Final All Star balloting update


Maury Brown takes a look at the final All Star balloting update prior to the official announcement of the big game’s rosters. While Joe Mauer is maintaining a lead over Jason Varitek, Ian Kinsler has still not yet caught up with the undeserving Dustin Pedroia. Bobby Abreu and Johnny Damon remain on the outside looking in while Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are on pace to be the only two Yankee starters at the Mid-Summer Classic.

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  1. Brett Gardner has been promoted!! Whooo!!!!!

  2. A.D. says:

    The fact that Julio Lugo has amassed any votes is a bit redic

  3. Ben K says:

    We know, Ashish. We had a post up about it 12 hours ago. Check the bottom of the game story thread from last night/this morning.

  4. A-Point says:

    The ASG is just a popularity contest. With all the bandwagon voters out there, its not a surprise that Pedicure is leading.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Heh, love the nickname.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos says:

      Here’s my AS ballot:

      C-Jason “All-Time Captain” Varitek
      1B-Kevin Youkilis
      2B-Gritty, Gutty, Dustin Pedroia
      3B-Mike Lowell
      SS-Kevin Garnett
      CF-Jacoby Ellsbury, who’s baby I’m currently carrying
      RF-J.D. Drew/Mike Greenwell (tie)
      DH-David Ortiz, who’s totally never ever taken any P.E.D.s, I swear

      SP-Jon Lester, who’s ERA+ is 12,429 (i think)

      Hideki Okajima, Coco Crisp, Juli Lugo’s crotch, Terry Francona (player-manager), Oil Can Boyd, Alexi Lalas, Bill Belichick, Dino Radja, Carl Yaztremski’s remains, Sam Malone, Frank Costello, Sam Adams (not the patriot or the defensive tackle… the bottle of beer), and Tim Wakefield.

      For Diamond Cutters, I’m Peter Gammons, ESPN.

  5. Manimal says:

    Who is going to be DH now that Matsui and David ortiz is hurt

  6. Michael T says:

    You are being too hard on Dusty. He is 2nd in the AL in Outs Made after all.

  7. UNION YES. says:

    What a disgrace. Vote Kinsler.

  8. mehmattski says:

    Youk, Jeter, A-Rod, ManRam, and Hamilton are all legitimate selections for All-Stars. Ichiro does not deserve to be a starter this year but not much you can do about it with online balloting and Japanese voters. Matsui deserves the DH spot over Ortiz, but neither one of them is going to actually get the starting nod anyway.

    So when it comes to the actual game, seven of the nine AL players will deserve their places there. The voters have done much, much worse in the past.

  9. [...] really, who follows the Rangers? Instead, this guy with his .303/.348/.439 line is leading in the latest AL balloting results. While honestly Dustin Pedroia isn’t a bad choice for second base, he’s not the best [...]

  10. ceciguante says:

    i voted my 25x for kinsler et al the other day. my, uh, friend voted 25 more today.

    don’t forget that varitek (.220/.302/.370) holding 2nd place for catcher is ridiculous, too. i dunno who’s in 3rd and 4th, but they should be there before mr. fights-with-his-mask-on. punk.

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