No one feels worse than LaTroy Hawkins

More musings on last night's loss
A note on the guest columns

LaTroy wasn’t too happy with this performance last night. Gee, I wonder why. “It was just bad,” he said after the game. “I didn’t do the job, plain and simple. I’m embarrassed. It would be one thing if I made good pitches, but I didn’t. I made terrible pitches.” Meanwhile, Mark Feinsand notes that there are recent historical comparisons should the Yanks opt to release Hawkins soon. Both Paul Quantrill and Mike Stanton — making a combined $7 million — were let go at the end of June 2005. I guess that gives J.B. Cox, Mark Melancon or someone else about a month to make an impression in the minors.

More musings on last night's loss
A note on the guest columns
  • J.R.

    There was a reason why he was the last arm out of the pen. I think its about time to DFA Ensberg and Hawkins.

    But in fairness to Hawkins he was brought in as a 6-7th inning guy. This was a game blown by Ohlendorf also.

  • Jamal G.

    He seems like a damn cool guy and I like him but it sucks when a player you like just can’t get the job done. What’s frustrating with LaTroy Hawkins is that he has the stuff, he was 95-96MPH in that 11th inning but his command was off. He has good movement on that impressive heat but he just couldn’t get the ball down which made him so useful in Colorado last year.

  • Rob_in_CT

    The whole point in getting Hawkins over Vizcaino is that you could get LaTroy for 1 year and dump him if need be. Well…

    As for Ensberg… another move that made good sense but hasn’t worked, at all. It can’t be long now, since the Yankees faced a LHP and started neither Ensberg nor Duncan – the two guys whose roles are to be righty platoon bats – and rightly so. Oof.

    • J.R.

      Well Shelley is younger and still has options left for this year, it makes alot more sense to DFA Ensberg.

  • J.R.

    Additionally IPK goes to the 15 day DL so you get to call up another pitcher. Either Britton or Patterson. Or Karstens as a true long guy out of the pen.

  • E-ROC

    Bring up a long reliever, if Hawkins gets DFA’d. A long reliever would put the other relievers in position to be more effective like Ohlie.

    It may be time to find another right handed hitting first baseman. Shelley and Ensberg hasn’t done anything when given playing time. Ryan Garko or Kendry Morales?

    • r.w.g.

      Maybe Garret Atkins. He would probably cost a bit more than Garko or Morales, though.

      He’s under control for a few more seasons and he’s a good hitter. Rumored the Indians are looking at him. He’s nothing special defensively, but he plays a competent 3B and I believe he has played a little 1B.

    • A.D.

      Is Garko even available?

  • Ron

    So much for not linking to the tabloids.

    • Ben K.

      Re-read our Declaration and note what we said about linking to Mark Feinsand’s blog.

  • Badhay

    Can anyone provide me with some kind of scouting reports on Melancon, Cox, Robertson, etc.? I’ve heard a lot about them and I’m excited for them to come up and help out the big team in the pen, but I don’t really know what type of pitchers they are (I’m assuming hard throwing just bc of their projection to the bullpen) and what kind of stuff they have. Thanks

  • mehmattski

    Chris Britton, 2008, MLB and AAA:

    17.7 IP 13 H 12 K 8 BB 4 ER

    Why do we need to wait for Cox and Melancon?

    • J.R.

      Im feeling Britton gets the call up as soon as IPK is on the DL. If not then the organization really has some problem with him.

  • Realist

    I never felt Britton was given a fair shot last year under Torre….he has shown some nice upside in the past, with us and Baltimore 2 years ago. I hope they give him a shot to show what he can or can’t do, as he has to be an upgrade over Hawkins…at this point?

    In regards to Hawkins…does anyone think that funky delivery allows the batter to better time his release????? I sure do and wonder if the pitching staff has considered changing it? It couldn’t hurt…..could it?

    • Realist

      Ooops, coaching staff…not pitching staff :-)

  • nick blasioli

    hell yes dfa hawkins..bring up menlencon, cox, britton, and robertson,,,oh also throw olendorf to aaa real soon…everyone knows the yanks need a left reliever, and a right handed first baseman…so what did they do…sign ben brossard..a left hander…i guess the idea is to wait until they are twenty games back and then try to stop the bleeding…the time is now….why keep duncan and ensberg around…they are aaa players at best….im just tired of all the other teams using the yanks as door mats…

  • cult of basebaal

    britton is up, according to petey over at lohud … The Make A Wish Kid rides again!!!

  • brad k

    You know that his career W-L is 57-77 and he has 46 blown saves. He is a career 4.75 era what did we expect. I don’t see the organization fixing this and I don’t see Cashman fixing this. At this point in the season the only real and tangible evidence of Cashman’s great experiment is Chamberlain and now he is unavailable to help us in games like last nights. Don’t get me wrong I am happy to see him move into the rotation I just think this was about the dumbest way of doing it. The season shouldn’t be experimental, at least not this early in the season. If you wanted him to start then he should have come out of spring training ready to start. It’s just more evidence of the poorly thought out and convoluted logic that Brian Cashman is using to guide this franchise.

    I’m sure I’ll get slammed for this but here are the hard facts. This team isn’t built for re-building or experiments and here is why. With a consistent projected salary range of about $200 million the Yanks have been paying around $25 million/year in luxury tax for the past 5 years. Add to that the revenue sharing split and we are talking about better than $100 million a year. The Yankees had a reported operating loss of around $35 million last year. I know, I know that doesn’t include the revenue from Yes Network and so on. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are really “losing” money as an organization what matters is that at the end of the day they have $35 million less to work with. Add that to the $100 million in luxury and revenue sharing and we are giving/losing almost as much as the next 3 highest payrolls in baseball. If you are going to rebuild then you do it with the cheapest payroll you can, like say the Marlins. When you build a $200 million last place team you will always be reactionary and act out of desperation which is exactly what the Yanks have done the last 2 years. This whole notion of Cashmans that we could build from within and remain competitive is and was ridiculous.

    • J.R.

      If we had started Joba in the rotation, we would have had to shut him down early august and no playoffs for him.

      • brad k

        what playoffs?

        • J.R.

          Dont jump the gun on that one.

        • Nefarious jackson

          ‘what playoffs’??? brad k =CLULESS

          start the season with Joba in rotation … to shut him down in august? right there you lose all credibility— you’re right, you will be slammed, get a clue before you waste our time

    • A.D.

      Not slamming you but not sure what you’re getting with, the team is profitable, the 35 mill loss wouldn’t occur if the Yanks sold their TV rights to a cable network like everyone else, instead they have their own which make a ton of money in its deal with the cable company. And it very much does matter, you better belive things would be different if the Yanks weren’t making money, then you’d see crazy moves.

      When you refer to reactionary, not sure what you’re getting at, I suppose one could view moving Joba to the pen reactionary, but I see it as a rebuiling step/move which still helps the team now. Reactionary would be trading away some of the young pitching for a Derek Lowe or something like that, because the young pitching has struggled, which is exactly what they havent done.

      Maybe i’m not understanding your angle, but I think the issue is less Joba pen availablitly & more having the right guys (i.e. real long reliever) in the pen for games where a starter doesn’t go long

  • Glen L

    I’m all for bringing up Karstans to piggyback Joba his first few starts and act as a longman … its pretty clear Ohlie has contracted the Krazy Kyle disease .. he can be very effective for an inning, but not longer … running him out for 2-3 innings just isn’t going to work … Karstans could hopefully solve this

  • Realist

    Opinions are like assholes…everyone has one but no one wants to hear anyone elses…..

    That said….

    Joba came up as a starter and he needs to prove he can or can’t excel at it at the MLB level. If he can it benefits NY, if he can’t nothing gained nothing lost…it is a waste to use him as the 8th inning guy, especially when getting to his speciality spot is hindered due to the starting rotation’s limitations.

    His value as a starter is greater and the need is greater to the team, as of now. Any value on his use in the 8th inning of that crap game last night is hindsight at best and holds little to no value in the greater scheme of what this team is trying to achieve.

    My 2 cents…

    • J.R.

      I completely agree last night was just hindsight and 2nd guessing. Adittionally the pen was essentially a man short because Joba was acting as a 6th man in the rotation.

      • Realist

        I would say more of a “long reliever” waiting to start…but it’s all semantics at this point ;-)

        Had Joba been there last night and possibly the night prior and had the Yankees won……lot’s of “hads”and speculation…the Yanks would be .500.