Two steps forward, one step back

That other Hideki

Let me just say, flat out, that the Royals suck. They are 24-37, and prior to tonight, they had lost 11 straight road games. They’ve scored 62 fewer runs than they’ve allowed, and they seem destined for a fifth straight AL Central last-place finish.

Tonight’s starter for this terrible Kansas City team was Kyle Davies. He has a career 6.16 ERA, and opponents have hit .292 off of him. With the Yanks coming off a nine-run game against a better Blue Jays team, the stars were aligning to create a perfect night for a win.

Too bad someone forgot to tell that to the Yankee offense.

In the end, Kyle Davies throw one helluva game. He showed why he’s been so highly regarded — at least by Dayton Moore — both in Atlanta and Kansas City. The Yanks couldn’t muster much of anything, and the Royals couldn’t either. But their two runs — one on a single and one on a double play — held up. C’est la vie.

On the Yanks’ front, Darrell Rasner threw another stellar game. Throwing what must be a Yankee starter season-high 118 pitches, Rasner threw eight innings giving up nine hits and no walks. He struck out four, and the two earned runs allowed lowered his ERA to 2.58. Rasner emerged 3-3, the no-luck loser yet again.

I can’t complain about Jason Giambi‘s controversial third strike. He clearly didn’t swing, but the Yanks shouldn’t be in a position in the eighth inning against the Royals to begin with.

So on a night when the Red Sox lost and the dregs of the AL were in town, the Yanks dropped a well-pitched game to the Royals. Let’s just hope Andy Pettitte can do his thing later this afternoon. This team needs some wins to emerge from this flirtation with mediocrity and .500.

That other Hideki
  • Travis G.

    Ed Fucking Montague. that is all.

  • Tom

    “Throwing what must be a Yankee starter season-high 118 pitches, Rasner threw eight innings giving up nine runs and no walks. ”

    I believe you meant 9 hits, not 9 runs. Just letting you know.

    Regardless of the situation I’m still a little upset about Giambi being punched out. He clearly did not swing. All I want is an apology from the umpire. Just admit you were wrong please and I’ll be happy.

    • Ben K.

      Ah, thanks, Tom. Rasner definitely didn’t give up 9 runs. It’s fixed.

  • Rich

    It’s almost as if their hitters are trying not to get hits with RISP, which likely means they are trying too hard.

  • JeffG

    Could you imagine what the headlines would be reading if Torre was still the manager?

    • Tom

      “Steinbrenner Not Happy; Torre’s Job Not Safe”

      • RollingWave

        4 rings and a decade + of playoff berths later I wouldn’t mind a bit

    • Rich

      A year ago on this date, the Yankees were 4 games under .500 and 10.5 games out of first. Just sayin’.

  • Jamal G.

    There is some signing info on our Day 1 picks here:

    Also, according to Brett Marshall’s (Yanks’ 6th RD. Pick) father the Yanks were going to take his son in the supplemental RD. but did not because “Somebody else was lining up to pick the other guy (Bleich), so the Yankees took him first.”

    What a surprise, we don’t know everything!

    • JT

      In the article Marshall talked about the forced slot values for picks in rounds 2 through 5. He also said that the first round that you may pay over slot is round 6. I havent been able to find any information on that. Any ideas?

      • JT

        There’s a scale for signing bonuses in the second through fifth rounds, Marshall explained, and teams are prohibited from going over that scale.

      • Mike A.

        I’ve never heard that before. The Yanks went over slot for Austin Romine (2nd round) and Bradley Suttle (well over, actually in the 4th round) last year, but generally stuck to slot for Ryan Pope and Adam Olbrychowski (3rd and 5th rounds). Chase Weems, Taylor Grote, Carmen Angelini, Ryan Zink, Justin Snyder & Brandon Laird got well over slot bonus after the 5th round.

        What Marshall said just doesn’t make sense. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what he’s saying…