Marchman talks Yanks, baseball with Maury Brown


Maury Brown, the man behind the excellent Biz of Baseball site, sat down with Tim Marchman for a Q-and-A on New York sports. Marchman is, in my opinion, one of the more under-appreciated columnists in New York, mostly because he writes for The Sun, a paper that doesn’t get the same level of attention as the other New York dailies.

Marchman, who’s just a few years older than the three of us, talks about his journey to the sports pages of The Sun from Allegheny College and, of course, the state of New York baseball this season.

On the Yanks’ development plans:

I’m mainly surprised that they seem to be sticking with the idea of developing the young talent while trying to squeeze a last run out of the older players, rather than visibly panicking. I do have the sense that Hank Steinbrenner could become a really serious problem for them, just because you never want an owner expressing opinions on which players should be in the rotation or the lineup, especially when those opinions are different from those of people with actual professional qualifications, but for right now he’s a harmless diversion. The Yankees may not be good, but there’s never any sense of abject hopelessness about them, and that puts them up on the Mets.

On the game’s worst GMs:

It’s really impressive how few outright bad GMs there are today. Bill Bavasi may be pretty bad, but there’s no way he would have stood out as anything exceptional ten or fifteen years ago. Brian Sabean of course is in a league of his own, but what’s notable about him isn’t that he’s bad but that he’s so bad in contrast to the rest of the league.

On the new stadiums (Marchman hates Yankee Stadium and feels that one of the new parks should have gone up in Brooklyn):

Yankee Stadium is on the merits one of the worst places in the country to watch a ballgame, and there’s really little that’s more hilarious in baseball than the pretense that this giant concrete bowl is some magnificent cathedral and monument to the glories of the game. It just drips with pompousness and fake old-timiness, and I won’t miss it at all…Mainly I think it’s too bad that the new Yankees park is displacing public parks…and that both seem to be simultaneously titanic monuments to a really bombastic idea of New York and utterly divorced from the life of the city.

Marchman talks more about New York sports and baseball writing in general. Check it out.

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  • JRVJ

    Frankly, I’ve always thought of Marchman as a pretentious SOB, and this interview did not dispel my POV.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      I have to agree. I’ve always thought of him as pretentious.

      Though I agree with him that I’m surprised the Yankees are sticking with the young talent and not trading for today’s wins. Good strategy but they could get so much more out of this club than they have.

      I’m still mulling over Girardi’s comments after yesterday’s game that he thinks the team is playing well. I’m still stunned by that. Is that a party line or is he completely delusional? And why didn’t he argue that call at first with Melky? That was a robbery if there ever was one.

      I rode Pete Abe’s hide the whole beginning of the year for not giving Girardi his due and now I’m beginning to see things his way.

  • Manimal

    Off topic but head over to Phil Hughes blog, he has an update about himself.

    “Hey everyone. Over the last couple months i’ve had a plan in the works to switch my blog over to yardbarker.com. They will help a lot with maintaining the blog, which has been my biggest headache. I’ll be back later with the exact details.

    On another note, I have been pain free for about a week and hope to be throwing again soon. I also received my new Oakley prescription glasses for when I’m back on the mound. Should be pretty intimidating. haha. Talk to you later.”

  • raymagnetic ®™

    “I’m still mulling over Girardi’s comments after yesterday’s game that he thinks the team is playing well. I’m still stunned by that. Is that a party line or is he completely delusional? ”

    They’re 12-8 in the last 20 games.

    • Jeremy

      Those two losses to KC were pitiful. The stats do not tell the whole story. If we can’t get a run back against KC we are toast. We can do a lot better than this.

  • brad k

    I know something is wrong when I have to agree with LiveFromNewYork. Calling Marchman pretentious is an insult to pretentious people everywhere. He has a lot of opinions about a lot of people for a 29 year old who in all honesty doesn’t have much to show for his efforts. It is the Sun after all, not exactly main street. You know what they say: Opinions are like assholes…and everyone’s got one.

    I especially loved his take on Yankee Stadium. To each their own!

  • Nefarious jackson

    Yea, kinda suprised the RIV ave boys dig Marcham, he’s always seemed like a blowhard

    Over at PinestripesPlus Patrick has news of a couple more signings, including Pat Venditte– looking like we’ll get to see our favorite LHP RHP sooner than later