How to vote for the All Star team
Steak, guitars coming soon to the Bronx

Welcome back, Sidney. The most famous Aruban baseball player, recently released from the Rangers for his bad behavior, will report to Scranton and is now first in line for a rotation spot. Where’s my Aruban judge? I owe him a kick to the head. (And, yes, I know: Low risk, high reward. But still.)

How to vote for the All Star team
Steak, guitars coming soon to the Bronx
  • Mike A.


    • B

      Ugh. I can’t believe we have brought this guy back. Why couldn’t we have brought up Horne (AAA), Wright (AA), or Jones (AA).

      On another note, keep Kennedy at AAA, build up his value and then trade him like we should have during the winter. I don’t want to see him back at the stadium either!

  • Brian

    Would I rather have him pitch than Karstens? Yes.
    Other than that, I’d give Giese three starts before I’d consider him.

    • Ben K.

      Certainly. It’s just the idea of having Ponson. And his last Yankee stint was hardly impressive.

  • Matt
    • Ben K.

      Just out of curiosity: What was wrong with the link that’s in the first sentence of this post…?

      • Matt

        Sorry Ben, didn’t notice it.

  • Evan

    When Cashman is saying that next of the depth chart is Igawa then I’ll take a guy with a 4-1 record and a 3.88 ERA any day. We just need to keep the booze away from him.

    • mustang


  • Mike A.

    Don’t worry guys, I already emailed Chad Jennings asking him to break Ponson’s kneecap with a bat if he sees him in the clubhouse. CJ’s got our back.

    (the funny part is, none of the above is a lie)

    • Pablo Zevallos

      who’ll cover S/WB when he goes to jail for it–in Aruba?

      • Mike A.

        I’m willing to sacrifice the SWB coverage for the Yanks’ sake.

  • wayne’s world

    April Fools??????

  • Joey H

    its fine by me the guy pitched well in a hitters park, sure down goes the team morale(maybe) cuase hes supposedly a negative guy but screw it, we need starts, desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Simon B.

    Maybe the Yankees are feeling a bit embarrassed they didn’t go after Colon who the the Red Sox have gotten a few good starts out of (and a couple bad ones too).

    Still, I’d rather they just stayed away from all the fat loser pitchers out there.

    • whozat

      Oh no! A pitcher who’s thrown well this season just in time for a double-header next week! Please save us from this no-risk move!

  • Steve A

    No biggie here. Scranton has been pretty much depleted by callups to the big club and injuries. And as a spot starter, i’m fine with Ponson making a start to buy some extra time for Horne, McCutchen or even Kenendy/Hughes to come back from their injuries.

  • Jamal G.

    Like I said this morning, makeup does not bother me or matter to me as much as some others. For some reason Erik Bedard is the only player I can think of where a player’s makeup will come into question when deciding if I want him on the Yanks.

  • Jon G


    My first thought and feeling exactly.

    But the reality is that while I’m excited for Horne, McCutchen and the return of IPK, they do need some time.

    I was surprised by Traber’s call up, but I guess it makes sense given their opponents the next few days.

    Who’s next – Robertson? It looks like Cox is on the way back too.

  • Jon G

    Oh, and Aceves – it sounds like after the break, we could have a few more intriguing options ready to test from AAA and see what we have before the 7/31 deadline…

    • Rich

      Speaking of which, I hope that Ponson doesn’t block him at SWB.

  • question mark


    I’d almost rather start Pavano.


  • devin

    at first glance the 4-1 3.88 era looked good… but when u delve deeper into the statistics you see 25 k’s in 55 innings and a 307 opp batting average which to me sounds alot like smoke and mirrors… he,ll make 1 maybe 2 starts for us then get released.

    here’s hoping for kennedy and horne by the all star break.

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  • A.D.

    Its actually Sir Sidney Ponson….if we’re in Aruba

  • mustang

    I agree I don’t love the move, but after I saw his numbers i felt a little better.
    It’s better then watching Igawa.

  • Double-J

    As much as I loathe to admit it, Sidney Ponson > Kei Igawa (not by much though), which means I guess I like the move from the standpoint that it means there is another body in between Scranton and seeing Iggy back up in pinstripes…

  • Lanny

    Shows you how much faith they have in Igawa.

  • Manimal

    I was at his debut game, he didnt do too bad but rain delays and extra innings made it a 7 hour affair in which Mr. Melky Cabrera hit a walk off. The best game I’ve been to in a while.