Yanks, MLB set to capitalize on All Star Game


We already know that 2008 All Star Game tickets are going to be the most expensive ever. Today, we can see just how much the Yanks, MLB and the various businesses involved are going to capitalize on New York’s Mid-Summer Classic. Maury Brown’s Biz of Baseball site notes that the 2008 ASG will be the largest revenue-making All Star Game in baseball history. Ticket prices are off the charts for everything from the Fan Fest to the Derby to the game itself; the networks are selling out their ad inventory for levels rarely seen in baseball; and a recent StubHub deal saw field level seats go for $14,500 each. Somewhere, the U.S. economy is struggling, but baseball in New York is doing some brisk business.

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  • californiac

    The All Star game always reminds me just how much MLB loves to exploit the game. Last year in SF, it was disgusting to see the city plastered in ads, with tv commercials with Jeter and Arod riding the cable car to ATT Park. Just wait, the MLB promotion machine is probably just revving their engines in NY. You’re going to be glad when it’s over.

  • barry

    Just goes to show it’s never about the fans anymore.

  • pete c.

    Will we get to see Arod and Jeter on the Lex av. express promoting the game?