Nady, Marte short-term pieces of the long-term Tabata puzzle


When history — in the form of Monday’s tabloids — comes to judge yesterday’s Yankee acquisition of OF Xavier Nady and LHP Damaso Marte, columnists will be rushing to pass judgment on a trade that changes the look of the 2008 Yankees. But it isn’t that simple; it never really is.

Right away, this trade makes the Yankees better, and on the face of it, they gave up a lot of nothing. Offensively, they now have a bat to sit in for — but not truly replace — Hideki Matsui or Jorge Posada while at the same time they no longer will trot out a lineup with two of Melky Cabrera, Brett Gardner and Justin Christian. On the year, Xavier Nady has been one of the NL’s best hitters. He’s sporting a .330/.383/.535 batting line in 360 plate appearances. Melky wishes he were that good.

But the questions surrounding Nady are all about future production. Is Nady having a break-out season or is he just enjoying a good four months? His career numbers — .281/.337/.456 — don’t suggest that this stretch is anything more than a hot streak, but at age 29, he could be putting it all together. Either way, the Yankees expect him to bat seventh, and he’s bound to fill that spot more than adequately.

On the pitching front, the Yankees landed a set-up man who also happens to be a lefty. This year, Damaso Marte, the one-time Yankee farmhand once traded for Enrique Wilson, has thrown 46.2 innings and has recorded 47 strike outs. He’s allowed 38 hits, 16 walks and just four home runs with an ERA of 3.47. Even though his splits indicate more success against righties, Marte has struck out 22 of the 59 lefties to face him.

With Marte joining the team, the Yanks do have the opportunity to ensure that this trade makes the bullpen worse, albeit only slightly. If they don’t DFA LaTroy Hawkins, by far the worst pitcher in the bullpen, then Marte will push a deserving and effective reliever out of the Bronx. The only way LaTroy stays is if Dan Giese gets sent back to AAA, but I still think Giese should get the call over Hawkins.

That’s the short-term prognosis. These moves help the Yankees shore up their offense and fortify their strong bullpen. But the long-term picture — analyzed here with an assist from Mike — is more complicated, and the trade really hinges on what Jose Tabata does and does not do over the next few seasons.

For starters, George Kontos and Phil Coke are simply throw-ins. Unless the stars align perfectly, Kontos will probably never see the Major Leagues. While Coke — disappointed with the trade — could be a potential fifth starter or long reliever, he is, in the words of Mike, “easily replaceable.” Plus, the Yankees have a surplus of arms, and trades like these are always made from strengths. See ya later, Kontos and Coke.

So the prime pieces are Ross Ohlendorf and Jose Tabata. In a way, they may have sold high on one, low on the other. Now, Ohlendorf we know. He’s got the velocity, but does he have the stuff? In 40 Major League innings this year, Ohlendorf fooled no one. He allowed 50 hits and seven home runs, an exorbitant amount for a supposed sinkerball pitcher. He had a 6.53 ERA with a 1.725 WHIP, and opponents were hitting .299/.374/.473 against him.

While he’s thrown somewhat batter in the Minors of late as the Yanks attempted to convert him back into a starter, his numbers still aren’t very overwhelming. His move back to the rotation, however, carried with it a bit of hype, and the Yanks may actually have sold high on him simply because starters are more valuable than relievers. It’s doubtful, as Mike says, that he’ll ever be more useful than Marte out of the pen, and his ability to succeed as a starter is up in the air. As this was his second trade in about 18 months, he was rather resigned to his fate.

How about Jose Tabata? The once-untouchable Tabata — the Yanks wouldn’t trade him for Bobby Abreu in 2006 — has seen his stock plummet this year. Soon to be 20, Tabata is hitting .248/.320/.310 at AA and has suffered through attitude and injury problems this year. Corner outfielders who can’t hit for power and aren’t overwhelmingly fast don’t survive long in the Majors.

Still, Tabata is one of the youngest players in the Eastern League and has plenty of time left to turn things around. He could be the next Drew Hensen or Eric Duncan or he could be a bona fide Major Leaguer. Time will tell.

So then the question is: Will Jose Tabata ever be better than Xavier Nady? Mike says that odds are against it, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. Right now, this trade makes the team better today, and for 2008, it’s a very good trade. The Yanks landed what they needed without giving up too much, if anything at all. While, in five years, we could be singing a different tune, I’d still pull the trigger on this one any day.

Update by Mike (11:55): The trade has been reconfigured: Dan McCutchen & Jeff Karstens are heading to the Steel City instead of Coke & Kontos. The analysis doesn’t change much, except that these two are a level closer to the bigs. Karstens is pretty bad as we all know, and he would have been out of options next year anyway. McCutchen’s pitching well, but a little he’s two months away from his 26th birthday, so he is what he is, a solid back-end/middle relief guy.

I’m not sure what happened, maybe they found something in someone’s medicals?

Another update by Mike (12:10): Pete updated his post to say that the Pirates selected McCutchen & Karstens from a pool of players that also included Coke & Kontos. Makes sense.

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  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    “He’s sporting a .330/.383/.535 batting line in 360 plate appearances. Melky wishes he were that good.”

    I’m sure everyone on the Yankees wishes they were doing this well.

  • MD

    McCutcheon and Karstens instead of Kontos and Coke…..uh oh……

    • Newman

      Makes it a little more even but I still like the deal for the Yanks

    • Number 27

      yeah i just read this too…

      still like the deal. bet the pirates asked for a bit more at the last minute when the realized they got semi-taken (not taken taken, but that the yanks def. got better end of the deal)

      • greg

        where are you seeing this?

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        Source please?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.
          • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

            Well, Coke was pulled from his start last night while Karstens wasn’t. McCutchen + Karstens instead of Coke + Kontos would be too much.

        • MD

          Sweeny Murdhi on WFAN just reported it……

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

          Ah I see, WFAN?

          I’ll believe it when I see it.

          • Number 27

            SI’s got it now too. they misspelled karstens name too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      Yeah, this doesn’t change the deal for me all that much either. Danny Mac is basically Ross Ohlendorf v1.5 with less velocity.

      For me, this deal hinges on the free agent compensation we will get for Bobby Abreu and Damarso Marte (if the Yanks decline his 2009 $6M option).

      • MD

        wonder why they pulled Coke last nite after one inning, 3 K’s?

      • Newman

        Is there any chance we resign El Come Dulce now? I’m imagining no unless we get him for less than he’s being paid right now

  • greg

    It’ll especially be good if Nady plays RF when Damon is healthy, relegating the terrible defensive Abreu to DH. That would save a good 10 runs the rest of the season.

  • mike pop

    dude this is horrible// mccutchen is so filthy im really upset

    • Newman

      How can you possibly say this is horrible?

  • JRVJ

    Not only does this trade make the Yankees better in 2008, it makes them better in 2009 (Nady should get about $7 to $8MM in arbitration, which is $8-9MM less than Abreu got in 2008 – Abreu can be offered arb and the Yanks get draft picks if he doesn’t accept).

    I’m not sure if the Yankees will keep Marte, but due to the Abreu savings, plus having Farns go, the Yankees could easily keep Nady and Marty and save $7 to 8MM from Farns and Abreu.

    Furthermore, this trade makes it pretty clear that the Yankees are looking at A-Jax as an option for 2010 (as opposed to 2009), which is better for his development.

    In any case, the Yanks still keep their pitching depth (Hughes, IPK, Horne, McClutcheon, Bettances and Brackman amongst the starters; Melancon and Cox amongst the relievers; H. Sanchez as a tweener). That’s not even counting Cole and Bleich, who haven’t signed yet.

    Now clearly the Yankees don’t have as much positional depth close to the majors, but the very depth that the Yankees have pitching wise should allow them to trade for young position players if they want.

    In any case, the 2009 Yankees look clearer today – I think Teixeira is farther away from the Yankees today, and Sabathia may be closer (ironically, I think Giambi may be closer to being renewed after this year, because of the savings from letting Abreu go).

    • JRVJ

      A coda to the previous comment – I think some posters on this and other sites are too besotted with the idea of young players.

      It’s great to have young, cheap talent, but this is the NY Yankees we’re talking about. The Yankees can and should use their financial muscle.

      This doesn’t necessarily mean an all-star at every position, but it does mean mixing-and-matching between young players and veterans.

      This trade seems to have reasonably done that, IMO, and I’m more than willing to see the Yanks do the exact same thing in the future (especially with an eye past 2009).

  • mustang

    I agree with thread and I see that you came around on Nady I think he going to surprise a lot of people.
    I think this trade is the middle ground between development and competing. I have to give Cashman all the praise for not only pulling this off, but also having the pieces to do it.

  • E-ROC

    “According to the New York Post, the Pirates will be getting Daniel McCutchen and Jeff Karstens along with Jose Tabata and Ross Ohlendorf from the Yankees for Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte.

    It was widely reported last night (including by the Post itself) that George Kontos and Phil Coke were in the deal in place of McCutchen and Karstens. This is clearly better for the Pirates. McCutchen is arguably the Yankees’ best remaining pitching prospect, though he’s not a big upside guy and he doesn’t rank with Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy. Karstens isn’t much more than middle relief fodder, but neither was Coke.”


    • Ivan

      Outside of Tabata, they gave up three guys who they can replace especially how deep they are in the pitching departmen. Karsten sucks, D-Mac isn’t that young and really had no future with the yanks, Ohlendorf has a chance to be good but has yet to tap that potential.

      I think the Yankees did a solid job.

    • mustang

      Ouch…. Daniel McCutchen that hurts a little more and hurts me a lot I love the kid, but I would still make the trade.
      That would explain why they held from his last start.

  • mustang

    “While, in five years, we could be singing a different tune,”

    And in 5 years the Yankees could develop someone better or maybe have won a championship because of this deal.

    Sometimes you have to take risk to get rewards.

  • Ivan

    Cashman knew he was giving up some players (specifically Tabata) who can be stars in the future but overall he got what he wanted and didn’t sacrifce the farm. You still got A-Jax who’s rounding himself into a really good prospect. Montero has the most potential in the yankee system with the bat. Pitching is still solid.

    I would of pull the trigger.

  • greg

    wow, losing mccutcheon definitely hurts too. Yanks upper level pitching depth definitely just took a big hit.

  • MD

    here’s a thought….maybe Kontos and Coke are headed to Seattle…..what do you think?

    • mustang

      Nice you maybe right.

  • zack

    As with any trade, time will tell of course. But on the other hand, its not just about Tabata. Its about Marte and Nady as much. If Nady and Marte are serious parts of a team that wins it all, well, that makes the trade a win no matter what. Take the Beckett trade. Going by actual pieces, its hard to say that the Sox came out ahead simply by the fact that Hanley Ramirez is an absolute stud, and you don’t trade stud SS. Of course the Sox didn’t know that at the time, and Lowell and Beckett have been key in the Sox success and winning the WS last year. So no matter what, that trade is a win for the Sox.

    Same thing here. If Nady and Marte contribute effectively for however many seasons and are key components of a winning team, then really the trade is a win no matter Tabata’s success.

    Trades are costly, and its very rare to make one that doesn’t sting at some point. On the other hand, minor league prospects fail more often than succeed, and the Yankees have more pitching depth than they can ever possibly use, so its hard to look at this trade as a negative.

    If Tabata becomes Nady, he’s done pretty good for himself. But even that is unlikely all things considered. If Tabata becomes Manny, then the trade will hurt no matter what. If Nady and Marte stink and/or the team flops, then the trade will hurt.

    But Nady is in his prime and even at his career average will be what Abreu has been–a slightly above league average outfielder isn’t the worst thing to have on your roster. Marte has been nothing but effective his career and can continue to do that, and as long as its at the expense of Hawkins…

    • Manimal

      Little would they know they Julio Lugo would be their starting SS.

  • Steve S

    Great post, but Cashman did make this trade with the near future in mind. In Marte he may have found a replacement for Farnsworth next year or he may just take the two draft picks. And with Nady he gave himself some flexibility in the corner outfield market which isnt that great. Nady can be an affordable option for at least next year and maybe even beyond that. Cashman did a nice job here.

    • mustang


    • zack

      The thing is, you don’t want Marte to “replace” farnsworth. YOu want Marte to slip in easily to the balance that already exists. Girardi needs to keep using the BP as he has, thus keeping everyone fresh and strong. If Marte either becomes “TEH 8TH INNING GUY!!!!!11!” or the LOOGY, it would screw that all up. Marte can go full innings, get both lefties and righties out, and pitch in big innings. But so can a lot of other young guys in the BP. The pen has been great as it has been used, and I would hope that continues…

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

        I think he’s referring to replacing Farns next year.

        • zack

          True, I see that now. But the overall point remains the same.

          • Steve S

            I did mean replacing him next year. Farnsworth is gone next year regardless of his performance this year. The Yankees have to many young viable options to pay him even what they paid him in the last contract and that might be a bargain compared to what these other middle guys are getting. I just like that Cashman has given himself some options now for the off season while reinforcing this team for the playoff run. And the best part is that none of these guys are older guys with big long term contracts.

  • Manimal

    I never like Karstens and Danimal was good but I don’t think Major league stuff. Im kinda glad we kept Coke and Kontos. Now we have an issue on the Scranton Rotation, who’s gonna throw, they had a 6 man rotation and 2 of them left in this trade.

    • greg

      weren’t all 3 pitchers AAA starters? looks like scranton needs 2 more starters… maybe this means geise will be sent down for marte. I hope not.

      • greg

        especially since karstens was on the 40 man so the yanks don’t need to clear a spot on the 40 man anymore.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

          But having to clear a spot on the 40-man means they probably would have DFA Hawkins. Now it appears that Giese will be sent down.

        • zack

          Well, there’s Marquez and Horne at some point. There’s Jones who deserves a call up. There’s Hughes pretty soon. There are plenty of guys to fill the AAA spot and plenty of movement due in the lower minors.

          The big key, again, is what happens in the ML BP. IF Hawkins is DFA’d and the BP usage remains great, then all is well. If Giese is reconverted to a starter and Marte is overused, no so good…

      • Manimal

        Right, I forgot Danimal was in AAA.

  • Seymour

    It is now time to sell high on Farnsworth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      Depending on what you can get though. If the value isn’t there then the Yankees might see more value in the compensation pick they might receive in the supplemental-round of the 2009 draft.

      • Seymour

        Yeah, absolutely.

        Not going to lie, the Rauch trade really hurt Kyle’s trade value.

  • E-ROC

    I hope Dan Giese doesn’t get demoted because Rasner and Ponson are still in the rotation. One of the two is bound to implode at some point.

    I wonder how the outfield will be configured.

    • greg

      hopefully with Nady in right. He is a far superior defensive player to Abreu. But so is every other RF

      • zack

        It’ll be Nady in LF and Damon DHing a lot. Nady will give Abreu some time at DH too, but I wouldn’t count on it too much

        • greg

          that’s a shame, when Damon’s healthy the outfield would be best with Damon Melky and Nady

      • austinNYfan

        I was hoping Tabata would replace Abooboo in the Bronx next year? Do they resign him? His d is awful!

  • zack

    And I agree with the update, the revised trade doesn’t really change anything. It hurts a bit more because we as fans have been pumping Danimal, but that’s mostly because he’s closer to contributing. But let’s be honest. Hughes and Kennedy are above him on the depth and upside charts, and there is little room for him. Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Horne, Acevas, Marquez, and then down the road, McAllister, Jones and others are all probably above or on par with Dan the Man, just either further away or injured.

    The big question is the corresponding moves. I will be really really mad if Hawkins is still on this team this afternoon. I can totally see the Yankees keeping him for no reason other than the options/veteraness factor, which is total horse$#it…

    • bkight13@hotmail.com

      Don’t forget Cole, Brackman and Bleitch?. If we sign a big FA and re-sign either Moose or Pettitte we are pretty set at the ML level. Marte and Nady are both valuable right now and if they do well, I could see them both extended. Give Marte a 3yr/$12 deal and Nady a 3yr/$20 deal.

  • Manimal

    Nady and Marte are on the plane to Boston, WFAN.

  • Ivan

    Anybody hearing the A-Jax interview.

    • Manimal

      yeah hes pretty nice, sounds like a good guy

  • emac2

    I like the revised deal much better. Coke is the key here. He is developing nicely and is a lefty. We don’t need any more mid rotation righties so McCutchen and Karsten don’t have the value Coke has.

    I hate to see Tabata go in a deal like this (No stud pitcher coming back) but I think he needs a change of scenery.

  • dan

    The organizational depth chart needs some major reconfiguring. I’m gonna miss McCutchen.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I’m not going to update it until this thing is 100% official. I was going to update it last night … good thing I didn’t.

      • http://everythingbaseball.wordpress.com Aaron

        Might as well spare yourself the stress and just wait another week to see what else may happen. Then just update the whole thing at once.

  • E-ROC

    Dodgers are close to acquiring Casey Blake for Jon Meloan and Carlos Santana.

    • austinNYfan

      The Dodgers need someone who can play lead guitar.

  • Manimal

    LMAO, Sox think Manny is faking his hurt knee. MRI’s are negative. Hes in the line up and if he sits then he could get suspended.

  • zs190

    So here’s a hypothetical question. A lot of us like this deal partially because we are most likely going to let Abreu go and get picks to replace the prospects we traded, but what if he takes arbitration? I mean he’s making 16 million now, I thought you can’t make less(or is that you can’t make less than 80% of what you make now?) via arbitration, either way I wouldn’t be shocked if arbitration gives him 16 million again and I’m not really sure he can do better than $16 million a year on the market. (though it helps that the market is pretty slim picking this year).

    If he comes back with a year and 16 million contract and we have Nady/Damon/Matsui/Abreu for the 4 corner OF spots, that might make the OF really crowded and also

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      It would be $16M for just 1 year though. He might be able to get 3yrs and $40M on the open market, probably from Minaya.

      • A.D.

        Exactly Minaya is prb salivating for Bobby, and they could always trade himif he accepts

      • zs190

        Possibly, I just get a bit worried since he makes a ton already and if he slumps a bit towards the end of season and finishes with something like 95 OPS+, it just seems like that could become an issue. Hopefully it won’t get to that point, I want him to play well =)

  • zs190

    we might have to DH/1B Jorge next year too =(

    • bkight13@hotmail.com

      Jorge will be back at catcher next year. I personally guarantee it.

      • pat

        i personally guarantee you are going to get alot of spam and pornographic emails

        • http://www.salarydump.wordpress.com Joltin’ Joe

          LoL true, true!

        • Hank Winkler

          Ewww. Spam porn.

  • r.w.g.

    I’m surprised at the Pirates. If Coke and Danimal were in the same pool of players.. why take Kontos?

    I guess that’s a real minor detail.

    I like the trade. Nady will cool off for sure, but I believe the guy will continue to SLG higher than his career lines indicate. The guy is a good hitter. Don’t forget a lot of those numbers were put up in San Diego.

    I think we can expect .280/.350/.480 or better. He is hitting more homers this year, but he has been a productive hitter (and improving) for a couple seasons now. Not going to hurt anyone with the glove either.

    I thought McCutcheon would be a guy to help us and figured he would push Kennedy and Hughes for a spot. I think he’s for real and I know he’s almost 26, but the guy throws the ball well. I hope both him and Karstens can do work out there in Pittsburgh.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    I hate giving up young talent it can really come back to haunt you. Now that we have gotten that prayer out of the way, it’s a great deal for the Yanks. Two very real holes are filled and that wasn’t happening in a trade that subsituted Gardner for Tabata and Rasner for McCutchen. Future regrets, maybe, but this roster of talent wasn’t going to get past the Angels (10 games left to play against them and in the post season…).

    As we all know the Yanks have the greatest closer of all time still at the top of his game, I for one would like to see Mo celebrate one or two more times as he gets the final out of the World Series, this trade helps in that quest.

  • http://everythingbaseball.wordpress.com Aaron

    McCutchen and Kontos I could go either way about. I wouldn’t mind trading either of them because neither has impressed me much. I’d rather keep Coke around and see what he can develop into rather than keep Karstens.

    So, I’m ok with the changes. I think in the long run Coke will be at least as valuable as Karstens is now, if not better. He can’t be any worse.

  • Steve

    This could help us beyond 2008 too. By getting X, and Marte, we can let Farnsy, and Abreu walk next year(netting us 2 first and/or supplemental picks), and some more in 2009 if we let X and Marte go!

  • Bart

    Trade is important for 2009 as well as team has to reconfigure outfield in wake of Damon age /injuries, Matsui won’t be a serviceable OF after the knee operation — and Abreu will be gone, and they have to make up for Melky.

    Nady is at least a 4rth OF support assuming Damon has another good year, Melky stops hitting Right Handed and move Jeter to CH (I harp on that solution all the time cause you can’t trade him). If Melky does not stop hitting RH and does not kill himself trying to fly fatser than he can run to 1B then he has to be traded

    The Yankees can’t build a 2009 lineup of Molina every day, Melky every day, – hope to play Damoin evvery day,. They need a replacement for Abreu in any event. Nady is a cog in the plan.

    Can’t Clog 1B DH with Matsui, Posada, (Giambi??) and get Texieria

    Jeter has to roll back the years again?? on D did he really improve range; OBP and Slugging are not good — even by his standards — Why age/injury

    Hope he improves with age is a self-deception

    Not trashing Jeet – just need a different solution CF sems right to me — good enough fro Mickey Murcer others why not jeter he has the speed instinct arm

    Posada deal was a hope that he could maintain his Offensive prowess and not age too fast — he will not recover from that shoulder operation to be an average defensive catcher – and now given the injury you are going to want to protect him anyway – if you pencil him in at C you need a better hitter replacement than we have had since — Elston Howard for Yogi

    Tabata – is a HOPE — the team needs a solution while he develops — he just became part of the solution — Nady and Marte are the first steps

    Give Cashman props for operating the plan — he has created maneuver room

    The criticism on selling too low might have additional weight if we can assume that Tabata would draw a better deal later this month or in the off-season

    But if that deal is not here this month we have to try to get to October with Gardner – who i was very high on as “better than Melky” — we are disapointed in his pitch recogniiton – that might come but his slap and dash swing has been exposed by Ml pitching — retooling him should not be done at the expense of a pennant run — Nady may supply what the Justice trade did – although I am not looking for 20 HRs

    CMW is an issue – that foot recovery wil take longer than anyone can stand — Hughes and IPK may not be better this year than Rasner — in what has come to be thankfully a very tight race —

    So Washburn is a 2008 solution and a cog for next year – to be able to dispose of Rasner/ponson accident about to happen — on paper it looks like a wash but Washburn is superior pitcher to both — I am partial to LH in Yankee Stadium

    Trust Cash to get a reasonable deal

  • austinNYfan

    How is Nady’s defense and arm, anyone know?

    • A.D.

      avg Zone rating, better throwing arm than Damon, 10 assists so far this year. He usually plays right, so he should have a pretty good arm

  • A.D.

    Obv the susbtitutes makes this trade not quite as good, but I’d say Kontos has more upside than Karstens right not, not because he’s actually good, but because we know what Karstens gives us. I like McCutchen, and sorry to see him go, much rather see Coke going, but in reality the following are still above McCutch for the Yanks in the long run (in terms of ceiling)


    So i’m not too worried

    • Chip

      Exactly, and also I’d imagine that A-Jax will cover Melky in center starting maybe next summer sometime. So now that we have Nady, we don’t have a hole when Abreu leaves and we can instead try to sign a RF out of the 2010 free agent class because there is NOBODY in this year’s class. So basically, this trade was for a lefty in the pen, a better outfielder than we have now and 4 draft picks! That’s a winner if you assume we can keep getting guys like Hughes, Joba, Cole and Brackman with them

  • Chip

    Yeah the changes hurt a bit but McCutchen wasn’t seriously getting into this rotation next year. You have to figure CC (hopefully), Wang, Pettite/Moose (if they resign), Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Horne, Rasner, Karstens (who really does suck in the AL) and maybe Horne were ahead of him. I think Coke has a better shot at being higher on that list just because he’s a lefty.

    So basically, this doesn’t change the final outcome hardly at all and I still like the trade. We traded from a strength, minor league right-handed starters, to fill a hole which is exactly what we needed to do. I still say Cashman took the Pirates to the cleaners with this trade