Hava Molina!

McCutchen, Heredia on top of their game
All-Star Teams announced

PeteAbe passed along a rather impressive statistic yesterday: when Jose Molina threw Jacoby Ellsbury out trying to steal second in the 5th inning yesterday, it was the 10th consecutive would-be base stealer that Molina has gunned down. Despite being a backup for most of the year, Molina has thrown out a league leading 22 base stealers, good for 47.9%, which also leads the league. Just imagine if he didn’t have a .572 OPS.

McCutchen, Heredia on top of their game
All-Star Teams announced
  • Mark B

    Any idea what the staff ERA and record is for Molina and Posada when they are behind the plate this year?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      No idea, though I suspect their record is better with Posada behind the plate just because they sucked earlier in the year when Molina was forced into every day duty, and now they’re playing better with Posada behind the dish. It’s not solely because of the catcher, obviously. I’d love to see some catcher’s ERA info, but I have no idea where to find that data.

  • MD

    Too bad we dont have a young catcher ready in the system….next year we could have Jorge playing 1B/dh/third catcher, use Molina as backup, and break in a kid……where’s Dioner when you need him….dont think Cervelli is ready or is the ultimate answer here…..

  • Realist

    Those Molina Hermanos can certainly D up!

    I must agree with MD, I would like to see Posada in a similar situation…as it would prolong his Offensive productivity. I am not sure how close Cervelli was prior to the injury, though I thought he wasn’t too far away from at least getting a shot?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Cervelli’s completely disappeared too. He came back about a month ago, got into a handful of games, and has been MIA ever since. He wasn’t any kind of option anyway, regardless of the injuries.

  • Manimal

    I wish we can find Montero’s real birth certificate that says hes 36.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      That would be bad.

    • Manimal

      I meant 26.

      • Joe

        That would be bad too

  • BillyBall

    After having to endure those 2 idiots on Fox yesterday we now have the pleasure to listen to 2 more clowns on ESPN tonight. I was sitting and watching ESPN with my wife and boxer dog named after Thurman Munson and I thought about what those 2 imbeciles on Fox were stating about the Yankee farm system and lack of true value and depth compared to the Sox. If we break it down over the last 15 years, there’s no debating the Yankees have brought up more talent that is still evident on the 2008 team. If we break it down to recent call ups and future prospects it is much closer and not anywhere close to the level of bleakness that those 2 would paint the picture.

    Positional Players:
    The Sawx have Youk, Dusty, and Ellsbury. 3 players on there current team.
    The Yankees have Melky, Cano, and Gardner.
    Right now the clear favorites are the Sox.

    Lets now look at the pitchers who have been on the roster this season.
    The Red Sox have Papplebon, Lester, Masterson, Bucholz, and Delcarmen. We won’t include Matsuzaka because he is 28 going on 29 and was a free agent.

    The Yankees have produced Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Veras, Roberston, Ramirez, we should also include Wang since he is younger than Matsuzaka and has gone through our farm system but to be fair we will not.

    Pappelbon inclusion on this list would lean the scale towards the Sawx but if you look at the big picture with the young talent it is not extremely one sided as those 2 knuckle heads may have you believe.

    Now I know there premise was based on the ability to call up a pitcher if the need arised and being that Bucholz has pitched fairly well down there they feel the Sox have a better farm! Ridiculous. If you look at our pitching depth and include the likes of Horne(when healthy), Aceves, McCutcheon, Cox, and soon Melancon (who will not be called up this year) I will take our potential over theres especially when Aceves starts throwing in AAA and this is also based on the recent performances of McCutcheon. IPK is also on the way back and when he regains his lost fragile confidence where not looking all that bad. Now this could happen sooner than you think. We could be looking at Horne, Aceves, IPK, and McCutcheon pitching lights out right after the all star game in AAA. So if this comes to fruition how will those 2 jerk offs rate our farm team than? My point is you cannot state one minute that our farm team is in top 5 of all talent and than state that it is barren and than state later as these youngsters come up such as Robertson that it is a quality farm all in one season. That is pretty hypocritical don’t you think?

    Lastly, I know the Sawx have Jed Lowrie and a few other nice positional players. But I’m pretty confidant they do not have a Jesus Montero or an Austin Jackson for that matter!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      You can’t include Robinson Cano if you’re not going to include Chien-Ming Wang. They were both International Free Agents, made their way through the farm system and made their debut in 2005. If age is your restriction for Wang then Kevin Youkilis should not be included either.

    • B

      Will everyone please forget about Kennedy! He blows!!!! He is just like Rasner, so talk about all our other pitchers that we have and stop talking about someone who only had 3 good games for us.

      Christ, I’m so sick of hearing or reading about IPK.

  • BillyBall

    Lastly, I wish ESPN would have covered the Manny incident more especially Peter Gammons. To think I valued that guys opinion years ago when the Sox were a bitter dead team. Gammons was quick to destroy Farnsworth when he threw high on Manny but where was he when Manny had his roid rage and threw down an old man who is an accountant for the Red Sox. He pulled a Pedro vs. Zimmer except that old man was running at him like a crazed bull dog. Where is Gammon calling Manny out in his articles. Whitey please, please defend Gammons and ESPN now! I would love to hear what your argument is now after you defended those 2 dopes on Fox stating they use to be Yankee biased, lol! We need David Justice and Tino back on ESPN! Gammons should just retire and buy partnership into the Sawx!

    • Whitey14

      Hey, I’ve got no defense for what Manny did and I stated as much in other comment threads during the week. I’ve never condoned his “manny being manny” behavior and I never will.

      Everybody knows that Gammons is a Sox homer, and ESPN knew that when they hired him. He was right about Farnsworth going head level on Manny and I would say the same thing if it had been Timlin going head level on Giambi. Above the shoulders is wrong, PERIOD. Granted, his bias did make him sound a bit foolish when speaking of it.

      At some point or other every ESPN personality has disclosed their baseball bias and the yanks and sox both have fans among the group. To continually talk about the network’s bias these days when it wasn’t spoken of in the yank’s most recent dynasty run is just hypocritical though. Many of you seem to forget that you had your cake and ate it too for a long time, deservedly so, and now you have to suffer through the same type of crap we Sox fans listened to for so long. I couldn’t care less about their bias. I watch ESPN for Baseball Tonight only, because it’s on at midnight when I get home and I can see the highligths before I go to bed. We’ve got NESN, you’ve got YES, they’remuch better resources for our teams than ESPN.

      Didn’t mccarver used to broadcast for the yankees? Or do I have that wrong? Maybe I felt he was biased towards ny in years past because the Sox weren’t in the playoffs. Joe Buck is a cardinals guy, like his daddy before him, and I think deep down mccarver still is too.

      Please don’t assume I will side with the Sox on every argument Billyball. I promised Ben a long time ago that I would be biased, but honest, in my commenting and I intend to honor that promise. I won’t toe the Sox line if I think they’re wrong.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I like Jose. As I posted in the short Ben “Well that was exciting…” post, I was at the game yesterday and there was so much to talk about that Jose’s pitchout and Farnsworth almost freaking killing him didn’t even get much play in my post.

    A few people tried to start a Jo-se Jo-se Jo-se chant but someone yelled “We’re not the Mets.”

    And the good news is that when the Stadium is full of Saux and Yankee fans, there is no Wave.

    I’m still getting over yesterday’s game. The 9th inning noise killed my ears I think.

  • billyball

    jamel, I didnt include wang because i left out matsuzaka just to keep it fair and not based on free agents signing.

    • dan

      but how are they at all similar outside of the color of their skin?

  • dan

    This question was posed above… B-Ref seems to have taken down their catcher ERA splits, although it has been shown to be unreliable to begin with. I calculated the approximate FIP for each catcher…

    Molina: 3.69, 90 OPS+
    Posada: 4.17, 111 OPS+

    I might have botched the FIP calculation (it doesn’t give innings, so I just did PA/3, which is wrong, but I did it anyway), but relative to each other, the numbers are right. Pitchers have been better with Molina catching this year than Posada. The OPS+ numbers are accurate, so use those.

    Numbers are here for anyone who wants to see…

    • dave

      ESPN stats have the CERA (catcher’s era)

      Posada: 4.64 in 27 games
      Molina: 3.73 in 52 games

      so molina is about a run better, but I dont know how much of that can be attributed to him specifically.

      • steve (different one0

        i think the numbers are skewed b/c Molina has been almost exclusively catching Mussina and Mussina has been the Yankees best starter.

  • Elle

    Heh, props for the title of this post. Of course now I’ll have the Hava Nagila going through my head for the rest of the day, but them’s the breaks.

    It’s great to see Molina doing so well, and I’ve become a huge fan of his this year, but I still wish Jorge were in a physical position to be making those throws as well . . .

  • dkidd

    what’s the record for consecutive runners thrown out?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      That’s a really good question, I have no idea. Hopefully he throws a few more guys out, then they mention the record on YES and Kay can go off a 30-minute rant on how all of this is a predetermined outcome.