Hello, old friends


A whole bunch of former Yankees are in the news these days: Consummate AAAA player Andy Phillips is back in New York albeit with the Mets where he will spend some time not hitting Major League pitching. Scott Prcotor is on the DL with — surprise! — an elbow injury. And Shawn Chacon tried to strangle his General Manager. All in a day’s work.

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  1. Simon B. says:

    Aaron Small visited the clubhouse a couple days ago too.

  2. Yankee1010 says:

    Proctor’s trip to the DL can’t be connected to Torre abusing him like a rented mule, can it?

  3. Number 27 says:

    speaking of old friends, there’s a funny reference to TJ Beam in the espn recap of last nights win.

    ‘abreu hits a home run, jacked off tj beam.’

    immature i know, but still amusing when your bored at work.

  4. Sidney El Panson says:

    what wasn’t said in the Proctor article was that, prior to considering sending him to AAA, Torre had already rented out a one-bedroom apartment for the both of them in Vegas. He just can’t quit him.

    any word on the rumors of this “injury” really being the work of a jealous, rageful Tanyon Sturtze?

  5. Double-J says:

    I think we should get Chacon on the cheap. I’d rather have him than Ponson, especially with the fire he brings. If we have an on-field brawl, I bet he can choke a b*tch with the best of them. :P

  6. Billy Smith says:

    Ponson would be a win-win situation if the dude had pitched more than 8 innings in a month. He was rusty in four innings for SWB. I don’t see him going any longer tomorrow.

    • Joseph P. says:

      I hear you on that one. Jennings said he looked a little sloppy with his mechanics out there. Does not bode well for a quality start.

      • Billy Smith says:

        Maybe a quality start for him is 5? If he’s consistent he goes 4. The bullpen needs some fresh arms. Giese has been great but another quality start? That’s a lot of innings to cover.

  7. E-ROC says:

    So Chacon did a Sprewell?

  8. Glen L says:

    Here’s to wishing Andy Phillips success with the Mets! … He can’t be worse than Delgado….

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