the rest of the season.

  16. Jamal G. says:

    Nice job by Joba using the Slider for a strike instead of the strikeout pitch.

  17. mustang says:

    Between Susan on the radio and Michael Kay I have heard the “How they asked Joba about being a starter story” a 100 times.
    Can someone PLEASE tell them to stop.

  18. Jamal G. says:

    Can’t wait too see Ichiro and Jose Vidro come to bat, want to see that Changeup.

  19. Mike R. says:

    It should be against the rules to bring Joba in after seeing Mussina and his 86 MPH fastball for 5 innings.

  20. E-ROC says:

    No luck for Jeter today; just can’t buy a hit.

  21. E-ROC says:

    Abooboo has opposite field power?! Who knew?!

  22. mustang says:

    I’m having fun again.

    • Jamal G. says:

      162-Game season man, to say the baseball regular season is a roller coaster would be an understatement.

      • mustang says:

        You must be in some kind of Big Three happy land.
        It’s fun to watch.
        Like said before if they don’t do it in this 35 game stretch they are not going too.
        It’s a good start.

        • Chip says:

          I doubt Hughes is in this Big Three happy land (don’t you mean Generation Trey?). Or did Rasner get thrown into this now?

          • mustang says:

            You’re right about Hughes, but he will be fine.
            No Rasner is not in it.

            Can’t believe the path the Mets and Yankees have taken since last weekend.
            Baseball is nuts

  23. Jamal G. says:

    That Curveball is just gross.

  24. Chip says:

    Man Mussina’s line of 4 runs in 5 innings doesn’t look horrible when we can score runs, plus the fact Joba is in there now :D

  25. E-ROC says:

    Jeter shows range!

  26. Chip says:

    Here’s to hoping that Joba can get through another inning.

  27. Chip says:

    And I have to throw in this, I though Joba was supposed to throw a 98 mph fastball?? He’s throwing only 93, there’s no way he can succeed in the majors with that, let’s trade him

  28. George Kaplan says:

    Very funny, but in all seriousness though, Gameday has him at 96 consistently, what is the reading on YES?

  29. mustang says:

    ok so it’s 94.5

  30. Mike P says:

    A triple and Giambi hits for the cycle! With the shift, a well placed bunt could get him just that…

  31. Chip says:

    Seriously, A-rod must have rubbed some of his A-rod juice in everybody’s bats tnite. I mean Giambi just hit a SINGLE to LEFT!!!!!! And Cano now has 3 doubles in the game. Just think how good this offense could be right now with Posada (and yes I know that Molina will probably hit a 3-run homer now that I said that)

  32. Jamal G. says:

    With the game getting kind of out-of-hand, I hope Joe G. & Co. let him go out there for the 8th.

    • Chip says:

      I completely agree, he’s only at 40 pitches so just have somebody warm and let him get up to 55 or so. He threw like 35 last time so that should be now problem unless he shows obvious signs of fatigue. Obviously we should keep him in the bullpen so we wouldn’t have had to bring him in so early. I mean getting a 1-2-3 ninth is the most important thing right now right?

  33. Jamal G. says:

    LoL at Jose Molina, talk about running into a hit.

  34. Mike P says:

    These Mariners are terrible, good for the batting averages mind you.
    Shows you that Jeter shouldn’t be playing, he’s the only one without a hit.

  35. Chip says:

    We need the little league designated runner rule for Molina

  36. Chip says:

    According to PeteAbe, Joba is done for the day except to throw a bit in the bullpen. It’s Farns time!!!!

  37. Chip says:

    So who would be more valuable today to have on this team, Matsui or Matt Cain? Matsui is just destroying the ball

  38. Mike P says:

    Why take out A-Rod and not Jeter, or will he do both?

  39. Mike P says:

    What was the point of that move? Get Ensberg an at bat? His days are numbered anyway. Girardi took away Giambi’s shot at the cycle!

    • Jeremy says:

      They wanted the inning to end before midnight.

    • Chip says:

      Yeah I could feel the triple coming. Giambi hits a liner to the gap, Ichiro gets tackled by an unruly fan, Ibanez comes over and faints from heat stroke while Lopez runs all the way to the ball and fires to third with Giambi sliding in right under the tag

      • Mike P says:

        Nah, Giambi hits a bomb to deep left that hangs in the air and has everyone transfixed. He casually turns left out of the batters box and walks to third base. When the ball finally drops and hits the wall, no one’s noticed and Giambi has himself a cycle.

  40. mustang says:

    One thing and I love Joba.
    But if the TV announcers are going to repeat everything he did twice I’m cutting the volume.
    Shit how many times can you say the same fucking thing?

  41. Rich says:

    It’s OK, we have a big lead. Just get the next guys.

  42. mustang says:

    Farnsworth pissing on the party again.

  43. Rich says:

    Could Ichiro have been any faster when he was 22?

  44. Mike P says:

    That’s why Joba should stay in the pen. The Yanks have no reliable 8th inning guys.

  45. Mike P says:

    Cano’s pissed off that Giambi has a higher average than him.

  46. Mike P says:

    Great game. Can we play these guys every day?

  47. Rich says:

    Joba is that much closer to being a starter. Sweet.

  48. Chip says:

    Game, set, match. The world is right again

  49. Joey says:

    Tomorrows headline for RAB: “Seeking .500 Part Deux” (or are we are Part III or IV now?)

  50. mustang says:

    Good win.
    Enjoy your day guys.

  51. Chip says:

    I was just disappointed to see only one curve and no changes from Joba tonight. I guess I’ll have to wait for that one. Also, what game do you think Joba will pitch in against the Twins? I’m close and planning on going to one but I’m not sure which to go to

  52. Brandon says:

    my god can someone update the TJS board Garcia went 6 IP, 2H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 10 K’s on Thursday and his ERA is at 0.84

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