Yanks, Damon drop a game to Reds

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Despite city concerns, Yanks say concrete is OK

As far as losses go, tonight’s was fairly expected. The Yanks were facing the NL’s ERA leader, and the team had just won seven in a row. But in a way, this loss is a bit infuriating too. With Boston and Tampa Bay both losing, the Yanks lost a chance to gain some ground. If only the breaks had gone their way.

The biggest play in the game was, besides a few early caught stealings, Johnny Damon‘s non-error on a fly ball he’ll tell he should have caught. Leading off the fifth Edwin Encarnacion hit a hard line drive at Damon, and as the Yanks’ left fielder went for the catch, he lost the ball in the glare from the lights at twilight in the Bronx. Encarnacion was awarded a double.

A few batters later — after an intentional walk that Mussina did not want to issue — Jolbert Cabrera picked up his third of four hits and drove in two runs. While he would score — and Ken Griffey would oddly high-five the umpire — the damage was done, and those two runs, the Reds’ second and third of the game, would hold up. (Later on in the game, Cabrera would leave the game with a severely dislocated finger after sliding head-first into second base. Feet first is the way to go.)

For the Yankees, they just couldn’t get any breaks. Jason Giambi missed a game-changing home run in the 7th by about a quarter of an inch when he lofted a deep fly ball to left-center field, and Wilson Betemit drove one deep only to see Jay Bruce haul it in with his back literally to the wall.

The story of the night heading into the game was Volquez, and he did not disappoint. He gave up two earned runs on seven hits while walking one and striking out five. The Yanks lost, but they didn’t gain any ground. I’ll take eight wins out of ten games any time of the season.

Game Notes Jason Giambi made the final out of the game as the potential tying run and went 0 for 4 on the night. He is now 0 for his last 12 since homering twice against San Diego on Tuesday. While we may have spoke too soon, I’d expect a hot streak from Giambi soon.

DotF Lite: Betances sighting
Despite city concerns, Yanks say concrete is OK
  • Alan

    I had a perfect view of both Giambi’s and Betemit’s shots from the tier, and my god they couldn’t have been more than a foot from the wall. Was too bad, the Yankees were showing some signs of life late in the game.

  • Baseballnation

    Giambi’s 0-4 is bearable, as he is taking good cuts and still swinging the bat great. He missed the homerun by a wince…I’d like to know the yankees record against winnin pitchers this year? As we know, the story on them in the last couple of post seasons have been…well, underwhelming to say the least? We’re nowhere near the post season, but it’ll be a telling sign…

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    it’s pessimistic to say bc Tampa and Boston lost that the Yanks loss hurts more. on the optimistic side, we didn’t lose any ground.

  • BigBlueAL

    I wouldve accepted this loss more if the final score wouldve been 8 or 9-2 with the Reds offense, which can score a bunch of runs at times, pounding Moose and you couldve just chalked it up to an inevitable, bound to happen bad Moose start. Instead it was a game featuring poor defense, reckless base running (getting caught stealing twice at 2nd early in the game with 1 out having Abreu and Jeter at the plate on seperate occasions with the one successful stolen base attempt leading to nothing) and intentionally walking the leadoff batter to get to the 2nd batter in the 5th inning backfiring.

    I didnt necessarily mind that decision, but for as good as Bruce has been so far he was I believe 7 for 43 heading into this game and in a big spot like that im sure Moose couldve used his over-aggressiveness against him. If anything adding another baserunner, a pretty fast one at that, on the bases was pretty dumb.

    Anyway it is just one loss against a very good pitcher but again it left a bad taste in my mouth because it was a poorly played and you could argue poorly managed game. Hopefully its just a blip on the radar and they can bounce back in what could be a tough, high-scoring game Saturday afternoon.

  • http://deleted Randy

    i agree that the damon “error” was a big part of this loss, but i think the decision to walk bruce was awful for a couple reasons. the first being that bruce hasn’t even had a hundred at bats in his major league career. i don’t care how good you are, no rookie should garner that much respect with such a small sample size. i was even more frustrated with the decision after bruce struck out his last two at bats. second, volquez is pitching a great game and you shouldn’t increase the opportunity for the opposing team to score extra runs which is exactly what happened. third, you have a borderline hall of famer on the mound who has been pitching well all year and you don’t allow him to do his job. moose has earned the right to pick his teammate up and get out of the inning which he had the chance to do against a rookie (albeit a talented one, but a rookie nonetheless) and girardi didn’t allow that to happen. the other thing i don’t understand about walking bruce is bringing the infield in a batter earlier. why would you try to cut down the run with one out, but then when you have two outs and a rookie up you intentionally walk him to face a guy that was 2 for 2 and has had some success against mussina. physical errors happen in the game but managerial decisions like that are unacceptable to me.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I’m sure Girardi heard it from Moose. Moose doesn’t keep his feelings hid.

  • mustang

    I understand maybe why Girardi asked for the intentional walk, but I think it created more issues then it solved. I know Moose can be a hard head sometimes, but having won 10 games so far and the team being on a 7 game winning streak does buy some latitude.
    I think it would of made more sense to intentionally walk Manny on April 12th since Moose had not proven himself at that time.
    But that’s baseball the game of second-guessing lets go on and start another streak.

  • mike

    I think Girardi knew he/ damon /Abreu sh*t the bed last night, and the only way to get Moose to stop bitching was to put him out there for the 8th inning to try to get the win, otherwise I dont know why he was still in the game.

    He was pitching great, but his pitch count was going up a bit, and I want to save all of his bullets for when we will need them later this year. Only thing I could think of was Girardi being careful beacuse of Geise (saving Hawkins and Ollie for today) – and thats another difference between the Joes – and I guess we will suspend judgement thus far

    I was at the game and it seemed the Yanks could break thru on the Reds ( as few more feet on a few shots from Abreu, Giambi Betemit etc) as long as they stopped trying to steal bases and made the Reds work for outs, and got their heads out of their a** on defense.

    For a big crowd, beautiful night and a really quickly-pitched game ( first 5 innings, at least ) I could not believe the amount of mental and physical errors the Yanks had – bad throws, poor baserunning – usially indicative of a long, booring or bad weather game.

    The Yanks have to stop reading the papers about their how wonderful is this streak and remind themselves they have been a .500 team all season, and are beating up on the Sisters of the Poor for the last week

    • mustang

      I agree with you that the Yanks played poorly, but the stealing bases thing worked well in the games leading up to last night so I can’t blame them for trying.
      Take the wins against the “Sisters of the Poor” because on July 3rd they come home to the dear old AL East and we will see if this team has really improved.

      • mike

        Im not so sure about the stealing bases – this kid couldnt throw strikes (especially first pitch ) and their bullpen is horrible. Let me see him pitch from the stretch with a runner dancing off of first for a few more pitches….and Bako has a pretty good arm.

        I love the aggressiveness, and if they were successful we would be lauding them, but running so much early in the game -especially with the way the Yanks have been hitting lately – just doesnt jive with me.

        And yes, ill take the wins any way they get them!

        • mustang

          I see your piont.

  • Yankees=warriors

    I’m fine with Giambi’s performance, but…the ‘stache seems to be losing its magic, maybe big G can finally shave now!

    • mike

      I dont know – besides his last AB he crushed the ball last night, tho he did get punched out on a crummy 3-2 count earlier in the game.

      Plus, i think that the Reds were careful with him because there is only the Ghost-of-Cano behind him, and additionally i think Matsui benefited from Giambi in front of him last night as well.

      I kinda like the porn-star look ‘stash, and in 3 years he will have an El Camino with some Skynyrd playing on the tape deck anyway, so enjoy him while you can