Girardi: ‘I’d be shocked’ if Wang makes his next start

Instant Analysis: With Wang out, C.C. on the radar
Ajax, Montero sizzling; Suttle scuffling

The early word out of the Yankee clubhouse is that Chien-Ming Wang has a sprained foot. He’s wearing a soft cast and is on cruches. Joe Girardi said that the Yankee ace, 8-2 on the year, will go for tests — including an MRI — tomorrow in New York, and the team said that Wang’s injury is not an achilles tendon rupture. When asked if Wang would make his next start, he replied, “I wouldn’t think so. I’d be shocked.” With the Yanks just 3.5 games behind the Rays for that final AL playoff spot, Yankee fans across the world are holding their breaths right now.

Instant Analysis: With Wang out, C.C. on the radar
Ajax, Montero sizzling; Suttle scuffling
  • Ivan

    Well right now if he miss atleast one start, that would be a win.

  • Jon G

    Better now than after July 31. And with the All-Star break ahead of us.

    This also gives us some time to evaluate internal options before the deadline.

    Giese could help cover a few starts. Marquez pitched 7 shutout innings today and could get a look. McCutchen pitched a shut out last night, and Horne is working his way back.

    Of course, there’s also IPK – maybe he can step it up finally.

    Karstens – I just don’t see him as anything more than a long reliever/spot starter.

    Remember – we found Wang due to an injury a couple of years ago. Let’s see who steps it up…

  • Jon G

    My above comments are based on assuming at least a Grade II sprain – partial ligament tear. Sounds like if he was grasping top of foot, it could maybe be anterior talo-fibular ligament..? VERY painful (especially day of), and takes 4-8 weeks to come back from it. There are also possibilities of stress fracture and other hard-to-see ankle and foot bone fractures that the MRI would reveal. Note: I’m no medical doctor – I just had this type of injury myself recently, and being a Ph.D., I researched the crap out of all the possibilities online.

    I predict if he’s out 4-8 weeks, one of the kids will step it up – and who it is could be a surprise… (I mean who would have thought Wang would turn out this way when he came up 2 or 3 yrs ago under similar circumstances…).

  • Mac

    Alan Horne step on down?

  • Seven Costanza

    so basically our options are:


    anyone else? i’d really like to see one of the top thee…

    • A.D.

      Igawa, not that I would want to see him over the list you put, but for completeness

    • Mike A.

      Horne has made 2 rather unimpressive starts since coming off the DL. I’d consider him a long shot.

      IPK is due to come off the DL soon, I suspect they’re just going to go with patchwork until he’s back (ie Giese).

  • Newman

    Is there a link to the Yankees saying that it’s not an achilles tendon? I haven’t seen that official statement from them

  • McCaff

    I’ll pitch if they want, i throw quite the curveball with a wiffle ball.

  • adam

    Ok, so I am not happy about this injury, but does anyone else hope to see a headline tomorrow that says, “Yankees have sore Wang.”

    • A.D.

      Someone will have to make a good headline off of this

  • A.D.

    A lot will depend on what happens tomorrow, white Jon G seems to have suffered a similar injury according to his above post, on the flipside I’ve also sprained by foot, and was fine after 4 days, so who knows, time will tell

    No matter what the Yanks/fans shouldn’t go nuts on the C.C. talk, doubtful Cleveland trades him this soon, and this is more an oppertunity to see/showcase a Horne/IPK/McCutchen, etc. See what the guys can do.

    Hopefully Wang will have a speedy recovery

  • LiveFromNewYork

    It’s really unfortunate to be injured doing something you would never be doing. An AL pitcher running around the bases.

    My NL-fan friends (ie Mets fans) tell me that the NL is “real” baseball because they don’t have a DH rule. That’s why the American League spent this weekend kicking the crap out of them in their houses.

    I’m really pissed that Wang got hurt running the bases. That just sucks. It’s not a typical pitcher’s ailment and it sucks.

    • GoYankees

      The Nationals should just skip the pitcher’s spot in the order. With only eight batters, it will save lots of money on those expensive pinch hitters. And just think of all the great new strategy the fans will watch – isn’t that why we go to the games? Or if they love the way it is with the pitchers hitting, then why not throw in extra pitchers into the lineup here and there? b

  • Jon G

    Tyler Kepner of the NY Times says Wang heard a pop and it’s something between his big and 2nd toe, more front of foot, not talus area (bone at top of foot near ankle). That doesn’t sound like anything I had, which was a grade II ankle sprain – partial tear of the anterior talo-fibular ligament (it’s grade I’s that you feel better from after a few days; grade II is partial tear of the ligament, grade III is complete tear).

    All we can do is hope for the best and see what happens, but my sense is that we won’t see Wang again until August at earliest… Indeed, now the timing of that Joba move to the rotation seems brilliant! Now let’s see if IPK can step up and win this spot… A little competition will be good for these kids!