Fans will pay for new stadium

Game 76: Amid scattered showers, Yanks look to salvage Reds finale
Yanks end home stand on a high note

I’ve beaten this drum quite a bit over the last few months, and today, Steve Politi of The Star-Ledger picks up on the theme too: Despite assurances from the Yanks that half the seats in the new stadium are going to cost under $50 — is that even cheap? — fans are going to be paying a high price for baseball in New York soon. Hard Rock Cafes, steakhouses and Martini Bars sound ostentatious for those people who just want to go to a baseball stadium to a watch a game, and someone has to foot the bill for it all.

Game 76: Amid scattered showers, Yanks look to salvage Reds finale
Yanks end home stand on a high note
  • MD

    “Hard Rock Cafes, steakhouses and Martini Bars sound ostentatious for those people who just want to go to a baseball stadium to a watch a game, and someone has to foot the ball for it all. “:(0)

    hate to say it, but the average fan who “just wants to watch a game” will do so via cable….and pay per month for the priviledge…..this will only change if the team tanks (unlikely with a 200+ mil capability) or the economy tanks (marginally likely)….welcome to the future….enjoy the games at Trenton, Scranton, Staten Island, etc…..

  • Steve S

    Welcome to NY. Ill deal with the Yankees charging what they want, compare their prices to what the Knicks, Giants and Jets charge. Tell someone to get the gas prices down and Ill deal with the increase to go to a baseball game which is completely voluntary. The Yankees have no obligation to anyone to maintain prices for the”average joe”, so long as they sell out every game. Its like saying BMW should lower their prices so everyone can drive their car. If you have the highest quality and a demand, then you charge what you believe you can get.

  • The Fallen Phoenix

    Problem is, it leads to a dwindling fan base over time: you won’t see generations of Yankee fans who grew up going to the ballpark with their parents and grandparents. And that’s a damned shame.

    • Travis G.

      yep. you wont see an impact for years, but it will happen; an entire generation who grows up never going to games.

    • monkeypants

      I think that this fear is exaggerated and reflects a somewhat parochial view of fandom, which assumes that the fan base is or must be composed entirely of locals. I grew up three hours from the stadium, and managed to go to at most one game a year, sometimes none at all. Yet my father, brother, and I all managed to follow the team on radio, TV, and newspaper, and I consider myself a fierce member of the current generation of fans. I have no doubt this will be passed on to my kids.

      With modern transportation, increased disposable income, and extensive telecommunications (all the games available on your computer!), we need to rethink *how* fan bases are maintained. The industry has for years been moving to a new model, where fan bases are national instead of exclusively local.

  • Steve

    I’ve never understood people complaining about the prices for seats right behind the dugout and home plate. You can’t get those tickets no matter what they charge for them. They’re almost all corporate, and why anyone cares what Merrill Lynch pays for seats for their execs is beyond me.

    If anything, those expensive seats end up subsidizing the rest of us. I can only imagine what the monthly note is on a 1.3 billion dollar mortgage.

  • huuz

    while i agree with the fact that seating prices are far too high at the Stadium and only promise to higher…i tire of these posts lamenting what the big bad Yankees are doing. this isn’t a Yankees problem, this is a nationwide (and likely a worldwide) problem. the rest of the MLB, NFL, NBA and even college sports exhibit outrageous ticket prices.

    as a big college football fan, i can assure you that even in the “amateur” ranks, fans pay through the nose for seats (if you can get them). most major programs have decades-long waiting lists to get season tickets. those who get them, seem to not have a problem paying $2000/seat to have their tickets. absurd? yes. gonna change? no.

    i haven’t checked the figures, but i’m sure that if you compare the amount of disposable income that people have in this country against what they had in the 1920s, i’m sure it is far-far greater. with all this $ flying around, people are willing to spend it on over-priced seats. i’m not, but somebody else is. that is how the free market seems to operate in this case.

    MLB is setting attendance records every year, setting income records, why would they change this?

    i’m happy to see the Yanks get with this and flex their muscles.

    i have attended a few games in my time. once i sat 10 rows back from home plate (paid a lot for the tickets on ebay), and the seat from my couch is still better in terms of viewing the game action. of course, you can’t reproduce the experience, but for $200/seat i’ll manage, somehow.

  • deadrody

    Not that it’s all that important – not important enough to read the article, but why, exactly aren’t the people going to the Hard Rock, the Steakhouse, and the Martini bar going to foot the bill for that ?

    No, seats aren’t oging to be cheap, but I’ll bet they’re a helluva lot cheaper than a Yankee Stadium martini will be.

  • Rob

    “Foot the Ball” wtf???????

    • Ben K.

      It’s a typo. Don’t be obnoxious about it.

  • Haggs

    Hard Rock Cafe = worst.idea.ever.

    Sounds like they’re trying to turn the new Stadium into a mini-Times Square. Did they really have to sell the space to the highest bidder? What’s next, Hooter’s? (ok that wouldn’t be terrible)

    With all their history, you’d figure the Yanks could have built a baseball themed sports bar/memorabilia type thing. I don’t really have a desire to see Eddie Van Halen’s guitar on my way into a Yankee game. They should have named a nice restaurant after Yogi, maybe move some things from his museum there, if not the whole museum.

    No one is going to go there during the offseason. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • RustyJohn

    Better to have the people who actually go to the games foot the bill than the average taxpayer have to subsidize a franchise worth over a billion dollars. I’m a big fan of user fees and don’t quite understand why average citizens feel an overwhelming desire to allow private corporations, run by millionaires, to have the government coerce the great majority of people who never use the stadium to pay for consturction at the barrel of a gun or threat of imprisonment. Tough, so I won’t go to as many games. Then again, I won’t have to worry about chunks of the ceiling falling on my head during the few games I do attend.

    • Alan

      There’s quite enough posts and threads on this blog showing the number of ways NY taxpayers will be footing the bill.

  • mooks

    The “average joe” is collateral damage, a speed bump on the way to a goal.

    The goal is to price gouge the rich. The Yankees want to milk the rich for every penny they can get, and the average joe is an obstacle in the way.

    Will it hurt future generations?

    I doubt it, highly highly doubt it will cost the Yankees future fans.

    The Boston Red Sox have the highest ticket prices in baseball, and they still sell out every game, and unless they start losing, will probably continue to sell out every game.

    If the Yankees start to see attendance drop, they will do what any normal rational business does, either not raise prices or slash prices.

    The price isn’t that a big a deal to me. Its not going to cost the yankees any fans, unless I’m to believe that the red sox are losing fans now because of their price gouging ways, or that the so called red sox nation is in danger of extinction in the future because of the escalation of ticket prices over there.

    Either way, 50,000 fans is 50,000 fans, if they are all rich or all poor, its still fans. Rich fans are not better or worse then poor fans, they just make better price gouging targets.

  • NC Saint

    “Hard Rock Cafes, steakhouses and Martini Bars sound ostentatious for those people who just want to go to a baseball stadium to a watch a game, and someone has to foot the bill for it all.”

    Specifically the people eating and drinking at the Hard Rock Cafe, steakhouses, and Martini Bars. That seems like a pretty good deal for those of us who won’t be.

  • mustang

    It is what it is the Yankees are out for themselves nothing new in corporate America.
    I just don’t want to hear about the Yankees having budget limits.