Game 95: What do Brett Gardner and Clay Buchholz have in common?


They both steal every chance they get! I couldn’t resist.

Last year at the break, the Yanks were 43-43, 9.5 GB of the division lead and 8 back of the Wildcard. This year heading into the break, they’ll be no worse than 50-45, 6.5 GB in the division and 6 back for the Wildcard. The season is a long ways from over folks.

1. Jeter, SS
2. Abreu, RF
3. A-Rod, 3B
4. Giambi, DH
5. Posada, C
6. Cano, 2B
7. Melky, CF
8. Betemit, 1B
9. Gardner, CF

On the mound, the undisputed staff ace, Andy Pettitte.

Note: The rotation after the break wil be Moose, Joba, Pettitte, Ponson Rasner … the team will wear black arm bands the rest of the season in memory of Bobby Murcer … the Futures Game is on ESPN2 right now, so grab a grab a glimpse of Jesus Montero

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  1. Ivan says:

    My first time watching the futures game was when Phil Hughes and Jose Tabata was in it and overall I really enjoy the game for the last couple years. How about you Mike A.?

  2. Dan W says:

    I’m a little surprised at how empty the stadium is for this game…

    Also, too bad Montero isn’t starting for the world team

  3. monkeypants says:

    Ponson-Rasner-Moose in a row? That’s a lot of BP innings. I guess when you carry 3 five-inning starters, it’s hard to break them up.

    • Sal says:

      Yeah especially since Mussina has gone at least 6 innings in each start since his May 24th start.

      • monkeypants says:

        Moose has ben very good, but he is still seems to be limited to around 90 or 95 pitches, though he has topped out at 109. So, in effect he needs to be perfect to get through his 6+ innings. Maybe he can keep this up for the rest of the season, maybe not. I doubt it.

        In any case, all of the current Yankees starters except Pettitte are averaging under 6 innings/start, and that includes counting only Joba’s last six starts (when his pitch limit extended to 90+).

        So, my point still stands that it is hard to break up short starters when all of the starts go only 5 or 6 innings.

        But for sake of argument, let’s accept your (implied) position that Moose is now some type of reliable innings eater. Would it not make more sense to break up Ponson and Rasner?

  4. Jamal G. says:

    Stupid “vacation”, I was supposed to be at the Futures Game today.

  5. Mike A. says:

    Trevor Cahill is straight nasty.

  6. Ivan says:

    Trever Cahil throws theball similar to Brandon Webb.

  7. Bruno says:

    I vote JOBA for staff ace.

    Morneau over Giambi for HR Derby?!? BS!

  8. Ivan says:

    Brian Cashman in the house.

  9. Jamal G. says:

    Edgar Renteria’s line this season is .254 .301 .326 with an OPS+ of 69. Why is this horrible trade not talked about more? You can’t give me that hindsight stuff because I was one of many who thought it was a “Hmm, ok…” trade when it happened. Although Renteria had an OPS+ of 125 last year, his three previous seasons consisted of 88, 89, and 104. What made Dave Dombrowski think he was going to build on his stellar 2007 at age 32?

    • Mike A. says:

      I thought it was a good deal at the time. I’m not a big Gorkys fan, and I didn’t think Jurrjens could be that good (moving to the NL certainly helped). Looking back at it though … oof.

      • Jamal G. says:

        I wasn’t a a Jair Jurrjens fan myself but I am a sucker for the IFA guys so I did drink some of that Kool-Aid on Gorkys Hernandez. I’m not saying I was up in arms about the deal because this past off-season was when I actually started getting into the farm system aspect of baseball. However, I did raise an eyebrow at the deal and I guess I’m just a bit peeved that Brian Cashman gets all this flack about every single little thing but other GM’s can screw something up big time and nobody says a word.

        • A.D. says:

          I’d say the issue with the deal is Edgar has obv diminished range, they already had good hitting SS with no range in Carlos Guillen. They gave up a young pitcher who already had ML experience & a top hitter.

          Basically they got something they didn’t need, and probably going to get worse (Renteria’s first AL try didn’t work that well either) for 2 good prospects.

  10. Mike A. says:

    Matt LaPorta had a .582 OBP his last year of college.

  11. Ivan says:

    Man I miss Bobby already. When I was a kid, when yankee games were shown on MSG and channel 11, I use to hear Murcer all the time. He was really cool man.

  12. Joe says:

    Any way to follow along with the futures game on the computer? no cable

  13. Mike A. says:

    Steve Phillips and Peter Gammons are tainting the Yankee Stadium broadcast booth.

  14. Ivan says:

    Man Fowler looks impressive and what a play at center as well. Who would you guys take Fowler or Jackson? ranked midseason 13 and 14.

  15. George Kaplan says:

    great chuck by laporta

  16. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, I’m just glancing at my laptop to keep tabs on the Yankee game. How many others are paying more attention to the Futures Game right now?

  17. Mike A. says:

    Michael Bowden, the best pitcher in the Eastern League? Chris Tillman and Carlos Carrasco say hi.

  18. Mike A. says:

    Jess Todd has a disgusting slider.

  19. Jamal G. says:

    That Scott Rolen can play some defense, who knew? ;)

  20. Jamal G. says:

    How did Madison Bumgarner not make the team?

  21. Mike A. says:

    No way, let Mo pitch the 9th. If you start him, all the excitement is gone, what’s the point to watch the rest of the game as a Yankee fan?

    Let him pitch the ninth, regardless of score. The anticipation will build all game, and as soon as the first note of Enter Sandman plays, the place will explode.

  22. Ben C says:

    bobby abreu — great fielder, or greatest fielder?

    • Gary says:

      Each opportunity I get to watch my Yankees play a baseball game, I think the following: How did Bobby Abreu ever win a gold glove and who awarded it to him? Abreu treats every outfield wall as if it will explode if Bobby even approaches it. Every baseball nearing an outfield wall is treated as if it is a live hand grenade. He is not a poor outfielder but he is a significantly below average one.

  23. E-ROC says:

    Sandoval is a BIG guy. Holy crap!

  24. Jamal G. says:

    These X Games commercials are annoying me.

  25. Mike A. says:

    Eddie Morlan, yet another piece of the Garza deal.

  26. andrew says:

    i hate the xgames commercials with that idiot in the costume. and bobby has been terrible in the of this series

  27. Jamal G. says:

    What happened to Russ Adams? Did the back and forth between Short Stop and Second Base really have that much of an effect?

  28. E-ROC says:

    Looks like Pettitte doesn’t have his best stuff today.

  29. Mike A. says:

    “I saw an ad in the newspaper, so I decided to pay baseball.”

    That was pretty amazing. And hilarious.

  30. CB says:

    Of the 19 pitchers selected for the Futures game 11 are older than Phil Hughes.

    (if you don’t count Phillip Aumont who is still technically on the roster but not playing due to injury its 11 of 18 older than hughes).

    6 of the 9 US pitchers are older than Hughes. Now given how the team was selected for the U.S. Olympic team they’ve selected older players. Nonetheless – its remarkable that 2/3 of the U.S. pitchers are older than Hughes.

    And its not just the U.S. team – 5 of the 10 World pitchers are older than Hughes – and given how many sign at age 16 or 17 that’s even more remarkable.

    Puts some perspective on the notion of Hughes being a “bust.”

  31. Jamal G. says:

    Well Andy Pettitte isn’t having any fun. Fucking Marco Scutaro.

  32. A.D. says:

    Marco Scutaro…really?

  33. Andy In Sunny Daytona Beach says:

    Yankees really don’t have achance today. The Blue Jays have eight “gritty, gutty, scrappy gamers” on the field.

  34. George Kaplan says:

    Pablo Sandoval is quite the porker.
    Also, his lefty stance reminds me of melky.
    As does his chubbiness.

  35. Mike A. says:

    I really hope Montero puts one in the seats. That would be pretty cool.

  36. Ivan says:

    Is Montero in the game yet.

  37. Mike A. says:

    Will Inman’s delivery says “here comes 98,” and it comes out 88.

  38. Mike A. says:

    The potential US Olympic team is getting one hit by a bunch of teenagers from Latin America.

  39. Mike A. says:

    I think Montero is catching now. Not sure though.

    • Mike A. says:

      Nope, but Ramiro Pena is at short.

      • Joe says:

        I don’t get it, nobody who follows the Yankees system talks about Pena, but he’s in the futures game? I’m not discrediting him in any way, but it’s just odd to see him there. I guess I think of it like this. There was no one better?

  40. E-ROC says:

    Julio Pimentel’s stats are unimpressive yet made the future’s game. He put some gas on that throw to first.

  41. E-ROC says:

    Rollie Fingers ‘stache is bananas.

  42. Mike A. says:

    IPK’s dealin’.

  43. Mike A. says:

    Arrieta’s got a damn good arm.

  44. Handsome B. Wonderful says:

    3 Constants In Life:

    - Death
    - Taxes
    - A.J. Burnett, he of the 5.15 ERA, dominating the Yankees.

  45. Handsome B. Wonderful says:

    3 MORE Constants In Life:

    - Death
    - Taxes
    - Kevin Millar hitting a homer in a series against the Yankees.

  46. E-ROC says:

    Looks like AJ Burnett’s audition is going well.

  47. Mike A. says:

    Jesus Delgado was part of the Beckett deal.

  48. daneptizl says:

    It looks like Montero is back there now.

  49. Ivan says:

    It looks like Montero is in the game.

  50. daneptizl says:

    I didn’t like that scale description.

  51. Mike A. says:

    Wes Hodges is a freak. He hurt his wrist one year and couldn’t hit righthanded for any power, so he decided to bat lefty that year for the first time in his life, and he hit .400.

  52. E-ROC says:

    Pena accounting for himself really well with that throw to first.

  53. daneptizl says:

    LOL at Benjie’s speed. Remember how he got mad at A-Rod for “showing him up”?

  54. daneptizl says:

    Montero’s AB prediction: 2B to right center. BTW, how does Eckstein not have a 20 arm…

  55. Jamal G. says:

    How the hell did Angel Villalona and his .405-SLG% make the World Team?

  56. daneptizl says:

    Now that I think about it…. even Cash got Montero’s age wrong. He said he was 19.

  57. daneptizl says:

    Jesus is coming.

  58. Ben C says:

    get the bat off your shoulder rook

  59. Mike A. says:

    Great, now Gammons won’t shut up about Lin.

  60. daneptizl says:


  61. E-ROC says:

    A f*cking RedSox prospect would hit a HR. Thank u baseball gods. Now, I’ll have to hear about it on ESPN throughout the entire day and into tomorrow morning.

  62. Jamal G. says:

    Lin jacks a HR and Montero could not get the ball out of the infield, Bizzaro world much?

  63. Ivan says:

    Well that was a nice abat montero.

  64. fresh says:

    what is with these red sox prospects i kno that they’re not all this good …and of course montero follows with a pop up

  65. BigBlueAL says:

    What a shocker, a Red Sox player hits a homer at the Futures Game. On a side note Montero would fit right in with the Yankees already after that at-bat.

  66. Newman says:

    Does no one care about the actual Yankee game today?

  67. Ivan says:

    Y’all not making a big deal with that abat.

  68. Mike A. says:

    Nice job by Steve Phillips neglecting to mention that Matt LaPorta had an oblique strain as a junior, leading to his subpar year.

  69. Mike A. says:

    Looks like Aumont and Weathers are the two best pitchers left. That should be fun.

  70. fresh says:

    is mcdonald the best worst player youve ever seen? lol

  71. Ivan says:

    Maybe it’s me but I’ll still think that Melancon is better than Weathers.

    • Mike A. says:

      Nah, you gotta take Weathers because his delivery and pure stuff is better. Melancon is a few months younger though.

      • Ivan says:

        I’ll take Melancon. Weathers to me while certainly be good, he also be kyle farnsworth. Melancon has the better control and breakingball even though Weathers beats him with the fastball.

  72. Mike A. says:

    Gong, try again Steve Phillips. Vandy didn’t go to the CWS last year, they famously lost their regional at home when a Michigan freshman hitting under .200 took David Price deep in extra innings.

  73. fresh says:

    giambi has hit the ball really well a coulple times in the last 2 games and its gone nowhere…..baffling

  74. Mike A. says:

    Oh good, we get to see Ramiro Pena have the bat knocked out his hands again.

  75. Joe says:

    Did you see A.J. Burnettt get his elbow into that fist pump? That was clearly a veteran fist pump.

  76. Jamal G. says:

    “Failure of the farm system”? Yeah Steve Phillips, I’m not wasting precious developmental time teaching Matt LaPorta and Jesus Montero how to lay down a bunt.

  77. fresh says:

    this rally probably means well see montero again im excited…

  78. Jamal G. says:

    How does Angel Villanola’s signing bonus put anything into perspective? Only an idiot would come to a conclusion, talent wise, based on signing bonuses for players in two completely different talent pools and markets.

  79. Mike A. says:

    Phillips: “MAtt, there’s a runner on second with no outs. I need you to hit the ball on the ground to the right side to move the runner over.”

    LaPorta: “Uh, what.”

    Phillips: “I need you to get the runner over so that the next hitter can drive him in with a ground out.”

    LaPorta: “Uh, okay. I think.”

    LaPorta then accidentally hits a homer when trying to move the runner over.

    Phillips: “Matt, I told you to move the runner over, I’m going to trade you for Mo Vaughn now.”

  80. E-ROC says:

    Good morning, good afternoon, good night! Weathers…wow.

  81. E-ROC says:

    Pettitte did his job. Where in the hell is the offense?

  82. Mike A. says:

    Rodriguez has a lightening quick arm. Redic.

  83. Joe says:

    I don’t know if any of you get “The Onion” in your area, but if you do and appreciate it, you need to get The Onion” movie, it’s got Steven Seagal and is maybe just a few notch’s below Airplane

  84. Newman says:

    At least Tampa is losing again. Then again, on the other side of the ball, they’re on the verge of being swept by the hapless Tribe and we only gain 1.5 games on them

  85. Ivan says:

    Speaking of Gas. Watch Rodriguez and that’s it.

  86. Andy In Sunny Daytona Beach says:

    Wouldn’t Wakefield be a better 20 on the fastball scale?

  87. fresh says:

    montero looks huge behind the dish

  88. E-ROC says:

    AJ Burnett better not get a complete shutout on a pitch count at 90.

  89. Beezr says:

    Speaking of Humberto Sanchez, does anyone know how his velocity has been? That seems to be the big question for a pitcher coming back from surgery.

    • Mike A. says:

      Coming back from TJ, the question is control. Velocity is the question coming back from shoulder surgery.

      But no, I haven’t heard anything about his velocity. I suspect it’s fine though, otherwise a big deal would have been made of it already.

  90. Jamal G. says:

    Why does Steve Phillips talk about On-Base Percentage like it’s some controversial religion? Then again, why do most main stream media types do that?

  91. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, Max Kellerman was making a joke but he did kind of have a point. He said the Yankees’ first half MVP is Jason Varitek. Him starting for the Red Sox actually makes them a worse team, thus helping the Yankees. Classic.

  92. Jamal G. says:

    I thought the rule was you could not have more than two representatives in the Futures Game. I believe I’ve seen four San Francisco Giants. Or is this year’s U.S. Team exempt because they are comprised of the U.S. Olympic squad?

  93. Handsome B. Wonderful says:

    When I saw last night that Burnett’s pitch count was to be 90 pitches, on three days rest, I began to think “Oh, it’ll only be 7 innings of shutout ball instead of 8.” Looks like I was wrong. I cannot wait until he is traded out of the division– he shouldn’t be traded to the Yankees, as he’d have no team left against which he pitches well.

  94. Mike A. says:

    Why are they citing W-L record for a guy in A-ball?

  95. Mike A. says:

    Just a single? He’s a bust.

  96. E-ROC says:


  97. Ivan says:

    That’s a good a-bat right there.

  98. Jamal G. says:

    Solid liner to RF. Cool.

    Jorge Posada just threw out a stealing John McDonald but Derek Jeter missed the tag so McDonald was ruled safe. He did have some zip on the throw.

  99. E-ROC says:

    Are there any updates on the Yanks Chinese prospects: Kai Liu and Zhenwang Zhang?

    • Mike A. says:

      I heard they weren’t going to come over until 2010 when they finish school, or something like that. They aren’t exactly prospects either. They’re really just the first step in the process, establishing a presence. If either one makes it out of A-ball, I’ll be shocked.

  100. Ivan says:

    This isn’t on of the better yankee teams.

  101. Mike A. says:

    No Phillippe Aumont? Boooooo.

  102. yanks99 says:

    why didn’t we throw ponson on short rest?

  103. fresh says:

    would anyone consider getting burnett if we didnt have to give up the ajax’s of the world?…

  104. Jamal G. says:

    Anybody think that Daisuke Matsuzaka will be in Boston’s rotation by the end of his contract?

  105. E-ROC says:

    Erin Andrews holding two microphones with one hand takes talent. ;)

  106. Jamal G. says:

    Opposite field jack, nice.

  107. Jamal G. says:

    Can someboyd please, please tell me how Daisuke Matsuzaka continually works out of these self-inflicted jams?

  108. E-ROC says:

    Yeah, we won’t be shutout by AJ Burnett.

  109. E-ROC says:

    So……………….Sexson clears waivers this week and will probably be in a Yankee uniform for the first game after the All-Star break. Is there anything else that we should expect to happen?

  110. Bruno says:

    IPK, Britton, & Moeller
    Fuentes & Torrealba?

    • Mike A. says:

      Not even close, the Rox want 2 top youngsters for Fuentes. What would that solve anyway?

      • Ivan says:

        who would the rox 2 top prospects for Fuentes?

        • Mike A. says:

          No idea, but that price seems exorbitant. I’m reluctant to trade IPK for a reliever who has a tendency to melt down just because he’s a lefty and a big name.

          • AndrewYF says:

            Not to mention Fuentes is a free agent after this year. Two top prospects for a reliever rental, when the Yankees have had one of the top bullpens in the league? Idiotic. I really hope the FO is smarter than that.

  111. daneptizl says:

    I’m not reluctant to do that trade. I just laughed at having to give up Kennedy for Fuentes.

  112. Cathy says:

    I don’t think the Yanks need Fuentes. Let’s get some offense…..and a new hitting coach……

  113. daneptizl says:

    Because Kevin Long was a horrible person for helping us lead the league in scoring last year, right? It’s not his fault Posada, Rodriguez, Matsui, Damon got injured and the replacements that he has to work with are Cabrera, Molina, Duncan , Betemit, and a couple rookies.

  114. Gary says:

    I detest Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera. Neither has any clue as to what’s going on in a baseball game. Cano could bat after three consecutive walks of 12 wild pitches and that lamebrain would come up and swing at the first pitch. There was NO WAY that was a double play ball today in the ninth inning. NO WAY!Rooting for this team is becoming increasingly tedious.

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