Ortiz flap much ado about nothing

Danimal debuts for Scranton
Game 50: The Quest for .500, Part too many to count

I don’t particularly have warm and fuzzy feelings for the Red Sox. I find their fans to be annoying beyond belief, and some of their players – Curt, I’m lookin’ at you – are insufferable. But this whole David Ortiz Home Run Derby flap is fairly absurd. The Yanks don’t want Ortiz to call his shot because it somehow desecrates the sacredness of a stadium the team plans to unceremoniously tear down in five months.

The team officials in Jack Curry’s article come off as whiny, and it won’t kill anyone to allow this promotion to happen as much as we dislike the Sox. A supposed cursed jersey is one thing; bemoaning a gimick during MLB’s week of All Star unity is another.

Danimal debuts for Scranton
Game 50: The Quest for .500, Part too many to count
  • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos

    let him call it…and have him miss!

  • r.w.g.

    You know I read the article and I don’t like the Ortiz thing.

  • http://www.johncerra.smugmug.com John Cerra

    Hey, I’m ok with it. If Mariano or Joba can be the pitcher…and whiff him:)

  • A-Point

    Its in poor taste. The insurance Company was looking to create a problem in hopes that it would get them noticed.

    Its meant to be an imitation of Babe Ruth? Come on. Ortiz isn’t a home run leader. He only started getting more HR when he went on the Happy Juice, those mystery shakes.

    I don’t like this mainly because the idiots who thought it up knew it would it tick off Yankee fans.

  • http://nyyu.blogspot.com Mike @ NYYU

    Who is tearing down the stadium, the team or the city? I believe the city owns the joint.