Peter Gammons just wet himself


Jon Lester just completed a 300-pitch no-hitter against the Royals. No one will be more insufferable now than Lester’s biggest fan boy. As ESPN reminds us about Lester’s story — he beat cancer — on the special coverage on national TV, someone totally just said, “Un-fucking-believable” to Lester. It was very audible and rather amusing.

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  1. Yankee Fan in Chicago says:

    130 pitches? Yikes. Was Dusty Baker guest-managing? I think Mark Prior and Kerry Wood just felt sympathy pain in their shoulders and elbows.

    • JimT says:

      They’ve kept his pitch counts around the 100 mark all year to this point. What are you going to do, pull a guy with a no hitter going?

  2. Whitey14 says:

    Well, the fact that he’s a cancer survivor is more important than the fact that he’s a baseball player. The fact that he’s both is very impressive, no matter what team he plays for. And a no-hitter, no many how many pitches thrown and no matter who it’s pitched for/against is impressive. Forget who he pitches for and just be happy for the kid. It’s a fantastic baseball accomplishment. At least it didn’t happen against the yankees ;-)

    • Adam says:

      pitching no hitter with one hand > pitching no hitter after having cancer

    • Ben K. says:

      It’s impressive until you think about who else has thrown no-hitters. Bud Smith, Eric Milton, Jose Jimenez, Chris Bosio…The list is full of not very memorable pitchers.

      But credit to Lester. His is a good story. My beef is with the TV announcers reminding everyone every start about it. He’s gotten better; he’s moved on. He shouldn’t have to wear a lable of “one time, he had cancer” for the rest of his career. He had a teammate with cancer, and that’s hardly every mentioned anymore.

      • No one seems to care all that much that Doug Davis had cancer. A year from now no one will care at all. And who was that teammate?

      • Whitey14 says:

        Very true, and probably when he is at the point in his career that Lowell is folks won’t talk of it as often. At least it’s a positive story they’re beating to death rather than a scandal for a change.

        The great thing for all those pitchers you mentioned, as well as Mike Warren and Juan Nieves, is they’ll go into the record books and nobody can take it away from them. Me, I’d have been happy to strike out in an MLB no hitter…these guys were good enough for one night to actually pitch one. Kudos to them all.

    • Ben K. says:

      By the way, I toned down the post a bit. I’m not trying to make light of Lester’s cancer but rather the never-ending focus on that fact.

  3. Joltin' Joe says:

    Congrats to him. But that doesn’t mean he’s a better pitcher than he was yesterday. Look at Buchholz.

    I also think it’s kinda funny how nobody remembers that the Sox traded Anibal Sanchez to Florida, who also threw a no-hitter.

  4. Ivan says:

    That is impressive that to have no-no’s by both your young pitchers. That is cool I am not gonna front.

  5. mike says:

    I am a die hard yankee fan, but I have to feel happy for this guy. No-hitters do not come often in baseball, that fact along is a feat in my opinion, the fact that he has come back from having cancer, is even more of one.

    What is wrong with espn using him as an example of what people can do who choose to persevere…

  6. All I have to say is that Wilson Alvarez and Andy Hawkins also threw no-hitters.

    And no everyone will say how much better a young pitcher Jon Lester is than Phil Hughes–complete BS.

  7. A.D. says:

    I mean congrats to Lester, I’m sure ESPN will have a week dedicated to it now, so we won’t miss a pitch!

  8. Mike A. says:

    ESPN’s little ticker just said that Boston is the first team to have no-no’s in consecutive season since the Angels in the mid-70′s. Apparently David Wells and David Cone don’t exist.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Fact checking at ESPN? What’s wrong with you Mike, you know better than to expect this.

      • Cam says:

        Yes! I was just watching baseball tonight and saw that, so I came on here to see if anyone had noticed it. What’s the deal? I mean, we just had the anniversary of Wells’ the other day.

        • Misery Loves Company says:

          Their point was that it was the first time since the 70s that pitchers from the same team have thrown 2 no-hitters without another team throwing one in between. Right?

          Congratulations, Jon Lester.

  9. mustang says:

    Congrats to Jon Lester.
    Especially with his cancer recovery it’s just a great story.

  10. Jamal G. says:

    Congrats to Jon Lester, and I agree with Ben that that it does suck for him that he is still wearing that “this dude had cancer before” label, he’s moved on and I’m sure the same is true with his family.

    It does kind of hurt knowing that not only was Phil Hughes 20 years old but he was doing it against the Mark Teixieria (I don’t care if I misspelled his name, it’s too complicated) Rangers, in Texas no less.

    BTW, Karl Ravech and Peter Gammons have a cocktail of faeces and semen in their respective undergarments right now.

    • Mike A. says:

      Ravech is a Yankee fan, and he’s the only one on ESPN worth watching. Don’t be dissin’ Ravy.

      • Ivan says:

        Are you serious? Karl Ravech is a yankee fan. Seriously

      • Jamal G. says:

        You lie! Is he seriously? I saw him do that commercial with David Ortiz when Ortiz spit in his hands and tried to shake hands with Ravy’s family and they were all like “Dude, WTF…”. Ever since then I had it in my head that he was a Red Sox fan. I’ve always liked him though, makes John Kruk look like an idiot (tough job, I know) and completely and totally OWNS Steve Phillips every chance he gets.

      • Jamal G. says:

        Karl Ravech is not a Yankees fan:

        Q: As a fan, do you have a favorite team?

        Ravech: Yes. And I think that anyone who tells you they’re completely objective is telling a fib. I grew up in Massachusetts so I enjoy it when the Red Sox succeed, but I don’t have that venom that I once had for teams like the Yankees or others. I have a much better appreciation for the people that are involved, how difficult it is to play the game. If the Yankees are in the World Series I don’t feel that much differently than I would if the Red Sox were in it. I think the key to that was watching them win in 2004, because it’d been 86 years…

      • Newman says:

        Karl Ravech is not a Yankee fan. He grew up in Boston

  11. Manimal says:

    I saw the last inning. Wasn’t too impressive…

    This makes me so pissed about our current situation. Laptop stealer and Lester throw no hitters when Phil Hughes and IPK can barely get out of the 5th inning with out giving up 8 runs. You tell me which team is better.

    • mustang says:

      Wow… that hurts.
      It maybe true, but when you put it like that it really hurts.

    • Jamal G. says:

      You stack these two teams up and I defy you to tell me the Red Sox have a much better squad (if better at all).

      C- Jorge Posada over Jason Varitek
      1B- Kevin Youkilis over Jason Giambi etc.
      2B- Robinson Cano over Dustin Pedroia
      3B- Duh…
      SS- Duh…
      LF- Manny Ramirez over Johnny Damon
      CF- Jacoby Ellsbury/Coco Crisp over Melky Cabrera
      RF- Bobby Abreu over JD Drew
      DH- David Ortiz over Hideki Matsui

      I’l give the nod to the Red Sox in the Starting Pitching department and I’d say the Yankees win the bullpen department. I’ll also give the nod to the Red Sox with the bench department because even though I like the pop that Wilson Betemit gives you, I like the speed and defense of Coco Crisp. Stupid move keeping Alex Cora pver Jed Lowire though.

      Honestly, they aren’t that much better (again, if at all). They just have been healthier and quite honestly have been fucking lucky in Daisuke Matsuzaka’s starts with his horrible walk rate.

      • mustang says:

        They are better look at the record and that’s with that hard ass schedule at the beginning.
        Dice K is 7-0 with 2.15 fucking ERA. Want to trade Japanese imports?
        Now I’m going to puke.

      • Newman says:

        Yankees win the bullpen department? Jamal, come on man – I’m as diehard of a Yankee fan as all of you guys and I pretty much despise Boston more than anyone I know, but how can you honestly say that our bullpen is better? Joba and Mo probably have the edge over Papelbon and Oka, but not by much. Other than those 2, we have 0 people who can consistently get outs. They just won the World Series and are in first place comfortably right now. Take your Yankee hat off for one second and look at it objectively. Can we be better than Boston? Sure. Are we a better team than them as it stands? Hell no

        • Ben K. says:

          They’re in first place by a 1.5 games, pending the outcome of the TB/OAK game. Hideki Okajima is terrible at preventing inherited runners from scoring, and the Red Sox have the same bullpen problems as the Yankees.

          On paper, the Yanks and Sox stack up about evenly this year. That’s pretty much a general consensus throughout baseball. But now that the games are going on, the Yanks are doing what they’re supposed to be doing — that is, scoring runs — and the Red Sox are.

          • Newman says:

            I meant comfortably over us, since that’s the comparison that’s being held. Also, why is everyone so consumed with comparing us to Boston? It’s May and the most important thing is straightening out our own damn problems

            • Jamal G. says:

              I’m comparing them because it was in response to Manimal’s post. I am comparing them on paper, not in terms of results which I feel aren’t a valid measurement of talent. For example, the St. Louis Cardinals were not the best MLB team in 2006. Too many other things factor into wins and losses for that to be a final judgment on which team is better talent wise.

              I gave them the edge over Boston in the bullpen because Edwar Ramirez has been great, same for Kyle Fanrsworth putting Saturday afternoon’s outing aside. Jonathan Albaladejo was good before hitting the DL and the same goes for Brain Bruney, who was excellent. How can you not give the Yankees the edge in the bullpen? Even with Al-Dejo and Bruney gone, they still have a better pen.

      • JimT says:

        I’ll tell where the Red Sox are better. Incidently I don’t agree with your assesments at 2nd base and catcher but lets put those issues aside for the moment.

        The Red Sox have much better starting pitching, they are a much better defensive team, can play small ball when they have to and most importantly have much better organizational depth.

        The reason Cora is kept as the back up infielder is so that Lowire can get consistent playing time. And the Red Sox are healthier because the Yankees are old and vulnerable is too many key positions.

        Given the salary of the Yankees they may be the worst put together team in history. They’ve got too many guys that can only play left field, nobody to play 1st base, a right fielder with rapidly diminishing defensive skills, a short stop with limited range and two journeymen (Betimet and Gonsalez) and a AAAA guy in Duncan on the bench. Put that together with the worst starting pitching in the American League East, unproven middle relief and the Yankees are right where they should be, in last place.

        They will improve with the returns of Arod and Posada, but they are a long way from being a good baseball team.

        I wish that people would stop refereing to Phil Hughes as a great pitcher. A good pitcher is one that has won 10 to 12 games for two to three years. A great pitcher is one that has accomplished a good deal more than that. Phil Hughes has accomplished nothing as a MLB pitcher.

  12. mustang says:

    On a pure Yankees Fan side I guess things can get worst.

  13. Jamal G. says:

    You know Jon Lester hit 96 MPH on the final pitch.

  14. YES says:

    I knew Ravech wasn’t a Yankee fan because he seemed pretty relieved during the draft last year when the Tigers took Porcello right before the Yankees had a chance.

  15. Aaron says:

    It was a hell of a game. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance.

  16. Brandon says:

    you got to respect that he threw 130 pitches, what can we say thier kids are outpitching ours. Jason Varitek btw caught 4 no hitters give him credit too. Who know maybe the fact that Lester threw 130 pitches loosens the pitch count rule.

  17. Mike A. says:

    I was offended by Jon Lester’s fist pump.

  18. BigBlueAL says:

    Its amazing, if either IPK or Hughes wouldve thrown a No-Hitter, this site wouldve gone crazy. Lester throws a No-Hitter, and everyone is basically trying to diminish it like it was no big deal.

    I HATE the Red Sox as much as anyone, but we have to start facing the facts, they r what the Yankees used to be in the late 90′s early 2000′s, which is clearly the best/luckiest team in baseball period. Back then the Yankees threw perfect games, call up guys like Shane Spencer who hit like Roy Hobbs for a month, all the great/lucky things happened to us, and now its the Red Sox turn.

    Throwing a No-Hitter does mean shit, Buchholz and Lester before tonight were pitching pretty horrible so far. But you know what, so far those 2 are CLEARLY head and shoulders better than IPK and Hughes have been in the major leagues. Besides his No-no, Lester has actually won a start in the WS. Again, both of them arent pitching great by any stretch of the imagination, but lets face it, right now, the Red Sox young pitching duo so far has done so much better than the Yankees’ duo its laughable.

    Go ahead, take shots at me since i know everybody will, but i cant imagine what this site would say if IPK throws a No-Hitter, cause when he gives up 5 runs in 5 innings, its treated as a turning point in his career……

    • mustang says:

      The problem with this site is the no one really expresses how he or she feels.
      Thank you BigBlueAL
      For making me laugh.

    • Steve says:

      Why do you have to take potshots at IPK and Hughes? They are young developing pitchers. Why should they be compared to anyone else? This is why we can’t develop pitching. It’s because of spoiled brat Yankee fans like you. Waaaaah! IPK and Hughes have to pitch no hitters too!!! Waaaaaah!

      I really hope that when IPK and Hughes are eligible for free agency, they bolt and sign with other teams. Spoiled Yankee fans demanded they be Cy Young coming out of the gate. That’s so unreasonable it’s not funny. So I hope as they become really good pitchers, they stick to Yankees fans like you and leave the team and go somewhere where the fans are spoiled and fickle.

  19. mustang says:

    But seriously a lot of people give Lester credit.

    • BigBlueAL says:

      That really was my point. I was just sayin, imagine this site if either IPK or Hughes threw a no-no, and to think BOTH of the Sox young starters have done so already!!! Thats literally almost statistically impossible to do!!! Just admit it, its fuckin hilarious and a helluva coincidence for the Sox 2 young studs to have thrown no-hitters already in their careers, and we know how the Yanks 2 young stud starters have done so far.

      Dont worry, i expected the response. Funny thing is, at least for me, i like riling up this site!!!! Believe it or not, i hope IPK and Hughes throw 5 no-hitters each and make the HOF, but sometimes you honestly just have to give, as much as i hate doin so myself, the Sox credit.

  20. playballnyy says:

    well the cancer didn’t beat him, lets just hope the beating his arm took does.

  21. Spike says:

    Gammons is still fingering his a**hole over this….. He’s gonna be so much more nauseating now.

  22. pete says:

    god is just laughing at us right now, that’s all i can say. eventually people will realize that the yankees’s system does actually have a lot more depth than the redsox’s despite current moderate success of their young players. the sox are essentially depending on lester, buccholz, and masterson to become excellent starters as beckett and matsuzaka eventually fade, whereas the yankees are depending on 4 of the following to develop into good starters: Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Brackman, Betances, and a few others. Also, our bullpen depth through the minors far exceeds absolute need, so for the future (i.e. 2009 on), I am not worried. Also, judging by last year’s team, I’m not particularly worried about this year. Still, the outcome so far has been about as far as possible from what i would like.

  23. JimT says:

    Sorry, an unintentioned mistake

  24. mustang says:

    Me !

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