Yanks could aim Lowe in 2009

From "Joba Rules" to the "Kershaw Decree"
Open Thread: A cup of Joe

From the “It’s Never Too Early for the Hot Stove League” department comes this gem from Boston Herald columnist Tony Massarotti: The Yanks could push hard for Derek Lowe’s services when the durable righty becomes a free agent this season. The Yankee fan in me would rather stab myself in the face than watch Derek Lowe pitch every five days, and I’d much rather see Yanks push hard for C.C. Sabathia. However, outside of his last year in Boston, Lowe has put up pretty good career numbers and has a six-season streak of 32 starts or more. The Yanks could do far worse in the short term if C.C. stays in Cleveland, but with Joba, Wang, Pettitte, Hughes and Kennedy right now projecting to start in 2009, it seems that the Yankee rotation is full. (HT to MLBTR)

From "Joba Rules" to the "Kershaw Decree"
Open Thread: A cup of Joe
  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    Is it just me, or does Lowe seem like the typical guy who pitches well elsewhere, but come to the Yanks and is a complete flop?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      The thought crossed my mind. It’s distinctly possible that he’d be like Kevin Brown all over again.

      • My Pet Goat

        Kevin Brown > Derek Lowe.

        Though I’m sure Lowe would thrive in the AL East. He’s really proved himself in Chavez Ravine, staring down the juggernaut lineups of the NL West.

        • steve (different one)

          if only we had any evidence of what he could do in the AL East.

          obviously, i don’t think the Yankees would be interested given his age and the fact that it will take a 3-4 year deal, but come on. the guy put up 5-6 pretty good years in the AL East.

          • My Pet Goat

            Yeah, 5-6 pretty good years in the AL East? That was over 1000 innings ago.

    • Adam

      Is it just me, or does Lowe seem like the typical guy who pitches well elsewhere, but come to the Yanks and is a complete flop?

      that is my exact fear with c.c., however if he flops it is going to be for 6 years and $120 MM, plus we’d probably have to feed him, and that can’t be cheap either.

  • Mike R.

    The first thing I thought was…”Why?”. After careful analysis and deliberation I still don’t understand why.

  • Chris

    Its a bad idea. Period.

  • Troy142

    Suppose Moose heads off to retirement, Petitte joins him, Joba piptches well in rotation but none of the other starters really distinguishes themselves. So can you only head into ’09 with Wang and Joba? CC then resigns with Cleveland. Then what do you do? Implausible, maybe but not that far gone. I’m in no way supporting Lowe because he is probably past his usefulness but it is not crazy to be at least thinking about the options

  • http://www.replacementlevel.com/ Sean McNally

    Just to play devil’s advocate, but three of the guys in your projected rotation are not sure bets to be back – Pettitte may walk/retire (again), IPK is promising but back in the minors and Hughes is promising but hurt (again). Add to that the fourth is still in the bullpen and while everyone is saying the right things, is no sure bet to go to the rotation until he, you know, actually does, why shouldn’t the Yankees look at Lowe?

    Just sayin’.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I actually agree with your assessment, Sean. It doesn’t hurt to look, and the three rookies right now are no sure thing as much as we want them all to excel. I think Pettitte will be back because he wants to pitch in the new stadium and has said so publicly. But I don’t see Mussina in pinstripes next year at all unless he really turns in a stellar season this year.

      • steve (different one)

        even then, i still don’t see him back.

        maybe if he is willing to take a 1 year deal, maybe.

        since an NL team will probably give him 2 years, i think there will be an amicable parting.

      • JRVJ


        I think you’re right that it’s unlikely Moose will remain, but arguably, the last 3 starts by Moose has changed this option from “No way!!” to “Highly unlikely”.

        Let’s see how things play out, but I for one would be thrilled to have a solid No. 4/5 Moose for the rest of the year (heck, his last 3 outings have been No. 2 level outings).

    • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

      I’d almost rather the Yanks make a *trade* for someone halfway decent, but now that our ‘top’ prospect has tanked thus far, how does this affect any & all future transactions…?

      My guess is ‘negatively’.

      • steve (different one)

        so because Hughes had 6 bad starts, our entire system is now tainted?

      • Glen L

        That is a ridiculous statement … talent evaluators are going to judge each talent on that individual’s merits .. Hughes’ success or failure has nothing to do with assessing the rest of the members of the farm system

  • Curramba

    Right we can only project Wang, Hughes, Kennedy and Chamberlain. Pettite might retire or the Yankees might opt to sign Sabathia instead as their hefty lefty.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Just say no to Lowe.

  • Chris

    I’m waiting for a NY sports writer to write an article suggesting that the Red Sox could go after Pavano this off season.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Signing a 36-yr old pitcher to a 3 year deal is generally a bad idea, especially when he’s logged that many innings in the past few years. He’s already showing signs of decline this year. Did you see that bit on BBTN the other day? He threw 43 or so pitches against the Rox before recording an out in his last start.

    Maybe he’d be down for some relief work.

  • chris

    if the yankees sign lowe and wither sabthia or sheets are available, i will boycott this team. unfortunatly, i can see cashman in his pissing contest with theo thinking that he CANT BUY FREE AGENTS because he needs to show he can win wihtou money.

    Sabathis will be there because:

    A. the indians managment alwasy signs their yung stars to keep them from getting this close to free agency. they didnt do it here and made a half-hearted effort.

    B. with the money he will demand there will be only a few teams after him. other than the yanks – angels, whitesox, maybe texas cubbies, dodgers, sox and muts. These are the teams i can see affording it, but some mets and sox especialially will be set up well. nonetheless, the sox wil be in to drive the price up. two other teams i would look out for are the oioles and rays, especially the rays as they may be ready to make a pennant run next year.

    C. Despite his early numbers, Sabathia is an ace and a lefty. A one two punch of him and wang would be great. it would also push the remaining starters back. if pettite remains, you could have Sabathia, Wang, Petitte, Joba, and Hughes/Kennedy. Part of me is starting to think hughes maybe great in the bulloen where he wont have to pace himself. Th fift position in the rotation is where both kennedy and hughes belong – I think their performance the est of this season may dertemine if one gets sent down or traded.

    D. Although I hate to think about this hapening, A Sabthia sining would allow Joba to stay in the pen.

    E. The only way Lowe makes sense is if he is the 5th starter and the yanks decide to trade hughes kenedy or both. While I am a big fan of all the big three – next season if they want to sign a big time pitcher, they may need to trade either kennedy or hughes.

    F. finally lowe stinks

  • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link


  • chris


    dont forget about tabata being aweful now as well. that makes 3 tade chips – hughes, kennedy, and tabata much lower on other team’s wishlists

    good ol Cash Money and his master plan

    • zack

      Ahh, gotta love Yankee fans

      • JT

        man some of these comments are utterly ridiculous… you can’t regard hughes as a #5 pitcher after a slow april. If some people had their way, instead of being patient we whould’ve traded melky, a “5th outfielder at best”, for gagne…

        And maybe when Cashman leaves at the end of the year, we should go after Steve pretty boy philips.

        • Glen L

          These are the same people who would have pegged Santana as a career middle reliever in 2000 (his age 21 season)

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      There’s 29 other teams that would love to get their hands on those 3 guys. Unlike some fans, GM’s realize the insignificance of a bad April.

  • E-ROC

    What about Oliver Perez? I’d rather have him than Derek Lowe. I don’t even think he would want to come to the Yankees.

    I wonder if CashMoney would trade for Eric Chavez and have him play first base. Just sayin’.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Perez has more upside than Lowe without a doubt, but there’s a lot more risk. Perez just scares the crap out of me. I can see him falling off the cliff and hitting every little cliff on the way down.

      Chavez … only if the A’s eat a ton of money, like 80%. Problem with him playing 1B is that right now, most of his value stems from his D at the hot corner. His bat isn’t so hot these days.

      • Glen L

        Oliver will require a big, long deal – Boras client and i believe he’s only 27

        great stuff, but i live with 2 mets fans (and have Ollie on my NL-only fantasy team) so i see him pitch all the time

        last night excluded, most nights Ollie can trot no-hit stuff out there … of course on those nights he can also walk 8 guys

        for what will probably be a difference of 5mm/year i’ll take CC

  • mustang

    I don’t like Lowe or CC, but if had to pick I would pick Lowe.
    The only reason I would pick Lowe is because he would be cheaper and less years.
    I think CC looks like an injury waiting to happen. I never like signing guys with weight issues to long-term deals. Still the market is so weak that they might not have much of a choice.

  • http://www.magicball.net Double-J

    I want Sabathia, but I wouldn’t mind Lowe either. He was one of the few guys on the Sox the past few years who I genuinely liked and I think he’d be a good addition to the team.

    If we’re staring down a team next year sans Pettitte and Mussina, with the three kids in the rotation, I’d like to go to battle with at least one of the two (Sabathia or Lowe) so that Wang won’t have to do it alone as the sole vet. But Sabathia would be my big target this offseason, yes, go after him like white on rice.

  • Steve

    Just what we need, another 35 year old whose best days are behind him that we can give a huge contract to and not be able to get rid of.

    Masserotti is a good writer, but there’s a fundamental flaw in his theory. IF the Yanks want him so bad, why didn’t they sign him 4 years ago? You know George LOVED to stick it to the BoSox, now he’s 4 years removed and the sting is removed.

    I think this is just a typical Boston sportswriter seeing Yankee pinstripes under every rock. Get help, people. “Paranoia may destroy ya” as the old song goes.

  • A.D.

    There is no reason to sign derek lowe period, he’s not that great in the NL, he will immedialty become worse in the AL then multiply that by the NY factor, it will be a train wreck, he’d have an era in the high 4’s at best, Rasner has far better upside (and a much smaller paycheck than Lowe)

    Right now the free agent pitching market is spiraling out of control, you can only over pay, and with the history of busts (or relative busts) in bringing in new pitching they might as well save the cash and sign under the radar free agents, or stay within.

    IF the yankees sign a big free agent this winter it should be Mark Texiera, he fulfills an unmet need, and outside of a few sleepers, or position changes, we have essentially no 1B prostpects (and they could always DH).

  • Adrian-Retire21

    The Yankees are gonna be in the same place as next year with the rotation.Pettitte might retire and now that Hughes is hurt he and Joba aren’t gonna pitch more then 160 innings next year.

    Pettitte gonna retire and we should trade Kennedy.THen get CC and A.J. Burnett (when he opts out).That will let us have Hughes and Joba take there time to pitch better then become aces.That will keep us from hurting the season with young pitchers.

  • Rob_in_CT

    I’m down with going hard after CC. Burnett cannot stay healthy. He’s really good, but he’s always hurt. If CC’s unavailable for whatever reason, ok.

    I don’t know if Pettitte will retire. He’s said things to indicate he wants to pitch in the new stadium. If he sucks this year, I could see him hanging them up, but if he’s solid again, I think he will be back. Moose will ride of into the sunset.

    No to an old Derek Lowe. He was decent in the AL East a long time ago, and has since been pitching in the NL West… that has disaster written all over it. When he struggles he acts a lot like Jeff Weaver on the mound. It was a problem in Boston. It would be a bigger problem in NY.

  • Glen L

    I do not want Burnett at all … if we’re going to sign a guy that can’t stay healthy, I’d rather have Ben Sheets