Kyle, Edwar make it exciting

Tabata goes deep, SI looks like crap
The physical toll of a road trip

Let’s start with the familiar refrain: Johnny Damon and Alex Rodriguez paced the Yankees with three hits apiece, including one loooong home run for A-Rod. Darrell Rasner did what a fourth starter should do and gritted it out for five innings en route to his fourth win of the year and the Yanks’ sixth straight victory.


Now, the bad stuff: The Yankees scored eight runs against the Padres tonight and led the game for eight innings, but they could never put it away because the bullpen continued to allow San Diego back in the game. In both cases, I blame the pitchers.

We begin in the sixth inning. Darrell Rasner had labored through five innings, allowing eight base runners but only two runs. Just 55 of his 96 pitches were strikes. Against a better team, Rasner would have ended up a with a much worse pitching line.

In the sixth, Joe Girardi opted to call upon Edwar Ramirez, and the righty responded by dispatching the Padres on nine pitches. Ramirez earned himself a second inning of work, and after two outs, he surrendered back-to-back home runs on bad pitches to the Padres. After getting the third out, the Yanks would emerge from the top of the 7th up by just a run.

In the bottom of the inning, the Yanks plated two more, and Girardi went to Kyle Farnsworth. The enigmatic and infuriating reliever promptly allowed a home run, and two batters later, Khalil Greene doubled. I guess Kyle just wanted to pitch with the tying run up at the plate for as long as possible.

Eventually, he worked out of trouble; the Yanks scored another run in the 8th; and Rivera would exert himself through all of 11 pitches to nail down his 19th save of the season. Little harm, no foul, I guess.

But the problem is that for Farnsworth — and, recently, Edwar Ramirez — these struggles are a common occurrence. Ramirez has now given up a terrible nine HR in 43 big league innings, and until he gets that long ball rate down, the Yanks will never be able to rely on him in tight games.

Meanwhile, Farnsworth has been nothing short of bad over the last month. Since May 17, Farnsworth has appeared in 13 games, throwing 13.1 innings. He’s given up 17 hits and nine earned runs (6.08 ERA). While he’s struck out 10, he’s also walked six and has surrendered five home runs. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 23 baserunners in 13.1 innings, and prior to Padres’ 2-for-5 evening , opponents were hitting .333/.423/.667 off Kyle since mid-May.

Joe Girardi, meanwhile, just doesn’t get it. While no manager would throw his own players under the bus, Joe has been a little too gracious: “You let them pass. They’ve been throwing the ball so well. Even Eddie tonight, he threw the ball so well. You hate for that to happen. I was happy with the way he threw the ball. Farnsy, he gave up a leadoff home run and then he bucked down. I’m not concerned.”

He’s not concerned, but the rest of us are. Right now, Farnsworth has done nothing to earn Girardi’s trust while Jose Veras, over the same time period, has put up numbers much better than Farnsworth’s. One of Girardi’s supposed strengths as manager was his approach to bullpen management, but so far, all we’ve seen is the same old “trust the same guys” approach that Joe Torre displayed to a fault. Tonight, it didn’t hurt the Yankees, but will they be so lucky next time?

Tabata goes deep, SI looks like crap
The physical toll of a road trip
  • Jamal G.

    I am not worried about Edwar Ramirez either. He’s going to have his downtime, he is not going to be Joba Chamberlain as a set-up man and the sooner Yankee fans realize that the sooner they will appreciate Edwar Ramirez’s contributions. Kyle Farnsworth I will no expect nothing from. I am a sucker for raw stuff and Kyle Farnsworth oozes that. However like Ben noted he has been horrid these past 30 days or so. So from here on out I will be happy when he pitches a scoreless frame and be satisfied when he gets out of an inning with the lead still intact. I would like to see Jose Veras get a bit more responsibility.

  • Brian

    Yeah, I think Edwar will be fine. This could be a stretch, but we know Girardi gives a piece of what’s going on (as w/ injuries) after a game….but for all we know he’s thinking “a pass today, an interception tomorrow,” to mix my sports metaphors, as in “I will intercede.”
    On a completely different and inane statistical note, Joba Chamberlain will officially have pitched as many innings as IPK after the first out of the 2nd inning tommorrow. Is it just me or is it mind-boggling that for all we’ve seen of Joba, it’s just starting to add up? Let’s just say that both pitchers made those innings count, for richer or for poorer.

  • iYankees

    I agree about Girardi. He’s been frustrating to watch and the way he keeps going to Farnsworth is simply a mystery at this point in time. Why not just give Veras the later innings? Give it to the guys who earn it, don’t give it to the guys who are “supposed” to pitch in those spots if they’re not producing. Girardi can say what he said after the game but, like you said, next time, if Farnsworth blows the lead/game, then what will he say?

  • RustyJohn

    The m.o. on Farnsworth is he has one sucky outing and then a good one, so what Joe is doing is just getting him out there with a cushion when he knows he’s going to suck it up. In a couple of days he’ll go an inning, strikeout 2, allow a walk and no runs.

    By the way, if Mo keeps this up and doesn’t win the Cy Young award with his Eckersley-like year this year, there is not justice in the world. They ought to have a life-time achievement Oscar or something….oh yeah, they call that the Hall of Fame.

  • RustyJohn

    Anyone know what the deal is with Britton and when he will (realistically) come off the DL?

  • blah

    I tend to think that Girardi does get it, but what can he do? The bullpen is what it is. Outside of Mariano Rivera, who can he safely rely on?

    • ChrisS

      I think that’s an unfair expectation to place on any reliever. Rivera is arguably the greatest closer in history. There aren’t many relievers that can be as reliable as Mo.

      Outside of a select few, bullpen arms are a crap shoot. Although I don’t think Farnsworth and Ahoy, LaTroy have done much to warrant the wait and see approach.

      And I know people keep expecting Edwar to put up his ERA numbers from AAA, but c’mon, the kid has a career K rate of 11.7/9IP against ML hitters. That is sick, for a brief period, but sick none the less. The HRs are coming on his fastball, which he needs to locate just a bit more, or put more movement on it. He’s a work in progress still and not bad for a scrap heap find.

  • Dillon

    What do you want Girardi to say? “Our bullpen is filled with a bunch of guys that I can’t trust in a big situation.” Veras has been great, but would you trust him to throw a strike in a tie game with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count? Throwing him into teh 8th inning role right now might not be the best idea, although it’s not terrible. Other than Mo, we have a bunch of old guys that don’t have good enough stuff to get by, and a bunch of young kids with good stuff that aren’t dependable. What does Girardi do……he has to show them faith. At least to the press. You know he’s shitting his pants just like us whenever the 7th inning roles around tho. None of our kids are ready yet for the big stage. By next year we’ll have two guys in teh group of Edwar, Ohlendorf, Veras, Melancon, cox, Sanchez, Robertson step up and we’ll be fine. This year expect inconsistenc whether it’s Farns or Veras pitching the 8th.

    • Chip

      Yes I would, and I’d expect it to be a curveball :D

  • CB

    Farnsworth is giving up 2.5 home runs/ 9 innings. That is unfathomably bad.

    The league is hitting .303 against him this season. And its much worse than that. Hitters had a .561 slugging percentage against Farnsworth this season – that was before he gave up that home run yesterday – so it’s higher now. To put a .561 slugging percentage in context – that would be the 5th highest slugging percentage in the AL this year.

    So Farnsworth turns the aveage MLB hitter facing him into the equivalent of the 5th best power hitter in the league. He’s turning every hitter into the 2008 version of Jason Giambi.

    And its even worse with left handed hitters (like Headley). Lefties have a 1.063 OPS off of Farnsworth for the season. Just amazing. Again for context – ARod last year had an OPS of 1.067 in what was arguably the best year of ARod’s career.

    These aren’t just bad numbers. These are mind boggling. He has been worse this year than he has in his prior years in NY. He’s walking fewer hitters but in turn giving up home runs at a much higher rate. And 33 innings is not a “small sample” – that’s about 40% of the innings Farnsworth will likely throw this entire year.

    The idea that Giraridi is just using Farnsworth because there are no better options in the pen is just not true. That’s because Farnsworth is arguably the worst relief pitcher in baseball right now.

    Some how Girardi convinced himself that he was capable of creating a “new Kyle Farnsworth” because he caught him in the past. That “trust” was the only thing Kyle needed. And he seems determined to just keep using him regardless of the results. His peformance is just irrelevant. He keeps getting used regardless of how bad he is.

    If Jose Veras or Edwar pitched even half as bad they would be in Scranton. But Girarid, like Torre before him, seems to base his use of the pen on some irrational sense of “trust.”

    • Rich

      “Some how Girardi convinced himself that he was capable of creating a “new Kyle Farnsworth” because he caught him in the past. ”

      And you know this how? You know Girardi’s thoughts or you like to parrot others’ like Mike and the Mad Dog?

      • TurnTwo

        Girardi has said as much himself, so its not just a sports radio talk mantra.

        • mike

          and i believe that Cash stated that was one of the reasons he liked Girardi as he had a “plan” for Farns because of their past time together

          • Bo

            If Cashman was basing the managers job on who could “fix” Farnsworth we are in big trouble.

    • nmc

      yes, the things you say are true, but what is he supposed to do? waste the roster spot? he’s got to run him out there sometimes, and I feel comfortable letting him protect a 3-run lead. he’s given up a lot of runs, but he’s only given up 2 runs once (in a 2-inning appearance) and 3 runs once (against the Mets)… so I’d say he doesn’t really get blown up, unlike LaTrojan Horse. so yeah, I like Girardi’s use, throwing him in with leads but not slight leads.

  • dan

    I think we’re all spoiled from the two months of Joba in the 8th last season.

    • Bo

      I guess one forgets Nelson, Mendoza, Stanton

      But we are more spoiled by 20 innings from a rookie???

      • Chip

        Nelson, Mendoza and Stanton had stretches during the season where they were HORRIBLE. They just made it count in the playoffs which is what everybody remembers

  • Slugger27

    Edwar had made 4 or 5 consecutive scoreless appearances before tonight, and even tonight it’s not as if he struggled with control or lack of command. To say recently his struggles has been “common” is pretty unfair. In fact, aside from Veras and Mo, I trust him more than anybody out of that bullpen right now.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Edwar doesn’t bother me but Farnsworth does. I also agree that what do you want Girardi to say? That they both suck? He has not been going to Farnsworth a lot lately even in blowouts. I think he doesn’t want to use him.

    I wouldn’t put too much value on his after game comments. He refuses to give the media anything to chew on and I’m sure that is an edict from on high. It drove me NUTS for a long time but that is just how it is.

    They are commanded, it seems, to give “content free” media reports. Have you listened to the post game questions?

    They are so stupid night after night. So Joe what did you think of the gem Moose pitched? Well, like I said, you don’t forget how to pitch.

    So Joe was it worrisome that Farnsworth gave up a leadoff homer? No, Farnsworth will be fine.

    *I* could do the Girardi interview. He gives the SAME answers every single night to the same moronic questions. How was the good stuff? GREAT! How was the bad stuff? He/we will be fine.

    I HATE Farnsworth but what is he supposed to do? Not use him?

    • TurnTwo

      “I HATE Farnsworth but what is he supposed to do? Not use him?”


      • RustyJohn

        Lol…yes, that is what commonly happens in the marketplace. People suck at work and their bosses fire them or don’t rely on them.

        “You’re doing a helluva job, Brownie”

    • http://2009 Haggs

      Farnsworth appearances dipped recently only because he had a sore bicep for a few days.

      He used him to save a game when Mo was unavailable in Houston. He is still the 2nd best reliever in the bullpen according to Joe Girardi.

      Veras has earned more opportunities, and while I’m not convinced he’ll be good, I’d like to see Ohlendorf used for one inning at a time for a solid week or so at least. The Ohlendorf usage pattern (or lack thereof) has been kind of baffling.

      At least he stopped using Hawkins.

  • The Scout

    If Girardi goes to Veras in every 8th inning situation, he’ll burn out (see Scott Proctor). Farnsworth is holding the slot on a semi-regular basis until one of the kids is ready.

    • Kelvin


  • Fuzzy

    I disagree with the premise that things are “trust the same guys”. I believe that there has been a better use of the “whole” bullpen as there hasn’t been anyone who just sat a la Ramirez in 2007. He has developed Jose Veras (who was largely a mop up man for Torre) into a viable 7th/8th inning option, and rested Mariano appropriately. Also, consider that the Reliver’s ERA was 4.35 last year under Torre (ranked 10th in the AL) and is 3.46 for 2008 this year under Girardi (ranked 6th in the AL). Add to this the upcoming help from Melancon and Robertson, and we could have a top notch pen by mid-2009 (without Farnsworth).

    • LiveFromNewYork

      I agree. I see that Girardi is not scared to rotate the bullpen. Whereas Torre was just not capable of switching things up. Girardi changes the lineups too…which Torre only did when it was patently stupid (the playoffs.)

  • Steve

    Your point about Edwar’s 9 HRs is a tale of two pitchers. Last year he gave up 6 HR’s in 21IP, this year its been 3 HR/22IP. For a kid who still pretty much a rookie, I’ll take progress like that. And 2 of the 3 came last night. You also can’t ignore his overall line this year.

    22 IP 16 H 11 BB 3 HR 25 SO ERA 2.86

    I’ll take those stats from every setup guy. If one thing concerns me about Edwar its not the HRs but rather the 11 walks in 22IP. Still down from 14BB in 21IP last year, but still way too much. It could very well just come down to the type of pitcher he is. That amazing change up is going to dive out of the zone, and it should. If he threw it for strikes it could get hammered.

    • http://2009 Haggs

      It’s both.

      You can’t walk people and give up homeruns, no matter how many strikeouts you’re capable of getting.

      Until he gets both rates down, he can’t be trusted in tight games.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Edwar looked fine. It was a couple of bad at-bats in between what looked to me like an excellent outing. He looks like a completely different pitcher this year.

    It’s amazing to me how people will wonder aloud every day why Farnsworth gets chance after chance. Look at his salary, people. You’re stuck with him until he’s off the payroll.

    • TurnTwo

      “You’re stuck with him until he’s off the payroll.”

      agreed, but i think a lot of us were holding out hope that Girardi was going to come in and be a results guy… its what he was preaching thru spring training. you play or pitch well, you will get more time, regardless of name or salary.

      but that seemingly went down the tubes quick.

      • Slugger27

        to be fair, hawkins didnt pitch well and now he is sparingly used even in blowouts… and nobody thought edwar would be anything special this season, hes not a household name and has no salary and he’s become a regular because of his 2.85 ERA. same deal with veras who continues to see more and more action in tight games

  • Ivan

    I think Giradi has done a solid job with the pen. First off he doesn’t use the same guys over and over again and also he puts his relievers in the best possible chance to pitch well.

  • mike

    I think it boils down to the fact that there are a bunch of B- options, and we have not had a B+ or A- option since Gordon ( and he was half-a-heart attack sometimes!) or Karsay for a few months his first year other than Joba.

    Most pens are a disaster, and there are only a few team in the game ( Halos and Sox) which have a durable closer and a reliable set-up guy for more than one year at a time. In most other cases ( Tribe, Mariners, Rockies etc) even if they have a great pen for a year, injuries/ineffectiveness force the quality set-up guys to become the closer anyway, further unsettling the pen and making it weaker.

    I go back to Cash, as its his job to build a pen, and despite a billion dollars spent over the last few years, the two top options for us this year were Ramirez and Brunney, both of whom were not major-leaguers (FA cut by DBacks and Independent League) when they were signed. What does that say for Cash and his ability to build a reliable pen thru the system or free agency?

    While I admire scouring the bushes for talent, he has got to do better

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      How do you think the Red Sox assembled their bullpen? The same thing the Yankees are doing now–scouring the bushes for talent. They got lucky with Okajima, and their younger arms have begun to step up for them at the back end of the bullpen.

      It’s the same strategy the Padres use to assemble a bullpen, and they’ve actually had a rather underrated one for a few years. Ditto Oakland. You don’t purchase relief pitchers off the free agent market, you stockpile a bunch of live arms and see which ones stick.

      • mike

        Agreed to a point – the Sox got lucky with Okie, but they also had Timlin for a long time, and since Theo saw the “bullpen by committee” not work a ferw years ago, he completely re-vamped the pen, and the Sox have had a dominant pen since. He, actually, took a potentially-dominant starter and made him a closer, and has since tiptoed-thru-the-tulips with the back of the rotation to a few WS victories.

        Also, while he did rush Hansen to the majors a few years ago, Theo has built a pretty dominant, homegrown pen right now – not the mish-mosh in the Bronx we have had for the past few years, and he did not start with a Rivera as the anchor!

        I cannot take the Padres pen seriously, as their park is really forgiving and the NL has no offense at all- and they are a perennial .500 team

        • The Fallen Phoenix

          Right, and what are the Yankees doing? Assembling a pile of high-upside arms in the minors. It just so happens that two of their better bullpen prospects–Melancon and Cox–had to miss last year with TJ surgery, otherwise they’d probably have been in the ML pen by now.

          Add them to guys like Ollie, Veras, Edwar (picked out of the IL, sick numbers in the minors), Robertson, and other starter candidates who could be converted to the pen for a short- or long-term (Horne, McCutcheon), and I think the Yankees are on the right track re: bullpen construction.

          And Papelbon probably wouldn’t have been a dominant starter–he was projected more as a middle-of-the-rotation starter, and was only initially put in the pen because of durability concerns in the rotation.

          You can’t develop players overnight: for the last couple of years Cashman has been laying down the foundations for a home-grown rotation *and* bullpen, we just haven’t been able to reap the benefits from it quite yet.

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    It seems Edwar’s problems, if you want to call it a problem, could be solved with a third pitch. I would think that a good curveball could solve it. Right now his two pitches, while varying speeds quite well, both have the same movement, so hitters just guess on the speed and go after it.
    Farnsworth puzzles me. Like Jamal, I am also a sucker for raw stuff, and Farnsworth has that in spades, but his fastball his just that, fast. The pitch seems to have no movement to it. Baseball people have always said major leaguers can hit 150 mph fastballs if they have no movement (They may be exaggerating that. Should I remind you of Steve Nebraska?) How come Joba is able to come up with a two seemer so quickly, but Farnsworth can’t? I wish that he would at least TRY a new pitch.
    Then again, I am no pitching coach, so what the hell do I know?

  • Bo

    Edwar is very gimmicky and his fastball just isn’t located enough to consistently get out hitters. He is good for one inning but 2?

    • Brandon

      My god relax he mised location twice and rebounded that inning, he’s been getting better. Last year Edwar would be near tears on that mound this year he bounced back and finished the inning strong.

      The 2 hitters he gave it up to were 2 of the most patient hitters in MLB, Giles is 12th in all MLB in OBP% (probably why the Red Sox are targeting him) Gonzalez is just a dangerous power bat in NL.

      • TurnTwo

        “The 2 hitters he gave it up to were 2 of the most patient hitters in MLB, Giles is 12th in all MLB in OBP% (probably why the Red Sox are targeting him) Gonzalez is just a dangerous power bat in NL.”

        that is part of the problem with Edwar, though. he can make average hitters look silly with that changeup, but if youve got an above average bat up there who can simply be patient and sit on that changeup knowing that its coming, he’s toast.

        thats prob why he’ll never really be more than a middle innings kind of pitcher, unless he can pinpoint that FB every time.

        • Chris

          He’s pitched in 20 games and given up no runs in 17 of them. If you take aways his one outing where he had absolutely no control, he’d have an ERA under 1.5. Even counting that game his ERA is 2.86.

          The general problem with a changeup pitcher is that if there not perfect, then they have a tendency to give up home runs. Look at Johan Santana. If Edwar keeps pitching as well as he has, then the Yankees will have a great setup guy for Rivera.

        • Brandon

          It was one bad last out, he had 2 outs was close to getting the last out, to be fair the HR to Giles was Yankee Stadium HR to the short porch and Gonzalez just swung at first pitch he was dued. Jesus the I can’t believe the stuff I hear about that one outing.

  • Steve S

    I have to be honest this is nothing like Torre. He does have an unhealthy attachment to Farnsworth but I think the only reason is that Farnsworth is a complete head case and needs to be coddled. And it was apparent in April and the beginning of May that the guy is good enough to be a sixth and seventh inning guy (which isnt saying much). I think Girardi knows that he is eventually going to find the 8th inning guy or Cash will trade for one. But in the mean time, he needs to maintain Farnsworth because he can be a part of a bullpen, just not one of the essential pieces (not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no market for him whatsoever).

    Not to mention the fact that because of this Joba phenomenon, the 8th inning now has become extremely pressurized for the Yankees, so if Veras is going to be the guy, he should be transitioned slowly so as not to call attention to it and allow the media and fans to confuse things. I know its not playing by the numbers but its the sad reality of playing in New York. I almost feel bad for Cox, Melancon or Roberston because all these kids are going to be compared to Joba, who is just a freak.

  • Chip

    Honestly, I thought the bullpen management was wonderful last night. Both Farnsworth and Veras were warming before the 8th. When the Yankees scored two, Farnsworth came in making it very obvious that he was the less trustworthy of the two. I’m sure Girardi had this going through his mind, “maybe we can get Farnsworth in with a 3 run lead and get him some confidence so he starts pitching well and can build some trade value, besides at worst he’ll give up a solo homerun”.

    The idea with relievers who are ahead is don’t walk a guy. Giving up solo homeruns isn’t a big deal when you have a three run lead. The idea is to win so you limit baserunners because a solo homerun only brings the deficit down to two.

    Also, I like what Girardi is doing by letting guys finish out innings. It says to them “you might give up a homerun by missing your location a bit but that’s ok as long as you keep attacking hitters and I’m going to stand behind you by leaving you in to finish it off and then standing up for you to the media”. I mean last night after the two homeruns Edwar got Tony Clark on three swinging strikes. The kid could be the next Trevor Hoffman (ok not that good but same type of pitcher) if he learns to locate his fastball. He’s been in the Yankee organization for a year and a half so just let him learn a bit from Mo and who knows, maybe he picks up a cutter for a third pitch.

    Thus far, I’ve been infinitely more impressed with Girardi at bullpen management than Torre. He uses his big arms when he needs (aka Joba earlier this season and Rivera) and will plug a hot guy into the 8th (Veras or Edwar) while trying to find a place for Hawkins and Farnsworth. I guarantee you if Bruney hadn’t gotten injured, he’d have settled into the 8th inning role by now the way he was pitching. My only problem has been the use of Ohlie in the long man role but I think that if he wasn’t going to be used as the long man earlier this season, he’d have been pitching in AAA while Karstens/Rasner/Giese were in the pen.

    • http://2009 Haggs

      Veras was warming up if Edwar needed to be rescued in the 7th. Farnsworth is the 8th inning guy still. He would have pitched the eighth whether the lead was one or three. The only reason Veras was used over Farnsworth last week is because Farnsworth had a sore bicep.

      A solo homerun is not a big deal with a three run lead. Solo homerun(S!) are a very big deal. And the two pitchers used to get to Mo last night both give up way too many homeruns.

    • Travis G.

      yes! it’s great that Girardi is letting these guys finish up innings. with Torre, Edwar woulda been Yanked after the 2nd HR, but Girardi stayed with him and he got out of it – that should help his confidence a LOT more than being pulled after sucking.

      same with Farnsy. Torre probably pulls him after the HR and goes to either Veras or Mo. staying in to finish the inning after struggling is something Torre seemed very against.

  • Matt M.

    i think girardi has done a great job at dispersing the ball. bruney and albaladejo got some use before they got hurt. ramirez veras and farnsworth have been pieced together. girardi has done ok with what he has. and once melancon and robertson get their shots later in the year. everything will be AOK.

    but i think that this bullpen is just a distraction. the real problem (and i might get flammed for this) is our offense.

    i know that they’re tearing the cover off the ball. and that since arod and posada’s gotten healthy–their problems have gotten smaller. the weather’s heating up and so is the offense…but already this year ive seen this offense pull its great disappearing act too many times agaisnt too many mediocre pitching. it doesnt help my point that the smacked around peavy last night. but i think that the pitching situation is a red herring. cuz come october we’ll have a pen of mo veras melancon cox robertson/ramirez and farnsworth. and hopefully our rotation will be something to the tune of joba, pettitte, mussina, hughes.

    ultimately the offense masks a lot of probelms. some with the pitching and some with the offense itself.

    • Ben K.

      Anyone who opts to flame you over their comment would be right in doing so. The Yankees are 19-9 since A’Rod’s come off the DL, and the offense has been utterly mashing. How is that a problem?

  • jsbrendog

    The Yankees also claimed right-hander Oneli Perez off waivers from the Indians and optioned him to Double-A Trenton. The 24-year-old Perez had been pitching in Triple-A this season for Cleveland and the Chicago White Sox.

    To make room for Perez on the 40-man roster, the Yankees transferred right-hander Jonathan Albaladejo (elbow) from the 15-day disabled list to the 60-day DL.

    no bullpen help on the way no albaladejo

  • mike

    Girardi is doing fine – I judge a GM by results, and a manager by tactics.

    Edwar is the guy who can get out lefties with the change, and he failed. The question is whether he was the right guy to have in the spot at the time, and the answer is yes. Joe gave Traber a shot the other day when it was lo-pressure to see if he could work him in, and he did not do well. If Traber blew away lefties, he might have been in there against Giles – but either way Joe did right by having Edwar in, especially when he dominated the inning before.

    Farns vs. Veras? I think they are the same animal, and we all have a built-in animus against Farnsworth because of expectations and past performance. It is right for Joe to put Farns in the 8th just to change the look with Ramirez out of the game, and the fact he did not 1-2-3 is not Joe’s fault.

    Farns is the 2nd best option next to Rivera in most cases, can get a K, and needs to be used to be effective. I have no additional confidence in Ollie or Hawkins to get the job done – do you?

    Lets see how the pen shakes out without Wang and with Joba/Ponson in the rotation

  • Bill

    First let me say I’m totally in favor of Veras becoming the primary 8th inning guy. With that said I’m not going to throw Farnsworth under a bus. I don’t particularly like the guy and his outings are rarely pretty, but how many games has he blown for us? Not many. Yes, he gives up WAY too many HRs, but they’re almost always solo shots when we have a multiple run lead. Still Veras should be the guy in a tight game to setup Mo as you can only roll the dice so many times on Farnsworth.

    Edwar is fine and I’m not worried. This is going to happen to him every once in a while when he loses control of his fastball.

  • A.D.

    Bullpen will have bumps, if they can do it on a day when the bats are going and thus we still win, then that’s the perfect situation

  • xkevinx

    Thats some terrible analysis on Edwar. 3 HRs in 21 innings is a better rate than Ohlie and IPK with much beter strike out numbers and far fewer hits overall. As Steve pointed out, he is not the same pitcher as last year, and looking at his career stats is not the best way to go. He was actually decent last year if you take out 2 times where torre didn’t use him for long stretches (I think 9 days without pitching at one point). His HR rate in the minors was fine. I’m not concerned.

  • Axl

    I think Mussina should take Edwar under his wing and show him how to locate his fastball and changeup…that’s the problem. He isn’t over-powering just as Mussina isn’t…but if you have a nasty pitch like that change up…and can do well NOT locating it…imagine how you could be if you located your pitches…
    Farnsworthless should be designated for assignment…I can’t remember the last time he had a 1-2-3 inning without any scares. Not only is he bad for the Yankees…but he’s bad for our health. The stress he puts on us all isn’t anything we deserve.
    Let’s trade some 2nd tier prospects for some decent bullpen arms…and we’ll maybe have a shot at the playoffs. The only problem is, our pitching is even worse than last year…so even if we make it to the playoffs…we’re done in the first round…yet again.

  • Axl

    Can anybody tell me why the Yankee organization continues to sign and scout ex-Red Sox players?? We’re not scouting Bronson Arroyo?!? He can’t even hack it in Cinci…he’s a better hitter on that team than he is a pitcher. Him back in the AL East is a BIG mistake. I really hope this isn’t anything serious.
    If anyone, I’d go for a Joe Blanton. Not the best pitcher in the world…but he certainly eats his innings…and is consistent year in and year out. That’s all I ask for right now. And who knows…being consistent and eating those innings…and having an offense like the Yankees could turn into a whole bunch of wins…why not?

  • Ari

    I don’t get your comment about Girardi using Farnsworth over Veras even though Veras is better. It seems to me that Veras is the go to guy in tight games, while Farnsworth is now much more likely to appear in a game where the Yankees have at least a moderately large lead. This seems like great bullpen management to me. Joe gets everyone the regular work they need while doing his best to save his best arms for when they are most needed. Sure Veras could have pitched instead of Farnsworth with the Yankees up a bunch of runs, but then who knows where he’ll be today when we needed him to come into a one run game.