Yanks leave everyone on base in loss

Saturday afternoon reading: Cuba, baseball and the U.S.
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Here’s a good stat for you: Teams that leave 12 runners on base without scoring a run lose 100 percent of the time.

We could complain about Dan Giese’s error. We could bemoan the state of the soft underbelly of the Yankee bullpen. We could question A-Rod‘s missed tag on a ball that wasn’t going to be a double play anyway. But the reality is that the Yanks’ offense couldn’t muster anything, and had Dan Giese given up just one run, the Yanks would have lost anyway.

For the game, Dan Giese pitched exceptionally well. Despite the loss, he far exceeded expectations and has earned himself a few more starts in the Bronx. He lasted 6.2 innings and gave up 3 runs — none earned — on 4 hits. He didn’t walk a batter and struck out 5. He threw 53 of 75 pitches for strikes.

And therein lies the rub. While I hate to criticize Giese for his masterfully pitched game, his last pitch showed something of a mistaken approach. After throwing two curve balls that Edwin Encarnacion fouled back, Giese was ahead 0-2. It was the perfect opportunity to throw a few pitches out of the zone to get Encarnacion out on something junky and off the plate.

Instead, Giese came in with an 86-mph fastball that stayed straight, and according to Gameday, arrived at the plate right in Encarnacion’s wheelhouse. The two-run single would be all that the Reds would need. It was the perfect example of a pitcher throwing too many strikes.

In the end, the Yanks lost because they scored no runs. That’s all there is to it. They’ve scored just four over their last three games and are due for a big offensive day. And, hey, they’re still 7-2 over their last nine games, and as I said last night, I’d take that any time of year.

Saturday afternoon reading: Cuba, baseball and the U.S.
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  • A.D.

    I mean they didn’t even get shut down by this kid, they had runners on every inning, and did squat, base loaded no one out, Posada strikes out, Cano pops out…on the FIRST pitch, and then Melky strikes out. Fairly pathetic that someone couldn’t even hit a fly ball, or just put a ball in fair territory.

    Offense was pretty good, but most importantly timely during the streak, and were the opposite today, more like early in the season when they were loosing.

  • Hybrid Moments

    Man was I bummed when Encarnacion took that XBH away from Posada. How the hell did he react to that rocket? Did this happen to the Yankees a lot in this game?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Twice at least. Janish, the short stop ranked the top defensive infielder in the Reds’ system, robbed A-Rod of a base hit as well.

  • http://mehmattski.blogspot.com mehmattski

    Here’s a good stat for you: Teams that do not score a run lose 100 percent of the time.

    There, I fixed your first sentence.

  • E-ROC

    Don’t worry. The Yanks will get help soon enough in the form of Richie Sexson, lol. Seriously though, the Yanks need to stop losing to pitchers with almost no ML experience. That is getting utterly ridiculous.

    The ‘pen could use some more shuffling.

    • r.w.g.

      I wouldn’t mind Richie Sexon at all as a late-inning defensive replacement and part-time player against LHP.

    • mustang

      If you watched the Yankees the last few years that’s their MO they have trouble against rookie pitchers.

  • BigBlueAL

    We really shouldnt be surprised anymore with the pathetic hitting with runners in scoring position. The Yankees are 12th (out of 14) in the AL in BA w/runners in scoring position at a pretty pathetic .253 (probably a bit lower now after today’s game). The Yankees are 3rd in the league in BA, OBP and 4th in SLG yet are 6th in runs scored.

    Obviously those numbers would be alot higher if Arod and Posada didnt miss the amount of games they have (even worse was the fact they missed them all basically at the same time) but the trend of not hitting with runners in scoring position is becoming a bit annoying and has cost them a few games this season. Naturally you would expect that too change and the Yankees to hit with runners in scoring position the same as they do overall (which is the norm) but for the time being it has really hurt them so far this season.

  • Chip

    I’m not nearly as upset about the fastball that ended Giese’s night. He just missed his spot, if he would have thrown it low and gotten the groundout we’d have all sang his praises, he just kept it up much too much

    • A.D.

      Def showed some talent today, earned another start

    • E-ROC

      Did Posada call for that fastball?

  • Manimal

    Sorry if this is off topic but which one of the RAB guys do I contact for a guest article?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Send it to Joe.

      • Manimal


    • mustang

      He is off topic look quick Ben look he off topic.

  • Steve

    Most frustrating loss of the year. We were playing well, the Reds were ice cold coming in here and they were pitching a guy who was in AAA last week. Then we leave 12 men on base.

    Very, very, very frustrating. Then to top it off, Bleich gets clobbered in the College WS.

    • Manimal

      and the redsox lost, again and Tampa bay is losing in the 9th.

      • A.D.

        Which is bittersweet, we didn’t loose ground, but we also didn’t gain it when we had the oppertunity

      • Manimal

        scratch that Rays came back and won. Unlike a someother team that I know.

  • A-Point

    The Rays will end up being a hot team for a while. Get used to it. I don’t think they will survive in the post season, but they have a good shot at making it.

  • mustang

    The last person I’m blaming is Giese especially on one particular pitch after pitching well all game. If they got this kind of performance from a certain two rookies in the first month of the season they wouldn’t even need Giese.
    You can blame A-Rod for not cutting down the lead runner and making it 2nd and 3rd one out instead of 1st and 2nd one out. Or the offense for not scoring of a rookie pitcher early with the bases loads no outs. But that 86-mph fastball from Giese should be the last thing on the blame list.
    Wow! We sure have gotten tough on rookie pitchers since the first month of the season.

  • stuart

    guys answer me a question. WHy are the Yanks more reluctant then any other team I am aware of to use younger guys??/ I live in LA by necessity or whatever reason even Torre with the dodgers this yr, have used a ton of young guys in all types of roles.

    the ynaks have 3 at a minimum potential answers(robertson, melancon, cox, and maybe others ) and they continue to accell at AA or AAA and stay there..

    hawkins and Ohlendorf should be moved. Ohlendorf needs to go down and work on things and Haskins needs to go, and traber be real he is not real good..

    Why do these guys just stay in the minors? Boston called up smith today he pitched 3 innigns or so…

    why not give gardne a week off the bench, pinch run, laydown a bunt, get a few AB’s get a taste of the big leagues?? A week or 2 on the big club will retard his growth that much!!!!

    COme on, all I v=ever hear is the arm strength BS>>> Kershaw is 20, huge upside but come on the guy has limited innings, I just cannot understand how the Yanks manage the 40 man roster. they are oncerned about the likes of; jason lane, taber, moeller, etc.. these guys stink are old etc……


    • Manimal

      because the yankees are secretly are in a transformation phase. This year is pretty much pointless untill the end of the season when we see all the rookies in action. When we don’t make the playoffs the yankees *will* make big signings and trade away some of the farm and next year the yankees will be in contention for the playoffs.

      • mustang

        This is the kind of thing that drives me nuts. So why bother waiting until the end of the year lets just start right now trade everyone you can and bring up all of guys from AAA. They have sold out most of their home games anyway and maybe they can cut some payroll and get some prospects.
        The New York Yankees and their fans look to make the playoff not miss them to see what the farm has.

        “yankees are secretly are in a transformation phase” I don’t even know how to response to this.

    • mustang

      IPK, Hughes, Joba, Gonzales, Ohlendorf, Ramirez, Albaladejo, Giese, and Ranser.

      What are these guys? Maybe they haven’t send up the guys you wanted, but they have used the farm.
      I’m not saying your wrong, but they maybe other reason why the Yankees don’t feel that some off these kids are ready. I think they are the best to judge their own system.
      But again they did think IPK was ready so who knows.

  • Yankee Clipper

    Jorge doesn’t call the best game. He is not getting paid b/c of his game management. I think NY always turn a blind eye to it. He did not call any of the perfect games of recent years.

    • BigBlueAL

      He was the catcher for David Wells’ perfect game, and caught Roger Clemens’ 15 K, 1-hitter in the ALCS vs Seattle in 2000. Also he caught Moose’s 1-hitter at Boston in 2001. Need I go on….

  • Yankee Clipper

    P.S. Ohlendorf needs to spend some time in AAA and Hawkins is aweful!

  • Old Ranger

    Giese pitched a very good game, as mustang said. The only thing bothering me about the game was the hitting and a couple defensive plays.
    When will they bring up Brett or Justin and sit Cano? I have thrown out the call-up of the two guys sense ST (mainly Brett)…realistically, only half kidding. Now, I think is a good time to put AG at 2nd base and replace Melky in CF for a few games. Both Cano and Melky are liabilities (offensively) at this time. Maybe platoon Melky and Brett/Justin.
    I really think both Cano and Melky will snap out of their hitting troubles but conversely, it is time to try something better (hopefully)! I can’t believe it would exacerbate the problem…it may not be a fix it, but it would sure get their attention. 27/08?

  • A-Point

    Having Cano and Melky as almost assured outs doesn’t help this team. Cano is turning into an embarressment at the plate. Fortunately he is good defensively, even though he has made some poor plays, the good outweighs the bad.