Who to move for A-Rod?

2008 is a big year for Melky Cabrera... and the Yankees.
Nike to replace Adidas as Yanks sponsor

So A-Rod comes off the DL tomorrow. Praise Jebus. The question is now what to do to clear a 25-man roster spot for him. With Betemit out, Alberto has to stay. So the team is essentially left with three options. One, send Britton packing (not that I want to, but he’s clearly the first to go). With the day off today, the bullpen should be completely rested, and we don’t need 13 pitchers. Two, send Shelley back to Scranton. Three, DFA Ensberg. I guess option one seems the most likely. But I wonder how much more time Shelley and Ensberg have on this team.

2008 is a big year for Melky Cabrera... and the Yankees.
Nike to replace Adidas as Yanks sponsor
  • Tripp

    How could Ensberg not be option 1. The guy has no role, especially with Gonzalez on the team now. He hasn’t given the team one reason to keep him on the roster.

  • TurnTwo

    I think we were all told how much Ensberg and Shelley mean to this team right now last night.

    Two RH power bats that were supposed to be in the lineup to face lefties, yet against a pitcher who had an opponents LH batting average of .100, neither one of them saw a meaningful AB.

    no point in having these bats on the bench if Girardi doesnt trust them to do what they are on the team to do right now.

    I’d DFA Ensberg for ARod, and i’d send down Shelley for Gardner. It’s not so much that Gardner is forcing his way onto the team, but the team needs what he offers more than anything else.

    Maybe it kick starts Damon a little to look over his shoulder? maybe with Gardner you get another piece to help manufacture runs your big bats arent driving in on their own?

    at this point, id even keep a close eye on JD Closser. he’s had a good start at Scranton, and if he finishes May over .300, why not try him out before Jorge gets back? We all know at this point that Molina’s bat is atrocious, so if Closser can prove as good in handling a staff behind the plate and has a solid caught stealing percentage, give hima look. he was once a top prospect in Colorado…

    maybe if Closser hits .250, you activate Posada as a DH, or give him time at 1B to get in the lineup while limiting the throws he has to make.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      Closser has never been that good, though. I mean, yeah, maybe you can catch lightning in a bottle. But I wouldn’t go depending on him.

      • Brandon

        I’m sure keeping an eye on him, how can you not ?

        .400 BABIP, 42% GB, 21% LD, .396 wOBA, I doubt it’s going to last but that would be something if it does.

        • billybob

          A .400 babip indicates that he has been ridiculously lucky.

          • Brandon

            his LD% saids there may be something there. Atleast better than Molina or Moeller. I still doubt he keeps it up.

      • TurnTwo

        oh, no, you have to realize he’s already played, and failed, in the majors. but, his bat HAS to be better than Molina’s, no? not saying you can count on him to produce, but given the set of circumstances surrounding this offense right now, it’s worth a shot.

        people say there’s nowhere on the roster to shakeup this team a little, but you can sure try some little things to kick start it.

    • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

      >> I’d DFA Ensberg for ARod, and i’d send down Shelley for Gardner. >>

      I like this move, but then steve brings up a good point about Ensberg’s experience.

      Another move would be to simply trade Giambi for prospects or whatever you can get, make Ensberg the full-time 1B (disregard his bat), and use Duncan off the bench (as he should be). Or Duncan at first (protect him in the order better now that A-Rod’s back), use Ensberg as the LIDR.

      You mean to tell me no one would take Giambi for half a season if we offered to pay about 4-5 mil of whatever’s left on his contract?

      • steve (different one)

        the sad thing is that the $5M would only cover his buyout for next year.

        you’d have to send more like $12M.

        • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

          Maybe we could swap .190 power-hitting first-baseman with Seattle? ;-)

          • Steve

            I hope that was a joke since Giambi’s SLG% is 60 points higher and his OBP is almost 80 points higher. Sexson is shot.

  • steve (different one)

    send shelley down for now. give ensberg a little longer.

    ensberg has 2200 major league ABs that say he is a pretty good hitter. shelley? not so much.

    that said, were Ensberg to be DFA’ed, i wouldn’t be TOO upset.

    it was a good move on paper that probably won’t work out. even when he hit .230/.320/.404 overall last year, he hit LHer’s at .257/.345/.486.

    picking him up to help balance the lineup against LHP seemed like a smart move but he doesn’t look like he’s going to be that guy.

    • http://bullpenstatus.blogspot.com Stefan W. (swo)

      Like you said, good move on paper. But the fact of the matter is, he has one……ONE……extra-base hit in 70 at-bats. That is completely and utterly unacceptable. Something’s got to give. Even Alberto has managed to run into a couple of doubles in his 40 or so at-bats.

      Considering Alex is coming back anyway, Ensberg’s time is pretty much up. At least we know Shelley has monstrous power potential. Ensberg always just had the short left field in Houston. I’m not holding my breath, and I’m certainly not willing to watch anymore of Ensberg’s fly balls die out in Death Valley.

    • A.D.

      Ensberg was clearly on Roids during his solid seasons, he was an experiment, it failed, DFA and move on

      • steve (different one)

        how was he clearly on roids? didn’t testing start in 2004?

        he hurt his shoulder mid-way through 2006, and hasn’t been the same since.

        also, Houston was very friendly to RH hitters. almost like YS in reverse.

        changing stadiums and his shoulder injury are 2 possible explanations i’d look at before i decide to slander the guy without a shred of evidence.

        • A.D.

          You’re right I shouldn’t have said it that way, I actually do like Ensberg, his story is amazing, its a miracle he’s alive, 2 of his teammates we’re killed in the teams in a random act of violence when he was in the minors.

          There is speculation he was a user, and that could have lead to the shoulder injury, but there certainly is no evidence.

          I’d be fine if the yanks sent down Britton, buy Ensberg time, but I don’t think he’ll be with this team all season barring injury

  • Jon W.

    Despite the struggles of Ensberg and Shelley, there is absolutely no reason to keep 13 pitchers. Britton has barely pitched and I can’t imagine the inactivity is helping him much. Send him back to Scranton and let him get regular work. With that said, I can’t wait until Betemit comes back and Ensberg gets DFA’d. The guy has been awful to say the least.

  • JT

    The steroid era is over, and with that… so should ensberg’s career with the Yankees. As big head kay would say… “Cya”

  • Brandon

    Kay’s calling for Brett Gardner, now if he comes up what the hell is Damon still here for ? As for Ensberg or Shelley I’d literally send down Shelley, Ensberg needs to be DFA it’s over for him.

    • whozat

      As much as Damon’s not igniting the offense, there’s little guarantee that Gardner will either.

      I’m just not seeing the argument that the team needs a pinch runner. They need some solid platoon bats at 1B and the corner OF spots. They need the top of the order to be getting on base more. If Gardner was lighting the world on fire at AAA and making me think he could lead off for this team right now, I’d be all for getting him out there. But he’s not. He’s fast. He won’t walk as much up here. Do the Yankees really need a lefty who’ll get on base at about a .360 clip right now? Even if he’s fast?

      I wasn’t ready to give up on Ensberg, but I guess Girardi was. So, if that’s that, then call it and dump them. I’d prefer if they could find some bats that’ll ACTUALLY hit lefties, though.

      • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

        I don’t know if Gardner is the answer, but this team definitely needs more role players.

  • question mark

    I asked this in some other thread, but where is Juan Miranda on the radar?

    • Tripp

      Injured. Bum Shoulder.

    • Matt M.

      mediocre at SWB this season.
      solid vs righties but terrible against lefties (…exactly what this team needs more of lol)
      and he got hurt a day or two ago during the first inning of their double header.

      i wouldnt give up on shelley just yet. he has been awful but he hasnt had consistent playing time. he’ll go 0-4 and then joe will sit him for 4 days and then throw him back out there.

      but its hard to argue in favor of him over giambi because giambi makes more money and at least when he’s going 0-3 he’s still walking at least

      but my my my. this offense is brutal

      • whozat

        I’d say the same for Ensberg. And he, at least, has a track record of performing well against lefties at the major league level for several consecutive years (yes, I know he was bad overall the last two seasons, but his splits are good).

        You can make the inconsistent playing time argument for both, I’d say. And, the likelihood that Duncan was a fluke is WAY higher. So it’s hard for me to say.

        Miranda’s got a huge split the wrong way for the Yanks, and he reinjured his shoulder yesterday. He could potentially be a part of a platoon situation at 1B/DH going forward, but that’s about it. I was hoping Duncan or Ensberg would emerge as a good righty platoon bat that could be an option to split time with Miranda at 1B going forward, but it looks like we either can’t afford to see or Girardi has decided they’re useless. I thought this lengthy stretch of lefties, with ARod out, was the perfect time to get them both some consistent time…but Girardi decided that Gonzales and the lefty hitters’ poor splits were the better route to try and win games.

  • K.V.C

    Release Giambi !!! Why are we carrying his dead weight?
    Let Shelley actually play a couple of days in a row and lets see what happens..
    Get back to what we wanted this year, YOUTH.

    • whozat

      Shelley’s 29 this season. Not young for baseball. Look at Giambi in May. He actually ain’t so bad. Getting on base a lot and slugs when he manages to escape the shift. Still doesn’t help against lefties. Duncan’s role is as a platoon partner for Abreu and Giambi. If he can’t do that, he’s useless.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      I’m sorry, but I’m being harsh on Giambi bashers at this point. His average might be .243 in May, but his OBP is freakin’ .431! His slugging is far more than double his average. That’s 3 singles, 3 doubles, and 3 taters.

      He’s getting on base, but his teammates are failing to hit him in. Yet he’s hitting in his teammates — second most on the team in May. So please, keep Giambi out of this. The chances that Shelley outperforms him are zero and none.

    • A.D.

      No one else can really play first, Giambi is a type B free agent, who still has a bat that can be dangerous, and the OBP

  • Joey

    What about D.F.A Hawkins? He isn’t doing all that well. I think I would rather see Britton in the bullpen than Hawkins.

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