Kennedy demoted to Tampa

Game 82: Hahaha, nice one Girardi
Horne hurt, Angelini breaks out

Via PeteAbe, it turns out that IPK was activated off the disabled list this past Wednesday, and was optioned all the way down to High-A Tampa. Girardi did a nice job picking his words, but what he said about the situation boils down to “he pitched like crap and needs to earn another shot.” Moves like this aren’t unprecedented; both Roy Halladay & Edinson Volquez were demoted all the way down to A-ball after spending significant time in the big leagues, and we know how those two turned out.

Game 82: Hahaha, nice one Girardi
Horne hurt, Angelini breaks out
  • Joltin’ Joe

    I smell trade bait. RIch Harden please… yeah I know there’s no reasonable way but we can dream.

    • Jamal G.

      I’m telling you, you people are giving up on young Mr. Kennedy way too early. Obviously I can’t say for sure but I think this guy is going to be good.

    • Rich

      If the Yankees’ intent was to trade, don’t you think that Girardi would be pumping up his value instead of being so harsh in his criticism?

      • Mike A.

        Nah, there’s no intent to trade, not yet anyway. They’d be selling low, even without the demotion.

  • Jamal G.

    Good news is that Alan Horne does not appear to be hurt, bad news is that either that was the oddest case of “dead arm” ever or there is something lying underneath. Chad Jennigs said the SWB Yankee staff put Horne’s shoulder through some strength tests and he passed it so I guess it is just a “dead arm”.


    BTW, I’m watching “Halloween (2008)” right now and the kid who is playing Mike Myers at the young age is creeping me out. Also the girl who is playing the young Jamie-Lee Curtis is just a couple weeks older than me, I am an aspiring actor myself and it is funny to think that she just turned 18 when they were filming this flick.

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    • Mike A.

      I’m worried about Horne, that sounds serious. I know he said he didn’t feel an pain, but a completely dead arm like that … oi.

  • nmc

    That seems odd… it’s not like he couldn’t get out AAA hitters… do they just not want to bounce anyone from the AAA rotation? Or is it that the Single A rotation is lined up best with the MLB rotation? I can’t imagine Rasner gets many more starts at the MLB level..

  • Mike R.

    I guess it would be okay if IPK has a career like Roy Halladay’s. ;)

  • Chris

    I don’t think this is odd. There’s no reason to keep him on the DL once he starts throwing (it’s not like it will cost an option to send him down). Generally speaking, the organizations best rehab guys are in Tampa, so that’s a logical place to send him.

    The interesting thing will be to see where he ends up after Tampa. If they call him up to Trenton, it’s clearly a sign that he really needs to reprove himself from the ground up. If they send him to Scranton, it’s a sign that they see value in him for later this year. Personally, I think another 1 or 2 more starts in Tampa is the right move, then bring him up to Scranton.

  • Baseballnation

    “1 or 2 more starts in Tampa is the right move, then bring him up to Scranton”

    What’s one or two more starts in tampa supposed to prove? That he can dominate A ball hitters who will make a ton of mistakes and not challene Kennedy? For hat let him make 3 starts in AA where the prospects are far superio, and then debate an AAA call. The Tampa move seems dumb aside from being closer to Nardi.

  • BigBlueAL

    Will the same thing apply to Phil Hughes?? Or is his work in 2007 at the Major League level enough not to have him go through the same process as IPK I guess will have to go through now?? I have ripped IPK throughout the season and have said that to me his stuff is average and at best he is a 4/5th starter so therfore I thought he wasnt warranted the same “special” treatment as the other 2 members of the “Big 3″, but even I have to admit the minors isnt a challenge to him anymore and the only thing left is him pitching in the Majors and ultimately finding out if he has it or not.

    This will obviously test IPK’s maturity and dedication to continue to prove that he is too good for the minors and not sulk that the minors isnt a challenge anymore for him and therefore pitch bad and develop a poor attitude. Hopefully for his sake he continues to dominate minor league hitters and should get called back up sooner rather than later because lets face it, as much as everyone here rips on Ponson, and for good reason, believe it or not I’d rather have him in the rotation than Rasner and to me Rasner’s spot in the rotation is the spot that is up for grabs at the moment. Of course after saying that Ponson will get killed Wed by Texas and Rasner pitches a gem vs the Red Sox……

  • Baseballnation

    I think Cashman has said when Hughes is healthy that he isnt automatically going to be planted into the rotation, which has me suspecting that Hughes wil be banished to the minors until he earns his shot which I agree with considering his two substantial injuries in two consecutive seasons.

    • Rich

      Hughes’s injuries have been so freakish though. Plus, he showed a lot of guts, even if less than stellar judgment, pitching with what had to have been a very painful rib injury.

      I think that Cash is merely trying to take the pressure off of Hughes.

      The interesting question is whether or not Hughes will pitch winter ball to get his innings load up.

      • Steve

        “Hughes’s injuries have been so freakish though. ”

        Funny, thats what Cubs fans said for years about Mark Prior.

        • nmc

          Yeah but weren’t Prior’s injuries shoulder injuries? Hughes has had a hamstring and a rib (also vision). None are really related to his throwing (maybe the rib?).

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  • Manimal

    IPK cannot fool major leaguers. He fooled the minor leaguers but you cant make it in the major leagues with his stuff(unless you pull a Mussina)

    • Chip

      I’m sorry but that’s a very odd comment. What “stuff” is he missing? He throws a good curve, an outstanding change and can spot a fastball with a lot of movement. He throws around 90 which is about league average and I think we can all agree that fastball movement and location are more important that speed (unless you’re at 96+)

  • Steve

    I think everyone is drawing way too much from IPK going to Tampa. I don’t think this means he has to start over and work his way through the farm system all over again. These are just rehab starts and when he’s up to speed he’ll be back in Scranton. If it lasts more than 2-3 weeks I’ll be shocked.

  • Bart

    Whistling past the graveyard — IPK nice as he might be if he can give you 200 innings as a 3 or 4 — doesn’t have the velocity or stuff of Halliday or Volquez

    • Chip

      Do we need him to be any more than that? Joba is the stuff guy, Hughes has great stuff, Wang has great stuff and IPK is a workhorse for the bottom of the rotation. We don’t need him winning Cy Youngs, we need 200+ innings with 10+ wins and an ERA around 4

  • Bill

    When Girardi said that Kennedy was demoted he didn’t mean he was demoted to A-ball he just meant that Kennedy has lost his spot in the Major League rotation and is not coming straight back to the majors after he completes his rehab assignments.

    His starts in Tampa are rehab assignments. He’ll move up to Scranton after another start or two and will be knocking on the major league door shortly thereafter especially with guys like Ponson, Rasner, and Giese ahead of him. Horne was his only major competition in AAA (maybe McCutchen), but with Horne’s injury we probably won’t see him pushing for a ML spot anytime soon.