A-Jax on the radio


Austin Jackson, one of the Yanks’ premier position-player prospects, will be taking some questions from bloggers later this afternoon. Eric SanInocencio, a frequent RAB commenter and writer for Baseball Digest Daily, will speak to Jackson as part of the live BDD Talk Radio podcast. A-Jax will be fielding questions on his progress this season, his recent hot-hitting and what he hopes to accomplish next year. You can listen live at noon eastern time or follow that link for the show’s archive later on.

And, yes, we’ll have some more in-depth trade analysis shortly after noon.

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  • Manimal

    Pretty cool, I guess Ill grab lunch and eat by the computer and listen to this. I got nothing else to do till 3:55 :P

  • Manimal

    This just in… Coke and Kontos stay, Karstens and McCutchen are gone.

    • Manimal

      looks like im really late sorry guys

  • Manimal

    Pretty cool so far, he said at first he was pure raw talent and as he matured he started playing smart baseball

  • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/baseballdigestdaily Eric SanInocencio

    It was an interesting conversation Manimal. He was very thoughtful and really broke down what he’s trying to do on a daily basis. Sorry it was a little late, but I really enjoyed the interview.