Destination unknown, Kennedy is on the mend

Walk-offs galore
Yanks' sign Adams, Maruszack

One of their injured young guns took a first step forward yesterday afternoon. Ian Kennedy, recovering from bursitis and a strained lat, threw a 30-pitch array of changeups and fastballs in front of his pitching coaches. He will now return to Tampa to continue his rehab at the Yankee complex, but larger questions loom on the horizon. Right now, Kennedy has no place in the rotation, and the righty, who struggled prior to his injury, will have to earn a spot on the club. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for him to make a few starts in Scranton to regain that ol’ confidence and refine his stuff once he is eligible to come off the DL.

Walk-offs galore
Yanks' sign Adams, Maruszack
  • A.D.

    I think he really hasn’t earned any reason that the Yanks should bring him to the bigs when healthy, and I think he should start in AAA rather than be a long reliever in the majors.

    They’ll keep him at AAA he’ll be the first one up if there is an injury or if a starter is traded, have a chance to compete for a spot next year.

  • Tripp

    Keep him at AAA for a while. Same with Hughes when he’s healthy. Both need to refine their pitches. Nothing wrong with having guys waiting behind the scenes.

  • Mike A.

    I think a good month or two down in Triple-A would be just fine for Kennedy. Bring him back up when rosters expand in September, and give him a start or two during doubleheaders or as an injury fill in, etc.

    Same with Hughes.

    • Travis G.

      agree, assuming rasner and joba are still getting the job done.

      slightly off-topic: it’s obviously way too early to be sure, i just want to bring up a thought. compared to ian and joba, hughes seems to lose his velocity quicker than either of them. and at this point has just 2 plus pitches compared to joba’s 3. also, he’s been injury prone as a ML starter, so maybe pitching him just 1 ip, 3-4 times a week would alleviate that. this all adds up to my idea => it wouldn’t be crazy to turn Hughes into that late-inning Joba-esque reliever. going just 1 ip, he’d probably crank it up to 96-97 and has that great curve. this is of course assuming he doesn’t cut it as a ML starter (which cant be determined for a few years), either because of effectiveness or health, and that there’s still a need for a good high-leverage reliever.

      • Chris

        Hughes has 4 pitches, not 2. Fastball, slider, curve and change. He works mainly off his fastball and curve. When he’s pitching well he throws enough changeups to keep the hitters off his main two pitches. He seems to throw his slider less, although sometimes it’s hard to tell between a curveball thrown too hard and his slider.

        • TurnTwo

          sure Phil COULD have 4 pitches, but that doesnt mean two of them arent any good.

          ive only seen hughes throw his fastball and curve, and that changeup VERY sparingly.

          until he can throw a pitch consistently, for strikes, at the MLB level, i’m not counting it in his repitoire of pitches.

        • Travis G.

          yes, he HAS 4 pitches, but only 2 of them are plus. that’s what i said.

  • Relaunch

    On board with all of the comments above. Kennedy does not deserve anything in the majors although through his comments a month ago, it seems he thinks he does.

    • Yankees=warriors

      Yeah, Mr. “I knew I would make those batters silly”. More like the other way around!
      He really should work on his attitude before he works on his pitches~

      • A.D.

        I might have come a bit too easy for IPK last year

      • Ben K.

        That’s silly. What sort of attitude would you prefer to see from your pitchers? Would you rather he make comments that he can’t get anyone out? That’s not confidence at all.

        • NYFan50

          There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness.

          • Mike A.

            There’s nothing wrong with a little cockiness.

            • Relaunch

              If you are good, not when you suck.

          • mustang

            Good point.
            Joba, who seems to have the most ability out of the Big Three, seems the least cocky. While IPK, who seems to have the least ability, seems the cockiest.
            Like I always said these guys came into this season with way to much hype and the organization instead of playing it down just made it worst. Putting more unnecessary pressure on these kids.
            Maybe some time in AAA will let IPK get his head straight.

            • Ben K.

              Wait. What?

              Not that this is a bad thing, but Joba is by far the cockiest of the three. It’s not even close.

              • mustang

                Why because he pumps his fist?
                Most interviews I read or heard he is like:
                I can do better… I can learn so much from Mo and Clemens…. I do whatever they want me to do…I still have a lot to learn…

            • Travis G.

              what has Hughes done/said to make him seem cocky?

        • Yankees=warriors

          Like NYFan50 said, it was more than confidence. And it wasn’t just the comment he had after that game in SWB that really ticked me. Did you listen to all his postgame comments while he was still here? Whenever Kim relayed Joe’s messages, he’s just like “I’m FINE, I know how to pitch, ok?”
          Kinda like Beckett, only Beckett’s earned the right to be proud.

      • A.D.

        In his defense he prefaced that comment with “I don’t mean this to sound cocky but it probably will” or something along those lines.

        Either way, he can use some quality innings at any level, and then pitch at AAA & wait for his oppertunity

        • mike

          Love to get him to pitch a few nice starts in AAA, then trade him, his average stuff and attitude ( didn’t you love when he always spoke about “we” as in he and Hughes when they were struggling??).

          I’d like to think Giambino will not get hurt, but if he does go on the DL we have a black hole of either Posada ( bringing Molina back as starter ) or Shelley or Bettemit…..not so much.

          Perhaps take IPK and find us a 1B? anyone think Tex will be on the market if Atlanta goes south – maybe a deal around IPK/Melky will be good enough for a rental?

          • Ben K.

            Long-term prognoses aside, why would you ever give up not one but two of your blue-chip prospects for a two-month rental of a guy the Yanks can just pick up on the free agent market? That’s not a recipe for success.

            • tommiesmithjohncarlos

              Ben – While you may remember I waffled a bit on the Santana non-trade (but eventually came down on the pro-deal side), I’m not intending to rehash that here. But I must say this: the “two-month rental” argument that you make here against the Texiera deal, and that was made against the Santana deal, is a bit misleading.

              Dealing prospects for a player in his walk year doesn’t guarantee you that they will resign with you, no, but it does give you an advantage in that you 1) gain an exclusive negotiation window with which to work out a long term deal, 2) allow the player to familiarize himself with, and hopefully, grow to love your team/clubhouse/city/teammates/potential to win, and 3) preclude any other team from gaining access to that same two-month window.

              And it may not seem like much, but, as evidenced in the Santana debate, many people against trading prospects for Santana argued so because they preferred to wait for him to hit free agency the following year, something that is clearly never going to happen now that another team has traded for him and extended his contract.

              One last note: Someone will probably point out that Boras clients never take the team’s initial offer and always file for free agency, but after the ARod debacle last year, that may change. we may be able to trade for Tex (although I don’t want to, he seems like a creation of The Ballpark at Arlington) and re-up him, since he’d anticipate that our offer will be the best he’ll see….

            • Relaunch

              If you believe a starter with average stuff at best is a blue-chip prospect.

              • Travis G.

                i really disagree that he has ‘average stuff at best’. he has plus command, a plus changeup, a better than advertised curve, a mediocre (in speed) but moving fb and a decent slider. that’s above average to me.

            • mustang


              • mustang

                with Ben comment I would not make that trade.

  • question mark

    it’s a marathon, not a sprint. There’s plenty of time for ipk and phil. They can go to aaa.

    9-1 cliff lee spent a lot of time back in the minors. No one’s calling him a bust or flash on the pan now.


    • Mike A.

      He sure has been pitching like a bust lately for my fantasy team.

  • Rich

    I still think that Hughes will play a big role on the Yankees this season, including making at least one playoff start.

    • nick blasioli

      you are a dreamer…what playoff?

  • A.D.

    In reality if the Yanks wanted to go after a 1B possibility mid-year there best bet would probably be Atkins, he’s guarenteed to be more than a rental since he’s signed next year, the Rox are rumored to want to deal him & they have their replacement waiting in the wings in Ian Stewart.

    There is always the Coors factor, his avg is much higher at home in his career, but that was even true for Larry Walker & Andres Gallaraga who were proven hitters before/after Coors. Additionally Atkins has hit the same number of HR on the road & at home in his career (though he has 73 more plate appearances on the road), so he should be fine for a switch.

    So I’d hope if the Yanks go after a young 1B who is in the bigs right now its Atkins, don’t know what it would take, but could be a solid, more under the radar move for a quality bat heading into his prime

  • Joey

    I’m still not ready to give up on IPK yet, and I do still believe he can be a back end starter. Time in AAA will surely help, although he seems to dominate AAA while struggling with major league hitters (this year anyway). I love the idea mentioned above with him being a September call up and I like that he has the cockiness/confidence which he needs to get through the rough starts he has had and will have in the future.

    Phil on the other hand, I have no doubt should be a front of the rotation starter and wouldn’t get much out of AAA, he needs to be in the bigs, just where I’m not sure. Plus he has to stay healthy, which until now, he hasn’t shown he can do. But no matter what happens, when he comes back he needs to get innings in somewhere otherwise he’ll have the same shitty innings limit next year and it’ll seem like no progress was made (I have no idea where he’s at now and where he could be if he comes back within a month or two, I’m just saying)

    Oh, I think IPK just “needs to learn how to pitch like Jamie Moyer” Maybe Moose can teach him ;-)

    • MD

      from the comments I read, IPK may be wound “too tightly” for the New York market…..the scrutiny seems to impact him…..

      • Rich

        He just needs a few breaks to get his confidence back up.

  • zack

    Ah yes, now we see how hard it is for many fans to actually show the patience required for prospects. The backlash of hype I suppose. Somehow Kennedy is no good but Rasner can stay, despite Kennedy’s pitches being much better and him being younger. But since Rasner has been good (despite it taking him this long to get there), he can stay. Short sighted at the least.

    Joba has made it so that if you don’t throw above 95 and immediately start striking everyone out, Yankee fans think you will never be worth anything and start finding reasons not to like you. Joba could walk to the mound, moon the crowd, poop on the rubber, and pass out drunk mid pitch and fans would find ways to praise his performance and talk about how great he is etc.

  • RustyJohn

    Wow- what a dilemma- too much starting pitching. That is a nice dilemma to have. Right now the answer is obvious- with Wang and Pettite in the ditch and the only two good pitchers the ones that weren’t suppossed to be good, you keep Mussina and Rasner in the rotation and send Hughes and IPK to AAA. Next year we will have a Mussina and Pettite-less rotation so there will be plenty of opportunity for them.

    • mustang

      “Next year we will have a Mussina and Pettite-less rotation so there will be plenty of opportunity for them.”

      Wow. You really be ok with that of this season’s performances you’re a lot braver then me.

  • nick blasioli

    trade kennedy to pirates for marte a left handed reliever….asap

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