Bruney could be back by the All-Star break

Welcome to Day 2
Yanks' 9th round pick, #290 overall

Well, if there was ever good news, this is it. Buried a bit in this notebook, the main part of which I’ll discuss shortly, Ed Price notes that Brian Bruney has been cleared to throw from 60 feet, and could make his way back this season, as early as the All-Star break. I know many of you aren’t convinced that Bruney can cut it, but he looked impressive early on. Considering our current options in the pen, his comeback would be more than welcome.

Welcome to Day 2
Yanks' 9th round pick, #290 overall
  • Jamal G.

    It’s a crime how understated the losses of both Brian Bruney and Jonathan Albaladejo (All-Dejo) have been to this team. They were just going out there, being effective and getting the job done.

    Great job by one Jose Veras yesterday.

    • Mike A.

      Yeah, losing Albaladejo has been one of those under-the-radar injuries where people don’t realize how much it hurt the team.

      • steve (different one)

        no question. if a starter leaves before the 7th in a tight game now, you are looking around and asking who can you put in. Albadalejo was a guy you could trust to get through that.

        i think Britton can be that guy now, but alas…

  • JRVJ

    Bruney will probably not be as good as he was early this season, but having him back gives the Yankees options, and I’d rather have MORE options than less options (and who knows, maybe it will mean DFAing Farns or Hawkins).

    • JRVJ

      Let me revise my comment after checking on Bruney over at Baseball Reference and other places.

      There’s no way he’ll be as good as he was early in the year (he had a 258 ERA+ and a pretty sweet K/9 of 9.7, plus decent K/BB – 2.00 – and WHIP – 1.147).

      But Farns has an ERA+ of 92, a K/9 of 7.94, a K/BB of 2.27 and a pretty weak WHIP at 1.588.

      Latroy has an ERA+ of 68, a K/9 5.4, a K/BB of 1.14 and a WHIP of 1.538.

      So if Bruney come back, Latroy should be shown the door first…..

  • Jon W.

    I know it’s chic to dismiss Bruney’s early season success due to his history of wildness, but he’s an obvious upgrade over almost anyone in the pen not named Mariano. He would certainly be a welcome addition back.

  • Travis G.

    any news on hughes?

    • Cam

      just about to ask the same question. It seemed like we would get updates on what he was eating for breakfast up until he went down. Now updates are few and far between. Wasn’t he supposed to have another MRI soon, like within the last week or in the upcoming week?

      • Double-J

        I think one of the main guys @ RAB said in another thread that his most recent MRI showed a bit of aggravation so they were pushing his schedule back another week or two.

        • Cam

          Yeah, but that was a little while ago I thought. That MRI that showed the bone hadn’t healed enough yet was like 2 weeks ago. He should’ve had a follow up one by now.

  • mustang

    Anything is better then Farns or Hawkins and maybe after last night Girardi will realize that Farns is just not working in the 8th.

    I know I’m going to get killed for this, but I see that the Pirates are shopping both Marte and Grabow. They also have Nady which would be a nice right-handed bat of the bench who can play the outfield and first. I wonder what it would take to get Nady and either Marte or Grabow.

    • mustang

      I know you guys here love the youth movement, but maybe it’s time to move some chips when everyone is thinking so highly of our farm system.

      A bonus in the Nady move is that it would piss off Mets fan they want him bad.

      • Double-J

        I tend to agree, I’m up for a couple of moves to see if we can improve the team. But only if it makes sense long-term, imho.

  • Dan

    Either way, getting Cox and Melancon up to the big leagues should be a big help. They’ll def. be better than Hawkins.

  • Double-J

    Definitely great news for sure. Bruney was doing a great job. Of course, when your competition is LaTroy Hawkins, I guess that doesn’t say much. Still, I’m glad they’re getting him back. Veras did well yesterday, and Edwar should bounce back. I do think they need to try and get some other guys just to see if they stick.

    I hear Akinori Otsuka is having elbow surgery…any thoughts on giving him a shot if/when he can pitch again (probably not until next year some time I’m assuming), especially with an incentive-laden deal? With bullpen guys, it seems like a throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach is necessary given the dearth of pitching as of late.

  • Joey

    I was so impressed by Bruney early on, I can’t wait for him to get back. Hell, him throwing from a chair is better than Krazy Kyle. Can I take him now?

  • jsbrendog

    latroy hawkins sucks and they should be able to get something for him at the trade deadline…send him back to colorado cause he wont help us. Latroy Hawkins for a box of humidor babeballs and a plate of rocky mountain oysters

  • Axl

    Why is it that every single pitcher we have gotten in the past several years…has really sucked. I mean you’d think that at least ONE of them would do what they were suppose to. Viscaino did his job for the most part but still was shaky at times…we never have anybody dominant. Right now the Blue Jays have 4 left handed relievers with ERA’s under 2.00. 4 of them. We have one left handed reliever…and almost everybody short of Rivera has an ERA over 4.00. Even the starters in the past…Kevin Brown’s game coincidentially went drastically down once he joined our team, Randy Johnson realized he didn’t want to pitch in the cold, contreras was suppose to be this ridiculous pitcher and of course expectations never were live up to, Vasquez did horrible for us, even our young pitchers can’t even win a ball game. Meanwhile all of these former pitchers are doing fine on other teams…and the Red Sox youngsters who were ranked lower than ours…are pitching no-hitters.
    Is the curse actually reversed? What is going on here?
    This year is especially worse because at least we used to hit and score a bunch of runs…1st in the league last year…and now we’re near the bottom…have no pitching…yet somehow manage to be .500 at the moment.
    The worst part about it is the Red Sox aren’t even doing that great…they aren’t nearly as good as they were last year…and we’re not taking advantage of it.
    Is it lack of feeling like a team? It can’t be the managing as we’ve just had 2 totally different types manage us in the past 2 years and we have the same result…is it the money? Or maybe it’s everything and anything….these guys make bazillions of dollars and if they lose a game…its no big deal because they’re going to go home to their ridiculous homes and have a cocktail and relax. They’re getting paid regardless.
    It just boggles the mind how consistently inconsistent this team can be year after year. And when they did click last year and went 25 games over .500 in just the second half last year….conveniently the “HOT” status went immediately cold at just the right time…Round 1 of the playoffs.

    Makes me sick. something needs to be done.