Mets fire Randolph, two coaches


Despite winning three of four games and seemingly turning things around a bit, Willie Randolph got the ax this morning. The Mets finally fired Willie and his two of his coaches. Perhaps the Yanks can find a spot for the man shouldering all too much of the blame for the Mets’ poor play this year.


  1. Double-J says:

    First. I also linked to this one in the other Willie thread this morning, lol.

    And I’d be cool with Willie coming back to the Yankees at some point, although I wonder if he’d be closer to Torre and go to the Dodgers?

  2. Wiggum Fan says:

    I see him as a special or roving assistant.

    But why would he take another job? He’s going to get paid by the Mets through next year. Why work for $1 million from the Yanks or ESPN and have the Mets only pay for the other half of his salary. He’ll relax, appear as a guest commentator for the playoffs or World Series then have his pick of jobs in the next year or two.

    Looking ahead, here’s what manager jobs could be open within the next 2 years

    Toronto (great opportunity with that staff, need offense)

    Dodgers (come in as bench coach and replace Torre – issue with Mattingly possible return though)

    Mariners (not the best spot)

    Tigers (Leyland isn’t young and the ownership will spend)

    Braves (how much longer does Cox go on for, 2010, 2011?

    Baltimore (just because Angelos)

    Rangers (that’s a bad spot due to historic lack of pitching)

    Giants (won’t make a move due to age of team and lack of prospects but that could change if they rebuild farm system quickly)

    Astos (my sleeper, Cecil Cooper looks lost)

    Brewers (playing better and Willie does not have best rep with young players)

  3. Mike A. says:

    Poor Willie, I feel bad for him. I’d have no problem with Willie replacing Bobby Meachem. I wonder how this affects his status as an All-Star Game coach. Maybe they’ll bring Torre instead. I hope so, anyway.

    • TurnTwo says:

      i think i read somewhere that Torre didnt particularly want to be a part of the AS festivities and game…

      • Mike A. says:

        Yeah, I did too. I’m hoping he could be persuaded.

        At the very least, I hope he comes back for the Stadium-closing ceremony at the end of the year. Did you hear that they’re trying to bring back every living Yankee for that? Insane.

        • TurnTwo says:

          really? wow, that would be quite a sight.

          i’m surprised we havent heard more about what is actually being planned for the event… tight lips over there in Yankeeland.

          being a sunday game, i think, do we know yet if ESPN is picking up the game to televise nationally? i wonder how that would effect the planned goings-on.

        • Haggs says:

          I can hear Michael Kay now,

          “Please welcome the suckiest Yankees of all time, Steve Trout and Ed Whitson!”

          • TurnTwo says:

            i shutter knowing that such a special event like that will go down in history with Kay’s voice attached to it.

  4. Rob says:

    Hire Petersen?

  5. Scott says:

    The Muppets are cowards…

    Is it weird that the same reason they hired him is the essentially the same reason they fired him. (Being that he’s too laid back)

    Willie belongs in Yankee Pinstripes anyway, bring him back but not as 3rd base coach….that’s a whole other issue though…

    hope he still is there for the all-star game so the yankee fans can give him the appreciation he deserves

  6. Scott says:

    I don’t want to bring Peterson in…He might make the Yanks trade Joba for Victor Zambrano…he loves that guy

    • A.D. says:

      Peterson is a double edged he can fix some guys, but he also thinks he can fix everyone, which isn’t going to be the case

  7. Haggs says:

    I remember Willie as the nice guy who had no use for the stop sign, he waved ‘em all home – often with disastrous results: outs, injuries, etc….

    Bowa was a huge upgrade. But Meacham kind of stinks.

    • Mike A. says:

      Pena to 3rd, Willie to 1st?

      • TurnTwo says:

        but what does a 1B coach really do, other than yell “BACK!!” when the pitcher throws over?

        • Scott says:

          he also has the stopwatch that times the delivery of the pitcher, very important work

          • Mike A. says:

            And when a player reached first, he’ll take their elbow/shin guard and hand it to the bat boy. Oh, and if a guy is on first or second when the inning ends, he’ll take his helmet and stuff back to the dugout for him.

            • Scott says:

              he also likes give high fives or pound after a hit/walk/HBP…as well as the occasional butt slap…sometimes even whispering things in their ears like…”It’s two outs, go on contact” or “One out, on the ground you go, in the air you hold”..also he had to have good hands to field those foul ground balls and good aim to throw it into the crowd of a happy fan…

              I think we covered it all

  8. Scott says:

    I’d definitely rather have Willie at 1st…

    • Steve A says:

      But maybe if Willie were at 3rd, he’d have held Wang instead of sending him home.

      • steve (different one) says:

        i hope not.

        because that would make him a terrible 3B coach.

        2 outs, FULL count, ground ball through the right side. you score from 2B standing up.

        don’t let your knowledge of what happened inform everything you’ve learned watching from watching baseball your entire life.

        it’s not even a decision whether to send him or not. it’s an automatic send.

        • Steve A says:

          While I normally would agree with you, I send anyone other than my top pitcher whose not used to running the basepaths.

  9. Mike A. says:

    Maybe Willie could give Cano a little kick in the ass.

  10. Jeff says:

    Face it….losing Bowa was a huge blow to the Yankees. Not only as the best 3rd base coach in the league, but as Cano’s designated ass-kicker. Look at how lost Cano is without him.

    Could Willie fill that role? Not at 3rd, but as Cano’s ass-kicker? Maybe. Willie knows how to play the game, how to be successful, but that fire that Bowa brings just by looking in your direction can’t be compared.

    Frankly I think it’s silly to talk about this. Willie isn’t going to take a lesser offer from the Yankees. He’ll wait it out and return next season or later to another team. I don’t see the Yankee brass scrapping anyone for Willie anytime soon.

    • Haggs says:

      Memory is fuzzy, but I think Willie did good work with Soriano when they were both here, aside from the HR admiring he occasionally did.

    • zack says:

      Ahh, love the “Bowa as 3rd base coach was the biggest blow of the year” comments. Because its really a matter of Cano not trying hard enough, thats why he isn’t doing well…Dammit, all Kemp needed was a little motivation from 3B, look at how well he’s doing!

      Baseball always plays scapegoats, always has. The Mets will continue to turn things around and everyone will credit the new manager’s “different look” or some crap like that. The organization handled all of this like crap and Willie deserves better.

      • A.D. says:

        Bowa is generally credited with putting a kick in Cano’s ass defensively, not offensively, and Cano has been pretty great at 2B all season, don’t remeber many metal lapses

  11. Bruno says:

    It should’ve been Omar that got the axe. He’s the one that put an AARP team on the field. Omar and Brian Sabean seem like the same dillusional GM, thinking 35+ y/o players could be counted on the stay healthy and productive for a ull season, and not have any back-up plans in place.

  12. Rich says:

    Most. Classless. Firing. Ever.

  13. karlkole says:

    You forgot to mention the Chicago White Sox as having a possible vacancy for a manager’s job. Ozzie isn’t exactly the most stable person managing a MLB team & speaking his mind doesn’t help.

  14. karlkole says:

    With the Mutts paying out the remainder of a multi-millions dollar salary through 2009 to Willie, there’s no way Willie will trade that kind of dough to be a 1st/3rd base coach for the Yankees or any other team. Personally, I hope he lands a managing job in the NL East so that he can stick it to the Mutts. An assistant GM job is also something worthy of his skills.

    • A.D. says:

      He doesn’t have to, the contract is guarenteed, he can get whatever job he wants, the Mets still owe him the cash

  15. Jamal G. says:

    Fuck the Mets, seriously fuck them. How dare you make the man fly across the country, win a game and then fire him. Fuck you Fred and Jeff Wilpon, you two are assholes.

    I now hate the Mets, I really do.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Omar Minaya as well, that prick. He gives us Latinos a bad name with that stupid persuasion method he tried to use on Carlos Delgado and Pedro Martinez when they were free agents. Talking about playing for the premiere Hispanic team in baseball? Fuck you.

    • Haggs says:

      It’s like flying a man down to Florida and making him a half-assed, half-hearted offer to remain manager, after 4 rings and nothing but playoffs every year of his tenure.

      Oops wait a minute, the Yanks did that.

      We Yankee fans can pick up the stone, and we can think about throwing it, but we should probably put it back on the ground. Our house is pretty glassy when it comes to managers.

      • Stryker says:

        oh COME ON. joe torre had virtually NOTHING to do with those 4 rings. did he physically play in the games? no. all he had to do was sit on that bench half asleep chewing on a peach pit drinking green tea. it was the players that won those 4 titles. i can sit on a bench and do a better job managing young talent and bullpens than torre did.

        they gave him the half-assed, half-hearted offer because of the first round playoff exits. torre could have taken the deal, easily. no manager in their right mind deserves the amount of money torre was looking for. i think the current situation with the good ol’ brooklyn los angeles dodgers is a perfect case study. if torre is god in a baseball uniform commanding 16 mil/year the dodgers would be in a much better position.

        • Stryker says:

          EDIT: first round playoff exits and i’m sure they even took into consideration the 4 rings.

          • steve (different one) says:

            We Yankee fans can pick up the stone, and we can think about throwing it, but we should probably put it back on the ground. Our house is pretty glassy when it comes to managers.

            not even close.

            Torre’s contract expired. that’s it. he was no longer employed by the Yankees.

            the 2 situations are not at all similar.

            the Yankees had every right to make him whatever offer they felt he deserved.

            just because YOU feel like he deserved a better offer is pretty irrelevant.

            • Haggs says:

              Except it’s not so black and white.

              The Yankees could have said, “thanks for the memories Joe, we’re going to go in a different direction”, and they obviously had every right to do so. The Torre loyalists would have squawked a bit, but nothing like how they squawked after what the Yanks actually did.

              In an effort to avoid getting blood on their hands, they made Torre an offer they knew he would refuse, and the move backfired horribly. Instead of peacefully moving in a new direction, Torre became a martyr.

              The Mets have essentially done the same thing in terms of handling the transition. Few can quibble with their decision to can Willie, and had they been men about it, I suspect few would have. But they botched the job, and now Willie is a martyr as well.

              The lesson: if you don’t want someone back, tell him that to his face and move on. Don’t be weasels about it.

        • Haggs says:

          Easy there Stryker.

          Regardless of how you feel about Mr. Torre’s job performance, his exit from the Yankees was a public relations disaster that was botched every which way by the Yanks “braintrust”. Not quite as bad as what the Mets did to Willie, but pretty bad, esp. when you factor in Torre’s Yankee resume (which I realize you don’t give him any credit for at all).

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos says:

          … so he’s not the reason the Yankees won anything, but he is the reason the Dodgers are struggling? Hmm, that’s convenient…

          “Common sense always speaks too late. Common sense is the guy who tells you ought to have had your brakes relined last week before you smashed a front end this week. Common sense is the Monday morning quarterback who could have won the ball game if he had been on the team. But he never is. He’s high up in the stands with a flask on his hip. Common sense is the little man in a gray suit who never makes a mistake in addition. But it’s always somebody else’s money he’s adding up.”

          -Raymond Chandler, American author (The Big Sleep)

      • Travis G. says:

        i thought of that, but there is a HUGE difference. Torre still would’ve been (by far) the highest paid manager in MLB. vastly different from firing someone after a win, after a 3000 mile trip.

    • mustang says:

      Before we start-throwing stone at the Mets lets look at some Yankee history. Because the way the Mets did this has old George written all over it.
      I know it’s the pass, but the Steinbrenner don’t have the best track record when it comes to firing managers with class.

  16. Jeremy says:

    Positively Steinbrennerian (pre-Torre of course).

  17. Stryker says:

    aside from the fact that randolph had to fly out to LA and now has to fly back to the east coast by himself the morning after the team won the game on a very good mike pelfrey outing and after the organization let him TALK TO THE PRESS where he was saying things like ‘this is what we needed. we’re going to build on this game.’ – the thing that bothers me the MOST is the total lack of accountability within that entire ballclub! and this is coming from someone who isn’t even a mets fan.

    the way the wilpons (mis)handled this whole thing was to express their discontent and wipe their hands clean, supposedly leaving the decision up to minaya. it’s so completely freakin’ obvious that firing him was the plan all along – even when minaya said “wilie randolph is our manager FOR NOW”. what is that supposed to mean?! how can you, as a front office official and the general manager of the team, have the moxy to allow randolph to get on the plane when you know damn well that you intend to fire him?

    this morning – fred wilpon goes ahead and says ‘hey. it wasn’t OUR decision.’ and minaya WASN’T EVEN AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT. so not only have they been stringing along randolph since september, but they let him go on the other side of the country with no NY media present. classy. as if firing randolph wasn’t enough, i hope they realize that firing rick peterson just made that team worse. they go ahead and fire the guy who turned a dismal pittsburgh pirates lefty named oliver perez into a 15 game winner last season. and he’s done an incredible job shaping john maine. while i admit peterson believes he can and will help any pitcher he coaches, it’s hard to deny the improvement in perez in 2007 and the pitcher john maine was in baltimore’s system to the #2 starter the mets have now.

    what a spineless stunt they’ve just pulled. i’m obviously disgusted because this is seriously THE shittiest, most juvenile thing i’ve witnessed in 16 years of following professional baseball.

  18. tommiesmithjohncarlos says:

    It’s official: The Mets are a bunch of classless ass-clowns.

  19. mustang says:

    This was handled badly by the Mets organizations, but before us Yankees fans start getting on our high horses let’s remember how our organization has handled the firing of managers.
    And I’m just talking about Torre. So be careful before casting stones.

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