Nike to replace Adidas as Yanks sponsor

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The 11-year deal between the Yankees and Adidas will come to end when the Yanks move out of Yankee Stadium and across the street to their new digs. According to a report in Sports Business Journal (subscription required), Nike will replace Adidas as the Yanks’ sponsor.

Terry Lefton reports:

Nike and the New York Yankees have agreed in principle to a five-year sponsorship agreement that will begin in 2009, the team’s first in the new Yankee Stadium.

The cash and product deal ends a historic 11-year relationship between Adidas and the Yankees that remains one of Adidas’ biggest U.S. sports marketing expenditures…

But with the deal ending, sources said that the Yankees originally tried to sell Nike a signage package, but that Nike was more interested in other rights. Consequently, Nike’s deal with the Yankees is short on branding and long on marketing. Nike will be able to increase the amount of team apparel it already sells as an MLB licensee and it will have a store-within-store shop at the new stadium. It will also run local marketing campaigns, grassroots initiatives, and outfit Yankee coaches and minor leaguers with cleats and other performance wear.

There is no word yet as to the monetary value of the deal, but it’s sure to be a lot. The Yankees’ deals with this companies tend to pay for themselves rather quickly. Expect to see a lot of Nike signage and branding throughout the new stadium in 2009.

Hat tip to Maury Brown’s Biz of Baseball.

Who to move for A-Rod?
Off-Day Open Thread: Predicting the rest of the season
  • Jamal G.

    Nike produces my SB Dunks which I obsess over, so kudos to them.

  • Joey

    Nike is my preferred (and only) shoe and sportswear, so good stuff, no objections here

  • JRVJ

    Sabathia and Teixeira stand an even better chance of becoming filthy rich men now….

  • Ivan

    I fuck with Nike.

  • Ivan

    Mainly becuase I like buying Nike Dunks and AF-1

  • Tripp

    What was so historic about the previous deal with Adidas?

    • Jamie

      i feel like adidas had no other sponsorship with any other team in MLB besides the yanks.. maybe that makes it historic?

  • Darnell

    Nike signing with the Yankees is another case of Nike buying its way in to a league. First the Yankees, then it’s the MLB on-field license. Incidentally, the Yanks represent about 40% of all MLB sales, so even without the on-field component, the merchandise oppts are decent.

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