Christian down as Yanks activate Gardner

Why isn't a bigger deal being made of this?
Game 83: Happy Gardner Day

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As we reported last night, the Yanks have called up Brett Gardner. They finally released the corresponding move as Justin Christian has been optioned back to AAA. Gardner is leading off tonight in left field, Joe will have more on the newest Yankee later on in the game thread.

Why isn't a bigger deal being made of this?
Game 83: Happy Gardner Day
  • Mike

    The BG Era starts tonight!!!


    • Jon

      What era? He’s a place holder…

      • nmc

        It could be a short era. Like the Melky Cabrera era. oh wait…

    • B

      If Gardner has success with this callup get ready to say goodbye to Melky, as he will be used to get some kind of pitching help as Gardner will stay in CF.

  • zzzzz

    i hope mostly everyone here is happy. i also hope melky is really looking over his shoulder now.

  • Marc

    Girardi better let him run if he gets on.

  • Ed

    What’s the matching 40 man move?

    • yankeemonkey

      The end of the Justin Christian era.

      • yankeemonkey

        Nevermind, I misread it as “25-man move”.

        • Rafi

          It’s prob. the corresponding 40-move as well. Most of the other logical 40-moves, are guys on the active roster(see: Hawkins, Latroy; Giese, Dan; Moeller, Chad)

  • Manimal

    Oh god, hes wearing Chuckie’s Number. 11.

  • TheLastClown

    I’ve heard he’s a good hitter w/ a good eye, and he’s fast. How is his range in the OF, and his arm?

    Does he play with some more grace than Melk?

    • A.D.

      Better range than Melk, less arm, but still a good arm, has the ability to throw runners out, had 6 or 7 assists in AAA this year

  • A.D.

    Who would of thought at the beginning of the season the excitement over this move, hope BG gets off to a great start

  • Simon B.

    Although I’m not as optimistic as many, I am still excited about seeing him on the big scene. Who knows, maybe he might just rise to the occasion and transition well. It can’t be much worse than what Melky has done this year.

    • cult of basebaal

      exactly! why not?

  • mustang

    I think the Yanks are taking stock of themselves to see what moves they might need to make before the trading deadline.
    Everyone should be happy the kids are getting their chance.

  • Realist

    This is great news! I look forward to him hopefully living up to what I (amongst others on here) feel he has an oppurtunity to, with this team. His speed should be a huge asset (as long as he gets on base consistently) with whats batting behind him :-)

    Good luck!

  • Chris

    I think this is a move driven largely by Matsui going on the DL… that opens up a slot for a regular to play (move Damon to DH more often). It would be pointless for Gardner to come up and just ride the bench for the next two month, and would be equally pointless for Melky to ride the bench so Gardner could play.

  • TheLastClown

    Does anyone know the lineup? Is Damon sitting tonight? DHing?
    Does he have an injured foot?

    • Rafi

      He’s getting the night off with Jorge DH-ing…let’s not forget, Molina is Moose’s unofficial personal catcher

  • BigBlueAL

    This site is going to explode from the excitement of Gardner’s call-up!!!!!! Im a Melky supporter, but I too am looking forward to seeing Gardner and hopes he gets alot of playing time while Matsui is on the DL. Good Luck to Gardner and hope he does well….

    • dan

      Wow. I guess I was wrong in thinking that all Melky-supporters were anti-Gardner.

      • TheLastClown

        Hey, I know this thread is Gardner-centric, but there’s been so much discourse about him in the past days/weeks, I wanted to ask a question to all you Yankee-philes….

        Have you seen Yu Darvish?

        I read a great article on him from ESPN, chronicling his unique story & even more unique pitching ability. I think the article was called “Dice-K 2.0”

        Obviously no one know if/when he will be posted, or what that fee will end up to be.

        I just wonder about all of your thoughts on our Yanks’ position. Will Dice-K’s ever-increasing success tip the Yanks to pursue him? Conversely, will the Igawa debacle make them more wary of a big money posting on a pitcher untested in MLB?

        Do you think $75M posting fee + whatever contract, 5 years or so at or above the Dice-K range is insane? If not, does it make Joba or Hughes or anyone who’s got a legit shot at the Yanks rotation in the same age range, but at far less cost, angry? Or at least disenfranchised?

        Just thinking. It would be sweet to get him & run Wang/Joba/Darvish as a big 3, followed by whoever other two proves they deserve to back them up? Andy? Hughes? Horne? Sanchez? IPK *probably not*? Aceves? etc…etc….

        Expensive, but young stud pitching is not only a cornerstone on which to build, its damn intimidating. Volquez anyone?

        • TheLastClown

          Oops, didnt meant that as a specific reply to the anti Melky pro Gardner whatever…..I was going to comment on it, but didnt feel like treading familiar waters.

        • dan

          I think it would end up being a ridiculous amount to pay for someone who hasn’t pitched in the major leagues. Dice-K was called “The World’s Ace” by the Japanese, and he was average last year and has struggled this year with all the walks.

          As for the effect on the other young pitchers, I don’t think it would be that big of a deal.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        I’m not sure why people think that just because you are for Melky, that you are Anti-Brett. I am Pro-Yankee. All I want the team to do is succeed. I trust that the players, the manager and coaches, the front office and the owners will always give the fans a quality product and 100% effort.
        I’m sure that’s why we all Yankee fans.

  • fresh

    i feel that between him hittin in front of derek bobby alex and texas having a terrible rotation that hes going to get off to a hot start. i sure hope he does because alot of people have writtin him off as a fourth outfielder and i really dont know why.