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Posada working on borrowed time
Game 59: If we don't give up 9 runs, we just might win’s Draft Tracker is finally up and running for the 2008 Draft. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like the Tracker is usually up in mid-May. Anywho, as usual it has the full complement of scouting videos, which are a great way to kill a slow and hot (the a/c is still on the fritz here) afternoon at work. You can find Gerrit Cole’s video here, Nick Maronde’s here, Tanner Scheppers’ here, and Ike Davishere. Those are just some names that have been bandied about in Yankee land recently.

Posada working on borrowed time
Game 59: If we don't give up 9 runs, we just might win
  • Jamal G.

    Is a first round pick of Gerrit Cole and subsequent supplemental round pick of Zach Collier all that unreasonable?

    • Mike A.

      Collier, yes it’s unreasonable. There’s talk he could go in the top 10 now, to a team like Cincy or the ‘Stros.

  • Phil McCracken

    Is there any chance Eric Hosmer drops?

    I’d prefer if we can focus on pitching in the off season instead of a streaky hitter like Teixeira who’s gonna want an 8 year deal.

  • dan

    Mike, you might want to share what you wrote to me in that email about Scheppers…. I don’t believe I’ve seen it posted on this site anywhere.

    • Mike A.

      Not really, because the person who told it to me told me in confidence, and I don’t want to burn them. So I’d appreciate it if you kept your mouth shut. ;)

      • dan

        didn’t realize… will do.

  • CB

    Forget the issues about attitude and immaturity about Cole. Here is the truly concerning issue.

    From the Draft Central scouting report:

    “Physical Description: Cole is a projectable high school right-hander who compares a bit to Kyle Farnsworth.”

    Thtat’s just not the comp you want to see in anyway.

    • Jamal G.

      Yeah, who wouldn’t want their stuff compared to Kyle Farnsworth, he of the mid-90s heater and plus Slider.

      • CB

        Are you really trying to suggest Farnsworth has good stuff? That’s really falling in love with the radar gun.

        You think the guy with the highest home run rate in the game has good stuff?

        A straight fastball that’s thrown 97 isn’t a good pitch. That’s not good “stuff.” And a “plus” slider that’s not thrown with any command and that you hang all the time isn’t really “plus.”

        It was a joke about the Farnsworth comp. The comparison was funny. Farnsworth isn’t the first guy you’d think to comp a high school player with. Relax.

        • Jamal G.

          His raw stuff is on par with some of the top relievers in baseball. You can’t sit there and tell me you not be excited over a guy who can throw 95-98MPH with a plus breaking pitch. Now when that line is attached to the name Kyle Farnsworth your perception changes, deservedly so. Do not equate his performance with a lack of talent because the talent is there, the execution is not.

          That’s why the comparison was prefaced with the notion of a “Physical Description”. When you are talking about Kyle Farnsworth physically, there is nothing you can knock the guy for. Big, strong, broad shoulders, long legs and he can pump that gas as good as anyone. Now his command and sometimes control are out of whack but that is not related to his raw “stuff”.

        • Mike A.

          Farnsworth does have nasty stuff, he just doesn’t command it. You can have good stuff and still give up homers, just ask Josh Beckett or Johan Santana.

  • jon

    Has their been any solid info on Scheppers’ injury? Keith Law had a chat today and said some teams were worried, but the Mariners (I think) took a look at it and said it wasn’t too bad.

  • George Kaplan

    Holy crap Jemile Weeks is fast…

  • Joey

    out of the 3 vids I watched (Cole, Maronde, and Scheppers), Scheppers impressed me the most between his pretty easy delivery and velocity. But then again I really don’t know shit compared to most of you :-)

  • Baseballnation

    Cole’s delivery was atrocious, some kind of whipping motion, almost as if he’s sub marine the ball to the plate. Don’t like it, and it look like it screamed future arm injury…

  • JohnC

    There is speculation that the Yanks could already have a deal in place with Scheppers, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he is the pick. I would assume their doctors did their due diligence and think his shoulder injury isn’t as serious as feared.