• jsbrendog

    i dont. hahaha haha haha ha ha ha ha ah aha. couldnt have happened to a nicer fellow. esp after seeing him courtside at the celts-lakers game flashing his ring.

    hah aha ahaha.

    seriously, you never like to see people get injured, unless they’re total assholes who deserve it and are finally getting their kharmatic (yes i made that up) due.


    • Yankees=warriors

      I couldn’t have said it better.
      Now we just have to hope he doesn’t end up being a broadcaster on, say, ESPN? Or we’ll have to tolerate his big mouth for the rest of our lives!!!!

  • Smitt Dog

    I have zero problem wishing injury and pain upon bad people. There are players I dont like (Ortiz for instance) and players I despise (Pedro for instance), then players who are BAD PEOPLE. Curt Schilling is legitamitely a bad person, on and off the field. He could play for the Pirates and I would hate him as much as I do now.

    That being said, I hope his injury is painful, long-lasting, the surgery is botched and leaves him disfigured so much so that his wife leaves him and finds his kid a new daddy to play catch with. Am I a bad person? Yes. Let Curt wish pain upon me then.

    This of course leads to the inevitable Schilling career retrospective, the majority of which he spent outside of Boston (including his 1st WS), which no one will mention. God I hate ESPN.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      To be fair, Curt Schilling and his family do a lot of good charity work. I wouldn’t say he’s a bad person. He’s just a pompous ass.

      • http://itsaboutthemoney.blogspot.com Jason R.

        Ben, seems that I was typing just that very thing (below) as you were (above).

      • beantownbosoxh8er

        Sure he does a lot of charitable work, Im sure he is a good parent, but using his public stature to spout off about everthing makes him an ass.
        I do know someone who works for him at his video game development studio and he echos the fact of what an ass he is. He tells me that CS is an expert on EVERYTHING if you did something he did it beeter and longer then you.
        so I am happy we will not have to see the great mouth again on the field and hopefully he will just work for NESN so the rest of you dont have to hear his crap anymore.

    • Smitt Dog

      This just in, a 20 year career, he spent four in Boston… just remember that when you’re watching these career retrospectives.

    • Rob_in_CT

      “I have zero problem wishing injury and pain upon bad people”

      Well, aren’t you just a wonderful person.

      This is seriously sick, folks.

      • Smitt Dog

        “Am I a bad person? Yes. Let Curt wish pain upon me then.”

        I stand by what I said. I’d be dishonest if I denied that I felt that way.

  • http://itsaboutthemoney.blogspot.com Jason R.

    I think we all recognize Curt as an insufferable blowhard, but to wish ill upon him is just, so, um, low. I don’t think he’s “legitamitely [sic] a bad person”; in fact, he’s extremely charitable. He just is a bit too pleased with himself. He’s not the only self-indulgent athlete out there, is he?

    Am I happy that my team’s primary rival is short one possible bullet? You betchya. But I’m not going so far as to say that I wish him ill.

    Let’s go “high road” for a change.

  • Setty

    I have no problem basking in the news of his season-ending surgery. Curt Schilling is one of my top 3 least favorite athletes of all time and he has opened his fat mouth time and time again to discuss a wide range of topics that quite frankly, no one asked for his opinion on (politics, other sports, etc.). I never would wish injury or death on anyone, but now that he is injured, since I didn’t wish for it, I can and will be very happy about it.

  • Tripp

    Were the Red Sox really leaning on him to come back and bolster the rotation in the second half?

    He would have tried to come back topping out at 82 at the most with that injury.

    • http://yankeesfuture.wordpress.com Pablo Zevallos


      And why would they need C.C.? They have so many options for the 4th and 5th spots–Buccholz, Masterson, Bowden, and Wakefield

  • Ed

    Does he still get the bonuses for maintaining his weight?

    Hey Doc, while you’re cutting me open, would you mind pulling out a little fat in the process?

  • Colin

    Yes, no need for a deal. As a Sox fan, I/we expected Schill to miss the whole season. I think the rotation of:
    1. Beckett
    2. Dice-K (back tomorrow)
    3. Lester
    4. Colon/Masterson
    5. Wake
    Minors: Buchholz

    Is just fine. Hopefully Sox don’t panic and make a move. Of course, as Yankee fans, you guys prob don’t agree with me.

    What hat do you think he wears in the HOF (assuming he makes it)?

    • nmc

      he wont

      • steve (different one)

        i disagree.

        i think he will make it, whether you think he belongs or not.

        i think he’s on the cusp, and wouldn’t be too upset if he got in even though i detest him on a personal level.

        he should wear a D-Backs hat.

        • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

          I disagree with your disagreement – too much inconsistency over his career. I would put at least 4 or 5 pitchers in ahead of Schilling, Mussina included.

    • Bo

      Why would a Sox be coming here and posting?

      Are there any Sox boards for you or is this site just way too good?

      • Whitey14

        It’s a very good site with many knowledgable posters. I’ve been coming here for a long time, (apparently longer than you or you’d know that there are several Red Sox fans who drop in from time to time, that’s not meant as a bash, but over time you’ll get used to us and if you give us a chance you just might find we’re not so bad.

        Now to my actual reason for posting. I sincerely felt bad for Chin My Wang the other day when he went down with an injury. I never wish bad things on other people especailly in this rivalry of ours because without the many names and characters it isn’t as much fun. That being said, taking joy in the injury or misfortune of somebody is pretty crappy. If Schilling had been traded to ny in 2003 instead of Boston you guys would love him and protect him as one of your own. He’s a blow hard, no doubt, but that doesn’t merit an injury that could end his career. He and his family have done too many nice things for people (who’ve actually met them and know how they are in person) for him to truly be the bad person some of you are claiming he is.

  • nmc

    However, I think if he did, it would be a Diamondbacks jersey. he had his best seasons there and won a WS.

  • Colin

    Yes but he won 2 WS in Boston and (I know it’s a sore subject here) but we shouldn’t forget Game 6 of the CS in ’04. I think it depends on how his “divorce” goes in Boston. If front office rips him for signing a contract knowing he wouldn’t pitch, he may wear a DBacks hat just to give Theo an FU.

    He is, as we all know, that kind of a guy.

    • LC

      I definitely agree that Schill is just the kind of guy to do that sort of thing, but it wouldn’t be up to him what hat he wore into the hall.

  • whozat

    I don’t think the Sox were actually expecting him to come back. So, I don’t think this changes their internal thought process at all, wrt CC.

  • Colin

    I like this board. The only 2 teams I care about in MLB are the Sox and Yanks (for much different reasons of course) so I like to keep up with the enemy once in awhile haha.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      No need to defend yourself for visiting the site. We have more than a few readers who are Red Sox fans. It’s all good.

  • brad k

    Wishing one injury or pain and suffering is something I would be loathe to do…..but in this case good riddance. The MLB will be that much nicer of a place the day he’s done.

  • question mark

    Thank you, Ben, for keeping the probably non-exisiting Sabathia rumors alive. I’m sure we can file this next to your “Melky’s not well-liked” story you like to keep on life support as well.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Anything I can do to brighten the days of the popular too cowardly to put a name and a real e-mail address on their comments!

  • younguns

    IMHO as a Yankee fan, Schilling will make the Hall of Fame. You’re right, though, about which hat he’ll wear when entering. If the Sox gives him the Pavano treatment for making $8 million in 2008 without throwing a single pitch in a game, expect him to wear something other than Red Sox.

    As for Red Sox fans posting here, I have no problems with that as long as everything is civil. Every team has dumbass fans & those who treat the game like its Fantasy Baseball where you can drop & trade players on a whim are the ones who I really despise.

    “Cano sucks!” “Cashman needs to get that Kinsler guy who plays on the Rangers!!”


    As for the Red Sox going after CC, the only reason would be to inflate the price if the Yankees are also pursuing. Think replay of the Santana saga this past off-season. Of course, the price will always be higher for the Yankees when it comes to a trade. Hankenstein said it best after Wang got hurt.

    Also, with the way that Lester & Masterson have performed so far this season, Boston has to be pretty happy with the results of their young pitching. Should Buchholz get it together this year, they will definitely not need CC.

  • Colin

    Of course I’ll keep it civil…I agree w/ you on your thoughts of people saying “Cano sucks” and what not. Just stupididity at its finest.

    I’m doubting CC goes anywhere. Cleveland will want an arm and a leg for him and I don’t know if any teams will do it.

    But if he does get traded, look out for TB to at least check in. They’ve got the prospects and that would CLEARLY make the AL East/WC races a little tighter than the Sox and Yanks would hope for.

  • Colin


    (What an ironic word to spell wrong..)

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona Beach

    I’m just glad that Boston made him work hard for his season-ending surgery. But I also like that the FRAUD conned the Sox out of $8 million.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I def hate Schilling but I am not wishing pain on him. Or anyone else for that matter. It’s just not right.

  • younguns

    With CC, I’m taking an educated guess & say that the Cubs will be the team that trades for him. They really feel that this is their year & are going all out to get it done.

    Being in the National League helps the Cubs’ chances since Cleveland’s in that other league. Having the deep pockets of the Cubs also helps. Combine this with the very real possibility that their ace, Carlos Zambrano, may be injured from a shoulder problem & the chances increase even more.

    The only problem with the Cubs, since I’m not too familiar with their farm system, is whether or not they have what Cleveland wants to make a trade happen.

    • the most felonious vocalist in the wide world of showbusiness

      Short answer, no. Then again, Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey and Phillip Humber. Ya never know.