The next Big Thing


We’ve all heard about Mark Melancon. We know he’s one of our Tommy John Rehab Watch guys, and we know that the buzz is growing surrounding Melancon. We heard he could be the next eighth inning guy for the Yanks and a possible replacement for Mariano Rivera when that time finally comes. But just who is Mark Melancon? Today, Tyler Kepner answers that question in a profile on the 23-year-old. Check it out.

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  • Cam

    Gives me chills. Nice article. Wish he was in Scranton so I could see him pitch tomorrow!

  • Scott

    Pat Venditte is back with Yanks

  • stuart

    kyle given up runs in 7 of last 8 outing. really that is hard to do when you pitch 1 inning..

    hawkins may not even be able of doing that!!!!

    how can we keep carting him out in the 8th inning??

    melancon should come up now……..

  • A.D.

    I’d like to see the young trio of college closers all get at least a look this season so the yanks can gague what they see going into next season. On top of that Robertson & Cox have essentially been mowing down AAA, and Melancon has mowed down AA so they deserve the promotion for continued development.

  • Chip

    I agree, throw Hawkins to the Rockies for pocket change and find some injury for Farnsworthless to claim and bring up Cox and Melancon. It’s not like you’re going to stunt their development seeing how old they already are and they obviously have the stuff.

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