Sunday morning baseball reading

Return of the real DotF
Hank supports Cash, says Cash

There’s nothing better than waking up late on a Sunday morning, a little while before the game — and Joba’s second start — begins, to some baseball reading. To wit, a dose of recommended reading for you:

  • Tyler Kepner profiled Gerrit Cole, the Yanks’ first-round draft pick. The youngster was 11 when the Yankees lost to the Diamondbacks in the 2001 World Series. I feel really old now.
  • Peter Meehan, a travel writer for The Times, tells you what to eat and what to avoid at ballparks around the country. The corresponding map is pretty nifty.
  • Ed Price profiles the Yankees clubhouse attendants. As fun as it sounds in theory to work in a baseball clubhouse, it sounds very much like a tough, work-intensive job.
  • Doug Glanville, in his on-going contributions as a guest columnist for The Times, writes about the infamous game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. As a former member of that Cubs team, Glanville is quick to point the finger at Steve Bartman and omits any mention of Alex Gonzalez’s more costly error a few batters later on a potential inning-ended double play ball. Fun note: Kyle Farnsworth helped seal the Cubs’ doom in that game, giving up 3 earned runs in 0.1 innings of relief work in that 8th inning nearly five years ago.
  • Jeff Passan at Yahoo! Sports checks in with the Yankee veterans who are loathe to admit that the Yanks are in a rebuilding mode. I wouldn’t call what they’re doing “rebuilding,” but the Yanks are certainly pursuing something of a different course than the one they’ve charted year in and year out since losing to the Diamondbacks in 2001.
Return of the real DotF
Hank supports Cash, says Cash
  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    The Meehan piece was disappointing. He lost me when he mentioned that he puts ketchup on hotdogs. Anyone who does that has no business writing about food. Or living.

    And he’s dead wrong too about the food at Sox Park in Chicago. He should’ve tried the food stands down the left field line. The Polish with grilled onions is excellent, and I’ve heard, though not tried it, that there’s some decent Mexican food as well.

    After reading those two things I quit. Don’t know what other travesties he commits, though I suspect that the softshell crab sandwich he pans from Camden Yards is actually pretty tasty. How could softshell crab be bad?

  • Joseph C.

    Hey! What’s wrong with a little ketchup on your frankfurter?

  • Edwantsacracker

    Man if you think Major League clubbies are crazy you should meet some minor league ones. At the park in my hometown one guy does all laundry/cleaning. He never leaves the ballpark.

    I would remember coming to the park at 7 AM to start cutting grass and bringing him coffee cause he was still cleaning uniforms. He’s swearing at the players who slide when they could have easily stayed up…

  • Big B

    Ben – Do you know any good sports bars in the Park Slope area where I can catch the game?

    • Ben K.

      Try 200 Fifth. They won’t be overrun with Red Sox fans like the LIghthouse, and they’ve got a ton of TVs and a decent menu too. It is, obviously, at 200 Fifth Ave.

      The Carriage House at 312 7th Ave will have the game too.

  • Adam

    awesome ben, thanks for doing the legwork.

  • chris

    love the piece on rebuilding – just like to see the team take it a step further. right now they are the thid maybe 4th best team in the AL and they have some tadable commodities: Matsui who has been one of the few bright spots – no doubt he can help a conteder out for the rest of this year and next. Even Giambi who has had a resurgene of sorts – if the yanks pick up some salary there would have to be some interest – the whitesox whee thome nd korneko have been god aweful or the twins who have Jason Kubel as their DH and his whoping 6 homeruns. Even the Angels were inteeseted in him last year.

    If they can get a better deal for Giambi than they would get in draft pick compensation (i doubt he will be a type A) than they should make that deal. I’d like to see them shop Damon as well, but doubt they will get much in return if anything. As good as he has been, they need to explore ridding themselve of Matsui for three reasons: 1. they may get back a good prospect especially if they pick up some of his contact, 2. additional payroll fleibility which is at 80 million and counting and could be 90 million or so if they jettison Hideki (side note: Hank better not wimp out and only spend 1/2 of it – this team needs a makeover – an 80 million dollar makeover)

    other guys that ould have value – Pettite – I believe he has a no-trade clasue, but he is such a competitor that I can see him wanting to play fo a winner — GO HOUSTON. and I would also love to see them package some of these great arms in the minors for a stud offesnsive guy – hit up a team with great minor league hitting talent, but no pitching and see what we can do to get a young star in the making – the brewers and matt laporta come to mind

    the one thing this team has is players other teams would want especially if the yankees pitch in on paying them.

    will they do any of this – aside from giambi ‘i don’t see it happening, but the thought of having both damon and matsui on the same team next year – both a year older and slower – either one a liability in the field and the other taking up the DH spot that needs to be used for Posada from time to time – is just plain scary

  • The Fallen Phoenix

    From MLB trade rumors:

    Dayan Viciedo, a 19 year-old Cuban ballplayer (hailed as the best baseball player since Kenny Morales), has defected and arrived in Miami. He plays SS, 3B, and OF.

    I’m not convinced the Yankees are going to necessarily pursue him, but I guess it’s a name to keep in mind, right?

    • Mike A.

      Yuniesky Gourriel is the guy I want. He’s super-legit.

      That article said this Dayan kid has been considered the best player in Cuba for the past 8 years, but he’s only 19. If an 11-yr old is the best baseball player in the country, you know they got issues.

    • Bonos

      They need him badly for RF. Unless Areu gets resigned. The minors OF picture is bleak. Last three years of drafting and not one college high ceiling OF. It’s like their scouts only know pitching. Mindboggling.

  • Ivan

    Is it me or the Steve Bartman play is the most overrated play in baseball?

    • Mike A.

      If Moises Alou shuts his trap and walks back to left field, this whole thing never would have happened, and Bartman could live a normal life.

    • AndrewYF

      I’d say the Jeter diving into the stands play is pretty overrated. Weren’t the Yankees leading Boston by 7 games then?

  • Bonos

    Gardner should be up now, just to check him out. They need some sort of plan looking forward.

    • Geno

      They have a pretty good plan going forward – Ajax, Tabata & Almonte.