Yanks reach .500 again but Betemit goes down

Game 38: Scoring late in the game
The injuries are starting to mount

So that was a good one to win, eh? Darrell Rasner continues to impress; the offense continues to plate runs β€” although Robinson Cano should have taken a strike with the bases loaded and one out in the first before hacking away; Mariano continues to just get outs. He’s a machine. The only damper on the game was Wilson Betemit’s injury. The Former Attorney General will be back in the Bronx in no time.

Meanwhile, while the Yanks need to call up Alberto Gonzalez so they have a backup infielder, the Yanks once again find themselves in a situation where they could call up Ian Kennedy early and juggle the rotation to have him start against Tampa. They could dispatch Kei Igawa to AAA and call up Bernie Castro or Nick Green to backup the infield until A-Rod comes off the DL this week. I know the Yanks want Kennedy to get more work in at AAA, but they can’t really have Igawa make another start, can they?

Game 38: Scoring late in the game
The injuries are starting to mount
  • Ivan

    Vernon Wells is gonna be out 6-8 weeks with a broken wrist.

  • mustang

    Rasner was great.
    I know it has only been 2 starts, but if he keeps pitching like this they can afford to bring up Kennedy and let him take his lumps.
    This is what I have been talking about. If they would of got an inning eater for the 4th spot they could of brought up the kids one at time and let them take their lumps.
    No worries about pitching limitations and all that stuff.
    I know that the Big Three will make it to the Yankees rotation, but did it have to be all in one year?
    No matter, they can now bring up IPK and if he struggles its only once every 5 days.

    • mustang

      Instead of taking the hit twice a week.

    • ceciguante

      not sure i agree with you there. bringing IPK back has to be based on when he’s ready, i.e. has his mechanics and confidence in order. if he comes back and gets shelled his first 2 starts, then it wasn’t the right time.

      andy-wang-moose-raz-ipk is only going to keep us competitive if the last 3 on that list can be decent, maybe in the area of a 4.5 or 4.6 ERA with decent length into games. i like what rasner’s been able to do so far, but it’s only 2 starts. but if moose-ras-ipk are posting closer to 5 ERAs, then this team is a ticking bomb. as we’ve seen, it’s not just the runs, it’s having to use 5+ pitchers to get through a game, exhausting the pen and increasing the chance of a bad appearance.

      this team doesn’t have enough high end pitching right now. a rotation where only 2 guys have any kind of quality stuff is just not going to win in october. team ERA is at 4.37 coming into today, which is 10th in the AL. not so encouraging.

      • whozat

        Fortunately, if they get to the post-season, they’ll have four guys with high-end stuff in the rotation at that point (given health)


    • mustang

      This is what Pettitte had around him his first 2 years:

      2005 Yankees starters:
      Sterling Hitchcock- 4th year
      Scott Kamieniecki-5th year
      Jack McDowell-8th year
      Andy Pettitte -1st year

      2006 Yankees starters:
      SP Dwight Gooden- 12th year
      SP Jimmy Key-13th year
      SP Andy Pettitte- 2nd year
      SP Kenny Rogers-8th year

      • mustang

        sorry wrong years that’s 1995 and 1996 not 2005 and 2006

  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    Ben, they would have to do a whole lot of juggling to keep Ian Kennedy on schedule. With IPK scheduled to start tomorrow, that means either one of Andy Pettitte, Chien-Ming Wang or Mike Mussina would have to be bumped down a spot. Honestly, would you really want Pettitte and Wang’s schedule to be altered with the way they’ve been going? After Monday it would make no sense to pitch IPK because he would be on six days rest and that would be very irresponsible to pitch a guy who struggled at this level and made one great start at AAA to pitch him on per longed rest.

    I think it’s better if they let IPK pitch tomorrow and make his next start so they can him in the Major League rotation after next Monday’s off-day.

  • The Fallen Phoenix

    Really, ceciguante? It worked for the Diamondbacks in 2001. Not to say pitching depth doesn’t help, but you’d be hard pressed to name more than two or three teams in all of MLB that have quality pitchers 1-4, let alone 1-5.

    • ceciguante

      it worked in 2001 w/ randy johnson and curt schilling at the top of their games, which is pretty special. i’m not saying we need studs 1-4, but i think the falloff at the 3 starter is a major indicator of postseason success. look at who has won the WS each year, and check out their top 3 starters’ performance. if you have the edge there, that’s half the battle. the 4 starter won’t make many starts in the postseason, but the 3 starter is right in the mix.

      phoenix, name me a yanks team from 96-00 that won with a 3 starter as limited as ours right now (moose, on smoke and mirrors). it seemed like pettitte or duque was always waiting in the wings for game 3. huge difference.

      • The Fallen Phoenix

        No, you’re absolutely right — rotational depth is a big reason why the Yankees c. 1996-2001 were so dangerous, and why they were able to put together a series of winning postseason teams.

        The problem is, that kind of rotational depth has more or less evaporated throughout the big leagues, both due to late-90s expansion and due to the evaporation of strong free agent classes (since now teams are far more hesitant to allow their younger players to reach free agency). It’s easy to say the Yankees need to get another high-end starter, but the reality is, high-end starters just aren’t available anymore. As a result, when they *are* available (see: Johan Santana), their price becomes so prohibitive that you lose overall value as opposed to gain overall value when attempting to acquire them.

        The Yankees currently have a very solid one-two punch of Wang and Pettitte at the top of the rotation, and I think that matches many of the one-two punches you find throughout the American League (Sabbathia-Lee/Carmona, Beckett/Dice-K, Lackey/Escobar, Halladay/Burnett). But each team is almost equally vulnerable when it comes to third and fourth starters, and other teams don’t exactly have solid starters who they are willing to deal, at least not right now.

        As a result, trying to construct a rotation from internal pieces, as Cashman is doing, is the best and most efficient way to go at this point. Yes, some of the young prospects are going to fail, both long- and short-term, but that’s why assembling depth is so important, and that’s something we’re finally seeing in New York for the first time. Yes, this might mean short-term failure, such as this year, but I (and I suspect Yankee management as well) would gladly trade that for a greater chance of competitiveness in successive years, which is what this process will beget. It’s far more efficient than trying to desperately improve *this year’s* team at the expense of the long-term, especially since the payoff (a World Series Championship) would still be far from certain, and certainly not appreciably more certain as to make it worth it.

  • Mike R.

    Matsuzaka is the luckiest fucking guy on the face of the earth!

    • mustang

      He is 6-0 with ERA of 2.45. I wish Igawa had that luck. LOL

  • ray sam


  • RustyJohn

    If Igawa doesn’t start then how will the rest of the bullpen other than Chamberlain and Rivera get regular work? Do you think they sit in the pen and say, “Great, I finally get to pitch today!”

    Seriously though, how hard isit to throw pitches down in the strike zone? Whenever I see Igawa pitch I cringe at the sight of his belt high curveball getting drilled all over the field. Do they need to give him the stick back? Maybe make him do push-ups every time he throw a pitch dick high? Remote controlled shockers around his genitalia that Eiland can activate from the dugout when he doesn’t hit his spots?

  • Tripp

    Chase Wright

    Steve White

    Give them another chance

  • Brandon

    Chase Wright or Dan McCutchen need that chance, Ian hasn’t earned anything yet.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      IPK’s earned a whole lot more than Chase Wright & Dan McCutchen at this point.

      • mustang

        I give you Wright.
        But what has he earn other McCutchen

        • mustang

          IPK was picked in the 1st round compared to McCutchen 13th.
          IPK has 1-2 record with era of 5.48 in 9 games in MLB.

          Yes he does have those two things I stand corrected

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

            He also has far better track record. You’re talking about a kid that was the ace for a major college program all three years, spend time with Team USA and completely dominated the minor leagues every step of the ladder.

            McCutchen was a swingman in college the five years he was there, and he’s like, four years older than IPK. McCutchen’s good, but he’s not IPK.

            Jumping McCutchen from AA to the bigs is destined to fail. Didn’t you see what happened to Chase Wright and Seam Henn and Brad Halsey when they made that jump?

            • mustang

              Yes, I also saw what happen when IPK jumped to the major.

              “Jumping McCutchen from AA to the bigs is destined to fail.”
              I’m going to hold you to this.

        • Brandon

          effectiveness wise I could go into detail a bit

          first Mike A. I’m sorry but Kennedy hasn’t earned anything, he makes a comment dominates AAA once but the whole point w/ him is consistancy, see what happened to him is he got motivated and threw strikes but thinks ok 2 starts I’m back up to MLB, no that’s not how it works he needs to be put against legit competition Marquez (who’s been awful until his last start which Nardi and Cashman were present for),Horne(willbe back soon),McCutchen (needs to be promoted), White and Wright(se Cutch) to truely see if he will continue to stay focused and fight for his job. What happened w/ Ian is the fact he got sent down for Kei Igawa pissed him off.

          Now on McCutchen his last 4 starts in AA he’s averaging 7.0 IP per game his GO/AO is 32-23, 58 % of his hit outs are on the ground to an infielder, and the fact he is giving more than average length is a plus. Wright has averaged just about the same and more in GO % except he’s the more experienced out of the two SP.

          The Yankees FO has this thing about AAA innings being a must for whoever is sent up to the big club, but they need to take in account AA and AAA are not that different at all, And if AAA innings is a must stop wasting roster spots in AAA, Traber, Philips what big impact will they have on the current big league squad really think about that. It depends what is the hold up really about in developing these prospects.

          • mustang

            It’s unfair if McCutchen doesn’t get a chance. How many kids came by here last year before they went to the lower minors and brought IPK and Joba?
            McCutchen should get the same chance as everyone else his record has earned him that much.

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

            There is a substantial difference between AA and AAA. Most of the batters in AAA have big league experience, some of them substantial experience. There;s not many in AA that have reach the bigs yet. Go click on any AAA & AA box score any day of the year and you’ll see the difference.

            • mustang

              But wait a minute didn’t both Joba and IPK start at single A last year.
              Why can’t McCutchen get a chance ?
              Is it because he doesn’t have a T- Shirt with his number on it ?

    • mustang

      I agree on McCutchen.

  • E-ROC

    Who is Betemit? The Yanks will probably trade him for something decent as it is time for the Attorney General to have the gig as the utility man.

  • steve (different one)

    Betemit has big-time power. he has yet to really get a long chance with the Yankees, but he was just starting to flash some of that power. kindof sucks he got hurt. he could help at 1B.

  • jmac

    Mustang you are exactly right about McCutchen. He does deserve the chance. All he has done is dominated ever since he has been with the yankees. And over the past 2 seasons all he has done is go out there, eat up innings, and get people out. He was pitching as good as Joba and Kennedy last year, it is just because he does not have the big name and the only have a few thousand dollars invested in him instead of millions from signing. I am a firm believer if you prove yourself, give him the chance. If you want to go back and see what he did in college every time he pitched against a big time player like when he gave Joba his first ever lost in college, or when he pitched against Max Scherzer (Arizona) just to name a couple. McCutchen thrives on competition and I believe being called up will only make better. Unlike the opinion of it making him fall! I guess only time will tell!

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    This just in: Kei Igawa traded back to Japan for Tuffy Rhodes and the rights to Saduharo Oh.