Melky Cabrera has a job for a few more weeks


We interrupt our slam Jason Varitek All Star Game coverage to bring you some not-so-great news on a few injured Yankees. Via the AP:

Matsui did not hit Tuesday after experiencing additional discomfort in his sore left knee. The Yankees had hoped he might be ready to return when eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list on Friday.

“Perhaps you can say so, it’s a short-term setback,” Matsui said through a translator at the Yankees’ minor league complex. “I’m going to hit tomorrow, that’s the plan anyway.”

Damon, eligible to be activated from the DL on Sunday, continues to have soreness in his injured left shoulder, and won’t likely start hitting off a tee until at least late this week. He underwent treatment only on Tuesday.

“It feels a little better today,” Damon said. “It still feels horrible waking up. I’m still kind of down because I know (Yankees manager Joe) Girardi wants to put me in the lineup on Sunday and I’m not sure we can do that.”

Damon’s news is being reported as a “setback,” but I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. His injury hasn’t gotten worse; it just isn’t getting better as quickly as he and the Yanks had hoped it would. Matsui’s knee and his progress, however, should probably be regarded as a setback, and at this point, I’m skeptical that we’ll see Matsui back in the Bronx before 2009.

With this news, the Yankees are obviously going to have to face a tough decision. While I’m not sold on his long-term prospects, it does make sense to give Richie Sexson a look at DH/1B in a platoon situation. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with Wilson Betemit in the lineup nearly everyday. Meanwhile, the Yanks will continue to mix and match with Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera and Justin Christian until Damon recovers. Tough times for the outfield.

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  1. TurnTwo says:


    i know people hate to trade prospects nowadays, but would it be the worst thing in the world to move a couple of prospects for a young OF’er who is either under contract or cost controlled thru arbitration for the next couple years?

    it is possible to help this team now, and for the near future… those ideas dont have to be mutually exclusive when trading between now and the deadline.

    • Mike A. says:

      Who is that young outfielder though?

      • TurnTwo says:

        thats the million dollar question.

        i just got finished listening to Holliday on WFAN, and he is playing RF tonight. just sayin.

        he’s not real young, and youd have to extend him, i realize that. but i think he’s a gamer, and a winning player, and he’s still in his prime for a couple more seasons.

        but again, i realize thats not the popular choice.

        • whozat says:

          Just because he’s playing RF for a couple innings in an exhibition game doesn’t mean that he’d be a good long-term defensive option over there. And the big LF at the stadium could be an issue too. And…his bat away from Coors is basically Hideki Matsui. He’s a solid player. But is it worth giving up a Jackson or a Hughes and THEN paying him a bunch of money to extend him deep into his decline phase?

          • TurnTwo says:

            you see it as deep into decline phase, i see it as 3 to 4 prime years, and 2 to 3 years of decline.

            and i made the RF comment tongue-in-cheek. lets not try to take everything thats written too seriosuly.

            and yeah, if you could extend him after you trade for him, i think it is worth a Phil Hughes.

      • B says:

        Hey since everyone is saying that the Yankees should aquire an OFer here is an article I found. Please keep in mind that I am not saying if I agree with the article or not!


  2. sam says:

    That strikes me as good short & medium term planning and some prospects should be used as trading chips. This is what makes people like the Pirates Xavier Nady and/or Damaso Marte attractive options for the Yanks (and others).

    • Brandon says:

      That’s like being held up w/ a gun, those are the type of moves that kill progress in building a future instead of building it.

      • mustang says:

        Why? Once again your not talking about the farm and both Nady and Marte are sign next. Both can useful parts for 2009.

        • Harvey says:

          Why does everyone want Marte? He will be 35 next season and is just another aging reliever?

          No thanks! The Pirates can keep both Nady and Marte.

  3. jsbrendog says:

    well isnt damon matsui and abreu up either next yr or the year after? abreu next yr the other two theb year after right?? so why not look for that roght field replacement now for abreu? that way you have him play for damon and matsui while theyre out and then you can re evaluate in the offseason if its worth keeping abreu or not or god knows whatever this makes less sense as i keep typing just do something to make us stop losing and only scoring 1 run a game

  4. Hybrid Moments says:

    They should just throw in the towel on Matsui for the year.

  5. Matt G. says:

    As Donald Rumsfeld once said, you go to war with the army that you have.

    • If we’re taking advice from Donald Rumsfeld on ANYTHING, we’re doomed.

      • Count Zero says:

        beat me to it

      • Old Ranger says:

        Let’s not go there! 27/08

        • Let’s not go where? Let’s not speak about when our public officials, who serve at our pleasure, fuck up horribly, betray their oaths of office, and deserved to be fired?

          • Old Ranger says:

            That’s why I said “Let’s not go there”. Dems and Rep will never see eye to eye on politics. This is about sports not politics, let it go. 27/08??

            • Dems and Reps will never see eye to eye on politics, but both Dems and Reps agree that Donald Rumsfeld is an idiot chowderhead who completely FUBAR’ed our military and made horrid decision after horrid decision during every single day of his service as Secretary of Defense, pre-war, mid-war, and post-war. It’s not a political issue at all. It’s a commonsense issue.

              • Old Ranger says:

                Only in your dreams! Forget it, politics and what…should never be discussed with a Dem? They usually spout the same platitudes that they were told by some political hack. In other words; if you were intelligent, you would think for yourself. Respectfully, get a life and brain. 27/08??

  6. r.w.g. says:

    I really think another hitter needs to be brought in, possibly more than one. Now whether it is a minor league call up, a trade, buying some AAA vet’s contract, somebody(s) needs to be brought in to get some knocks.

    I don’t know if they can do anything too drastic though, because you really don’t know what the deal is with Matsui. We need closure on him more than anything. With Johnny, whenever he comes back you can just stick Melky or Gardner on the bench (where they belong this year).

    Unless the plan is to get a younger-ish and talented vet (who is signed for longer than just this season), I really wouldn’t entertain dealing the prospects just yet.

  7. E-ROC says:

    The Yanks should make Matsui have the surgery. Knee injuries are always difficult to come back from. Damon will probably be relegated to DH-ing duty when he returns from the disabled list as arm already sucked, and will be worse than before.

    The Yanks should consider trading for an outfielder. Anybody who can get the ball out of the infield would be just fine.

  8. whozat says:

    What of Nelson Cruz? He’s 27 and putting up great numbers at AAA again. He’s not done well in limited duty in the bigs, but it seems like the Rangers aren’t really considering him seriously anymore. Could be a solid move?

  9. Ben C says:

    nady would be a solid pickup, trade for him, throw him in left and then we dont have to resign the aging abreu(put nady in right next year)

    IPK, melky and another arm good enough you think?

    • sam says:

      According to reports the Pirates have an interest in Ross Ohlendorf.

      I would imagine Melky, IPK and Ohlendorf could pry Nady from the Pirates. Given the Pirates desire to remove bigger salaries add another arm and you might be able to get Marte as well.

      • Ben K. says:

        That would be an awful, awful trade for the Yanks.

      • Ivan says:

        I understand need a RHB and Ross, IPK and Melky has has bad years but I don’t like that trade. IPK can be a solid #3 starter, Ohlendorf can be top reliever and while O’s sucks, his D has been very good and he’s young. Overall that trade works short term but not long term especially for a guy who doesn’t really walk.

        • Count Zero says:

          Like you and Ben, I think sam’s scenario is overpaying for Nady. However, I don’t think you will find many people will agree with your statement that IPK “can be a solid #3 starter” — even those of us who wanted him in the rotation to start the year were saying he projected as a solid 4 or 5.

          I would consider Ohlendorf and Melky for Nady or IPK plus a lesser prospect for Nady. Melky has really worn out his welcome with me at this point — I don’t care if he is only 23. My niece has a better looking swing than he does. We can no longer blame his crappy hitting on a lack of consistent playing time.

          • Ivan says:

            To be fair, it’s easy to say that IPK can’t be a solid #3 starter becuase of what they have seen. But he is 23, who went in a runt. Hey with his stuff, and if he regain that control he has, he can be solid pitcher with #4 or 3 potential.

            Melky I would trade as well but for something a tad better.

            As for Ohlendorf, He has potential to be a good setup man it didn’t happen.

            I am not saying I wouldn’t trade those guys but for Nady no.

            • Mike A. says:

              Look at Pelfrey. He was another highly regarded college pitcher that flew to the majors. He’s just figuring it out now, 3 years later. It takes time. IPK will be just fine … eventually.

              • Jon says:

                Pelfrey has much better velocity.

                • Jamal G. says:

                  Well that’s all that matters.

                • Pelfrey may have had more velocity, but Pelfrey’s ceiling was the same, if notlower, than IPK’s (at the same times in their respective careers.)

                  Kennedy projects at best to a #2 and at worst to a #5. Pelfrey projected at best as a #3 and at worst as a bullpen arm or a AAAA pitcher.

                • MD says:

                  you can get Nady for Ohlendorf and a non-prospect….no need to overpay

                • Harvey says:

                  Kennedys ceilling was never higher than Pelfry’s. Kennedy has no velocity and relies on control. One problem is that Kennedy cannot ever find the control. Kennedy kind of reminds me of Dan Cabrera of the O’s without the velocity, which is not a good thing!

                  Kennedy doesn’t miss many bats.

                  BTW, the Pirates are gonna ask the moon for Nady, and to be honest I would rather see someone else and not give up on Ohlendorf.

                  Just some food for thought.

          • sam says:

            In review it should have been written two of the three not all three. But the fact that it also addresses the future RF need in 2009 would be worth examining in my book because if I see Abreu in RF next year I will be disappointed.

            I agree that Melky’s time may have passed and perhaps his depature could provide a little fire under Cano.

        • Shawn says:

          A #3 starter? Dude whatever you are smoking…I would like some! Wang, Joba, and Hughes are all better than IPK. For someone who needs to rely on control and doesn’t have that much control…he’ll be lucky if he can be a solid #5 starter.

          I do agree with you though about Ohlendorf. He can be a top reliever with his fastball that reaches about 97mph and that nasty sinker. If the pirates are gonna ask for the moon on Nady, well then they can keep him.

          • Ivan says:

            So What if Wang, Joba and Hughes are better than IPK. One is a front line starter while the other two can develop into one. To compare those three to IPK doesn’t help your arguement. IPK to me a solid #3 starter. A #3 starter is a mid rotation guy, not good enough to be a front line guy but better than a back end starter. He has that potential. It takes time.

            • Jamal G. says:

              I agree about Ian Kennedy’s ceiling as a number three guy. I don’t waste my time arguing at this point, after his bad start to 2008 there will be about a handful of people who would even consider that thought of him having a Major League ceiling.

            • Shawn says:

              Ok, fine. IPK is a #3 starter…But not for the Yankees!!! 1st, can you really see him in next years rotation? I certainly cannot, and with Horne, Sanchez(if he can stay healthy), Marquez, and Brackman all probably being ready in about 2 years. Don’t really see IPK in the rotation after next year either. Takes time? Then you can say the same for Igawa, Melky, and Gardner(who should probably be bunting more).

              Again, whatever your smoking dude. I want some!

      • mustang says:

        I agree with Ben the only way I make that trade is it’s Marte and Nady.

    • whozat says:

      Xavier Nady is playing well above his career norms this year. He’s normally a bit above average offensively. So, you’re handing the CF job to Gardner for the rest of the season at least, sending away our highest-upside non-DLed rotation option and another piece for a guy that’s a bit above average?

  10. raymagnetic ®™ says:

    “Melky Cabrera has a job for a few more weeks”

    I believe it’s Brett Gardner that has a job for a few more weeks.

    • Ivan says:

      Brett Garner can’t even get the ball out the infield.

    • J.R. says:

      Gardner looks completely over matched in the bigs.

      • Jamal G. says:

        No he doesn’t. He is patient as hell which is fantastic to see because he is not trying to be something he’s not. He’s sticking to that approach that got him to the Major Leagues. Most of his strikeouts have come on called strikes and I can bet you that if he were a seven year veteran some, if not most, of those calls would go his way.

        • Ivan says:

          To be fair Jamal, while he has a good approach at the plate, he does K’s alot even in the minors. And when you don’t have power and barely can get the ball out of the infield, pitchers (especially with good fastballs) are not gonna challege him 2-0, 3-1 counts because he only hurts them with singles.

        • raymagnetic ®™ says:

          Please give me the name of one player, with no power, who strikes out a ton that was able to be a successful major league player?

          In my opinion Brett doesn’t make nearly enough contact to be successful at what his game is.

      • Mike A. says:

        And Melky doesn’t?

        • Ivan says:

          He has Mike but again, Melky has looked so bad that Garner a career 4th or 5th OF looks good especially since he does take some pitches but you know that Garner isn’t that good. The only reason Garner is being cut a little bit a slack is that Melky O has been that putrit so Garner is just a breathe of fresh air when in reality he isn’t.

          Infact, Melky has more potential than Garner inconcern with Power (albeit not much) and is also a better Defender at CF.

          I am not a Melky fan, but Garner isn’t the answer either.

          • Todd says:

            BG will be a valuable member of this team. He always takes time to adjust to each level. Just be patient with the guy. I think he will eventually catch breaks, get a few calls at the plate, and do his thing: score runs. Given time, I really think that he will be a .380 OBP and 60 SBs. Let’s be patient and see what the kid has because all he has done throughout his career is get on base and score (after his usual adjustment period).

          • Sam P. says:

            You do know that Brett’s last name is Gardner and not Garner right? You made so many references to Garner it just makes you sound a little ignorant. Not trying to be mean, but come on … it’s not like he just made it up yesterday.

            • Again, to all involved here: Brett Gardner has been in 11 games and has 36 at bats. The list of players who have been successful major leaguers, everyday players, solid starters, All-Stars, and Hall of Famers who started out as bad or worse than Gardner in their first 36 at bats is so long, there’s not enough room on the Internet to hold it.

              Calm the fuck down and let the damn kid play.

            • Ivan says:

              Sorry about the name but nevertheless my opinion of him has not change.

  11. Organization wide, the following Yankees under the age of 30 are untouchable:

    Position Players:
    Robinson Cano
    Austin Jackson
    Jesus Montero
    Chien-Ming Wang
    Mark Melancon
    Andrew Brackman
    Joba Chamberlain
    Philip Hughes
    Gerrit Cole

    Everybody else should be available. Our two biggest needs, both short term AND long term, are another starting pitcher and a quality bat (with at least average defense) in the outfield. Everybody on second list should be made available via trade in order to acquire one of those two needs, both now and in the offseason.

    Position Players:
    Justin Christian
    Shelley Duncan
    P.J. Pilittere
    Wilson Betemit
    Alberto Gonzales
    Juan Miranda
    Brett Gardner
    Colin Curtis
    Eric Duncan
    Melky Cabrera
    Mitch Hilligoss
    Bradley Suttle
    Damon Sublett
    Francisco Cervelli
    Tim Battle
    Abe Almonte
    Austin Romine
    Carmen Angelini
    Jose Tabata
    Scott Patterson
    Kei Igawa
    Darrell Rasner
    Edwar Ramirez
    Jose Veras
    Steven White
    Brian Bruney
    Steven Jackson
    Alan Horne
    Alfredo Aceves
    Chris Britton
    Daniel McCutchen
    Humberto Sanchez
    Jeff Karstens
    Jonathan Albaladejo
    Phil Coke
    Ross Ohlendorf
    Eric Wordekemper
    J.B. Cox
    Kevin Whelan
    Zachary Kroenke
    Anthony Claggett
    David Robertson
    George Kontos
    Jeff Marquez
    Pat Venditte
    Christian Garcia
    Luke Greinke
    Ryan Pope
    Adam Olbrychowski
    Ivan Nova
    Jeremy Bleich
    Dellin Betances
    Zachary McAllister
    Jairo Heredia

    Take three or four of those players and turn them into a Josh Willingham, Nate McClouth, Matt Kemp, Pat Burrell or something along those lines. Between IPK, Tabata, Romine, Angelini, Humberto, Cox, Garcia, Betances, and Heredia, we have plenty of very desirable pieces to build a deal around without including our untouichables.

    And then go add a frontline pitcher in free agency.

    • J.R. says:

      Im not sure if Cash$ would agree with your list of trade-able players. Jose Tabata, JB Cox , and Humberto Sanchez seem pretty untouchable. Granted Tabata does have some issues.

      • Ivan says:

        I can certainly see Tabata having a breakout year next season alla Hanley Ramirez. Ramirez had a bad year in AA with his performance and attitude and the following year had a terrific year and the rest is history.

        While Jackson has the better overall tools, Tabata’s bat has more potential to me than A-Jax. If I am gonna trade Tabata is has to be for something really good.

      • whozat says:

        The relief depth we have makes Cox moveable in the right deal. Sanchez too. Tabata is very young and we all know about his potential…but if I have to choose between moving him and Jackson…I move Tabata.

        This isn’t a list of people who should be traded. This is a list of the parts that, in the right deal, you can deal with moving. No one’s saying trade Tabata, Sanchez, and Cox for Xavier Nady. But, if there’s a deal to be made for a 29 year old RFer who puts up an OPS+ around 115 or 120 consistently…

        • J.R. says:

          Fair enough, good point.

        • Count Zero says:

          Agreed. We are going to need an OFer in 2009 as well — so auditioning Nady now makes sense.

        • whozat –

          Exactly my point, thank you. I’m not saying I want to trade all of these guys, I’m just saying we do have such a surplus of desirable, tradeable commodities, we can make a deal for a piece we need and still have numerous upper-echelon talents left, all without disturbing our core.

          With Wang, Chamberlain, Brackman, Hughes, Melancon, and Cole, we can afford to deal a IPK, a Cox, or a Sanchez.

          • Ivan says:

            I will say this, with all these big arms, I will only trade them for a legit perenial All-Star player alla Hanley Ramirez (or similar to that)

            • Old Ranger says:

              Amen to that. Sanchez is just to good (for one) to be handed out for just anyone, same with a few of the others. 27/08??

  12. Rob_in_CT says:

    Bad news. I’m fine with the Sexson idea, as it is clear they have no intention of signing Bonds (sigh).

    Beware Xavier Nady! He’s not this good. Trading Melky, IPK, and Ohlendorf for him would be a mistake. Yuck. I’m not against acquiring him, but if that’s the price tag, no thanks. He’s not an impact player.

    • Brad says:

      I agree. Melky IPK and Ohlendorf (along with maybe one more prospect) might be okay for JASON BAY, but not for Nady. I don’t buy that this is any more than a career year.

  13. whozat says:

    Also…now that we know Matsui will be out for a while…maybe it’s time for Miranda to get a shot at the bigs? Can’t hit lefties for squat, but he can mash righties…

  14. donniesbetterthandoug says:

    is matt holiday available? i would definately give up some prospects for him. he would really help the team.

    • J.R. says:

      The rockies have him through next year. My guess is that theyd rather shed Fuentes and Atkins and try and make Holliday their franchise player. But his agent is Scott Boras so its not out of the question that they would shop him for the right price.

    • whozat says:

      Hasn’t this been beaten to death already? Go look at Holliday’s numbers outside of Coors field. He’s basically Hideki Matsui of a couple years ago. He is not worth one or two top prospects. Think Hughes and Horne or Kennedy. That’s what it’d take.

      • donniesbetterthandoug says:

        coors field isnt the bam box it once was. holiday is an mvp type player and we can’t score. id trade kennedy with no hesitation.

        • whozat says:

          Kennedy was the second piece in that transaction. HUGHES and Horne or Kennedy. I’d trade Kennedy for him straight up too. But that’s dreaming.

          Also: “coors field isnt the bam box it once was”

          Then why does he have an OPS around 200 points higher at home? Take him out of Coors and he’s Hideki Matsui at the plate. That’s good, but it’s not the 1.000 OPS guy the Rockies value him as.

          • donniesbetterthandoug says:

            some guys just hit better at home. no, i wouldnt trade them both but we need to get a hitter. he is really good (way better then matsui btw) and we have a bunch a good but not great prospects. id be willing to give one of them up so we canb score more then 3 runs a game.

  15. Glen L says:

    Wow .. there really have been some “interesting” proposals thus far …

    Please remember Nady’s a FA after this year. Also remember Melky has basically no value, they are NOT trading IPK now (it would be the ultimate sell-low).

    Neither Holliday or Bay are coming cheap. Bay is under control for ’09 and with a big demand for corner OF’s, he’s going to fetch the Bucs something good if he gets traded. To the Rockies, Holliday is a 1.000 OPS player, and they will want that worth in return.

    Just because Girardi is misusing Ollie as a longish reliever does not mean Ollie isn’t any good.

    Finally (and obviously this is just my opinion) neither melky or gardner are lighting it up right now. But, Melky is terrible, I’d trade him in a heartbeat. Outside of his arm there’s really nothing to like about him. I agree Gardner has no power (which could be detrimental to his BB rates in the majors) but at least he’s got a good plate approach and 80 speed to go along with perfectly fine defense

    • whozat says:

      “Please remember Nady’s a FA after this year.”

      He’s still in his arbitration years. He’s under team control next year as well.

    • Ivan says:

      I’ll trade Garner before I trade Melkywhich isn’t saying much. Yes Garner has 80 speed so does Joey Garthwright who isn’t a good player and is only starting because the Royals don’t have anybody to replace him with.

      Hey Juan Pierre has great speed but we all know he isn’t good.

      I know you are saying hey those guys rarely walk and work counts but how about Reggie willets from the Angels who is the same type of player like Garner. He’s a 5th OF.

      Garner while solid OF isn’t better than Melky nor has more power. As bad as melky has been, Melky has more potential. This is coming from a guy who’s not a melky fan.

      Garner is a nice scrappy player but he’s a 5th OF and a 4th at best.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

        How is Juan Pierre not good? Because he doesn’t hit for power? He gets a lot of hits, he doesn’t strike out, he steals a lot of bases. I know he doesn’t walk alot or have a great arm, but I wouldn’t exactly call him terrible.
        He would be a great option for the Yanks in left.

        • raymagnetic ®™ says:

          Surely you jest about paying Juan Pierre serious money for the next 4+ years.

          • Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

            They could get him for nothing. Who gives a shit about money? He’s 30 his contract runs out when he’s 33. He still hits and steals bases. Not exactly a ton of positional players knocking at the door in the minors.

            • raymagnetic ®™ says:

              I don’t think you’ve looked at Pierre’s numbers this year. He has a 69 OPS+. Melky who’s been horrible for the better part of 2 months has an OPS+ of 75.

              The money doesn’t matter to me, per se however I do like to see the Yankees use their resources wisely. Trading for Juan Pierre would be an awful move by the Yanks.

            • Jake says:

              Pierre is an out machine. And all his hits are singles.

  16. Ben C says:

    cmon give gardner a chance. with any luck maybe we can become “gritty”, like the red sox!

    • Old Ranger says:

      It is very nice of people to down grade Brett, he only gave us two wins…maybe he should fly also!
      He only come up to the show a few weeks ago, give him a break will you! Every time he moved up in the MiLs’, he had growing pains…so too this time, (hopefully) he will get over it SOON. It may very well be that he is only a 4th/5th OF, but if we dump on him now, how will we ever know. After all, everyone wants Melkys’ head right now…but last year it was different, was it not? 27/08??

      • whozat says:

        “It is very nice of people to down grade Brett, he only gave us two wins…maybe he should fly also!”

        This is a classic logical fallacy. Ok, he had that walkoff hit…but adding another good hitter to the lineup probably could have allowed us to score more runs overall, leading to more wins.

        • Old Ranger says:

          That also is a logical fallacy. Where is the bat your talking of? I just don’t see him out there, I wish he were. 27/08??

      • Ivan says:

        You said yourself, he’s a 4th or 5th OF. There is little upside to his game and he is what he is which a player with little to no power. Can he help the yanks, sure coming off the bench but as a full time starter I don’t think he can, at least in the long term.

        • Old Ranger says:

          Remember, he can learn to use his lower half to hit. When he learns that little fact of hitting (unless you are very big/strong) he should be able to drive the ball into the gaps as he has in AAA. 4th/5th, maybe better if he can get it right. Let’s see how his approach is this year and next…we sure could use his other abilities.27/08??

  17. mustang says:

    Food for thought:
    Paul O’Neil traded to the Yankees age 29 Nady- age 29
    At age 26-.276-15-74 at 26- .261-13-43
    age 27-.270-16-78 at 27- .280-17-63
    age 28-.256-28-91 at 28- .278-20-72
    age 29-.311-20-75 now .321-16-56

    Before I get killed I’m not saying Nady is going to be the same player for the Yankees it’s just something to think about.

    • mustang says:

      Food for thought:
      Paul O’Neil traded to the Yankees age 29
      At age 26-.276-15-74
      age 27-.270-16-78
      age 28-.256-28-91
      age 29-.311-20-75

      Nady-age 29
      At 26-.261-13-43
      At 27-.280-17-63
      At 28- .78-20-72
      Now .321-12-56

      Before I get killed I’m not saying Nady is going to be the same player for the Yankees it’s just something to think

    • mustang says:

      By the way O’Neil got trade for young up and coming CF Robert Kelly. I’m sure a lot of you here would not of made that trade and I hated it at the time funny how things work out.

      • B says:

        Um, Roberto Kelly was 29/30 when he got traded for Paul O’neil.

        • mustang says:

          Robert Kelly was 27/28 and at the time you would of thought they were trading away the world the way the papers wrote it.

          • mustang says:

            11-03-1992: Traded by New York Yankees to Cincinnati Reds for Paul O’Neill.
            He was 28.

            • B says:

              If thats the true date then Paul O’neil was 29!

              Paul O’Neil DOB:2-25-1963

              Roberto Kelly DOB: 10-1-1964

              You make it sound like Roberto Kelly was like 24 or something. All I was trying to say is that he wasn’t that much younger than O’Neil. At the time was really a pretty even trade, but I think we can all say that Yankees got the better of that deal.

              And yes, Roberto Kelly was in the All-star game earlier that year for the Yankees. Then he went on to go to the all-star games for the Reds (’93) and the Braves (’94). O’neil went on to the All-star game 4 times as a Yankee (’94, ’95, ’97, ’98) and just once as a Red(’91).

  18. RustyJohn says:

    Two words: Raul Ibanez.

    He is a left fielder (although his range sucks- that shouldn’t make him different form any other Yankee left fielder), hits left handed, hits lefties well, and has decent numbers with RISP.

    More importantly he is in the last year of his contract so they wouldn’t have to give up an arm and a leg to acquire him with Seattle knowing he will be back next year.

    • Old Ranger says:

      Three words…not a chance! The thing we don’t need now is a liability in the OF. Anyone else? If there is, I don’t know of one other then some AAA guys and we already have two of them. 27/08??

  19. Cathy says:

    The Yankees need to get an outfielder ……and I believe they will. Brian “Brainless” Cashman does not run the team – thank God for Hank and Hal and I never thought I would say that ……..After all, Hank did want to get Santana

    • Old Ranger says:

      And got shot down by Cash and Hal. I am sure that Cash has something cooking now, but will it play out??? Let’s hope something gets done soon…like maybe, the guys start living up to the back of their cards. 27/08??

  20. [...] afternoon, as I noted then, Hideki Matsui called his setback “short-term.” Today, we find out that the news may be [...]

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