Mike Mussina, candyman


Joe Girardi irked a few Yankees earlier this year when he banned unhealthy food from the post-game spread. Ever looking for edge, Mike Mussina made a deal: When Moose reaches 10 wins, the ice cream returns. Well, Mussina won his tenth game on the road, and the ice cream is back. Once Moose reached 12 wins, the donuts can return, and 15 wins will bring back the candy. If that’s what’s keeping Moose dealin’ this year, maybe the Yanks should have tried this sooner.

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  • jsbrendog

    20 wins and a hot fudge waterfall?

    • dan

      nice. maybe a chocolate statue of Mussina posing like The Thinker for Giambi to sink his teeth into.

  • Kelvin

    Continue to pitch well,or, great, and the world series champs are back in the bronx! haha.. lol. go for 27 in 08!

  • A.D.

    Imagine if they did this for Britton, he’d be the best reliever in baseball

    • Kelvin

      That’s for sure, but only possible ofcourse, if Britton actually pitches. hahaha..

  • Geno

    Hey, I was laid off today. If only I had a candy incentive. If anyone is looking for an exceptional editor/designer, let me know.

  • r.w.g.

    Mussina is epic.

  • Adam

    someone remind me why millionaires need free ice cream?

    • dan

      It’s not that it wasn’t free, it’s that it wasn’t allowed in the clubhouse

    • A.D.

      Joba only make 330K a year! Same with Melk, they can’t be blowing cash on ice cream, they gotta save it for the clubs!

  • JohnC

    ever see “It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World’? Could see Moose in the middle of the clubhouse saying to Joe, ala Spencer Tracy: “You know what I beleive I’d like? A chocolate fudge sundae, with whip cream, and a cherry on top”.

  • http://mvn.com/milb-yankees Eric

    In other news, Brian Bruney can’t wait to return from his injury.

  • JohnC

    Neither can Chein Ming Wang, for that matter.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    You gotta love the Moose. Pitching for chocolate. That’s terrific.