Hank speaks: Girardi safe; Cashman not as much

Geovany Soto hitting a stand up inside-the-park homer is more impressive than Jon Lester pitching a no-hitter
The Great Teixeira Race

Foes of Brian Cashman can take heart. In a Tyler Kepner piece in Tuesday’s Times, Hank Steinbrenner, the outspoken of the two brothers, shares his views on the current Yankee brain trust, and from his words, it seems that while Joe Girardi and his three-year contract are safe, Brian Cashman and his remaining five or six months may not be.

Hank on Girardi: “I think he’s doing fine. It’s pretty simple — he’s playing the hand that he was dealt, just like I am. He’s doing the best job he can. I have complete confidence in Joe.”

Hank on Cashman: “If Brian wants to be the G.M. next year, there’s a chance he will be. If he doesn’t want to, he won’t be. At this point, do I still want him to be the G.M.? Yeah, I do.”

Talk about hedging your bets: If Cashman wants to come back, says Hank, it’s not a given. There’s a chance that he’ll return which also means there’s a chance that he won’t return.

But within the same interview, Hank took what could be interpreted as a dig as father’s heavy-handed style of management. “Whether those cards work or not will determine what happens in the off-season, and I’m going to do whatever I have to do to win,” Hank said. “There’s been a lot of mistakes the last five to seven years that I had nothing to do with and Joe had nothing to do with — and quite a few things Brian had nothing to do with.”

There were indeed quite a few things Cashman had nothing to do with that have plagued the Yankee organization over the last ten years. The challenge for anyone — and it’s impossible task for those not in upper-level management positions in the Yankee organization — is to weed out the Cashman Moves and the George Moves. Hank probably knows the difference, and he, for now, sees something he likes in Cashman and the role Brian plays.

We’ve made our thoughts fairly clear on this issue. We think Cashman has done a great job. Of course, many Yankee fans judge success absolutely: Either the team wins the World Series and the season is a success or the team does not win the World Series and the season is a failure. While we can try to convince doubters that the playoffs — five-game and seven-game series — are in no way indicative of how good — the 2007 Red Sox — or how average and lucky — the 2006 Cardinals — a team is, Yankee fans are set in their ways.

If the Yanks are serious about pursuing a new path, they should let Cashman’s plan run its course, and that course is longer than the first quarter of the season. That course is probably two or three years long. If the Yanks were to dismiss Cashman now, the spoilers of his era — a highly regarded farm system and better international scouting — would continue to pay dividends well into the tenure of the next GM. And until the Yankees win four World Series in five years, we’ll forever be having the same debate we have now.

Cashman and his approach have gotten the Yanks into the playoffs every year of his tenure so far. Why change things now?

Geovany Soto hitting a stand up inside-the-park homer is more impressive than Jon Lester pitching a no-hitter
The Great Teixeira Race
  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    I love Brian Cashman, I really think people or short on the credit but big on the criticism with him. I really feel that the Randy Johnson to Arizona deal still has not been given its due diligence. He traded a mid-40s pitcher coming off back surgery and a 5.00+ ERA that would only accept a deal to one team in baseball. In that trade he got Luis Vizcaino who was dominant for most of the season last year and will bring us an extra draft pick this year, a defensive wizard that has cemented himself as our utility IF, a high velocity arm in the bullpen that could translate to vital innings in the back-end of the bullpen and another bullpen arm on the cusp of the Major Leagues. I’m sorry, but that was a fucking masterpiece of a deal all things considered.

    Also, Hank Steinbrenner can make all the quotes he wants and people in the media can say what they want, but believe it or not, Hal Steinbrenner has just as much power as Hank. He is not the head honcho of the New York Yankees, whatever he says does not go. I love the guy, but his word is not gospel in Yankeeland.

    • Relaunch

      Wrong. Johnson said he wanted to go to the west coast. He would have gone to LAA, LA dodgers, San Diego.
      The trade was okay but I don’t agree with your analysis. Viz was far from dominant, he was average. Gonzalez isn’t cemeneted in anything yet, there is a good chance he will be sent down when players start coming off the dl. Ross O has been far from anything great this year, I really don’t understand the infatuation with him. He lets lots of inherited runners to score and when he doesn’t have his stuff, he gets bombed. Hence, he has a 6 ERA.

      • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

        He allowed 6 runs to score in a 43 game period from June to August. I call that dominant especially since he allowed only 1 HR in that stretch. So fine he wasn’t dominant for most the season, it was just half.

        • Relaunch

          You wrote most of the season. His entire season as a whole was average. Or, really bad except a 43 game stretch.

    • r.w.g.

      Whatever you’re smoking, Jamal, I honestly want some. The Randy Johnson trade was alright, I guess. He got the guy off the team, so mission accomplished.

      But I agree with Relaunch.. there isn’t one player he got back in the trade who’s really done anything. Vizcaino was alright.. he had a pretty good stretch there where he was costing us games but he also did some good work for us for a bit.

      Agree with Relaunch totally on Gonzalez. He’s played some infield with our superstars injured. He’s gotten a hit here and a hit there.. but he’s slugging .289 Jamal. He hasn’t cemented anything other than he picks it better than Ensberg, Betemit, and Duncan. Truly rare company.

      And you are SERIOUSLY reaching on Ohlendorf. The guy was a hardthrowing college senior from an ivy-league school who sputtered out predictably as a starter and every time I turn on my TV, he’s letting an inherited runner score. I’m not expecting the world from Ohlie, and he has done some good stuff for us when starters have blown up the pen, but he is nothing special.

      A lot of it is NOT Cash’s fault. But to act like Hank can’t even think about somebody else or let Cash know that he has to improve his performance.. that’s just not looking at reality.

    • Mad Dog

      A fucking masterpiece? You are insanely delusional Jamal. While I think the deal was fine, I don’t agree with your analysis in the least. Vizcaino was dominant last year? Which Vizcaino were you watching? The guy had like an 8 ERA into June before he settled down and pitched well for maybe half a season – that does not constitute domination. Alberto Gonzalez – Defensive wizard? That’s laughable. I’m not sure if you watched the game on Sunday night, but that pop up he completely botched in the first inning wasn’t exactly a web gem, nor was David Wright’s grounder that he fell over. Gonzalez is an OK utility guy, but to say he’s cemented a spot on this team is baseless. As for Ohlendorf, I like his potential but this year he has been woeful. Like the other guys who have replied have said, he’s incapable of keeping inherited runners from scoring. And also, just bc he’s a “high velocity arm” doesn’t mean anything – see Kyle Farnsworth, who I know you’ve been campaigning for Cy Young this year, but his fastball is still straight as an arrow. Defending Cashman is fine and I have no problem with it, but to use this move as his biggest “masterpiece” is utterly ridiculous.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      I somewhat agree, Jahmal. I’m not going to lay the heavy hate on Ohlendorf. I think he’s going through his rookie growing pains and is going to turn out just fine. I do think we probably overestimated his potential at trade time when we may have pushed harder for Owings.

      There were plenty of mistakes made in the early part of this decade. We became the same bloated beast of bad veteran contracts we were in the late 80’s, and we’re paying for it now.

  • mustang

    I want Cashman to stay, but if the Yankees don’t make the playoffs Hank is going to at least cut his power.
    That will probably make Cashman leave just like Joe Torre.

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    the MSM knows: whenever they’re looking for a story, just call up ole Hank.

  • yankeemonkey

    Frankly, I don’t know that Cashman would want to stay after this year, even if Hank didn’t take some of his power away. Why would you want to be in a 3-ring circus like that all the time? I’m sure there are at least a couple of sane teams that would happily hire Cash. I have a feeling he might leave after this season, whatever happens. I just hope they put someone like Damon Oppenheimer in charge and not let Hank dictate everything. Thank Jebus that he’s got a normal broother to balance out the crazy.

    • mustang

      First, there are no normal Steinbrenner.
      I’m surprise that Hank and Hal are alive and George didn’t eat his young.
      Other then that you have a point.

  • http://www.overheardinnewyork.com NC Saint

    “The challenge for anyone — and it’s impossible task for those not in upper-level management positions in the Yankee organization — is to weed out the Cashman Moves and the George Moves.”

    Steve Lombardi actually has a very clever metric for making these determinations. It turns out that if a player lives up to or exceeds expectations, he was invariably brought on as part of an uncharacteristic intervention by the Steinbrenners. Otherwise, it’s pure Cashman, doing his thing.

    • RollingWave

      the problem with this logic is that players with lower expectations are obviously much more likely to exceed them, signing a team of low expectation players and you’ll end up with the Pittsburgh Pirates

      • http://www.overheardinnewyork.com NC Saint

        That, and the fact that I was just making fun of Lombardi

  • Rich

    We know that Cashman didn’t want Johnson, Wright, and Womack (which has been reported in various publications) and maybe not Damon (my surmise is that it was George’s last ordered move, but that he let Cash handle the negotiations which yielded a four year deal rather than the seven year contract that Boras originally asked for). I don’t think that Cash wanted to sign Giambi, but we know that George did and that he negotiated against himself.

    Plus Cash had nothing to do with the draft until after his most recent contract was signed at the end of 2005. His success in that area speaks for itself, and it was the failure of prior drafts that caused the Yankees to trade for and sign other teams’ pitchers, e.g., Weaver, Vazquez, Brown, Pavano.

    Anyway, Hal holds the key to Cash’s future. That can’t be emphasized enough.

    • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

      If I am not mistaken wasn’t it George Steinbrenner who came out and said that Brian Cashman talked him out of signing David Ortiz in favor of Jason Giambi? I thought that was complete BS because that would be so uncharacteristic of The Boss to want an unproven low-key player over the big MVP Free Agent. But nonetheless I do remember a report saying that, but then again take that with a couple pounds of salt.

      • Brandon

        there is sbsolutely no chance that is what happened, how the hell did Daddy tantrum know him or know this would be better than Giambi who was a proven MVP player. Makes no sense at all.

        Back at that time Ortiz wasn’t even Ortiz, here’s a striaght up quote by Cashman – Cashman quoted Steinbrenner as saying,“I wanted that guy.” But Cashman said the Yankees never pursued Ortiz. “Every time the Red Sox get somebody, I’ve got to answer,” Cashman said. “Why didn’t you get that guy?” –

        IMO What’s clear is that the Red Sox were after him Steinbrenner didn’t know who he was or what he could really do, he just wanted him because the Red Sox were after him, like Pavano, like Vasquez, and like Schilling.

        • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

          That explains it. Still to this day I was always wondering if the report was totally fabricated or something.

          • BigBlueAL

            Ortiz was signed prior to 2003 season, Giambi was signed prior to 2002 season. The reason Yanks apparently didnt bother signing Ortiz from what i remember reading/hearing back then was cause they also had Nick Johnson and were commited to playin him full-time in 2003 along with obviously Giambi at 1b/DH so there was no room for Ortiz at the time. Also lets face it, prior to the 2003 season, NOBODY would have wanted Ortiz over Giambi and even Nick Johnson since he was the Yanks top hitting prospect at that time.

            Actually, Johnson had a decent rookie season in 02 (15 hr in 378 ab) but was REALLY good in 03 injuries aside (in 324 ab, hit .284/.422/.472 included were 14 hr and 47 rbi). Anyway, hopefully that clears the whole why Yanks didnt sign David Ortiz prior to 2003 debate. You see, even though i take shots at IPK and Hughes to rile up the guys here and get absolutely killed for it, i do know my Yankees stuff!!!!

    • Relaunch

      Rich, did Cashman personally call you and tell you he didn’t want those players? My point is, no one really knows what happened. You can make those points but then you have to also say he threw 46million at Igawa without knowing anything about him. He did want to sign Wright because he was firm not to give Lieber a 3rd year.

      • Rich

        Cash didn’t have to call me. Not only have these decisions been widely reported, but if you listen to Cashman being interviewed on the topic over time, he basically admits who he wanted and who he didn’t.

        He has specifically said that he didn’t want Wright.

        So your point is mistaken.

        • Relaunch

          Okay, please refer me to these interviews. I follow the Yanks closely and I have never scene an interview where he as said these things.

  • Manimal

    “Whether those cards work or not will determine what happens in the off-season, and I’m going to do whatever I have to do to win,” Hank said. “There’s been a lot of mistakes the last five to seven years that I had nothing to do with and Joe had nothing to do with — and quite a few things Brian had nothing to do with.”

    Best quote by Hank Ever. I actually like hank and I’m pretty sure you guys know my stance on Cashman by now.

  • MD

    hard to determine what Brian owns, and what George owns…..who traded Lowell for 3 nothings? who signed Pavano? what did we get for Sheffield? Cashman has done an excellent job in pushing talent into the minor league pipeline, but somebody has made a lot of bad decisions at the major league level…..aside from getting Justice, there aren’t too many major moves that hit paydirt…..and, as mentioned above, a lot of pitchers who just didn’t cut it…….I think he isn’t to be totally judged by all the bad moves, but he’s the only one who’s been around for 10 years, so he has to be judged on the full picture.

    • whozat

      Cash has admitted the Lowell move, and said it was probably the move he regrets most over his career.

      Pavano? Every team wanted him. Several other teams were lined up to pay him, including the Tigers and Sox. Can you fault the man for making a move that the vast majority of teams agreed with? What’d we get for Sheff? We’ll find out in the next year or so. Besides…the guy was a cranky, 38 year old DH that everyone knew was pretty much done that wanted a three year extension. If they get ANYTHING from that deal, it’d be a coup.

      “aside from getting Justice, there aren’t too many major moves that hit paydirt”

      Abreu in 2006? He found Chacon in 05 as well. How come when things work out he’s lucky, but when they don’t he’s bad?

      • steve (different one)

        yeah, that A-Rod guy is terrible.

      • MD

        I dont see the word “lucky” in my post….Abreu was really a money deal, since the minor leaguers were very low in the organization….Chacon won 7 games, not exactly like trading for Ed Figueroa in his prime…..Cashman has done a good job, but I am not sure who is responsible for some of the bonehead moves…..and I dont see where he has worked any steals of talent…..even Arod cost Soriano…..look at the Paul O trade, or the Tino acquisition, or even picking up Cone and Brosius……these are trades that truly paid off, and for multiple years…..maybe Cashman did these also, in which case he deserves the credit…..all I am saying is that without being able to pinpoint exactly what moves he had total authority over, it is hard to make the judgment as to how good he’s been…..hope you are right about the Sheffield deal, but right now, it still smacks of Lowell……when one of these guys is a significant contributor, then it can be called a good deal….

        • Hybrid Moments

          Chacon helped the Yankees to the playoffs in 2005 and won his start in Yankee Stadium against the Angels. You can file that under ‘good move’ in my book.

  • JRVJ

    I’d say that Cashman deserves kudos for getting the Yankees to the point where they will be shedding lots of contracts this year that can be replaced easily and/or cheaply.

    Indeed, I could see the Yankees getting Sabathia and/or Teixera and still decreasing their payroll, PLUS, getting a good 1st round draft pick (assuming they offer Abreu arbitration, which I would think they would – provided A-Jax keeps on hitting in the minors).

  • http://memotosteinbrenner.blogspot.com Mr.MemoToSteinbrenner.blogspot.com

    Who they should get rid of is Johnny Damon and move Jeyter a line drive hitter NOT setup man to 3rd or 5th

    But ……..WHAT THEY really NEED IS a slap hitter or #2 that walks and steal basees constantly……

    NOT another fly ball , line drive hitter I agree!@ Damon is NOT leadoff hitter anymore!!!

    he’s a numb3r #3 hitter and we have two of them already in Jeter NOT a #2 and Abreu


    I’m sorry Damon IS NOT A LEADOFF HITTER ANY MORE .270-15 HR, 75 RBI-12 SB under 380 OBP ? and we already have a 3 , 5 and 6 hitter all leftys too!

    Two guys I think that would defenetely turn this team around and could be had and not too expensively are Willy Taveras and Mark Grudzielanek

    they would add instant excitement to a sluggish offense especially Willy Taveras )reminesecent( of……………


    …I SAY KEEP ABREAU AND MATSUI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • Relaunch

      One of the toughest posts to read of all time

    • Manimal

      no matter how obnoxious that comment was to read I still kinda agree. Damon + someone else to Colorado for Holiday/fuentes

      • A.D.

        No way that deal would happen, for so many reasons.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        If you were Dan O’Dowd, Rockies GM, would you ever pull the trigger on that deal?

      • r.w.g.

        You’d have to really put together a package for Holliday, Manimal. Johnny Damon plus one isn’t going to cut it.

        You’d be talking like Damon, Gardner, Betances, Hilligoss, plus one.

  • YES

    If you’re really a Yankee fan you should know what they got for Sheffield. In case you don’t
    Anthony Claggett – reliever- age 23 – era 1.13 AA
    Kevin Whelan – reliever- age 24 – era 1.50 A+ (He’s supposed to be in AAA but got hurt so he should be there later on)
    Humberto Shanchez – reliever/starter age 25 (has not pitched yet this year)

    Looks like a good package to me for a at the time 38 y/o player coming off wrist surgery who missed the whole year prior.

    • r.w.g.

      If you’re really a Yankee fan you ought to know who Anthony Claggett is?

      That’s a little elitist. I like the players Cash got back for Sheff so I’m not knocking that aspect – though judging by Renteria and Dontrelle Willis it’s not too hard to fleece Motown. But I don’t think anybody’s level of Yankee fan status ought to be determined why whether or not they know who some dude in Double-A is.

  • JohnC

    Lets not forget that Cashman wanted to sign Vlad Guerrero, not Sheffield that year. He got what he could for Sheff. Same thing for Randy Johnson. People here rant that he should have taken Michah Owings instead of Ohlendorf, but AZ was adamant about not including Owings in the deal,no matter how much money the Yanks offerd to throw in. Cashman’s biggest blunder was Kei Igawa. From what I read, his scouts advised him against Igawa and encouraged him to pursue Okajima. We know how that decision has turned out.

    • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

      I don’t believe that Okajima thing for a second. Nobody, not even the Red Sox thought he would amount to much, so for reports to come out after the fact that people were advising Cashman to sign Hideki Okajima is crap IMO.

  • MJ

    Hank probably knows the difference
    Does he though? I mean, he knows whose moves were whose but does he know enough to know what to do with that information? If he’s anything like his father (and he certainly seems to be) then he’ll inevitably make the wrong decision anyway. After all, Hank is the same person that spent half the winter preaching patience with the prospects and the other half eager to trade them all for a win-at-all-costs strategy — to say nothing of how impatient he’s seemed to be so far this season.

  • A.D.

    I think Hank really showed more support than not for Cash, he’s no blaming Cash, and he doesn’t want to say Cash will definitly be back next year if he wants to be, just like Rivera didn’t say he only wants to pitch for the Yanks, it’s a simple negotiation tactic.

    Cash has done an excellent job as the Yanks GM, some very good deals, and the ones that panned out less (i.e. Denny Neagle) really cost the Yanks nothing, except the Lowell deal. Yanks have rebuilt the farm, and the future looks good.

    The key is how Cash leverages the farm this year & upcoming offseason, essentially the Yanks have too much pitching, if thats possible, and see if they can leverage the Jason Jones, Alceves, Wright, Pope, McCutchen, Karstens, and Marquez’s of the system and spin them into a top positional prospect, essentially if we can pull off our own Lowell deal, throw 2 or 3 decent pitching prospects for a top bat, personally I like Lillebridge or Kendry Morales, both who should be available for the right price. If cash can pull of a good prospect trade with some of the 2nd tier Yankees arms, then he will be brilliant

  • http://www.magicball.net Double-J

    I’m cool with us missing the playoffs this year and retaining Cashman as long as he can cut some of the fat and dead weight from this team. I’ll be interested to see how he will replace Giambi at first…will he go balls to the wall for Teixiera or look for a low-key youngster from someplace else? Can he snag Sabathia and another quality starter (or two, depending on Joba + Kennedy pan out as starters)? Can he dump Damon someplace and get more than a bag of balls in return?

    I don’t like losing, but I’m cool with it if we can replace some players next year like Giambi, Abreu and Damon. We have to live with what we’ve got this year (and I’m sure I’ll be flamed for saying we should get rid of Abreu), but I’d be interested to see what Cash has in mind for the future.

    I wouldn’t be against a fresh face in the GM spot either…

  • Hybrid Moments

    To those defending Cashman,

    Please tell me positives of Cashman outside of his draft skills. A-Rod for Soriano is a no brainer. I’ll give him credit for waiting Gillick out to acquire Abreu and Lidle for nothing. He even gets a pass for Pavano because thats a ridiculous situation that couldn’t have been predicted. This still leaves explaining for Igawa, Damon, and to a lesser extent Farnsworth. What makes Cashman exempt from being evaluated?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      No one is saying that every move he makes is a perfect one, but the good far outweighs the bad. What GM makes a perfect move every time?

      • Bo

        You can list a ton of bad about Cashman.

        Off the top of my head
        Igawa, Pavano, trading for Vazquez and then giving up on him a yr later, not signing Lilly, what starter has he added since 2001?
        Farns, Karsay, Heredia, Hammond, Myers, Qauntrill, ie has he brought any solid pitcher into that pen other than Tom Gordon since 2001?

        the bench is a total disaster and has been for 6 years.

        And lets not toot the draft horn just yet. Its what they should have been doing since the mid 90’s. Signing high level talent and using their vast resources.

        • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

          It pisses me off to no end when people bring up Javier Vazquez. You can’t have it both fucking ways, you can’t bash him for bringing the guy in and them bash him for shipping him out.

          What starter has he added? Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, Aaron Small, Shawn Chacon, and Jon Lieber (he did provide 176 innings of league average ERA) just off the top of my head.

          Mike Myers had a vital line of .158/.198/.211 against LHB in 2005 (year before he was signed to Yanks), how in the fuck can you fault him for bringing in Mike Myers? Brian Cashman’s job is not that of a fortuneteller. If you saw those numbers and had a bullpen void of a situational southpaw, wouldn’t you bring in Mike Myers when he was a Free Agent following his 2005 campaign? Paul Quantrill was a damn good part of this bullpen until he was burnt out by Mr. Torre who went to him basically every God Damn day, a la Tom Gordon.

          I’m sure every team’s bench would look horrid if they had to use it to replace their top two offensive producers from a season ago. Not to mention the top player in the game and one of the top 3 offensive producers at Catcher in the league (Victor Martinez and Joe Mauer). I’m sure Boston’s bench would look like shit if they had to replace David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. The Mets bench would look like ass if they had to replace any two out of Carlos Beltran, David Wight or Jose Reyes.

          Bran Cashman, along with his scouting dept., turned the Yankees’ farm system from Bottom 5 to Top 5 (if I am not mistaken in thee years). To not give him credit because that’s what was supposed to be done is BS. Fuck A-Rod, let’s not cheer for his HR because he’s a power hitter, he’s supposed to hit dingers. Fuck Mariano Rivera, let’s not cheer when he closes a game out because he has the most saves in post season history, he’s supposed to be able to close out little regular season games.

          • Hybrid Moments

            How are you going to bring up Aaron Small? If you’re going to tell me that Cashman envisioned Small as someone that would contribute to the ML roster at some point then you’re going to lose a lot of credibility. Pettitte was a good move but wasn’t Cash apart of the front office who allowed Pettitte to walk in 2004?

            I am glad Cash built the farm up but there is a major league team too you know.

          • Lanny

            Getting lucky by bringing in Chacon and Small shouldnt go down as good long term moves.

            If the best starter he brought in was Shawn Chacon and Jon Lieber than he should be fired on the spot.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          You’re cherrypicking bad moves, and you’re not going to listen to any sort of positive assessment of Cashman so I’m done wasting my time.

      • Hybrid Moments

        What good moves has he made?

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Oh God. Are you seriously asking that question? Because if so, there is no way I’m wasting my time responding to it. You can start with this comment two above yours and just read a little bit about Yankee history before asking such blatantly baiting questions.

          • Hybrid Moments

            Read a little bit about Yankee history? What the hell are you talking about? Because I think Cashman has had a questionable tenure as GM the last few years, I must be some sort of bandwagon WFAN drone. The world won’t end if Brian Cashman isn’t the GM of the Yankees. Just because Cashman was against doing stupid trades like Reggie Sanders for Phil Hughes doesn’t make him a genius. I’d be more worried about losing Oppenheimer then Cashman.

            • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

              Here’s my final take on it: I don’t think Cashman’s a perfect GM, and I find myself defending him more often than I’d like. I think he’s made some mistakes, but I think he’s worked in a less-than-ideal circumstance with George constantly over his shoulder up until recently.

              I think you could make the case for replacing him just as you could make the case for retaining, but I don’t think it’s fair to Cashman to say that he hasn’t made any good moves lately or ever. The Yanks have won and keep on winning with him at the helm, and for that, he deserves a lot of credit.

              • Hybrid Moments

                I can get behind this statement. My only beef with Cashman is that it seems as though the majority of his supporters like to pick and choose when he was in charge. If he gets credit for the good moves he made in 2000 then he should also be facing some of the poor decisions made during that era as well.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Fine. Since I’m annoyed enough with you to actually answer. Here are five good moves made by Brian Cashman that I don’t even need to ponder. No GM is perfect; they all make good or bad mistakes. That’s part of building a club, but the Yanks wouldn’t be the single most successful franchise during his entire GM tenure had he never made a good move.

          1. Alex Rodriguez trade
          2. David Justice trade
          3. Bobby Abreu trade
          4. Signing Mike Mussina
          5. Signed Chien-Ming Wang as an international free agent

          But this won’t sink with you. In your eyes, Cashman is bad, and nothing anyone can say can help you get over the fact that fans of probably 22-25 other teams would kill for a GM of his caliber.

          • Hybrid Moments

            I never said he didn’t make a good move. Never. I said I think its a little ridiculous that people like yourself seem absolutely shocked when someone questions Cashman. Those are all good moves but when people bring up Randy Johnson, Jaret Wright, Jose Contreras, Kei Igawa, and Esteban Loaiza its usually ‘well these are Steinbrenner moves!’

            I don’t fault Cashman for signing Pavano, signing Farnsworth trading for Jeff Weaver, trading for Vazquez, or trading for Kevin Brown. I think he handled the Sheffield trade wrong. He should have held onto Sheffield until Soriano and Lee were off the market (which happened about ten days after he traded Sheffield). Hopefully the Sheffield for Sanchez trade turns out the way the Justice for Westbrook trade turned out: good in the short term for Detroit (Yankees), good in the long term for the Yankees (Indians). I also don’t think it was very smart to have pretty much no back up plan in the event that Hughes and Kennedy shit the bed.

            I understand Cashman had to put up with a lot of crap but its a bit silly to insinuate that if he leaves the Yankees are in serious trouble.

            • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

              Sheffield hasn’t put up very good numbers with Detroit. I don’t think the Tigers think they’ve managed to pull off some great deal there, and he’s way overpaid.

              • Hybrid Moments

                I was struggling to find the words for that portion of my post and failed miserably. In an ideal world for both teams, Sheffield would have hit well for the Tigers (like Justice did for the Yankees) and Sanchez would provide league average to a little bit above league average production for the Yankees (like Westbrook). I don’t consider the Sheff trade a bad one because he was becoming rather injury prone (shoulder in 2004 and 2005) before his wrist issue. On top of that he made it clear he wasn’t interested in playing 1B and the Yankees had no where to put him. I just think the bounty could have been a bit higher had Cash waited a bit.

              • Hybrid Moments


                Not trying to kiss your ass but I just noticed you write for the blog. Its cool that you take the time to reply to so many posts. Thank you for the conversation and thanks for the helping with the blog. Its a daily read.

                • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

                  Ah thanks. Yeah, we like to stay involved in the discussion. It’s good for reader/writer relations. Debate is always a good thing too. We pick up a lot from the folks who comment.

  • Bo

    I wouldnt cry if Cashman were let go and someone else brought in here. Cashman has proven he is terrible judging pitchers and hasnt added to the bench or young position players in 6 years.

    Really. We really going to clamor for him to stay because of drafting Chamberlain?

  • Phil McCracken

    “We think Cashman has done a great job.”

    How the heck did you come to this conclusion? He inherited a team that won his 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year, then has declined ever since.

    Pretty big indicator that the guy before him did the great job, and he’s done absolutely nothing.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Oh, come on. The Yankees “declined” because they haven’t won the World Series? Is that what you’re saying? So you just disregard the fact that the Yanks are the only team in baseball to have made the playoffs every single season from 1998 through 2007, which just so happen to coincide with all of the years of Cashman’s GM tenure?

      Meanwhile, in 2001, they were two outs away form winning. They made the World Series in 2003, and in 2004, the fault rested in the hands of Joe Torre and not Brian Cashman. Cashman’s put together a team that’s gotten the Yankees past the regular season every year. At that point, it’s up to the players to actually win, and they haven’t done it.

      I know Yankee fans like to claim they know a lot about baseball, but as a whole, this focus on winning the World Series as success and everything else as failure is remarkably shortsighted.

  • Bo

    I respect the fact that hes built a team that has contended every single yr and he finally now has a plan to continue that but he has made some horrendous decisions.

    Do you really trust him evaluating pitchers?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Evaluating pitchers? Sure. It may not be his strong suit, but he’s made some objectively good moves that haven’t panned out. Is it his fault that the Yanks undersold on Javy Vazquez after a bad half a season? Is it his fault that everyone else wanted Carl Pavano who would end up being a human version of the game Operation?

      Cashman’s not the only one in place evaluating pitchers. If you think just dismissing him is going to magically make better starting pitcher available, it doesn’t happen that way. If you want to completely overhaul the Yanks Front Office from their advanced scouts all the way up, maybe then you can find the diamond in the rough. But I think Cashman’s done a fine job considering what’s out there.

      • Lanny

        Actually it is his fault that they undersold Javy and they bought into Pavano. That is what his job is all about. Evaluate pitching like that.

        I like how he recognized he stinks at it so he’d rather develop his own pitching which he should have been doing since 1998 anyway.

  • paul dunn

    So if the Yanks dump Cashman who will be his replacement ? Bill James ?

  • MD

    seems based on all the comments, Cash is certainly in the top half or even third of all GM’s……if he goes, he needs to be replaced by a comparably capable GM……who’s organization would you take right now, NY or Boston….who’s spent more money, NY or Boston….who looks better, the Boston kids or the Yanks kids……both pretty much had similar draft positions……the point is, he’s good, but replaceable…..he may want a change at this stage, himself……

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