Open Thread: An offensive solution to the offense

Bias? What bias?
Game 41: A run or eight would be nice

The refrains are becoming part of the daily routine. “We need another bat.” “Add a bat.” “When will this team hit?”

Somewhere out there, in between a rock and a hard place, is a free agent with the offensive skills to boost the Yanks. This free agent hit .276 last year with a whopping .480 OBP and a .565 slugging percentage. Of course, that free agent is also facing a federal indictment and has featured prominently in the steroids scandals that have rocked baseball over the better part of the last five years.

I’m talking about none other than Barry Bonds.

Now, these days, it sure is easy to consider Bonds. From what we know, he’s basically waiting for some team to pick up the phone and call him. He can probably be in playing shape in quick order, and installing him in the middle of any Major League lineup makes the lineup better.

For the Yankees — a team not afraid to court controversy and attention — Bonds would be a bit anathema to the supposed youth movement in place. But — and this is a fairly significant but — Bonds would have a role on the team. He’s the splashy sort of signing that Hank Steinbrenner would love, and he would be a valuable insurance piece.

For all of those who say the Yanks have too many first basemen and too many DHs, as we’ve seen with Jorge and A-Rod, when one of those seemingly spare parts goes down, then what? If Jason Giambi gets hurt, the Yanks lose his awakening bat. If Johnny Damon goes down and Hideki Matsui has to slide into left, the Yanks have a gaping hole in their lineup. There is, in other words, always a place in the lineup for a bat that can still hit .276/.480/.565, and Damon and Giambi have been far from paragons of health over the last few years.

I’m not suggesting or advocating for the Yanks to sign Bonds. I’m simply saying that he’s out there, lurking and waiting. He could fix the offensive woes and create all sorts of headaches for the Yanks and for their opposing pitchers. What would you do?

Bias? What bias?
Game 41: A run or eight would be nice
  • Brandon

    no no no no…on Bonds…hell no, I’ll stop watching period.

    • mehmattski

      Way to stand by your morals. I guess that means a better seat at the new Stadium for me, then.

      One year, pro-rated $10 million. He’s got the power to turn the team around. The kid pitchers deserve to have some leads to protect, rather than pitching on razor thin margins. The best hitter in the history of baseball is just sitting on his ass when he can still make a difference. That’s messed up.

      • barry

        You forgot the part about him being a shithead.

      • whozat

        so…we sit Matsui in favor of Bonds? Play Matsui in LF and sit Damon, batting Melky leadoff or 2nd?

  • barry

    I’d rather watch the Rays win the ALEast. My solution is to find a way to let Shelley play everyday and see if his energy can wake this team up or something.

    • Joseph P.

      Energy is worth nothing if you can’t hit breaking balls and off-speed pitches.

      • barry

        Oh so he can’t hit breaking balls and off-speed pitchs? I’ve seen shelley hit offspeed and breaking pitches before. He’s the type of guy that needs to play everyday not once a week.

        • whozat

          He’s the type of guy who was in the minor leagues until he was 27 because he’s not that good a hitter. His role is to play against lefties and hit them. If he can’t do that, he’s got no value to us.

          • A.D.

            While I agree, shelly was mainly held back due to injuries, was never healthy to put up a full season and develop. But if you want to see shelly play everyday he’d probably put up numbers like his bro

        • Jamal G.

          He’s the type of guy that will wow the casual fan and make them clamor for him when in fact he’s a platoon player at the very best. He sucks, stop calling for him, he is not in any way, shape or form some God Damn solution. Jason Giambi is second in the AL in HRs, what more do you want?

          • barry

            Giambi is a fucking joke he can only hit to one side of the field. everyone is complaining the team looks old and tired so the solution would be to put in someone young and vibrant.

            • Joseph P.

              Giambi’s numbers for May:

              .250 .410 .571

              I’ll take that any day of the freakin’ week.

              • barry

                So with all 7 hits Giambi has produced this month he’s now your answer.

                • Joseph P.

                  Who said he’s the answer? I just said I refuse to complain about his production. Each of those hits has been worth more than two bases, and he’s been on base 2 out of every 5 times he’s been up.

                  Don’t complain about Giambi. Complain about the guys who don’t hit him in.

                • Ben K.

                  Maybe. He’s more a part of the answer than Shelley Duncan and his six hits all season.

                • barry

                  Shelley has 6 hits in 11 games. Giambi has 19 in 30 some games. Honestly not that much of an argument.

                • Ben K.

                  Oh please. That’s the biggest bullshit comparison ever.

                  Shelley: OPS+ 54
                  Giambi: OPS+ 127

                  Not even close.

                • barry

                  Oh it’s bullshit do the math the hits come out to be the same. Shelley’s sample size is way too small for you to dismiss him and you should know that. Giambi is garbage.

                • Ben K.

                  Saying Giambi is garbage is just ignoring reality. Giambi has a OPS+ well above league average. Shelley Duncan’s done nothing outside of 20 good at-bats one month to prove he could Major League pitching, and he just looks flat-out overmatched by Major League pitchers.

                  I can dismiss Shelley based on the fact that he’s a 28-year-old rookie.

                • barry

                  Not everyone is a prodigy and reaches the majors at 18 and Giambi was a 25 yr old rookie.

                • Glen L

                  you will find MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY more rookies who made their debut at age 25 and have had very successful MLB careers than you will rookies who made their debut at 28

                  in baseball years, that’s a HUGE difference … player’s peak years are generally 26-29 … reaching the majors at age 28 is MUCH difference than reaching at 25

                  did you see shelly’s pinch AB the other night? slider after slider after slider and what happened? he struck out because teams know he can’t hit a breaking ball

                • barry

                  He can’t or hasn’t seen enough of them lately to properly adjust to them.

        • ceciguante

          i see shelley look bad regularly on breaking pitches. it’s like everyone is surprised when he hits one. he’s not the answer to our offensive woes.

          • barry

            when did i claim he was the answer. I said he would bring some life. The Yankees don’t need an answer they need a wake up.

            • Ben K.

              More outs would not really result in a “wake up.”

              • barry

                So what would? More losses? A year in the bottom of the AL? What’s the pompous all knowing solution?

                • Seven Costanza

                  the pompous, all-knowing solution is to ride this out until A-Rod comes back next week. I feel extremely confident that Cano will wake the fuck up too.

        • Joseph P.

          Then why did Edwin Jackson throw him all sliders and changeups last night? I think it was five or six of those before he finally threw a fastball, which Shelley missed.

          • Joseph P.

            * Not really missed, actually, since he didn’t swing at it.

          • barry

            Edwin Jackson made every hitter in that lineup look like shit.

            • Ben K.

              Shelley Duncan is 28 with 120 MLB plate appearances under his belt. He’s hit .236/.319/.462, and most of the production came early on after his call-up last year. As much as his energy might be great, he’s just not a Major League hitter. Energy will turn his outs into hits.

              • barry

                And what are Giambi’s lines since he came off the roids? Not too flashy. I’ve heard every news outlet claim that the Yankees look unenthusiastic and washed out I guess energy wouldn’t help that look.

                • Sam

                  Barry, man, you’ve gotta stop taking the angry pills. They just don’t help.

                • Glen L

                  umm in 2006 giambi led the yankees in OPS+ … so he’s done that since steriods

      • beantownbosoxh8er

        Kevin Maas?

    • Shane

      Shelly does not stike ANY fear into the heart of opposing pitchers the way Bonds would. I think there would need to be a “don’t be a douche” clause in his contract.

      to comment on “no no no no…on Bonds…hell no, I’ll stop watching period.”… Brutha, i have already started to stop watching..

      You wouldn’t tune in to watch Barry in pinstripes!?!? i sure as hell would. who cares he used steroids!!! EVERYONE was using them, yea he lied, yea he is a jerk, but he can still rake with the best of them.

      Make the move Hank!!! HOw much would it cost them to get him?

      • barry

        then stop commenting if you’ve stopped watching mr. fairweather fan.

        • Mike P

          First good point you’ve made all day.

  • yanks99

    Bonds, Bonds, Bonds….and give him lots and lots of hgh…I want to see balls out of yankee stadium.

  • Jamal G.

    Looks like Joe Girardi has an idea, he’s flip-flopped Derek Jeter and Bobby Abreu in the lineup and placed Jason Giambi in the cleanup sot.

  • Shane

    Heck yea…. the yankees look flat and boring lately. They are supposed to be mashing pitching all over the park, not getting shut out by Edwing Fing Jackson.

    This team is depressing the crap out of me… At least signing BOnds would make games interesting.

  • Glen L

    YES!!!! sign barry!! i’ll GLADLY take the greatest baseball player any of us have ever seen on my team

    you’re worried about taking bats away from matsui/damon/melky/giambi?? sure they have been the most productive hitters on the team this year (giambi has been slugging well lately, but you can remove him from that discussion if you wish) but bonds is better than all of them (offensively) and its not even remotely close

    also i really doubt Bonds would even be 10mm prorated .. i would THINK 5mm prorated would get it done .. this, however, as well all know is immaterial

    hell i’ll buy a bonds yankee t shirt if they sign him!!

  • Jamal G.

    P.C. Richards & Son has been placed on the DL with a broken nail.

  • Joseph P.

    Clearly, I’m addressing barry here, but this is a general comment, too. Young and vibrant does not score runs. Young and vibrant sells newspapers.

    • barry

      Young and Vibrant has the top of the AL East.

      • Joseph P.

        And the Orioles were on top of the AL East at this point in 2005. How did that work out?

      • Ben K.

        Young and vibrant and good are at the top of the AL East. Shelley is arguably not that young, and he’s certainly not been a very good MLB hitter so far in his brief career. That’s all we’re saying.

        For a one-year solution, if the Yanks are intent on competing, they could do far worse than Bonds. Young and vibrant is good in the long-term, but for everyone bemoaning the Yanks’ offense in the here and now, young and vibrant isn’t going to solve the problem.

        • barry

          Nothing’s going to solve the problem because this team is not that good. But the fact remains put someone out there thats going to give it 100% and is honestly a better fielder than the big G.

  • Glen L

    Bonds OPS+ the last three years – 2005: 174 2006: 156 2007: 170

    yankee leaders during that time – 2005: 173 (a-rod) 2006: 148 (giambi) 2007: 177 (a-rod)

    So 3 years ago he’s one point behind the team leader, 2 years ago he’s the team leader by 8 points, and last year he was 7 points behind the team leader (who had his best season and an all-time season, albeit nothing compared to bonds in ’02 (268), ’04 (263, and ’01 (259)

    i’m sure this goes without saying, but keep in mind OPS+ is adjusted by position, park, and the rest of the league’s performance that year

    • barry

      Bonds creates more problems than he fixes.

      • Glen L

        please explain?

        how do a .480 OBP and .580 slugging % create more problems then they fix?

        team chemistry? give me a break .. he won’t say boo to the young pitchers and aside from robbie and melky, the starters are veterans

        is robbie cano all of a sudden going to be upset because bonds told him to go away from his locker and hit .187 …. wait a second ….

        will the yankees become a media circus? hmm.. i wonder what that would look like? … i konw an easy way to find out .. go to the yankees locker room before and after any game (how about a red sox game?)

        yes bonds did steriods, yes he’s a jerk, and YES he’s the best baseball player we’ve ever seen … A + B < C

        • barry

          Bond’s has a bad attitude. A players affect on clubhouse moral creates as many problems as a struggling offense. Players need to be able to click and play well together. It would be Sheffield all over again.

          • Glen L

            I heard Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin were real sweethearts .. guess that explains why those yankees never won the Series … oh wait!

            could also explain why Barry’s never made it to game 7 of the Series .. oh wait!

            must also explain why the Marlins (with that cancerous sheffield and his .424 OBP) didn’t win the Series in 1997 … oh wait!

            • barry

              I understand your argument but at the same time Reggie Jackson didn’t carry anywhere near the luggage Bonds does, also Reggie had pure talent so I wouldn’t put him and Bonds in the same pool. Martin was a fired up manager who had to deal with George in his peak of satanism. Bond’s isn’t some type of miracle cure to cancer that like Mike said you can just inject into the teams left asscheek and win a championship. Theres no room for Bonds on the team.

              • Ben K.

                But here’s the thing: No one on the team — with the exception of A-Rod — is better than Bonds. How is there no room for him then?

              • Glen L

                Barry Bonds was a HOFer before he ever picked up a syringe

                he has LOADS and LOADS of unbelievable talent

                • barry

                  Bond’s never breaks 600 HRs without roids

                • Glen L

                  even if you take out 2000-2004 he still has 504 HR, just under 500 SB, and i’m not taking the time to figure out the BA and OBP withouth those years, but they should still be around .300 and over .400

                  Bonds without steriods STILL better than just about everyone else (plus since anywhere from 40-65% of his competitors were on gear its hard to say how good he would have been if EVERYONE was clean)

  • ceciguante


    bad attitude.

    bad PR.

    bad karma.

    • barry


  • Glen L

    From Joe Sheehan’s blog on BP today:

    The facts are that the “barely mobile” Bonds is a below-average left fielder, as much because of his terrible arm as his legs. However, he is not and has not been the worst in the game, or even in the bottom five. He costs a team about one win with his defense. His baserunning, according to Dan Fox’s work cited in the linked article, is not among the worst in the game and could not possibly be costing his team even a half-win a season. With those “gimpy knees,” Bonds still managed to rank in the top 20 in defensive innings in left field in both 2006 and 2007. He is not an asset with the glove or his legs, but he can clearly both play the field and run the bases in a manner well above the truly bad players in those roles, and do so in at least a 70% time role–something Shannon Stewart or Moises Alou would kill for.

  • Mike A.

    I say sign him so he could inject some “life” into the offense …. I’ll be here all week folks.

    • The Bronx Stop

      lol. hilarious

    • barry

      good burn

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Don’t forget to tip your waitresses

  • The Bronx Stop

    I have an idea. Let’s just wait till A-Rod gets back.

    • Glen L

      i understand the sentiment behind that thought … don’t judge and panic this early when our best hitter is on the DL and half the team hasn’t been hitting like they should and most likely will

      however, with that said, even with a-rod back i would still love to have bonds in the lineup … with the relative shakiness of our pitching staff (who knows how long moose will keep pitching as well as he has, pettitte has had several poor outings, god knows what will happen with the kids the rest of the year, etc.), the pitching strengths of toronto and cleveland, the fact that detriot will probably remember how to play baseball soon, and the rays actually being pretty fucking good I’ll take any and all available help if it only costs money and not prospects (even then there are certain players i would definitely trade certain prospects for)

    • Mike A.

      Patience is not the Yankee way my friend.

      • The Bronx Stop

        Haha. True. We also can’t forget Posada’s bat. If I remember correctly, he had a pretty good year last year. lol

    • barry

      What would we all fight about?

  • The Bronx Stop

    Ahh…It is pathetic to watch this team right now. But they will kick it into gear. I would just like it to be sooner rather than later.

    And what the hell would it cost us to get Lance Berkman. That guy is tearing it up. Forget Texiera!!! haha. We can dream right.


    Two words……….SIGN HIM

  • Mike P

    The biggest issue surrounding Bonds is that the Yankees already have 4 starting outfielders. There’s only one DH alllowed. So signing Bonds makes you sit Matsui or Damon. Until they get injured, that’s counterproductive. I don’t think the Yanks should have 5 OFers on their roster. Especially given their shaky 1B situation.

    However if they get injured… why not get Bonds? Sure he’s an asshole and he cheated. But loads of people cheated and got away with it. His talent is pretty immense. So you deal with signing an asshole. It’s not exactly long term. Baseball’s almost an individual sport anyway, who cares?

    • Glen L

      I understand your point, but considering Barry is better than either of our LF or any of the DH options, i don’t think its a big deal

      Bonds wouldn’t be playing everyday, Giambi/Damon/Matsui – one of them is likely to have a DL stint at somepoint … i just fail to see any reason not to sign him

      • Mike P

        And if they don’t? What do you do with the roster, carry 5 OFers and 3 First basemen?

        • Glen L

          well clearly you’ve gotta option shelley back down in this instance

  • Adrian-Retire21

    Doesn’t Berkman hit like Howard and Utley in a hitters park.Espcially homeruns.

    Why not Ken Grieffy Jr if we are making trade possibilties.

    • Ben K.

      To get Griffey the Yanks would have to (over)pay the Reds. To get Bonds, the Yanks would have spend money. I much prefer spending money to giving up anything for someone at the point in his career at which Griffey is.

  • Jamal G.
    • barry

      I will tommorow

  • http://Anotherlefty Peedlum

    may not be the answer, even one as (potentially) good as Bonds. The Yankee lineup lacks balance right now, with too many lefties. The return of Posada and A-Rod will help balance the lineup a lot. Right now a Tampa Bay Rays team up by 4.5 games has the best wining percentage in the AL. 4.5 games isn’t much. Patience seems in order. Bonds isn’t going anywhere without the Yankees getting a swipe at him. Personally, I can’t stand him, but he can hit. Until he goes to prison, that is.

  • chris

    what is all this about patience – isn’t the goal to win a WS? I have been all for this being a rebuilding year, but if they wat to contend they need something and that something is Bonds and maybe anoter starter to allow kennedy and/or Hughes some more development.

    i have been all for signhing bonds as it does not affect the youth movement. its for one year and there is nobody in the minors ready this year.

    plus, if bonds shows he can still hit and signs with another team next season that could mean 1 or even 2 draft picks, therefore helping the youth movement.

  • Mike R.

    Could we sign him as Director of Performance Enhancement? I heard he has done great things in that area.

  • Aaron

    Regardless of where the team stands in the division race, if we lose an outfielder then wouldn’t it make exponentially more sense to callup Brett Gardner, Austin Jackson, or even Jose Tabata (obviously depending when this all happens as Tabata and Jackson aren’t nearly ready) rather than wasting more money on Bonds?

    • Glen L

      Bonds last year in 126 games was worth 5.4 wins more than a replacement player … i have no reason to believe Gardner or A-jax at their current stages would provide anything over replacement level

      this to me means its DEFINITELY not a waste of money

      • chris


        AJAX and Tabata are not ready and gardner is another bubba cosby

  • Manimal

    With the short porch in right field why not? you would however have an outfield problem, but the only way this could work is if we dump Giambi at first. We cant have 3 DH’s and Matsui is carrying the yankees on his newly artificial knee

  • Count Zero

    Heh – sorry I missed this battle earlier. I had a dream the other night that George did a deja vu and introduced Barry from the box during a game. I don’t know if I was happy or angry about it.

    I’m kinda’ torn on this one, but right now I would lean towards signing Barry. He carries a lot of baggage, but he’s a hell of a hitter. Putting him and A-Rod in the order back to back should probably be illegal.

    I like Shelley…as a PH or spot sub vs. LHP. But he’s definitely NOT the answer.

  • nick blasioli

    trade damon and sign bonds…what a difference it would make on this team….

  • chris

    bonds and arod would be the best 1-2 punch in the history of baseball – even if boonds is nly 70 percent

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

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  • chris

    its one year and 10 million dollars

    it wont affect the playing time of young players

    it isnt our money and it wojnt affect next years payroll at all

    the pitching stinks and will continue too as the rookies learn how to pitch up here so offense needs to carry the team.

    the only reason is bad press and who the hell cares – everyone hates the yankees anyway and maybe if we make the playoffs having the media focusing on bonds will take pressure off arod

    its a good baseball move – bottom line – if you dont want it done becasue of bad PR that is fine, but dont pull this crap argument that it will block tabata or ajax who both need a full season in the minors. that 10 million comes off the payroll and if bonds shows he can still play – let him leave via free agency and get the compensatory pick

    to me this is a win win win win situation.

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