“Lower body injury” doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

International Signing Day
Hank: "We've got to start hitting. It's getting ridiculous."

From the D-Backs’ official site: “[Catcher Chris] Snyder was hit by a foul ball off the bat of Milwaukee outfielder Corey Hart in the fourth inning. Snyder was diagnosed with a left testicular fracture and will have surgery on Wednesday.” And you thought what happened to Jose Molina the other day was bad.

International Signing Day
Hank: "We've got to start hitting. It's getting ridiculous."
  • dkidd

    how do you fracture a testicle? that’s like breaking your hamstring

  • Number 27

    i’m not sure i know what it means either, but i can’t read ‘left testicular fracture’ without wincing.

    • Count Zero

      Like you…I think I am content to NOT know the details on that. Every conceivable explanation carries a haunting mental picture.

      I…would…prefer…to never speak of this subject again.


    It’s been a bad year for sensitive parts. Felix Pie had twisted testicles. Kaz Matsui had anal fissures. Ouch.


    Curt Schilling almost went on the 15 day with a stick in his ass.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    In a related story, Joba Chamberlain once challenged Lance Armstrong to a “Who has more testicles?” contest. Joba won by five.

    • Ben C

      Lame, that’s a Chuck Norris joke.

      You know they called that Jose Molina play a wild pitch?

  • dan

    Not even the doctor wants to talk about it…


  • Chris

    I read the story quickly, and thought the lead in said “Call them the Arizona Brokebacks”….which conjures up a whole different image.

  • Joe

    I just hope no one busts his balls about this injury. That would be a real low blow.

  • ceciguante

    gives new meaning to “bust a nut.”

    sorry, i had to.

  • Dylan

    I almost fainted reading this.

  • BC

    “Fractured left testicle operation.” What do they do during the operation? Get out the crazy glue?