What’s wrong with Robbie?

It's Mike Mussina's world...
Game 70: One more for the road

It is no stretch of the imagination to say that Robinson Cano is having a terrible year. Prior to Saturday’s game, the Yanks’ second baseman was hitting a meager .217/.260/.316 and was 0 for 15 on the road trip before a pinch-hit single against the Astros. The question then on everyone’s mind is, “What’s wrong with Robbie?” Tyler Kepner breaks down Robbie’s mechanics, and as Kevin Long, the Yanks’ hitting coach says, they are clearly out of whack. It would do wonders for this team to get their second baseman back on track.

It's Mike Mussina's world...
Game 70: One more for the road
  • Manimal

    Have you guys seen the linup for today? Melky in right and damon in center? Wierd.

    Anyways I think Cano will break out of this slump.

    • Mark B

      I don’t think it that odd with Duncan now in the minors. Cabrera is the only legitimate candidate ont he roster to back-up Abreu with his range and arm. With this being a NL park, Joe is looking to get Matsui’s bat in the line-up.

      Unless another outfielder is called up sometime soon, I’d expect to see more of this if Posada is used at DH.

  • Michael

    Would it make sense to move Robbie to AAA for a spell?