Hank supports Cash, says Cash

Sunday morning baseball reading
Game 63: Bringin' the Heat

The back-and-forth over Brian Cashman‘s future continued today with Brian Cashman’s stating that Hank Steinbrenner supports him as GM and has already approached him about returning next season and beyond. In an interview with Newday’s Ken Davidoff, Cashman said he’s not looking to leave the Bronx and appreciates the support of the Yankee owners. “I appreciate the fact that is on board with everything we’re doing, 110 percent, to the point where he’s recognized that making the move for Santana would not have been the right move,” Cashman said.

Sunday morning baseball reading
Game 63: Bringin' the Heat
  • Young davey baby

    Grrreat one.

  • JK

    I think Rasner’s perfomance (2.58 era & 1.07 whip) with him not picking up wins as well as the the Mets lack luster performance with 23M Santana has opened up Hank’s eyes.

    Santana’s good but not dominating performace in the NL, drop in velocity, hrs and hits allowed has also helped.

    I also think being part of the process for the first time and seeing the direction Cashman wants to go with the draft & international free agent market has also helped.

  • nick blasioli

    i totally disagree with cashman…we should have had santana….no question..when the trade deadline comes i will bet that cashman tries to sign a starting pitcher…

  • Rich

    All things being equal, I would be shocked if Cashman trades for a starting pitcher.

    I have always thought that Cash will stay because I think he wants to watch his investment in the amateur draft/international signings reach fruition on the ML level.