USA Today: MLB to adopt instant replay by August

An old friend returns to New York
CWS kicks off today

Over the last few months, we have had plenty of opportunities to discuss instant replay. While it first seemed that instant replay would be tested during the AFL, MLB wants to move up that time table.

According to a report in USA Today, baseball may implement instant replay on or around August 1.

Major League Baseball wants to implement instant replay by Aug. 1, according to two high-ranking officials from the World Umpires Association.

The officials said MLB approached the umpires Wednesday to request that replay be used on “boundary calls,” which include whether a home run clears an outfield wall or if a potential home run is fair or foul…

Not only must the issue be bargained between the two sides, but details would have to be worked out, such as whether replays would be originated by umpires or from a manager’s request or challenge, what video feeds would be available and whether calls would be made by an umpire on site or at a central command center.

This move comes after a few high-profile blown calls that are just recent examples of bad calls through the ages that could have been improved via the use of instant replay. It also follows a 25-5 vote by baseball’s General Manager to recommend the use of video review for plays such as these.

While reaction will always be mixed when it comes to changing the sanctity and purity of baseball, I’ve long been in support of this move. It won’t delay the game as opponents contend, and it will help improve calls. In an age in which every close call is analyzed to death on TV, why shouldn’t the game be striving to make sure that the only outcome is the right one?

An old friend returns to New York
CWS kicks off today
  • Cam

    Well, it’s nice to finally see this. I’m not sure how much I like it that they are going to start using it half way through a season. It’s kind of like if you’re playing a board game and someone tries to change the rules half way through. Given, it will make the game better, but what about the blown calls at the beginning of the year? It’s not fair to have those stand as is then turn around and start making it right later. They should just test it in the off season and start using it next year, IMO.

    • dan

      I don’t think it will be that drastic– It’s not like they’re adopting a 4 strikes and you’re out rule. It will just ensure that these occasional discrepancies are called correctly, and that a game doesn’t turn on a blown call. IOW, the game will be decided by the players, not a “blind” umpire.

  • Travis G.

    good news. a step in the right direction.