Could the Yanks move on Lohse?

Much like the Yanks' offense today, RAB is back online
No, really. Who's going to pitch the 8th?

Jayson Stark adds another name to the available starting pitchers: Kyle Lohse. Could the Yankees, given the death of the Jarrod Washburn proceedings, refocus their attention with just a few hours remaining before the trade deadline? It wouldn’t be easy, but as we’ve seen from Cashman in the past week, he’s open to the right deal.

Problem is, I don’t see this being the right deal for the Yanks. According to Stark, the Cardinals want a bat and a bullpen arm. We just dished one of our bullpen arms, and it’s not like we’ve got an endless supply. You want to have as many options as possible there, in case one of your guys has a bout of ineffectiveness. We’ve yet to see Veras, Edwar, and Robertson sustain quality performances over an entire season, so holding onto guys like Bruney, Cox, Melancon, etc. will be an important insurance policy.

As far as a bat, don’t we need those ourselves? They could try to flip Abreu, I suppose, though I’m sure that’s not even on Cashman’s mind. It would clearly be contingent upon the return of Hideki Matsui, which is looking more and more in doubt as each day passes. Beyond that, there is little we can offer St. Louis in those terms.

Plus, is Lohse worth it in the first place? Ya gotta remember why Minnesota got rid of him. He’s not a power guy, he doesn’t have the best control, and he’s prone to the longball. Or at least he was in the AL. In 2006, when he got booted from the Twins, he held a 7.07 ERA through 63.2 innings, and didn’t even maintain a 2:1 K/BB ratio. He’s been better with St. Louis this year, pitching to a 3.68 ERA and keeping his homers relatively in check. Still, you never know what’s going to happen when he jumps into the pressure cooker that is the AL East.

Stark mentions the White Sox and the Rockies as other suitors. The White Sox, with the acquisition of Griffey, seemingly have a spare bat. But with Scott Linebrink on the shelf, do they have a reliever to spare?

In any case, count me against acquiring Lohse. The price will be too high, as will the risk. No reason to blow prospects or proven guys on a pitcher who might implode in a return to the superior league.

Much like the Yanks' offense today, RAB is back online
No, really. Who's going to pitch the 8th?
  • Jamal G.

    Count me out as well, I honestly believe Chris Duncan, Cardinals’ pitching coach, is one of the rare people in all of sports who can literally get better results from a player than his talent level and past history would indicate.

    • pat

      if only he had the same effect on his son…..

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      I think you mean Dave Duncan.

  • Jake

    Blerg. I hope not.

  • r.w.g.

    The Cardinals are only barely out of the wild card. They are trying to sell high on Lohse and will want pieces that will help them stay in the race down the stretch.

    We need those pieces for our own team. Call up one of the farmhands and see how they do at the back-end.

  • jsbrendog

    hells no, no go lohse

  • Alan

    Please no, he’s made a nice story in St. Louis. Let’s keep him there. Why don’t we take a shot at someone like Paul Byrd? I have to believe that if we called Cleveland, told them we’d eat his salary and give them a D prospect, they’d bite.

    • TurnTwo

      no Paul Byrd.

      at this point, either Washburn comes over for the salary dump, give up a little extra (which after just taking advantage of Pitts and Detroit we can afford to do) and get a true upgrade, or stick to your guns, and give IPK and crew another crack in due time.

  • Smitt Dog

    I would be happy to see the Yanks make no more moves before the deadline. Washburn can easily pass through waivers if we really want him (which I don’t) and for all the reasons previously given, Lohse doesn’t really upgrade the back of our rotation enough to give up anything significant, which St. Louis would certainly want. Call it a day, hope that the Sox trade Manny for a bag of balls (or that he stays and continues to loaf it to prove a point) and get ready for an exciting playoff run.

  • Old Ranger

    Not a good idea at all! We have some good arms at AA, AAA, just waiting for a call. Aceves, IPK are only two of many others. With CMW and Phil coming back within a month or so I think we can pass on any major trades.
    Have any of you guys thought about the call for right handed batters for next year? If one replaces Bobby, Jason, and Melky with right handers…or even two of the three…we end up with 3-4 leftys in a ballpark built for leftys. Just something to think on. 27/08?

    • jsbrendog

      i thought, as per a previous RAB post, CMW is most likely done for the year

      • TurnTwo

        yeah, i assume Cashman is operating under that assumption.

        • RollingWave

          even if he’s back it’ll be by the expanded roster. so it’s not a huge worry that anyone will be blocked or anything.

          Anyway, no way in hell to Lohse, unless he’s occupation reads as “Joba’s Inj…errr Native American buddy!” i mean if your going to trade for a pitcher that suck, at least let him be a left hander (then again, that might have been their assumption for Igawa… so hold that thought)

    • MD

      this is unpopular on this site, but I think Abreu will be back….for about 2-3 years at about 15 per…….nobody else around to replace him, regardless of his defensive decay……you dont go into next year with Nady, Melky and Damon as your everyday OF……

      • Alan

        I wouldn’t be shocked if they brought back Abreu. Gardner showed that he’s not ready yet for regular ML duty and Austin Jackson probably needs another year of MiL work before we can consider bringing him up.

        • Smitt Dog

          I wouldnt be opposed to bringing him back in a somewhat uneven platoon with Nady, with Abreu getting the lions share of the playing time. He also seems to have a positive effect on Melky and Cano for whatever thats worth. We have to accept Abreu is a slightly above average RF, and that theres not much better out there. Let he and Nady duke it out for playing time, and give A-Jax another year on the farm to get ready. 2 years at 15 per is not unreasonable and with all the picks the Yanks have acquired in recent moves, Abreu’s compensatory picks aren’t necessary right now.

      • Joseph P.

        But if you do bring back Abreu, you have some other decisions to make. Where to play Damon, for instance.

        Plus, Abreu will be 35. Nady will be 30. You might expect better production from the latter next year.

        • MD

          next year, Damon is the 4th OF/DH…his last contract year…..we get a CF over the winter, combine with Abreu and Nady and we are ok to let Jackson grow in AAA…….I dont see Gardner ever as a starting Yankee OF….maybe somewhere else……Christian is the 5th OF/PR……

      • Jake

        Aren’t you forgetting about Matsui? We don’t need Abreu, Damon, Matsui, Nady, Melky with Ajax a likely mid-season call up waiting in the wings.

        • MD

          Matsui wont be able to play OF next year to any degree of competence….he will be DH…..

        • mike

          Be careful about AJax – an outfield of he, melky and Nady/Damon would be the worst in baseball this time next year!

          He needs to be brought along until the Yanks can determine whether he is Gerald or Bernie Williams, and I see him as a potential Melky-pusher to the bench than as a corner guy

  • Bruno

    no Loshe!

  • Jake

    No thank you.

  • mike

    Wait on Washburn – the only problem with waiting is that time passes, and each time we put out Rasner/Ponson we hold our breath, and rely even more on Joba/Pettite and Moose – nevermind pain to the bullpen which is now a little shorter.

    If Gardiner and a few sheckles are holding up Washburn, Cash should be horse-whipped – although I think its got to be more than that as the last week has shown that $, and even prospects which are highly regarded, are not standing in the way of deals this year.

    I see Gardiner as an irrelevant tool in the toolbox, and if he gets more than 10 AB’s this year it means a) significant injury or b) Yanks gave up – either way his rights should not be a consideration.

  • zs190

    It’s more than Gardner at this point. They are starting to ask for top pitching prospects from teams for Washburn while refusing to take any salary. It’s just not going to happen I think.

  • http://godfather

    the thought of moving abreu is ludicrous; he is the driving piston in that lineup with more ways to inject offense than anyone….when gets to 0-2, it is often the pitcher who is in trouble…i’d like cash gto give him 2-3 more years…he is that important

  • Zack

    If this trade falling apart means the Sox land Kemp for Manny, i will be sad. that said, I wasn’t too thrilled with the Sox replacing Manny with Bay, which was a pretty good swap all things considered. I know people seem to think the Sox would be dead in the water without Manny and that because he crushes the Yanks it is good to see him gone no matter what, but I simply don’t see Bay as that much of a loss from Manny over the rest of the season…

    • Alan

      The Dodgers seem to be putting Kemp into all of these rumored deals that are swirling around, I’m wondering what they know that we don’t. You don’t just give up on a player of his ilk, and I can’t imagine Manny being that huge of an upgrade over Kemp in the long run.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        I no longer put Kemp into any trade scenarios. I think most of the various rumors that have them moving Kemp are mainly BS… Kemp is one of the more desirable, young pieces they have and so every potential blockbuster has him as the centerpiece, but I don’t think Dodgers ownership has any inclination to actually move him.

        He is their version of Cano or Hughes, IMO. I don’t think LA is putting him in these rumors as much as unknowing beat writers and speculating bloggerse are putting him in rumors.