Early word on Wang could be Lisfranc

Ajax, Montero sizzling; Suttle scuffling
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I’ll get right to the point, and let Tyler Kepner ruin your Monday morning relate the bad news:

The Yankees’ season changed irreversibly on Sunday. Chien-Ming Wang’s season is in jeopardy with a serious injury to his right foot, and C. C. Sabathia instantly became a very important name in the Yankees’ universe.

Wang … did not speak to reporters, but he told others that he felt a pop in his foot while rounding third base, a strong sign of ligament damage that could sideline him for months, if not the rest of the season…

The Yankees called the injury a sprained right foot, and they will hope for the best until Wang has a magnetic resonance imaging test in New York on Monday. But the early signs are grim.

The injury is to the top of Wang’s foot, the same general area that reliever Brian Bruney injured when he tripped while covering first base in April. Bruney was found to have a Lisfranc injury and is expected to miss a minimum of three months.

Wang has symptoms of the same injury, including swelling and the inability to bear weight on the foot; he left Minute Maid Park on crutches, in a soft cast. Bruney’s injury was in the middle of the foot, and Wang’s is believed to be in the webbing of his toes, between his big toe and second toe.

Let’s get this part out of the way: This had absolutely nothing to do with Wang’s running, and everything today with seemingly landing on third base the wrong way. Would this have been avoided without Interleague Play as I had originally proposed in my instant analysis? Probably. But we have to remember that this was still a freak accident. Hate Interleague Play as much as you want — as I do right now — but bad luck is bad luck.

Now, if this is another Lisfranc injury, the Yanks are in for a world of pain. The diagnosis on Lisfranc injuries is generally not good. While Brian Bruney will attempt a rehab, surgery is almost always the case, and Wang’s season could very well be over.

Now, before you go jump off the nearest bridge, keep in mind that this is early speculation on the part of the Yankees and Kepner. We won’t know anything until later on today, and at that point, the Yankees will begin to evaluate their options.

Yes, the Yankees need Chien-Ming Wang, but if Joba’s development continues, Andy Pettitte finds some consistency and Mike Mussina continues doing what he’s doing, the Yanks are not as in bad a shape as they could have been. The offense is clicking; the team is beginning to win. Wang’s loss is a blow, but the Yankees can weather this storm.

Later on today — around 12:30 p.m. — we’ll have our look at potential trade replacements. The Yankees also have internal options, including Ian Kennedy, Alan Horne, Dan Giese and Dan McCutchen as well as Phil Hughes a month or two down the road. For now, we just have to keep our chins up and hope for the best. It sounds bleak, and it may be bleak. But we just have to keep on trucking. Wang throws just once every five days, and the Yankees can win without him even if they’d rather be winning with him.

And, hey, perhaps now would be a good time for Carl Pavano to pick up his rehab pace. Imagine that one riding in on a white horse to save the Yankees.

Ajax, Montero sizzling; Suttle scuffling
Tickets for sale — Tuesday vs. San Diego
  • CB

    This seems like very premature speculation by whatever sources Kepner is talking to.

    3 months ago no one in the yanee organization even knew what a lisfranc injury was and now they’re speculating that Wang has one?

    Lisfranc injuries usually require a lot of force. Bruney’s injury was a freak happening.

    And Kepner’s reporting goes against this diagnosis – wang’s pain is in the web space between his first two toes. Not in the middle of his foot where Bruney was experiencing his pain and swelling.

    Let’s just wait for the MRI. This is just wild speculation at this time. We’ve already been through this once this season with posada when many people in the organization and in the media just jumped to the assumption that posada had torn his rotator cuff and would also be out for the season.

    They’ll know definitively what’s wrong after the MRI. Until then its just speculation that’ is clearly being conditioned by the fact that the yankees had Bruney go down with a Lisfranc.

    If Bruney didn’t have that injury no one would be jumping to assume that Wang has a lisfranc injury or has a potentially season ending foot injury.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I think we should clear up a few things about a Lisfranc injury here. First off, the Yankees’ athletic trainers clearly knew prior to this year what a Lisfranc injury was. Just because the everyday fan didn’t doesn’t mean that some of the most qualified sports medicine specialists in the nation didn’t either.

      Second, a Lisfranc injury can be reflected in the symptoms Wang is feeling. For what it’s worth, a few reports are saying the same thing.

      Third, as I said, it’s still very early. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow, but early rumors are Lisfranc. Hopefully, that’s not true.

      • CB

        I wasn’t referring to the yankees medical professionals. I’m sure they knew what a lisfranc injury was. I’d also be really surprised if Kepner’s source was one of the trainers or medical personnel. It was the Astros doctor who examined Bruney and there’s no way he’s just blabbing inside information to a NY beat writer. No way. Violates Wang’s medical privacy and no team physician is taking a chance on that.

        It wasn’t just random chance that made both Suzyn Waldman and Kim Jones jump to questions about Lisfranc injuries in their respective post games. It wasn’t random chance that Pete Abraham, Kepner and every other reporter start to immediately speculate that this was a lisfranc injury. That’s not just some random occurrence that 10 different members of the media all came to the same initial set of concerns.

        If Bruney did not have this injury no way the media is speculating that Wang has a Lisfranc. That doesn’t preclude that he doesn’t have one. But it’s pretty typical for the way the media coverage is on the yankees. Jump to the most dramatic conclusion possible as soon as possible.

        • Rich

          Unless the word from the Yankees’ trainers was LF based on Wang’s symptom picture and perhaps in consultation with medical personnel.

          If that’s true, the Yankee sources should still STFU until it has been confirmed.

  • MoBoy

    RushingDan McCutchen and Alan Horne to the majors.Just like we rushed Hughes and Kennedy.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Revisionist Yankee history at its finest.

      Hughes was hardly rushed. He was in the Yankee system for a few years and pitched dominantly at every level. Kennedy may have bee moved up a bit too quickly, but he wasn’t being challenged at AAA.

      But that’s an off-topic response.

      • JT

        What happened to let them take a few bumps in the minors as perhaps the majors?

        This is not directed to you, but I read a lot of people saying that they want our prospects to experience some bumps while in the minors, but at the same time say that they aren’t being challenged. Point is, they are being rushed. A couple of games at AAA isn’t enough to say that a player is dominating that level of ball. We need to give the opposing hitters some time to adjust, and the see how our players respond to that.

        • A.D.

          It’s not that the org or fans don’t want to give them time to develop, this is a need based scenario, I’d rather see a young player rushed a bit, then traded for a lesser veteran

  • Rich

    As I have posted before (somewhere if not here), I would be willing to offer a reasonable package for Sabathia as a rental, but I would rather lose then get held up for him in a trade. The Yankees have a lot of old position players that will soon need to be replaced. I would not trade anything but from areas of surplus.

  • dave

    thats right, go after sabathia in the offseason as we can use another lefty. we have a heck of a lot of arms as is that are coming up, and if rasner, petitte, mussina maintain what they’ve been doing the past two months… then i hope they don’t sell the farm to Cleveland now, because surely Cleveland will ask for more from NY than had nobody on our staff had gone down.

  • maris’ ghost

    Sabathia, a Cy Young winner, is showing his stuff — his ERA is under 1.5 the past few games. Plus, ‘CC Sabathia’ sounds like a fit in pinstripes. Phillip Hughes?

    Since Hank didn’t get Santana, maybe he is willing to pull the trigger on Sabathia, as long as the Tribe doesn’t expect a king’s ransom of position players.

    CC may be worth 5-8 games and if Wang’s injury is serious, a rotation of Sabathia, Mussina, Pettite, Chamberlain and Rasner/Wang if he returns in August would help the Yankees’ starcrossed staff.

  • MoBoy

    Hughes might not have been rushed but people were expecting him as the youngest pitcher in the game to give you 15 wins and 160-180 when he barely passed 100 innings last year.And this year he will only go maybe 60-80 innings.He needs to spend next year in AAA.

    Kennedy was rushed.Like Edwar Ramirez,Tyler Clippard numbers was smoke and mirrors and the Yankees shouldn’t had three rookies in the rotation to begin with.Thats why Santana was important to give these prospects(not ML pitchers they haven’t proven anythinng) to show if they are good.

    • Bo

      Hughes may not have looked good this yr but come on. He completely dominated minor league hitters last yr. Its not like they rushed him. His performance warranted him being in the rotation.

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      get outta here. kennedy was the MiLB pitcher of the year. he was a 1st round draft pick from a big-time college. he wont be challenged in AAA.

  • stuart

    Strahan had a Lisfranc injury and did not have surgery. Tuck did have surgery.

    guys the injury sound fairly severe……

    they need hughes back today!!!!!!!!!!

    things were just starting to look good in yankeeland…..

    • Bo

      Hughes? Because he looked sooooo good in his starts this year?

  • BigBlueAL

    I am actually very surprised by the reaction from this site to Wang’s could be season ending injury and the cry to trade for Sabathia. How bout hoping IPK and later on Hughes come back and pitch good??? I would think that would be what this site would hope for the time being so they could join Joba and re-unite the “Big 3”. Nobody hear wanted to trade for Johan Santana, but now lets go get Sabathia during the middle of the season now that Wang could be seriously hurt when the Indians have all the leverage in any trade scenario???? I guess at least nobody here would care if IPK gets traded, or on the contrary, he has been so pathetic this season Cleveland probably wouldnt even want him.

    From what i can tell, Cleveland would much rather having offensive prospects than pitching since they r stacked with young pitchers and even more in their farm system but cant hit worth a lick, and unfortunately the Yankees strength in their system is pitching not offensive players, so i dont think the match is that great. Plus Cleveland has Sizemore at CF, so even their where the Yankees have depth in their system in that position it wouldnt be much help to the Tribe. Please dont start including Cano in any trade rumors for Sabathia, that would be an absolute tragedy, especially now when you consider offense will become even more important than ever for this team (even though Cano hasnt supplied much of that this season obviously). I say lets not panic and see as we get closer to the trade deadline what other pitchers could become available and maybe we could get one or two for ALOT less than what it would take to acquire CC. Also improving the bullpen should still be a priority thru trade if at all possible.

    I still hold out hope Hughes could return and give the rotation a big boost, unfortunately i cant say the same for IPK, even though if he does return and pitch well id be the first to give him props and jump on his bandwagon. Best way to endure Wang’s absence for as long as he is out and before the Yanks find any suitable replacements is to start hitting like its the 2nd half of 2006 and all of last season, and after today’s performance hopefully that is what will occur.

    • mustang

      I’m also surprised by the calls for a Sabathia trade especially since it’s almost the same the situation as Santana.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        I’d rather give Kennedy another shot when he gets back. I’m fairly certain the Yanks could put together a package good enough to lank CC at any time (Hughes, Cano and Jackson should be plenty), but why rush into it now just because Wang is hurt? Shapiro’s a smart mofo, if Cash comes calling for CC now he’ll know he’s desperate, and up the ante.

        • JT

          Did you just suggest Hughes, Cano and Jackson? I reallllly hope not, but if so you are losing a lot of credibility and just feeding oil to the fire.

        • mustang

          I agree with JT to even think of putting Hughes in any package after this winter and what went on here that first month of the season come on.

  • Count Zero

    I am forever amazed how much Yankee fans are willing to give up just to avoid missing the playoffs.

    Are there scenarios in which I would trade for three months of CC? Absolutely. Do any of those scenarios involve Phil Hughes, Robinson Cano or even Austin Jackson? Absolutely not. Unless he’s willing to sign a reasonable extension (not 6 years+) as part of the trade.

    CC is worth very little to me as a rental. There is a good likelihood this team won’t make the playoffs even with CC, so overpaying for a rental would be a very bad move at this time. Even with CC AND Wang, this team would still be an underdog in the postseason IMO. They’d be better off sticking with the plan and hoping they catch lightning in a bottle somewhere.

  • Baseballnation

    Well Giambi had an injury like this right? Ask him how it is? This is a majo blow for a team that would be happy to get the wild card considering their mediocre play up to date, andif the yankees are banking on a Hughes/Chamberlain/Kennedy/Rasner/ and some spot starts from Cutch and Horne to get them into the playoffs then I say they are just as diluted as the optimist. This season continues to break my heart but sendin off Austin Jackson, MCallister, Kennedy, and possibly Melancon (which I’m sure is cleveland’s desired package) for C.C. Sabathia then I say the Yankees are trading away the future for this season. One Sabathia is no sure thing to resign with the team come winter, and two, this would surely be the package Cleveland might ask for since Sabathiais not simply a rental player but a guy who will bring to compensation picks if he just walks in the offseason.

  • Ricochet

    It seems that he’s damaged the the ligaments that are between the metatarsals most likely on the outside part of his foot and it’s all about how bad the sprain/s are . If it’s a slight tear he might only be gone for 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Phil McCracken

    The bigger question is if Wang is done for the year, and decide not to go for CC, will there be a sell off of players like Damon and Abreu, maybe some of the bullpen arms like Farnworth?

    It would be hard to get to the playoffs without Wang, even in a weak AL. The Rays have the pitching to continue to contend, we do not with no Wang.

    • BigBlueAL

      A sell off of players???? Are you serious???? I love Wang as much as everyone else and to me he is definitely the ace of the staff, but with the way Moose has pitched (i no longer am surprised when he pitches well, i actually now expect him to pitch well all the time) and Pettitte’s usual 2nd half performance along with Joba now in the rotation, if the offense as i mentioned in my earlier comment hits like it should i see no reason why the Yanks shouldnt make the playoffs again. The Rays should continue to contend, for another month or two. With the way the rest of the AL has played, i actually think it is shaping up to be a possibly easy WC berth for the Yankees as long as no other serious injuries occur.

      This coming from somebody who thought after the Royals series maybe this really wasnt the Yankees year, but this past week proved to me that hopefully they still are the Yankees of the past few years and the playoffs to me could eventually become a foregone conclusion.

      Hopefully I am right.

      • Phil McCracken

        The rotation even with Wang in it wasn’t great. Without him its not playoff caliber.

        I thought the Yankees had a good shot to make the playoffs as the Wild Card with Wang and the addition of Joba. But if they don’t get Sabathia and Wang is done for the year, I don’t think this team has a chance.

        Sure Pettitte may turn it on in the second half, but if you’re gonna rely on history for Andy, then you have to rely on history for Mussina. Chances of him making it through the season without landing on the DL at some point, even if its for a rest, is highly unlikely.

        Then you have to worry about Rasner’s ability to get back to pitching like he was a few weeks ago, and whatever fiasco we put in the 5th slot and how that 5th starter will damage the bullpen. Igawa or Kennedy could destroy the bullpen with one of their typical 3 inning starts.

        • TurnTwo

          i can agree with this. the idea of the yankees playoff push this year was to lean on Wang and Pettitte as your horses, get what you can out of Moose, and hope that some of your young pitching develops at the back end… and then just let your offense mash.

          when you lose one of your horses for an extended period of time, in combination with none of your young pitching developing into what you hoped would anchor the back half of the staff, its hard to imagine this pitching staff surviving the next 3 months, let alone make a playoff run without a major addition.

          its great to think optmistically, and i’m def a positive person, but sometimes we need to be realistic.

          are they done? hell no… theyve got 6 games at home coming up against the Padres and Reds… then Pittsburgh and the Mets after that.

          the way they are playing right now, its hard to say they couldnt win 8 or 9 out of those 12 games, right?

          but if they dont, say they just go 6-6, or 7-5, and then they start July off slow over 4th of July weekend, maybe lose 3 of 4 to Boston, then split with TB, you have to consider moving parts.

          but we are a long way away from that, so lets not get too far ahead of ourselves.

  • Rich

    Why the rush to a diagnosis by bloggers and commenters who have no medical background.? And it’s heartening that there’s now dozen of readers here who have become doctors before they go back to their regular job.

    It kind of reminds me of when the Mitchell report was coming out, lots of speculation and lots of wrong names. RAB handled that situation well with only reporting what actually was happening, in my opinion the blog is now just running around like Chicken Little in an echo chamber.

  • mustang

    I say keep what you have. Try to see if you have some internal situation to bridge the gap until they get Hughes back. Everyone seems to love the farm system so much let see what they have now that they’re needed.
    What I don’t understand is that at the beginning of the season people didn’t care if the season was lost as long as we gave Hughes and IPK a chance to develop. Now they want to trade for C.C. to save the season.
    If the plan was to start with the kids why change now for a rental player that’s going to cost so much to resign.

  • r.w.g.

    If Wang isn’t going to be there in the rotation with him, I might be more inclined to just make a bid on CC in the off-season instead of giving up a bunch of talent for him — no matter if some of that talent is probably overrated.

  • Mark B

    Does anyone know if Cashman actually thinks he’ll see Pavano back in uniform and on the mound at Yankee Stadium sometime later this year? Barring a health setback (always possible with Pavano), is an August or September call-up a possibility or pure fantasy?

    • TurnTwo

      i think you can mark this one as pure fantasy.

      i dont know for certain, but i would assume that if Pavano was never actually seen in person in the clubhouse again, most of the oplayers, and cashman included, would be just fine with that no matter how the season turns out.

      • Mark B

        That is what I thought……..the talk of Pavano “riding in on a white horse sounds great”, but I don’t see him pitching anywhere until next year, probably back with the Marlins

        • steve (different one)

          i am pretty sure that was a joke.

          • A.D.

            If I were the Yanks I wouldn’t allow Pavano to pitch for the parent club, the Yankees owe him nothing to bolster his free agent value, and from all signs he has no respect in the clubhouse

  • BillyBall

    ENOUGH with the negative nonsense and the need for CC Sabathia. We have a few options in IPK (in a couple of weeks), Horne, Hughes (in 1 month), and McCutcheon. Maybe instead of worrying about CC and trading the world for a rent a player, maybe, just maybe, Philip Hughes returns in a month and starts putting up solid numbers. In the meantime IPK, Horne, or whoever hold down the fort. No knock on the editors of RAB, but posting pieces of desperation by Tyler Kepner is a way to rouse response on this site. Instead post something like, Yankee fans, don’t jump ship yet. We have other options until the Wang gets back! This is why we Never have a long lasting top farm system cause we have no PATIENCE and are always looking for the quick fix. The offense should be carrying this team. It’s time they step up and start doing so!

    • http://2009 Haggs

      It’s not desperation.

      He’s quiet, doesn’t speak much English, and doesn’t strike a lot of people out, but Wang is unquestionably the ace of the Yankee pitching staff. He stabilizes the rotation much in the same way ARod stabilizes the lineup.

      These kids you mention might be ok, but they ain’t Wang (not this year anyway).

      • TurnTwo

        absolutely correct.

        • Bo

          If you think its nonsense to add the reigning Cy Young winner who is under 30 and in his prime than I feel for you.

          Even if Wang were healthy we should be adding CC.

          • TurnTwo

            i agree with this, too. or at least be seriously thinking about adding CC. you cant simply dismiss the idea of it.

    • r.w.g.

      They just scored 13 runs for crying out loud. Look I know the crazy 1000 run predictions are not going to be met, and the team could certainly be doing better with RISP, but I think it is very clear by this point the offense is coming around.

      A-Rod, Giambi, Posada, and Matsui.. barring any injuries, look like they are just going to rake this season. They are very, very tough outs. Johnny Damon, who I tarred, feathered, and fantasy-traded to a million teams is hitting .320. He looks locked in. Everybody’s scared about Jeter cause he’s hitting .270.. it was not too many years ago he was hitting below .200 a significant stretch into the season.

      The offense is fine. I have confidence these guys can score against anybody and can beat any starter or closer in baseball when they are rolling. They can hit good pitching and hit it for power.

      We need workhorse pitching so we can keep giving our offense a chance. If Hughes can figure out how to get his great curveball back, maybe he could be one of those guys. I’m not convinced about the other kids.

      • TurnTwo

        “We need workhorse pitching so we can keep giving our offense a chance. If Hughes can figure out how to get his great curveball back, maybe he could be one of those guys. I’m not convinced about the other kids.”


        the offense is finally healthy and producing as we all figured it could.

        nows the time to go for the throat of the American League, and kick them while they are down.

        just mho, though.

        • Bo

          Haven’t we all learned by now that a great offense doesn’t win titles?

          Great pitching does. We should be doing whatever it takes to get another ace like CC.

          • steve (different one)

            how did CC do in the playoffs last year?

            15 ERs in 15.3 IP.

            not saying i don’t want Sabathia, i do. but our own Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte pitched much better than Sabathia did in the playoffs last year.

            • Bo

              He beat us Game 1 didn’t he?

              • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

                so did paul byrd. and kyle davies a few days ago. should we trade for them?

  • Bo

    All of this is prem speculation at this point but that is why we are here and go to blogs.

  • mike

    But this does beg the question – are the Yanks constructed to be in a contending but rebuilding phase where they mash + mediocre pitching to get to the Playoffs but get smoked in 1st Rd while young pitchers develop, or are we in a “win now” where we trade some young promising chips to get us “over the hump”?

    It must keep Cash up nights, but honestly even with Joba starting do we think the Yanks could get past Boston this year with this staff? I think not, so the debate comes to does CC / Bedard/ Millwood et al get you past Boston, with or without Wang back?

    I don’t think it will, so in my opinion bring up the young guys and cycle them through – apparently there are enough reinforcements coming down the pike!

    • mike

      and I threw Bedard + Millwood in there as examples of the types of guys usually available at the deadline

    • Count Zero

      Precisely my point — if we were that close to a title, then by all means trade for 3 months of CC. We’re not that close, and we shouldn’t give up anything really valuable for him unless he changes his stance and becomes willing to sign a reasonable extension. CC is not going to put us over the top, especially if we have no Wang. ;-)

      This team’s not as bad as it looked in April, but it’s far from a powerhouse. We would be lucky to beat TB in a best of five.

      • http://2009 Haggs

        How are the Yanks not close?

        The Yanks are not a powerhouse, but neither is anybody else, and a guy like C.C. COULD push the Yanks over the top.

        If they could avoid the Angels I like them over every other current playoff team, Boston included.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    David Wells is available.

    • mike

      dont tell Big Stein – he would drag Coney down from the booth and make Gator the LOOGY if he was still in charge

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        Wells will ask for 2 calzones from Pisano’s for each day that he pitches. He will sit with Big Stein in the owners box on his off days.

  • JohnC

    David Wells is a great idea. He already said he would love one more go round with the Yanks. Can’t hurt to try him out. He loves the NY stage and has proven over and over he can thrive here. Dial him up!

    • Smitt Dog

      I’m gonna pretend like I didnt just read that

    • A.D.

      David Wells is beyond past it, he got shelled in the NL, pitching in Petco last year, there’s a reason he hasn’t been signed

  • EricS

    Wait a minute…who’s Carl Pavano???

  • JT

    You do NOT trade Cano, Hughes, or Jackson at this point for a rental player in CC!!!!

    CC is half a year away from free agency, why in the world would he sign a deal with any team he is traded to. You do not trade Cano, Hughes, or Jackson for a rental player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, Yankee fans are so damn fickle.

    At the beginning of the season, people on this blog would be in uproars if this trade proposition was made. But now that we might miss the playoffs, omg lets trade all of our best players, some of them when they are at their lowest value, for a half year rental player…..


    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      i believe Mike A. (who presented this trade) was merely giving an example of what it would take to get CC. but he was against doing it.

      replace Cano with Melky, and Hughes with Kennedy and i’d probably do it.

      would Cleveland go for Tabata, Horne and Betances?

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Please stop with the “rental” argument. It’s bullshit. We’re the Yankees. We don’t rent players. The Astros and the Twins and the Padres “rent” players. Teams that have no business contending on a yearly basis “rent” players. We’re the Yankees, we “buy” players. The only midseason acquisitions that we don’t resign who leave for free agency are the ones we have no interest in keeping.

      Why would CC sign a deal with the team he’s traded to? Maybe because the team he’s traded to is the New York Yankees, the same team who he’d be signing with anyway. Of all the teams in the majors, we have the most financial power and the best continual chance to win. We’re not a cash-strapped also-ran trying to go all-in for one last shot at the ring before we blow the team up, Marlins-style. We’re the Yankees. C.C. will have millions of reasons to stay.

      So stop with the “rental” talk, as if it’s freaking fait accompli that he won’t possibly resign with us.

  • Mark B

    With all the talk about CC, I think the argument should also be made for Rich Harden or even Ben Sheets. While both do have injury issues and possibly not even available, either could end up filling the “ace” spot of the rotation while Wang is out or rehabs for a late season comeback.

    • steve (different one)

      i would love to have Sheets. and the Brewers are a better fit than the Indians as trade partners.

      my own amateur opinion: the Yankees will get a mid-level starter for a decent price and hope to hang on until Wang comes back. maybe someone like Brad Penny.

      but i admit i am just talking out of my ass.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        I thought of Brad Penny, but he’s out with shoulder problems and is due for an MRI.

        • steve (different one)

          my ass is not very smart apparently.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          And, the asking price for Penny begins with Cano. No thanks.

          • steve (different one)

            says who?

            • steve (different one)

              i’ll answer my own question, says Peter Gammons apparently.

              Gammons is off his rocker. the Yankees aren’t trading Cano for Brad Penny.

      • A.D.

        Aaron Cook, could fit that mold, and perhaps can thrown Hawkins into that package.

        However I really think the yanks should go with what they have in house

        • TurnTwo

          Rockies ahve already said Cook isnt available, but a couple other players on their roster are for the right price, i.e, Holliday.

          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

            Holliday can’t pitch. Why waste a trade on him when he would fill a hole the Yanks don’t have?

          • A.D.

            Yes, you’re right, It’s Francis who I believe they’d be interested in trading, but he’s not that good

  • Eric

    The thought of Pavano riding in on a white horse reeks of a chaffed buttocks, and we all know how long it takes for Pavano to heal his gluts (2-3 months minimum).

  • Axl

    This just fully helps my theory that the Yankees are cursed and have been the butt end of bad luck the past few years. The team can’t get a break. They have umpteen amount of injuries every year, when they’re healthy they either can’t put hits together or the pitching falters…this is just terrible written all over it.
    There is no way the Indians are going to trade their Cy Young award winning Ace to a competitive team in the same league. Especially for anything cheap. It won’t even guarantee anything anyway. He was inconsistent at the beginning of the year…Wang was a 19 game winner the past 2 years…and we were still losing a lot of games. So why?

  • E-ROC

    I like Zach Greinke, Ben Sheets, or Aaron Harang(doubt the Reds would trade him; just thought I’d throw his name out there).

    • TurnTwo

      it seems to keep coming back to Ben Sheets…

      • A.D.

        Milwaukee is still in the hunt, so I doubt we see Sheets go, though they would be a better trading partner for the Yanks, as they would likely want young pitching, not hitting

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    I’ll just get to right to the point…

    Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia Carsten Charles Sabathia

  • mustang

    Not related to the thread.
    Did anyone with ticket plans get all-star games tickets today?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      See this thread. If it’s not related to the rather long discussion at hand, please think twice before posting it.

      • mustang

        Easy there tiger.
        I was just asking a simple question thank you and sorry.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

          Don’t turn this around back on me. You know we prefer not to have off-topic discussions. It’s not a new policy.

          • mustang

            Ben, take it light I seen it done before it’s not like I’m the first. I forgot the policy I did say thank you and sorry didn’t I.
            Easy off on the coffee or something I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

  • mike

    Do you think the Pads would ever trade Peavy? I love that guy – reminds me a little of Cone – and I think his stuff would translate to the AL, where the worst case he would be a Vasquez-type. He is signed for a ton of money as well, and the Pads are going nowhere.

    They have holes everywhere on that squad (not holes in a sense of no players, but in my opinion very few keepers if they want to win 90 games once in a while)

    Could we get Peavy for a Melancon ( for Hoffman’s replacement) and Cano – throw in IPK if they beg? I know they are ok with Green and Iguchi but Cano would bring some young cheap offense to them.

    Alternatively, maybe Melancon, Melky, Hughes? It seems like alot but Peavy is dominant, and Hughes is injury-struck. Melky would help them in the outfield, but may not have enough pop to be attractive

    • Chip

      Can’t trade a guy on the DL and who do you replace Cano with?

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Consider the following:

    – C.C. Sabathia is a Cy Young Award winning, lefthanded pitcher in his prime. He turns 28 in a month and his career ERA+ and WHIP of 114 and 1.270 are MLB ace-worthy.

    – The Yankees currently possess 9 starters in their organization who could be considered ML replacement level or better (Wang, Mussina, Pettitte, Rasner, Chamberlain, Hughes, Kennedy, Giese, Karstens)… and of those 9, all of them are either injury risks, youngsters who haven’t demonstrated consistency or have struggled at the ML level, journeymen who are probably playing above their heads and likely will come back down to earth, veterans who no longer have great stuff and can either pitch well with guile or easily implode at the worst moment (see Glavine, T. for further reference), or classic AAAA guys who are great to fill in injury holes and the like, but not good enough to make a playoff roster. And, of those 9, only Wang would be considered an absolute lock to be worthy of a 4-man playoff rotation, although Joba, Mussina, and Pettitte are intriguing options if they can continue to post good starts. Rasner, Hughes and Kennedy can’t be considered anything more than total wildcards; they can all turn out to be rotation anchors, or they could all pitch their way into Tampa.

    – The Yankees organization is currently one of the deepest in the majors, with numerous high-potential prospects. Some of these prospects will be surefire all-stars. Many more of them will flame out, get hurt, or struggle. Prospects are a crapshoot, and predicting future success is a crapshoot… if we deal 3-5 quality prospects for a guy like C.C. Sabathia, there’s a chance they could all become quality studs, revitalizing Cleveland, and Sabathia could become the next Barry Zito. There’s also a chance that none of the prospects could become everyday players and Sabathia could be the next Lefty Gomez. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

    -Crapshoots have odds. You’re much more likely to hit on an 8 than on a hard 4 So while every play, or non-play, is risky, some are more risky than others. Just because we don’t know what the next 6 years will hold for C.C. Sabathia, Phil Hughes, Alan Horne, Jose Tabata, or Austin Romine doesn’t mean that we can’t make some educated guesses. And one of those educated guesses we can make is that C.C. Sabathia has a good likelihood of being a quality ML starter during the next 6 years; a greater likelihood than the rest of the players we’d probably include in his deal. And, if Sabathia, Wang, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Horne, Betances, Sanchez, et. al. all happen to hit the lotto and become great pitchers, well, it won’t be that hard to trade one or several of them for prospects to replace any we may lose in the deal for Sabathia…


  • nick blasioli

    what ever way the yankees choose to go..they need to address the problem asap..i do hope its via a trade for cc or some other quality starter…

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