Olbermann loves the new Yankee Stadium


For your Sunday morning viewing pleasure, may I present to you Keith Olbermann? The MSNBC pundit took a break from politics to discuss baseball this week. In particular, he got a super-secret tour of the new stadium construction site, and as you’ll see, he’s very excited about the new Yankee Stadium. Enjoy the video, and the hat tip on this one goes out to Bugs and Cranks.

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  • Adrian-Retire21

    I think everybody gonna say the Yankees stadium will suck but when they go in it;s a differant story.

  • Joey

    looks pretty cool, I’ll be saving up my money for the next 14 years so I can go to a game. Anyway, I share most people’s sentiments, I’ll miss the house that Ruth built, but I’m excited to see TNYS